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Women Sizes 0 Through 28 Try on the Same Bodycon Dress | Glamour

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Watch women sizes 0 through 28 try on the exact same bodycon dress. They discuss their experiences going shopping for bodycon dresses and how they feel about wearing them.

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Women Sizes 0 Through 28 Try on the Same Bodycon Dress | Glamour


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9,565 thoughts on “Women Sizes 0 Through 28 Try on the Same Bodycon Dress | Glamour

  1. The bishes who decided to dislike are jealous of all the beautiful confident women in this video

  2. Okay quick question how much food do people of 0 eat or what is the diet?

  3. How they all are so pretty 😍❤️

  4. Y’all are all gorgeous and beautiful. God loves you!!!!❤️

  5. They all look beautiful ☺️

  6. gurls.. u are sooo beautiful, all of u, i love girls so much im crying

  7. molly is so beautiful omggg

  8. 1:30 *”The top part of my body is so much smaller than the bottom part”* This is a real struggle!! Because i can never find any readymade long dress that fits my body, cuz if i go for a small size which fits my top part the bottom part seems too tight and if i go for a medium size which fits my bottom part my top part hangs really lose so i kinda look really weird😔✊

    1. Sameeeeeee


  10. 0:56 sounds like Jenna Marbles

  11. So are we just going to ignore that that one woman was called bebe?

  12. Am a size 2 and muslim, what size are u?

  13. I guess, it’s pretty easy to wear bodycon dresses when you have hourglass-shaped body. I would look like a potato sack in that dress.

  14. Gosh how none single one of them has a normal body. My eyes😣

    1. That Is so rude!😵

  15. I think that the one in the long sleeve was absolutely gorgeous

  16. Erin is my dream woman. Her shape is just…

  17. 0:27 is my body goal

  18. wow each one of them are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING

  19. And they look gorgeous on every single one of these women

  20. Why do they all have such great figures tho

  21. 0 (Yanii) 1:22 3:49
    2 (Kadija) 2:10
    4 (Erin) 0:12 0:50 5:16
    6 (Marla) 0:41 1:28 4:26
    8 (Molly) 0:26 2:57 4:11
    10 (Caroline) 0:21
    12 (Audrey) 0:17 1:38 2:25 3:30 5:25
    14 (Georgetta) 2:51 3:06
    16 (Crystal) 1:09 3:25
    18 (Elizabeth) 0:00 0:55 3:51
    20 (Constance) 1:53 2:33
    22 (Kira) 0:34 3:44 4:37
    24 (Ashley) 3:38 4:00 4:19
    26 (Bebe) 1:04 2:39 3:09
    28 (Marcy) 0:58 3:12

  22. bruh yall keep using the same exact models/people. there’s many different kinds of size 10 and i’d like to see that. not every size 10 looks just like that one. we like variety

  23. A lot of obesity (sizes above 14) being celebrated or trying to be explained away as just being thick or curvy (even if they have non and are shapeless) which is worrying but their body, their choice. They can be any size they want to be as a result.

    Only issue I have are people ignoring or downplaying the health risks and lifestyle habits that get people to such points save outlier scenarios.

    That’s VERY dangerous and needs to stop happening immediately.

  24. I look similar to 0:21 and I’m slowly starting to not hate it as much. *sigh*

  25. Size 0 needs to eat, a close family member went through an eating disorder a few years ago, and that women looks incredibly close to their size.

    1. @Alli yes, but her weight clearly isn’t due to her metabolism- check her shoulders, for instance, that could be because of her fast system, but when you know people who have gone through eating disorders- your perspectives change, and you can spot it. Perhaps “needs to eat” was just me typing lazily, uh, what about, she needs someone to help her overcome whatever she’s going through-?

    2. Bruh wdym “needs to eat”?? Are you serious? Everyone is born with a different metabolism and gets is really fast. Its normal.

  26. No body shame. Plain gray with long sleeves and a mock turtleneck……..big no for me


    I wish I could say that about myself…

  28. I wish these ppl knew they were all drop dead gorgeous, and probably are in everything. I totally get feeling self conscious, but yall are beautiful.

