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439 thoughts on “TESTING £5 PRETTY LITTLE THING DRESSES! | India Grace

  1. What size is the red midi dress🥺

  2. omg i wanna try this someday!

  3. whats your size in these dresses?

  4. Sexy as hell girl.

  5. all the dresses were beautiful but my favorite number one was this 9:38

  6. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  7. I am from India and u are India well ur not even indian i was surprised when she said India

  8. r u a lesbian? You have many girls complimenting and just wondered. Maybe paid commenters

  9. How tall are you xx

  10. Am I seeing one side boobs larger then the other? I’ve seen a lot like this. Goes to show we all are not perfect. Our imperfections are our perfection.

    1. Someone’s jealous clearly

    2. Why would u point that out

  11. U literally have the best figure ever !!!!!!!!!!!

  12. New suscriber over here 😭❤️who wanna fight😂😂 jk bye x

  13. Amazing.

  14. Both of the nude dresses look amazing on you! Did you keep them?

  15. Her “bloated” is still skinnier than me smh😭

  16. your so pretty!

  17. Perfection 💖💖💖

  18. Just got the second one in black!!

  19. So bella 💕😘😍❤️😍

  20. We need s workout routine! I find their £5 dresses never fit me cos I’m curvy on the bottom half so the sizing never works with me

  21. I bought the black bardot body con dress and it was SO TIGHT around my arms and rode up like fuckkkk. My sister had the same problem, had to order 2 sizes up

  22. How did she have such an amazing body at the age of 15😍😍😍

  23. I didn’t hear you say this.. what size did you get? You’re figure is unreal 😍

  24. Your so confident “cuz I’m on my period sooo” I love your confidence your so pretty!!’

  25. i love ribbed stuff cause im flat

  26. I dont agree with you on the red midi, it looks so good on you!

  27. Was the last black one see through, I want to buy but worried it’s see through for underwear x

  28. 4:20 😂😂💓

  29. What size was the black off shoulder one?

  30. When she raises her eyebrows she looks like brunette Alissa violet

  31. Love your name! 💖💖 and you’re so beautiful

  32. Sizes ?

  33. What size is it? Xx

  34. *9:54** what size are you🌹❤️*

  35. Wich size it’s the second dress? How tall are you?

  36. did anybody tell you that you look like alissa violet 😍

  37. Where did you get the xo necklace?

  38. What size did she get in these dresses?


  40. Thank you for linking them love you they all look good on you 😘


  42. 9:44 that’s how those dresses just are made (of course duh) But you prefer hoeyy close so… i get why you don’t like the length

  43. all those dresses look cute on you… you’re super nit pickish lol

  44. That revealing dress is cute but I think you were supported to cross the front because on the website it’s crossed x

  45. I think they all looked great on you, but I question if black is your color?

  46. She looks beautiful but my mum would never let me wear those oof

  47. Your eyeshadow looks gorgeous! 😍 What product did you use?

  48. Hey, I’m new and I just want to say that OMG YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL ❤️

  49. The pink nude dress is a mauve color i believe

  50. What size did you get the dresses in??

  51. Every irish girl 12 over going to gaa disco😂

    1. @Kitty Carolan 😂😂

    2. omg yessss

  52. I have the black dress and I thought I looked good but after seeing you holy shit 😍😍

  53. this is too much for young girls

  54. stop trying to look sexy

  55. at the start you were like half American half English lol

  56. Ur beautiful and ur figure is amazing 😘♥️

  57. U looking like alisha voilet

  58. Ur so pretty

  59. What size r u? I have the same sort of body so whatever size u r would probs be same as me. Btw I love ur channel and this video was super useful xx

  60. Look at youu!🔥

  61. like so hot

  62. body goals

  63. What size did you pick ?

  64. are the black and red dress see through at all?

