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Having a collection of shoe essentials in your closet is necessary for putting together outfits with minimal effort. If you have been following me for a while, you know that when it comes to footwear I don’t really stray from the basics — I may indulge in trends or pops of color from time to time, but I really prefer to stick to the classics.

Today I’m sharing what I think are the 8 shoe essentials every girl should own! These are the shoes I think you should invest in so you’re covered for everything from casual days running errands to formal events.

Did I miss any of your shoe essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

1:08 – Nude Pumps
3:27 – Black Pumps
4:42 – Nude Sandals
6:10 – White Sneakers
7:50 – Nude Ankle Strap Sandals
8:09 – Black Ankle Strap Sandals
8:50 – Combat Boots
11:08 – Over-the-Knee Boots

– Nude Pumps:
– Affordable Nude Pumps (Option 1):
– Affordable Nude Pumps (Option 2):
– Black Pumps:
– Affordable Black Pumps (Option 1):
– Affordable Black Pumps (Option 2):
– Affordable Nude Sandals (Option 1):
– Affordable Nude Sandals (Option 2):
– White Sneakers:
– Affordable White Sneakers:
– Nude Ankle Strap Sandals:
– Affordable Nude Ankle Strap Sandals:
– Black Ankle Strap Sandals:
– Affordable Black Ankle Strap Sandals:
– Similar Thrifted Combat Boots:
– LV Combat Boots:
– Affordable Combat Boots:
– Over-the-Knee Boots:
– Affordable Over-the-Knee Boots (Option 1):
– Affordable Over-the-Knee Boots (Option 2):

– Dress: H&M (Sold Out)
– Similar Gold Hoops:
– Initial Necklace:
– Evil Eye Necklace:




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Join one of the best paying affiliate programs in the industry and make commission from every referral or sale.
>>> Join Dar-us-Salam affiliate program and you will never regret doing so. This is your chance to earn a lot of good deeds and cash!
"Whoever guides [another] to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it." [Sahih Muslim].
Your commission - 5% of every Sale made through your affiliate link - If no sale then you still get 3 cents per referral (introductory offer).
Second tier commission - 2% of every sale (introductory offer).
You can get second tier commission by referring another affiliate to join the affiliate program. Such affiliates will become your sub-affiliates, and YOU will earn 2% commission of their sales while they themselves earn 5%.
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  2. You have to pick ONE pair of shoes to wear for the rest of your life… what do you choose? ❤️

    Follow me on Instagram:

    1. black block heels lol

    2. Sneakers

    3. sneakers.

    4. Ha ha ha you are so funny

    5. well in Estonia weather is often very humid, damp, muddy, I have these Ecco leather sneakers with padding and super thick sole that walk through anything. and I wear them from september till may. (now that we have no winter but they can take some below zero as well. mostly protect me from all the water-

  3. Oh wow, what a beautiful and unique face! That’s the 9nly reason I clicked the video.😂👀

  4. I love ur heels so much x ur a pretty girl . X add u on Instagram x

  5. Are those the so kate?

  6. You are so natural and so pretty!!!!

  7. Ur too gud😍

  8. Am first time watching your video… Full of tips about footwear and main thing is superr entertaining to watch your Madness 🥰😘 while you explaining each minute things about each type of footwear I really loved ❤😘 your video….. And Liked your expressions ☺😘 no dout it’s best…👍💯 information

    1. Glad you enjoyed! 😘

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  10. Sticks two big wood look and litle stick heel shoes look

  11. Spray water cats look ruins

  12. Litle small hole cat looks kiss .big long heel .litle dots .pearl tear drop water drop rain drop spcial rain start 1st and last drops look rain .shawer look litle litle hole wate .cats ruins look . Shawer tap rain start time drops look .long litle stick dots look same heel shoe .heel stick many kinds made wood steel matel .fire water type shoes heel stick.

  13. these black shoes make me feel like a boss. Gurl you are a boss.

  14. Valeria! are the Louboutin pumps Pigalle or So Kate? (or another style i dont know)

  15. When did the platform pump trend go away!?!?!? *Panics*

  16. I purchased the Sam Edelman nude and black pointed toes heels and they are amazing! I also got the nude suede ankle strap heels from them. Great quality and gorgeous shoes.