  29. They all look GORGEOUS!

  30. The one in the body-con slays so bad like gurl yassssss 🔥🔥🔥😤😤

  31. Me: o I should try to wear a body con dress. I might look good
    Also me I’m a body con dress: 🐷

  32. The one in the bodycon dress has such a beautiful body

  33. Bruh I want to be size 0 so bad lol

  34. I know this will sound pretty cliche but I think everyone is beautiful (the whole world) no matter what size, race, gender, sexuality, height, I really don’t care what you look like *you* , yes you reading this, you are beautiful.

  35. I actually thought am the same size like that size 0 girl…until I saw she’s a size 0.

    Didn’t even know there’s something like a size 0

  36. Why do you guys feel bad for the skinny girl she’s pretty freaking normal to me I don’t feel bad for her one bit u guys have some serious issues

  37. I’m size 6

  38. These girls are really brave like I cant even wear a simple skin tight Jeans and a crop top for God’s sake. People around be have judged me enough

  39. Them: *looking amazing in the dress and their confidence is AMAZING.*

    Me: *can’t relate*

  40. I am a 6-8 and I cannot wear those in public, I have some belly fat and makes me very uncomfortable to see myself in them, btw they all pretty but size 12 is something else 😍

  41. They all look BEAUTIFUL in those dresses 💕


  43. I love so much how that dress matches with the blue flats 😍

  44. I’m insecure till i watch this…

  45. they are all so gorgeous and confident 🥺 I could neverrrr

  46. the girl with the grey dress is absolutely gorgeous 🤩❤️

  47. 20through28 all look disgusting

  48. Didn’t find my bodyshape💔💔💔

  49. Size 4 and 6 are great 👍

  50. To be honest, I would totally rock that dress 💃

  51. Remember gamers, body shaming is body shaming.

  52. Looks great on everyone

  53. Omg! Such an empowering video u guyyys! All of them are gorgeous 😍
    Also, the term “size 0” instantly reminde me of Kareena Kapoor Khan:)

  54. They all look gorgeous ✨ They represent beauty in different sizes ❤️

  55. Bebe is so pretty omg

  56. my body type is stupid asf because im out here, 5 foot 4, size 4-6, and my stomach and legs are huge, im size 32DD and i have the flattest butt in the history of the universe it’s so embarassing lmao

  57. Omg they all slayed that dress!!!!! 🖤

  58. Bruh I feel like body con dresses look bad on everyone

  59. Audrey is soooo pretty

  60. That one with the gray dress is like the most beautiful person ever

  61. Wow…grils…You look gorgeous! All of you! Thank you for this video:)

  62. The one wearing a grey dress looks drop dead gorgeous!

  63. I feel bad for the size 0 girl, everyone assumes skinny people have no problems. I’m not even skinny and I recognize that. She has the right to feel beautiful in whatever she wears, just like us.

  64. All of them are so pretty 👁👄👁

  65. This is precisely the style of dress I never ever would wear…You must be fit to look good on it..not to skinny, not to curvy!

  66. The struggle of being a 0…kid’s clothes.

  67. I didn’t think they look good on any body–? maybe not my style

  68. Size zero: its just normal
    Me: How

  69. Everyone in this videos is amazing pretty and valid

  70. how does someone know, what size he is?

  71. Assim q se faz roupa!
    Para todos os tipos e tamanhos de mulheres, atendendo a realizada.

  72. Parabéns!
    Pelo respeito à todos os tamanhos de mulheres.
    Mostram a realidade.

  73. why is no one talking about safety shorts

  74. Beautiful women

  75. The size 10 and 12 look huge

  76. They were all gorgeous but I could see the girl at 1:39 being a model for that dress it was STUNNING!

  77. All these girls have such perfect bodies and I’m stuck with tall and chubby which is rlly hard because it’s not flattering at all and I would get so self conscious and would probably just breath in constantly to try to hide my stomach in that dress 😕 I’m jealous

    1. suzie Phillips sameee! i feel like since i’m tall i should be skinny but that’s just not the case

  78. Size 6 looks like me 😉

  79. Looks terrible on everyone. Bodycon dresses are awful.

  80. If everybody finds it hard to loose weight, everybody should know too that *gaining weight* is also as hard as *loosing weight* for other people like me. It hurts so much to be called a “twig”, “skeleton”, “walking bones” by other people. Skinny shaming is a also a thing nowadays so please, don’t make fun of other’s body. No matter the body shape is, we are all beautiful. Instead of body shaming people, encourage them to have healthy body. Support and encouragement can make us feel motivated to achieve healthy body. Good day! 😊

  81. I’d never wear that dress, it would look like someone overstuffed a sack with a bunch of basketballs 😂😂😂


  83. audrey, size 12 is so freaking gorgeous!