  65. I don’t think it’s appropriate for an underage girl to be wearing some of these dresses

    1. Why not? Can a girl not look good for herself? It’s literally a piece of clothing lmao. Lighten up fucking hell

  66. What the size of the red of the midi dress😍?

  67. That slit tho

  68. She literally looks good in everything…how😂😂😂

  69. the dress at 5:40 you can also twist it so it’s crossed at your chest but it’s a nice dress and your figure is gorgeous 😭😍💞

  70. Ordered a halter neck version of 10:54

  71. u look like alyssa violet haha

  72. ‘i look pregnant’ girl shut up lmfao

  73. If I had a pound for every time she said bodycon🤣

  74. 8:18 okaaayyyyyy why🤔😵

  75. Work out routine please

  76. girl you are hotttttt!!


  78. Your figure😍

  79. 5:05 you wore the dress wrong, you needed to cross the straps over aha

  80. I can’t tell if she’s British or not😂

  81. I have the very low cut black dress too and I found that you can twist the straps and put them around your neck and it’s not very revealing x

  82. i want ur figure soOOooO bad. how sis ? pls can u do a video of like ur workout & diet ? i neeeeed it so bad 🙂 x

  83. Omg!! Please tell me yo workout routine NOW!! you’re figure is insane!🤤❤️

  84. How old are u?

  85. ur so beautiful btw 😊

  86. u look like a completely different person when u have dark lipstick n ur hair up, n i love it tho ur makeup is so goodddd!

  87. Stunning

  88. India the midi red dress looks so nice it does suit u x

  89. WTF everyone about you 😍

  90. workout routine please i’m obsessed with your figure😍

  91. Ummmm how did you look like a model in EVERY DAMN DRESS?!? 😍😍😍😍 Bella Hadid is shook!!! (No shade, Bella and India are both insanely stunning!)

  92. WORKOUT ROUTINE PLEASE !!! ur figure is amazing 😍🔥

  93. Please do more of these <3

  94. Love you !!

  95. Which highlighter is she using!?🤤

  96. stunning india <3 xx

  97. Could you do a workout routine x

  98. Omg India, your figure slaysss!! The dresses look amazing on you x💘

  99. I’ve never seen you in a dress before, but sisssss this is gorgggg

  100. Whenever I see India’s body I felt ashamed of myself

  101. I love the red and black body con dresses

  102. Honey are you a model

  103. Please can you do a July favourites xxxx


  105. make up game *slaying*

  106. it’s seriously unfair how you slay in every item of clothing… like jeez. wife me already 😩😍💕
    ps I’m coming to see you on Saturday!! can’t wait xo

  107. So helpful please keep filming videos like these! Ly India 💕

  108. What lipstick are you wearing ( the peachy one) 💕💕💕

  109. Workout video pleaseee❤️

  110. The long dress looks nice because you’re tall! Short dresses show your legs though which is nice too? I think you look gorg in both X

  111. My period is the week after the first day of school and soo I am going to be a fat monster that has ratchet acne

  112. think the long red dress is amazing on you i used to think long dresses looked weird on my but wear it with some heals and trust me you will love it

  113. So pretty and sexy India😙💞

  114. Omg where did you get your XO necklacr from😍😍

  115. The other India who’s wearing the clothes is completely different from the other one. 😂. The one who’s wearing is quite fun. Lol😁😁😁

  116. This video has helped me so much. thank you <3

  117. I NEED your desk!! Whats the name of the desk?

  118. I feel like any red dress is going to look beautiful on you

  119. You kinda look like Alexandra from love island in this x

  120. your “bloated” stomach is my “only eaten celery for a weak” stomach x

  121. plz do another room tour!

  122. where’s your necklace from xx

  123. Your dresses are amazing 😉 I love the red one, it makes you look so much older, India. I wouldn’t worry about the length. It honestly looks beautiful.

  124. Could you make a video where you list your favourite bubble tea to order when you go bubbleology please? xx

  125. Love the Missguided ad at the start haha x

  126. Please film a workout routine xx

  127. ‘made with thumbnail maker’

  128. 😂😂😂😂😂😂she is only 15 ?