  17. They werent overpriced… only 300$ girl wtf. Do you know what that number is?

  18. Wege shoes can be comfortable

  19. Did you buy the stuart weitzman nudesong shoes both in leather

  20. I havent seen the video and i already cliked like, i lovee her soo much <3

  21. i cannot find the prada nude flat sandals, please someone help 🙁

  22. If you have shoes from designer brand SERIPPY great

  23. Pleaseeee teach us how to wear wedge with proper outfits!!! Thankies ❤️

  24. most of these are not necessary for me. I don’t wear heels.

  25. Is it just me who owns none of these types of shoses

  26. Louboutins are so uncomfortable, Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik shoes are much comfier imo

  27. never have owned high heels as i am 180cm. They are overrated and you do not need “to have” these. Just wear whatever is comfortable and healthy for you. Do not live up to the standards!

  28. what does it mean to put peotective soles? Is it a kind of spray or like a tape u put on the soles?

  29. Cheap non-pkatform high heels make my soles hurt after 5 minutes of walking…

  30. How do you protect the heels of your shoes? My heels always end up getting worn down.

  31. What lip colour do you use?gorgeous!

  32. Just own whatever you want to own. You don’t need someone telling you what you’re supposed to get.

  33. Love them all!

  34. Well, I only have sneakers cause I’m tall and i like to wear them for parties so… I know that, that doesn’t need to stop me for wearing high heels (maybe sometime I will buy them), but until I found a good ones I will use SNEAKERS!!!!

  35. i’m 14 and my essentials are
    1. white sneakers
    2. brown ugg boots
    3. black heeled booties
    4. workout sneakers
    5. nude heels for formal events
    6. sandals (i have heeled ones)

  36. I’m over 6 ft already (about 1, 85 m) and I don’t feel secure enough to wear heels, what should I do? 🙁 and I actually love heels so much… But I can’t stand people’s weird looks. I didn’t choose my height 💁‍♀️

  37. Oh you’re such a cutie!!!! And funny as hell haha glad I found your channel ❤️

  38. I am surprised you didn’t mention loafers 🤭🙄.. I absolutely love the way you style then with different outfits ♥️

    1. Oh thank you!

  39. lol, I was gonna comment on the 300 dollars, not expensive sandals but then I saw the other comments…

  40. Im almost 6’3 so heels are a no-go for me lol (i mean i know i could wear them but im also not that girly, but im only 17,maybe ill change haha)

  41. At 7:50 Hey may I know how many inches heels those are?

  42. you also could thrift your shoes much less expensive

  43. For the strappy sandals are they both leather or suede and what height did you get them in?

  44. Are those loubitons comfortable which ones are they?

  45. totally agree with your selection

  46. What type of louboutins are they?

  47. Every girls i know have at least nude pumps, black stiletto bla bla bla
    Me : sneakers, and sneakers again

  48. I love you and your videos so much and hi,im your new subscriber here

  49. Wow no ballet flats

  50. You were attempting to show the protective soles on your nude pumps, but I couldn’t see them or tell what you meant. I still just saw the worn red bottoms.
    Could you go into more detail about protective soles, please?

  51. none of these are essentials except for maybe the combat boots

  52. *takes out every pair of shoe* *designer* *designer* *designer*

  53. what about running shoes? rain boots?

  54. I have big feet so I will stick to just sneakers

  55. This video is making me miss the days we could touch shoes so casually and fearlessly

  56. Ahha louboutin

  57. as a runner, I cannot wear super high heels. plus my foot size is european 35 or so. problem is everyone tells me to go to childrens department! I just dont find ANYTHING for my size that is nice and feminine PLUS comfortable for a long distance runner. small foot is a headache. everything starts from 37.

  58. “they make me feel like a supermodel”

    Girl you are a freaking supermodel!! ❤️❤️

  59. Nice video! Are you taller than me in heels btw? (I’m 4’10” / 147 cm)

  60. Boots which are ” nothing too like AhhhhHhh ” 😂 ❤️

  61. FUNNY. I don’t have any of the mentioned shoes.

  62. I don’t follow fashion just for fashion.. plateforms are SO comfortable not gonna throw them at ALL and still got them and bought them 10 years ago! Comfort and taste before fashion ! But I still like your video, like I was just sharing my opinion about platforms.. kisses

  63. It’s 2020 I can’t even step up high heels any tutorial class 😝

  64. I usually spend between 80-110 euros, natural leather,the maximum on a pair a shoe. I do not go lower nor higher for prices and they last for years.