  84. Honestly I can really relate to the size 0 girl😭I can never find nice dresses that fit, not even bodycon just regular dresses. If y’all need me find me in the children’s section😭

  85. OMG NOT MANY LOOK GOOD IN THIS. Looks like stuffed sausage. Look good size 0,2,4,& 6. All others not to good.

  86. That girl has literally the body like me. Looks not that bad as i thought, but I still hate my hips…

  87. Gurl everyone is such a beauty😍🔥❤️

  88. This dress only serves to make girls self conscious, bin it!

  89. That size 10 women has apple body type

  90. This makes me so happy. #woke

  91. It’s so silly to use terms like “busted can of biscuits” about your own body. If that isn’t how you’d treat your plus size friends then don’t treat yourself that way either. Can we all just notice the world is hella unique and beauty isn’t just one thing but many.

  92. I’ve never worn a bodycon dress

  93. Just gonna share my experience when my teacher (who’s fat) told us that, before a fat woman is very pretty in their eyes. And that today, she’s very curious why sKinNy people is beautiful. (Btw im skinny, sUper). Like man, I was thinking that she didn’t know that there is a thing called SKINNY SHAMING and not just fat shaming.

  94. 4:33 🤩

  95. I am a size 10/12 and I have a similar bodycon dress in wine colour. I absolutely love it, especially when I combine it with a business casual long coat and formal, gemstone accessories. If it was a lighter colour, I wouldn’t wear it though.

  96. Height is always something that designers forget. It’s like tall girls don’t exist

    1. Same goes for short girls 😭

  97. Size 12 was 😍

  98. they all looked great but this dress i think is just an unflattering dress in general for all of them

  99. can we just talk about how good they all look 😀

  100. This really confused me at first then I realised it’s in the US and their sizes are different! I think they all look fab

  101. I’m a size 1 on the top and a size 3 on the bottom

  102. I feel like they purposely didn’t pick anyone with a desired figure. They intentionally picked slightly awkward shapes.

  103. that one girl in the grey dress is amazing

  104. They all looked amazing and I don’t care what anyone says 🤩👍😚they’re are sooo pretty 💕

  105. Bebe is absolutely stunning!

  106. im 14 and size 4

  107. 0:28 is the way I want to look, the dress just seems to highlight her figure and I like it❤️
    But overall all these women look beautiful in this dress and they seem to be so full of confidence🌹👗, something that I lack😅

  108. Some of the ladies like being fat However some are embarrassed

  109. I wonder how different my life would have been if I grew up with this Glamour instead of the one that was about dieting

  110. My love handles would be out in the world if I wore a body con dress

  111. I really like that Girl that is in a grey Bodycon dress😏

  112. The dress does not look good on anyone

  113. It’s not a pretty dress…

  114. I am size 4. I would want to be size 2 soo bad

  115. 5:37 wooow ♡ i love that body ;w;

  116. you can never go wrong pairing body con with a transparent kimono and knee high boots or sandals no matter what body size you ‘ve it will flatter your body. Thats how i normally wear it you should try it too.

  117. they are all so gorgeous i can’t

  118. The size 6 lady looks smaller than the size 4 lady.

  119. Они все такие милые, вау💖

  120. Wow is anybody else’s volume just so soso quiet?? I can’t hear anything and i got it all the way up

  121. Please do a male version too😊

  122. Im super flat but I have really wide hips so I would look hecka awkward it a body con

  123. Bro can you do more boy videos?

  124. How is Erin size 4?

  125. I wonder what size im in

  126. Will be interesting also see the height and type of body

  127. the 0 size girl REALLY understands my problem

  128. See how most feel uncomfortable? And how we are now all trying to show our body and show how we are confident in it and feel more empowered, but I feel like in a sense it makes everyone feel less empowered and that’s why everyone is so self-conscious nowadays, I feel like back then when they had the actual corset Shapeware, not tight lacing or anything extreme, and it was fitted to fit you, and you could wear bum rolls and essentially you could fit the “trendy” style no matter what body shape you had, and it would make everyone more confident 😘

  129. the woman in the grey bodycon dress is absolutely gorgeous

  130. Some of these women don’t look like their size. Like I’m very thin and I’m a size 6 or 8 and I def dont look like the size 8. I look like the size 4.