  129. Qweeeeeeen

  130. All look so good ❣️

  131. 💗💗

  132. your figure is amazing you should start going into modelling you have got the figure your tall your perfect xxx

  133. I think every dress looked amazing. Even the long red one 😍 Please do not return it, you look fantastic in it and I ‘m sure you will start liking it


  135. I think the red midi dress suits you so much and compliments your figure❤️

  136. i loooove the dress at 5:29

  137. These types of videos are the best

  138. where is your necklace from 🤞🏻

  139. How can someone be so insanely beautiful AND have a pretty voice?

  140. I would cut up the first dress to make a tank top

  141. we need a workout routine😍😍

  142. okay so i live in America, like florida state and i don’t know what 5 pounds is to u.s. dollors are?😂 plz can someone help me

    1. keana jasmin 6.50

  143. girllll ur so pretty and bodyyyyy is amazing

  144. you need a better camcorder get one that does 4k

  145. Where is your XO necklace from??

  146. I love every piece

  147. you should be a model, girll.

  148. you can turn the red midi dress into a bodysuit!

  149. I’m sooooo exited to meet you in Hyde park next weekend 💗💗

  150. India! You could easily cut the red dress to your desire, you literally need SUPER basic threading skills or you could pay for it to be done and it wouldn’t be expensive!!!

  151. take a shot every time India says ‘5 pounds’

  152. 5 pounds in us money??

    1. Amaya Weakly 6.50$

  153. 5’7? Girl I’m 5’8 and I’ve just turned 12..yeah I’m crazy tall

  154. Workout routine 😍?

  155. your makeup with the glitter rose gold eye in the vid looks gorgeous please do a tutorial , ly

  156. please workout routine your figure is AMAZING xxxx

  157. omg you are so thicccccc plz plzplzplzpzpzlpzlzplzp do a workout tutorial

  158. india your fig is insane

  159. What eyeshadow r u wearing 💓💓

  160. workout routine please !!!!!!!!

  161. yess girl keep dropping those videos🔥

  162. 8:25 can I have that dress 🤤😭❤️

  163. I MET YOU IN CABOT TODAYYY ❤️❤️❤️ you are so lovely and absolutely stunning 😍😍😍 still cannot believe i met you when we were both getting a bubble tea 😂 xxx

    1. Liar

  164. Where did you get that XO necklace from? 😍


  166. how does your mom let you wear those¿

    1. Isabel Artavia Picado there is nothing wrong with they are beautifull but my mom would think that they are too short for sure

    2. What’s wrong about wearing those dresses?

    3. Layyah X she is not judging she is just curious

    4. you have a point. I’m 16 and my mum wouldnt let me. But everyones different I guess

    5. i think she looks beautiful guys! Im just curious lol

  167. Why are you dressing like every other british girl? I miss when you used dress classy and unique

  168. she’s so adorable

  169. Makeup goalss btw can we do a collab plzz if yess dm on Instagram ig my username is khalifoumaima05

  170. Love you India your gorgeous💗💗💗

  171. Mama linked it all down this time 😂💍💍

  172. With the ‘revealing dress’ try twisting the neck round if you know what I mean 🤣🤣x

  173. I loved the black dress at the end it’s like a go to outfit ilysm

  174. Your body is perfect yaaas girl

  175. could you do a glowy natural makeup tutorial, cause i feel like your makeup never looks cakey and i’m going into my freshman year of high school this year, so i really wanna know what a good everyday natural look could be! ily ❤️

  176. you deserve so many more subs❤️❤️

  177. please do a makeup tutorial on this look! x

  178. U have such bosy goals

  179. omg i loved this video sm

  180. GURLLLL your figure OmFfF also love the makeup look AAAhhHhH

  181. plz do diet/workout routine!!!!!!!!!!