  65. So I need two nude pairs. Good to know.

  66. Yes only if i have the Money

  67. I always have 10 to 15 pairs of shoes.

  68. In a nutshell have nude and black shoes from every categories like flats,boots,heels…

  69. All these ladies complaining about how high quality shoes cost 300 dollars, and I’m just sitting here at socialist bugaloo where 300 dollars (yes, after conversion) are what you pay for running shoes.

  70. Just came to the same shoe essentials by myself😂😂 would i just have seen your video earlier. So, its a good topic.

  71. The big sister we all needed

  72. After watching this video, I just realized that all the shoes I have are sneaker, sneaker and sneaker. Wondering myself about my gender :))))

  73. I actually agree, this seems like a legitimate choice that can really sustain you for life.

  74. you r sooo cute…..❤💓❤

  75. Beautiful heels, really helpful

  76. For people who cannot afford louboutin, I absolutely adore the Sam Edelman Hazel pumps. They come in tons of different colors and patterns and they are just amazing. There’s cushion made inside of them.

    I really want a pair of patent louboutin pumps though and they come in a ton of different colors now.

  77. Affordable spring outfit ideas plz!!!! ❤️

  78. Designer pumps do last, I have a Loriblu pair that I got around 12 years ago, they look pretty much the same, although at one time I’ve worn them daily and walked a lot.

  79. wwaa…you look it’s so nice 💜✨😅

  80. How do you clean your sneakers??

  81. Those pigalle needs their heel tips changed. The version you have is the original edit. The new one is simply ugly to the core

  82. Annoying English

  83. That shoes are literally bigger than her face 🤣🤣🤣😑

  84. Liked your collections and loved your personality more.
    Will definitely follow you on Instagram 🤣

  85. There are no such things as shoe essentials. That too 8 pairs? Essential? Nooooo
    I came here just to comment my opinion. I will buy whatever I want. I have my own style.
    Not like the society won’t accept me if I don’t have these, and I’m doing fine without theseee

  86. she kinda looks like emilia clarke lol

  87. Love valeria

  88. Better to have quality instead to have cheapness and low quality! You can buy the shoes when it’s time for sales especially winter sales. 300$ seems very decent especially for a brand like Prada. Or you can buy from the outlet shops! I prefer to work hard and save money or to wait for a good discount or to search for another job instead to act like a “poor” butthurt in the comments. It’s not a option to be poor,it’s a choice and you can change it don’t be afraid to have big dreams it’s not impossible to work and have this it’s easy to be envy and victimise yourself. This people inspire me to not giving up in my dreams because hard work pays off!

  89. I wish I would be your daughter so I could wear all your clothes❤️

  90. You are a very great friend u always give us advices and very lovely luv u Valeria!

    1. Omg omg omg you replied! What am i gonna do 😭 imma cryyyyyyyy i loove you so much you’re like one of my idol who i believe deserve more appreciations for your aspiring lifestyle and how you see the world itself ❤️ thank you for noticing my lil love from afar

    2. 😊 love you back.

  91. Girl you’ve got money all ur shoes are designer I wish but I’m broke asf

  92. I would love to see a top thrifted clothes/bags/shoes video <3

  93. you are so cute and goofy, valeria! ❤️

    1. Lol, thanks.

  94. I saw your youtube channel by accident. But wow!! You’re so beautiful. Im shocked you are a mom.. You’re my goals in the next 5 years. love you..

  95. Dance shoes (Latin and standard) are comfy heels. (Or at least that’s my opinion and almost everyone’s I know)

  96. Valeria says: *_they make me feel like a freaking supermodel_*
    Valeria is: *_freaking supermodel_*

  97. I need to get some nude pumps! 😍😍

  98. I can’t walk in heels for the life of me…

  99. Everyone else : have at least 6 shoes
    Me : 1 pair of shoes for winter ( warmer ) and 1 pair of shoes for sports / everyday

  100. Heels are true must have for every women.

  101. How can you walk?!!!!

  102. GIRLS!! ASH is an amazing brand!! It’s not that cheap.. but not that expensive. I bought a leather oxford two years ago, it was like 250$ but it’s so worth it. Best shoe I ever purchased, it’s the BEST quality and so comfy. They have a really edgy style, all their collections are so cool. So ladies, if you ever come across a pair of ASH shoes, buy them!!!!