  131. I really hope that all of them embrace how beautiful they are

  132. *changes weight on the sims:*

  133. I’m so jealous of these women loving their bodies and not giving a freak about others’ opinions…

  134. Any 2s here??????? No just meeee??

  135. Size 26 ooooh yes

  136. 1:05 i’m a girl but i’m attracted to her like whaa… dayumn girl

    1. @Haylie Gray ikr dayumn

    2. L fr 😳 she’s fine

  137. I hate wearing dresses like that lol

  138. Who else got really claustrophobic while watching this 🙋🏼‍♀️

  139. How come the size 12 is smaller than the size 10? 😐 (in the first 30 second)

  140. bro they’re all so pretty 😔😔💕💕💕

  141. 3:25 her accent is so cute

  142. Honestly I can’t say how happy I am when I see Glamour uplifting women like this

  143. WHAT? The sizes in this are really strange. I am a size 6-8 sometimes 12 for comfy days. But looking at these girls, i am clearly a 0/2. It’s the issue think most people have with buying things, a number can be different where ever you go.

  144. I feel so bad for the 0 size because it hurt because i get skinny shaming some people dont even know their body shaming

  145. My dad used to call these dresses a sausageskin because he thought they did not flatter the body anywhere really.

  146. Notice how the comments are complimenting the thin girls more than the others.

  147. 0 black girl looks awesone!

  148. What does size zero 0 mean? Is there really such a thing?

  149. Dang I wish I was a 6

  150. I think if I were to judge my (body con)size, I would be size 12 or size 18. Around size 12 – 16, my guess.

  151. Yeah, I don’t want to wear tight dress.

  152. The one in the dress is so pretty

  153. My mom is smaller than the size 0 and I’m 0 ;-;

  154. All beautiful in their own way but how does size 10 look bigger than the 12?

  155. Now I know what my body size is. Thanks for the info and they are all pretty

  156. They all look so amazing!!! Get it girls!!😘

  157. No matter what size they are, all of them are beauitful. ❤

  158. They are all so pretty ❤️

  159. i always thought bodycon meant body conforming or confining

  160. *Can somebody please tell me where the woman sizes 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, & 27 are?*

  161. “I’m not a size zero!”
    *proceeds to say she is a size 0*

  162. I cant believe how pretty they all are! <3

  163. I really thought the girl was pretty

  164. muslim women and ‘modesty,’ always putting themselves higher than other women. Why not just say loose fitting? it’s got nothing to do with modesty and how much moral value you have smh

  165. Some of these women do not look good in a body com dress.

  166. molly if u see this i am free friday night

  167. All of them are beautiful

  168. the one who didn’t even fit in a size 0 would’ve been on my tumblr board oop-

  169. They are all beautiful 😊

  170. lol that’s why I am not girly girl lol I am the most comfiest girl ever the most dressiest thing I can wear is jeans lamo

    1. armyyyyy!! same I’m not girly at all. jeans are the only thing I wear and hoodies or a t-shirt lol

  171. I don’t wear too tight stuff but I have learned tighter clothing makes you look smaller, but the problem is I am not girly at all😂😂😂

  172. They all looked so good

  173. Yani Gough!!!!! I love her so much ♥️♥️

  174. The parents of these women had amazing name choices!

  175. Audreys fuckin hot

  176. the thing is…everyone who is overweight can fix that by losing weight and working out and developing healthier eating habits. For skinnier people like me who have very fast metabolisms, no matter how hard we try, it can be IMPOSSIBLE to gain weight. I can eat a dozen donuts and a bag of chips for every meal and I won’t gain a pound. Even when I try to workout to get more muscle on the skinnier parts of me, i just seem to get skinnier. People always try to defend the bigger people, and that’s not a bad thing, I just think that most people don’t realize how hard it can be for skinny people, so we never get defended or understood.

    1. @Madison Dolan Yes, underweight people can develop alot of issues. I was talking about thin people that aren’t underweight, but yes I do know what you are talking about. I know you aren’t trying to be mean or anything I just hope you know that you have people backing you, whatever your weight or health is, and that you aren’t alone.

    2. Also, people who are underweight can also develop health issues and aren’t as equipped for certain situations (due to being underweight) as other people. I understand that is is less common, but it is just as bad in some cases and I think that a lot of people don’t understand that.