  182. You can wear the low cut dress w a lacy bralette

  183. i think the red mididress suits u so well, but guess it’s your preference 🤗

  184. That long dress is stunning on you India 😍😍😍😍

  185. Workout routine xx

  186. This is weird but what size bra are you xx because I might buy a few of these dresses but idk if my boobs would look to big etc I’m a C

  187. How see thru are they bc I bought a bodycon dress from plt and it was see thru af 🙃

  188. for the black dress at 5:40 I twisted the neck to make it less reveling !!

  189. You have such a nice body!!

  190. I gave it a like as soon as I clicked on the video 😂

  191. fitness routine?? p.s ily and have watched you forever 😉

  192. where is your ‘xo’ necklace from? 😍

  193. Wtf u look amazing in all dresses… how is that even normal?? 💕

  194. u can wear the 1set dress and just tuck it in a high wasted jeans 😉

  195. literally body goals indiaaa

  196. Lol they look “flattering” because you have the body. And the material seems really thin meaning that it’s see-through😶

  197. gym routine pls help a girl out

  198. ur figure is making me so jealous 😻

  199. How tall is she ?

    1. She looks taller haha

    2. Chanel Royalty ty so much 😘

    3. marwa larhni yes she did say in multiple videos

    4. Chanel Royalty are u sure and did she say it

    5. 5’7

  200. 😍😍😍

  201. Girl I need a makeup tutorial on this AMAZING look you have at the intro 😍😍😍so pretty

  202. ngl the 3rd dress is kinda slutty look but I am shook. INDIAS FIGURE 😍

  203. god send me these 😻

  204. Can we see your dog….we here it but never see it

  205. You’re perfect

  206. We need a workout routine omgg


  208. workout routine pleaseeee

  209. Where’s your top from that you’re wearing whilst talking about the dresses???💗love youu

  210. I love how you were like the old you in this video

  211. I am on my period as well 😣😂

  212. 🙂

  213. *ARE you going to the KSI AND Logan paul fight?*


  215. This is what I mean about India having two personalities 😂 she’s so chill here

  216. Why are you so pretty???

  217. It looks like you need to size up in all these dresses, they just look a bit tight. But I guess I’m not wearing them so…

    1. Tee M they are bodycon dresses so they are meant to be tight and ‘hug’ her body

  218. Lovedddd💋💋would be amazing if you do more like this plz xxxx

  219. You can fold the bottom of the red dress up xx

  220. I love the long dress dress, you look amazing in it

  221. unreal 😍😛

  222. Where is your eyeshadow from 😍😍


  224. Do a video where you show us what you usually eat for the siluette you have cause girllll you 🔥 ❤️❤️❤️

  225. and ur humour is like… same xxxx 😂 much love from Scotland xxx

  226. you’re too gorgg xxxx

  227. Yasaassss queen 👑 slay 👑💖💖ur so gorgeous and fit 💖

  228. Please do a room tour, the last time was Christmas and it’s was all themed so I would like to know what it looks like for the rest of the year! Please I love you so muchhhhh x

  229. oooohhh YES GIRL!!! you look so good 😍🔥

  230. Gurl your figure😍😍

  231. unfortunately i am five feet flat and wouldn’t be able to wear any of this but you look great!!

  232. how can i be u lmao

  233. What’s on my iPhone video please,! Xx love you

  234. Girl your highlight 😍

  235. YAS bish they def make u look ugly af…….jk i love u india!

  236. that almost empty ariana perfume is literally the best representation of my life