  103. What height of heels of nude color heels

  104. Her face is so satisfying.

    1. 🤣

  105. Oh my god, I clicked on the link of the nude pumps… They are $533 on SALE! R.i.p. my broke ass

  106. Calling my clothes “investments” will get me in a lot of trouble with my budget.

  107. Niceee if u would Pakistani v blogger u definitely have golden heels
    Variety of open shoes 🤣

  108. My broke ass cannot relate 😁

  109. From hmm zero to hero 🤭💕

  110. Hi ur new subsciber ….im from india…u looking soo cute😘😘

  111. I own every pair mentioned. Thanks.

  112. there are so many styles of the Louboutin pumps (so Kate, Kate, Pigalle, Pigalle Follies, Eloise) – which one do you have? 🙂

  113. Ankle strap heels. Yes. If I could only own one pair of shoes ever- ankle strap heels it is.

  114. Valeria is such an inspiration

  115. You are the big sister I never have

    1. ♥️♥️♥️

  116. 8:56 *coughs* feminine *cough*

  117. Very cool collection! Especially the high heels are so cute. I would like to have a pair of high quality nude pumps. Mine are too old and weren’t very good quality… But why do you need three pairs of combat boots that look almost exactly the same?

  118. Ohhhh Myyyy Godddd!!! 7 years!

  119. where can you find nude shoes with all skin tones represented ? Especially for darker skin tones. Btwm thank you for all your advices. I just find your YT channel and love it!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to answer!

    2. JClara Sed Try Ninewest. 🙂

  120. I like that you’re honest😊

    1. Thank you.

  121. To anyone else who is not a fan of the combat boot:
    I go for low heel riding boots, very classy.

    1. 👍🏻

  122. “not crazy expensive… maybe $300”
    talking to the college student who typically spends $20-30 per pair. $50 tops.

  123. I soooo wanna wear thigh high boots too, but I live in a tropical country it’s gonna be so weird 🙁

    1. 😆😆😆

  124. Mine would be:
    1: White sneakers. I need that in my life, it can we worn with anything, making it look casual and also its comfortable. Also, I can use it most of the year. Also in the winter, if I have warm socks.
    2: High, block heeled boots. I also like them to be long, up to the knee. For me, they make my outfits go from boring to interesting and sexy. Also, I live in Norway; Where I live it is cold and snow half of the year, bad roads and lots of hills. I need safe shoes that also looks good.
    3. Ballerina shoes. I know… I know… But I looove black (fake) leather ballerina shoes, especially with pointed toes. I always have them in my bag to change from pumps when my feet hurt. And it still looks good without the pain from heels.
    4: Black pumps. It can be worn with just about anything and makes it look SEXY AF. Perfect for dinners, dates, parties (where I don’t dance). I actually hate nude colors on shoes – I don’t want my legs to look super long, because I have a short torso.
    5. Warm, soft winter boots. Again, I live in winter wonderland and I have to keep warm when I’m out and about. Without those, I’ll freeze. Haha…

  125. These weren’t crazy expensive. 300$ are like 21,600 rupees in India. OMG

  126. Valeria: They weren’t crazy expensive
    Also Valeria: probably like $300
    Me: am I a joke to you? *cries in iambroke*

    Valeria is love ❤️😸

  127. When you said I wear it everywhere. Before you said anything about the prada sandals I was like I see her wear that piece like everywhere and all the times. 😀😍👌🏼
    I wish I could wear strappy sandals I have ugly toes. Lol

  128. It would be very awkward for people like me who would wear high heels but walk like a wrestler 😜😜

  129. Hi dear

  130. Nice choices

  131. I agree these are essentials, I would also include flats to the list ? What do you guys think ?

  132. Dear Valeria, what height do you recommend in high heels? Are 3,4 inches enough?
    They are more comfortable for me, but 4 inches look better in my opinion

  133. Hie baby

  134. Oh my god!….hermosos pies!👣😘😋

  135. Your toes are prettier than my fingers 😲

  136. Should short girls wear over-the-knee boots?

  137. I cant walk in heels , I have tried 😪

  138. Hello from the uk 🇬🇧

  139. J’adore les chaussures ouvertes mais j’ai les pied moche 😢

    Super vidéo ❤️❤️

  140. the louboutins look very tall can u wear them all day

  141. I also think that converse and doc martens are must haves for everyone when you want to give your outfit that badass grunge feel.