    3. Haylee o.O thank you so much for educating me on this. i had no idea about the health reasons and I truly didn’t mean to say that all overweight people are like that because of laziness…trust me, I know that’s not true. Everybody has their situation to be defended, and I understand that, I wasn’t trying to be rude to anyone whatsoever, just trying to spread awareness about a topic a lot of people don’t understand or talk about as much as I feel is necessary. But everyone has their problems and I guess I shouldn’t speak so heavily on one in a world where there are many.

    4. losing weight can be difficult for overweight people especially if they have a thyroid issue or another type of medical problem causing the weight to stay on them. so many people jump to the conclusion that overweight people can always solve the problem easily and it’s their fault they are the way they are. it’s not. people know that some thin people have a very difficult time gaining weight. I feel bad for those people, truly, and I wish them all luck and happiness. but if you are thin, not UNDERWEIGHT, normally their isn’t a problem health wise. like you won’t be sick or get sick usually. overweight people are different, they can get sick and diseases and problems, which is a reason why people focus more on overweight people sometimes in different situations,because others are worried about their health. this can make some thin people upset, but everybody knows some people have a hard time gaining weight. some places it’s appropriate to focus on overweight people, some places thin people. nobody is trying to throw shade or hate on thin people. everybody has their battles and problems and things they wish they could change. everybody is equal.

      edit: I’m sorry you feel nobody defends you. you should look up more videos or articles about defending thin people’s rights. it will change your mind about feeling like overweight people get more attention. please do some research

  177. People don’t realize that every size is beautiful if u are small rock that and if u are big the rock that body everyone is beautiful and unique in their way every one is beautiful and there is no difference if u get body shamed u rock that body and don’t listen u are beautiful

  178. I don’t think that piece of clothing is very flattering to be honest

  179. Everyone looks great in it

  180. Audrey is gorgeous 😍🥰

  181. Okay the advert I got on this video was Claudia Winkleman doing ASMR for a shampoo commercial-

  182. I wear a size 0 and sometimes that can even b a bit loose on me

  183. they all look terrible lmaoooo

  184. Why coudent i be a size -5??😭😭😭😭😭 i’m soooooo fricing fat😭😭

  185. Why are there so many plus size women in this. Where are my skinny girls. We are just as self conscious, and skinny shaming is a real thing.

    1. ai ko go look through the comments and see who’s being shamed

  186. 4:36 she thicc ! She has a triangle shaped body. She has a “low balance” silhouette which means all her weight is at the the bottom. To help her structure, she needs to balance out her wide hips with her shoulders. If this body-con dress had puff sleeves or padded shoulders she would definitely look more balanced.

    Fashion Tip: think of volume and detail up top to balance out your wide hips

  187. Remember that if you go to а doctor and he says that your lack or excess of weight affects your health, you should not forget about treatment with the help of sports or diets. There is a fine line between body positive and ignoring the problem.The main thing is physical and mental health!💚

  188. I am glad I am not the size 0 in this world….😐

  189. Amazing how this dress looks ugly on every single one of them.. regardless of their body type…

  190. why’s everyone saying the skinny girls didnt get enough screentime? I think this was pretty even! only thing is we only saw the size 10 girl talk once

  191. There is no way that is the same dress

  192. Much like the other one, its the dress….I just dont think it looks good on …..ANYONE.

  193. They’re alle beautyful❤️

  194. 2:15
    Arw you serious ? hijab and a bodycon at the same time !
    There is no point of wearing hijab and a tight dress ..
    You are showing your thighs but not your hair, I mean this is just ridiculous

    1. @Alana Burton I can see well, I know she is wearing pants
      Muslim women don’t wear like her, it’s not allowed in Islam to wear stuff like that
      I’m a muslim woman and I know my religion better (:
      It’s makes me laugh when I see a woman calling herself ” muslim” is wearing hijab but still wear inappropriate clothes !!

    2. She has pants on lmao- do you not see that? And she’s wearing a hijab because it’s her religion my dude- leave her alone.