  237. Figure qweeen✨

  238. ahhh ily india ur so amazing

  239. Ur make up is on fleek ily sooo much💕💕💕💕💕

  240. what lipstick are you wearing in the haul part it’s beautiful 😍

  241. Oh my gosh you are so stunning your figure actually and you’re so funny and gorgeous I love you so much

  242. Body goals😭😍

  243. I loved the longer dress it looks so sophisticated on her 😍

  244. I want all these dresses but there’s know way I’m thin enough for them – PLT probably doesn’t even sell my size.

    1. Miah Francis They have plus size.

    2. YouTube User 101 “there’s no way I’m thin ENOUGH”

    3. YouTube User 101 she’s complaining how she feels as if she’s too big to wear those dresses.

    4. Lame_Nobody how does my comment even slightly imply that I’m not good with comprehension?

    5. YouTube User 101 …you aren’t good with comprehension are you?

  245. FIGURE 🔥🔥🔥

  246. How do you hide your bra in the 4th dress ? love your videos btw xx

    1. Constance Boyd she wouldn’t have been wearing one

  247. You are literally gorgeous

  248. Why does your mother let you wear such inappropriate clothes at 15?!

    1. Laurennn I get where you are coming from and tbh I may think it’s weird if a 10 year old was wearing them however if they are to young to wear them they are too young to be sexualised for it and it’s up to them and their parents to allow them to wear it! My mum would never let me where those clothes that India has tried on but at the end of the day it what she wants to wear and if she feels comfortable then it shouldn’t be a problem

    2. Louisa 9020 yeah but what if a 10 year old were wearing this stuff? Would you say the same thing? There is just some outfits that should wait a couple of years in my opinion. But obviously I’m not going to stop her from wearing those dresses. She looks amazing and i like India but that’s just my opinion on the outfits

    3. If she’s too young to wear these dresses then she’s too young to be sexualised for it!

    4. Phoebe May agree tbh 😂
      Im 15 too and wouldn’t be allowed to wear these (especially the 4th one omg) and my parents aren’t strict about what i wear. This is what most 15 year olds wear nowadays though (no idea how they are allowed to but yep)
      If they weren’t as short and didn’t show as much at the top it would be okay

  249. Peng af

  250. You look bomb🔥

  251. Love💚💚💚

  252. You literally look sooo good we have such a similar body and u flaunttt it brings me more confidence tbh cos I’m so self conscious 😍

  253. Can u do a house / room tour video xx

  254. I have the same prob as you I would love to dabble in the £5 dress fun but it’s risky when ur tall!

  255. Love love love u and ur body🍀💖💖🍀💖💖🍀

  256. I love your figure like omg tell me how

  257. you’re soooo pretty❤️

  258. Your figure girllll

  259. India: “if you’re ever broke”
    Me: so the whole fckin time

  260. Oh gosh new sub your accent is adorable

  261. Literally needed this video!! Like if you’re a broke shishtar❤️

  262. You look so good in all of them

  263. Stunning as always 💍💍✨

  264. She’s so stunning😍

  265. wow they all suit you so well

  266. Can you please do a makeup collection ly💗💖

  267. Can I just be you like fr😍

  268. What bra size are you soz tmi 😂xx

  269. Body goals

  270. Loved this video !!!💗


  272. Tutorial on makeup at the start of the vid😍😍😍😍

  273. Loved all those dresses but that red one was a stunner xx

  274. workout routine PLEASE 😭🙌🏻

    1. Vi Truong totally agree with you,that body is crazy🔥🔥🔥

    2. Vi Truong she doe

  275. Red dresses are my favourite India ❤️🔥

  276. i don’t get how you can be so pretty


  278. You’re body and face goals😍😍🔥

  279. Wowwww your figure is insaneeee


  281. All of these dresses are so gorgeous!😍

  282. Ur make up is stunning omg 😍

  283. Love you ❤️❤️❤️

  284. The length on the red dress looks fine ! I love it on you ! 💛

  285. YOU BITCH your body is so perfect i literally hate you.


  287. dat booty tho

  288. Wish I had your figure ❤️

  289. You literally need to film a tutorial on this makeup look 😗♥️😘😘

  290. I see that Xo necklace

  291. the first dress is very much visible, so much has not been seen lolll

  292. 😍😍😍

  293. Coming back home and see thiis !! Woooow😭❤❤❤💔

  294. does anyone else think she’s acting really weird and off in this video ?

  295. Tutorial on your makeup? 😍💘


    1. idk


  297. girl the long red dress suits you so much are you kidding hahaha x

  298. Your so gorgeous India oml

  299. You look so nice in the midi-dress stop


  301. please do vids with liv and your sister and mum and dog and yeh and also do a giveaway pleaseeee also hmu on snap @rld928 to do a collab!! xx

  302. love you india xxxx

  303. OMG i love the mood change at 4:25 @Abbey Hull

    1. cute

  304. omg your acc so gorgeous xoxox

  305. Your figure is everything😍

  306. Can i have your body instead??

  307. Ur eyeshadow looks so pretty . U r very pretty too ly xx

  308. can you please do a workout routine/ another “I eat and workout like a VS model for a week” Love you 💕

  309. You are so pretty and damn your figure is amazing love you India

  310. HAHA “the slit is very … slitish” I LOVE IT

  311. Ur body is goals

  312. I legit cant

  313. Yassss

  314. India on her period episode 365789

    1. Humaira Siddiqa problem?

    2. She always is on her period 🙄

  315. A workout routine please your figure is insane

  316. U look good in every dress ❤️

  317. Yassssss queen

  318. You look amazing in every dress😍😍😍

  319. I got the “kylie like” dress in white and I didn’t even have to think twice about returning it because it was so incredibly see-through I couldn’t stop laughing but I also returned because I ordered in in pink… ya thats my story thanks for tuning in

  320. Nice dresses, love you #IndiaGrace, please get me to 1000 Subscribers 😄


  322. They look great on you 👏👌

  323. Love u India ur such an inspiration💕💕

  324. Your eyeshadow 😍😍

  325. Your body thooo

  326. Could you do a q&a soon??? I love them. Or maybe like a chit chat get ready with me, and do the questions on isnstgram

  327. Do you know when your next meet and greet thingy will be

  328. Am I the only one thought the long body con dress looked fireee in India 😍😍

  329. Your curves are so beautiful.

  330. Youre legit my fav youtuber

  331. Do a morning routine and do your makeup in it 🙂 ❤️❤️

  332. This long maxi red dress you can cut just a little bit. It will be perfect 🙈🌹

  333. Need to invest in some of these – they are so nice! You look amazing 😍

  334. Loveyouuuuu💗

  335. Can you do a diet/ workout routine

  336. Love you, this helped a lot!!

  337. How tall you are if you know tell me

    1. I sort😣

    2. In cm?

    3. she’s 5ft 7 1/2

  338. Mom! ❤️

  339. Ily

  340. You are the most beautiful girl

  341. SOOOO PRETTYYYY, love you 💘💕

  342. You Look so beautiful girl

  343. figures amazing india xxx

  344. That eyelook tho 😍😍😍

  345. Its 3am here but it doesn’t matter when India posts 💞💞

  346. Woah everything looks good on you BODYGOALS💓

  347. Ur so pretty omgggg

  348. Queen been active lately and I love it


  350. Thanks for sharing us..Its actually usefull🤘🏽

  351. I love this

  352. Love you sooooo much girl! You’re so gorgeous! Can you do a hair care routine video???? Love❤❤❤

  353. Love you 😘

  354. Yaas love you India I swear everything fits you well x

  355. loveee u

  356. You look so amazing India. Love you cant wait for next video😘💗

  357. Hey I Love You India❤ I’ve litterly been obsessed with your channel your one of my top 5 favorite YouTubers anyways love you💕💕 you look beautiful as always

  358. Awww girlll❤️❤️

  359. literally doing an all nighter and it’s 5am and i saw you posted and i’m so happy😂💘

  360. your figure is INSANE!!!

    1. I thought it said finger at first and I was really confused for a minute 😂🤷‍♀️

    2. Ikr 😭

  361. India could you like my comment!?

  362. hottie with a body 😍

  363. Wow early

  364. 💘💕 ly x

  365. India you are by far my favourite youtuber,u should be more recognised.

  366. Gorgeous x

  367. Please do a tutorial on your makeup in this video😊💓💓💓