  195. I’m also a size 0 and honestly I’ve been so fed up with clothes NEVER fitting me. I rarely find something that does and most of the time I have to alter my own clothes which I don’t always do very well… I love my body though, I hope they start making smaller clothes

  196. God all of them are so perfect I wonder who puts the disgusting measurements of perfect body because all I see in this video is beauty and perfection

  197. I honestly think people wearing clothing like this glows them up, fuller people and skinny people.

  198. That dress looks so comfy omg

  199. They are all so beautiful ♥️

  200. Am I the unique that think the 2 size is the healthiest?

  201. Body contouring anything is soooo ugly please go away stupid trend. Loose fitting clothing is where it’s at 👍🏻

  202. i think you mix them up becuase niki wears brihter thins than cardi

  203. the thumbnail made me thought this was a live action of the muses in hercules

    1. underrated

  204. I loved the girl wearing the size 12 dress!

  205. That dress is… I am sorry… just ugly. The color is sooo weird.

  206. When you see all these women and think they’re beautiful in all their different shapes and sizes but hate what you see in the mirror 🥴

  207. I think size 5 is the best…..allover all of them fits well and good….also flawless

  208. Anyone know lalisa manoban or sumi

  209. Ok but they’re all so gorgeous!!!

  210. All of them are so beautiful no matter what size they are wearing.

  211. This is kind interesting. When I lived in Brazil, I hated shopping because nothing would fit me. I was smaller than the smallest size. Theeeen I moved to Japan, and now I can’t find anything cute, because I’m too big for their “free” size. Oh lord.

  212. They are all so beautiful 😍

    (그들은 모두 너무 아름답다 😍)

  213. All these women are so beautiful!!

  214. Be Be is so beautiful

  215. Skinny shaming is just as bad as fat shaming

  216. I am Georgetta 😌

  217. You should link the dress. I want it so badd


  219. Ok but that girl in the beret rocked that

  220. How is it even possible to have a size zero 🤔like how

  221. Hijab 😍😍😍😍

  222. 2-й размер, фигура моей мечты, хотя 4 тоже неплохо.

  223. i’m very skinny i have fast metabolism and i hate that people call me a stick or a noodle..

    But this video made me feel better then happy :’) thank you

  224. All of them have a great body shape!!

    I literally don’t even know what my shape is

  225. If you’re extremely obese and overweight, please lose weight.Celebrating obesity is not body positivity

  226. 0:29 she THICC and the good kind

    1. 2:27 more tummy bulging than 0:29 and not as slim thicc but got dem curves in the right places.

    2. 2:17 athletic slim look

    3. 1:22 gorgeous run way model level.

    4. 1:05 I’m pretty sure she’s obese but for an obese lady she looks good. got fat distributed in all the right places

    5. 0:54 also looks good (can tell she works out and is toned muscular fit, doesn’t have the tummy bulging) although low-key still kinda prefer the first one more, like the tummy bulging also she looks more natural and huggable.

  227. It’s not that people are so called ugly it’s just that our beauty standards suck. Everyone’s beautiful regardless of those standards!

  228. I’m getting alot of Big hero 6 vibes

  229. Idk if it was just me, but this video was so quiet I had to put my tv at 100% volume and then they bleeped out language and it was ear piercing…

  230. Thicc

  231. Why did this make me feel worse about my body. Everyone here is so beautiful and I look like a potato with legs.

  232. This dress looked flattering on none of them.

  233. Was there ONE dress for everyone??

  234. I don’t hate my body lmao but ngl I do wanna look like a twink instead of a cereal box

  235. I wanna have size 0, like this beautiful black woman. I think I have siz 2.

  236. Lol I’m just like that size 0 girl whenever I go shopping I never find anything that fits me

  237. I have size 12 and I’m 12 years old, is that normal?

    1. please do exercise a lot. you are still young so you have chance to be taller and lose your weight. don’t worry and just excercise everyday and eat more vegitable.

    2. @hannah xd, I’m 1,71

    3. it depends a lot on your height and weight! idk what’s normal though haha

  238. Oop all icons

  239. I wish I had the figure of that one girl who’s top half is smaller than her bottom and she is flat and beautiful 😍😍

  240. 1:29 what size is she?

    1. Mocxi 4

  241. I’m size 2 I guess

  242. I love the size 2

  243. My size is 12 but that girl who size is 12 too looks more beautiful and thicc

  244. What is a bodycon anyways? Enlighten me please.

  245. Bag of biscuits

  246. imagine having sweaty pits and wearing this dress in public, yikes

  247. i would feel akword wearing this cuz my body doesn’t look balanced…

  248. Pongan subtítulos en español, por favor.

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  295. Hi

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