  142. Only one problem. Shoes without straps don’t stick to my feet

  143. “Not crazy expensive”
    Literally the cost of my rent

  144. Wass up with Rossey cheek make up?
    Do alot of guys like that?🙄💞

  145. U are so beautiful

  146. All I have are Birkenstocks, but I can’t wear them to work :(((

  147. Zdrastvuyte, Valeria, lovely video. Good advice.

  148. Thank you for mentioning affordable options and linking them! Truly appreciated 🙌🏼

  149. Thank you Valeria ❤️

  150. Valeria + over-the-knees boots = 🔥🔥

  151. Me: owns over 15 pairs of shoes
    Also me: Wow I dont have the essentials lets go buy more lol

    1. 😂 Same here lol

    2. This is so me lol

  152. I’d love my hands under these stilettos

  153. 1. Nude pumps
    2. Black pumps
    3. Nude sandals
    4. White sneakers
    5. Nude ankle strap sandals(black)
    6. Combat boots
    7. Over the knee boots

    1. In our country we don’t need that over the knee boots

    2. @sneha nunisa what

    3. @Yamina Lea me

    4. This was also in discription box

    5. She did mention this in the discription.

  154. You kinda look like Emilia Clarke

  155. I’m living in tropical country, flat shoes are more essentials than super high boots 😁😁😁

  156. I love youuu! you are so classy and dress so well, have designer stuff, yet you don’t sound snobby at all ❤️🌼 so humble and overall a genuinely nice person ☺️

  157. Gorgeous ring

  158. I haven’t wear high heels for 5 years now and I will never ever wear them for the rest of my life. They are unhealthy – thay change the whole posture of your body, put strain on your spine… they can cause haluxes, flat feet, lower back pains, migrains…
    One hundred years ago women wore corsets daily. Later they got rid of them. I hope that in next hundred years we will get rid of high heels as well :-).

  159. I cant stop watching this video… I downloaded it and I’ve been watching it for like at least once a week.. And it gets better every time i watch it❤❤❤

  160. I haven’t wear high heel for years now and I’m kind of afraid to wear it now 😂

    1. @Drmn Hrsha I haven’t wear high heels for 5 years now and I will never ever wear them for the rest of my life. They are unhealthy – thay change the whole posture of your body, put strain on your spine… they can cause haluxes, flat feet, lower back pains, migrains…
      One hundred years ago women wore corsets daily. Later they got rid of them. I hope that in next hundred years we will get rid of high heels as well :-).

  161. it’s hard to find sandals when i have small feet :

  162. Hi valeria! I just found your channel and you give me positive energy 😍

  163. Ballet flats!!

  164. Nike Air Force 1’s are classics.

  165. Hiiii❤️❤️❤️

  166. Hello, Gorgeous! First time viewer here; love your style so much! Thanks for the vid. Xoxo

  167. All i have now is flip flop, running shoe and flat cover shoe. I feel wasted


  169. I’m from the Philippines that’s why i own every different kinds of slippers

  170. why are my stuart weitzman boots so uncomfortable?

  171. Hi Valeria, how are you, nice profile, you take great videos, you great in presenting your materials, how have you been? What have you been up to.

  172. Shoes for wide*ss feet like mine 😂

  173. the vid will be better if she explains like alexandrasgirlytalk like to wear them instead of sitting and explaining

  174. you are hilarious I love you sense of humor. you don’t try hard!!!! # newsubbie

  175. This was really helpful thanks!! Currently revamping my wardrobe & getting rid of extra stuff!!

    I think black ballerina flats should be on the list as well. Preferably the pointy model;) It looks so cool & can upgrade/shift an outfit.

  176. I can’t wear one shoe for ten years it sounds so stupid to me

  177. Her voice sounds like selena gomez

  178. Get to it, girl! Come on! Where’s the shoes?

  179. 300dollars for Sandles? Girl your rich.

  180. Wow i love the last boot 👢 👌🏻♥️♥️

  181. How do you keep your white sneakers white? I’ve never bought a pair because I’m afraid I’d ruin them after a month or two. 🤪

  182. Will you. Marri e

  183. What’s your work unnie

  184. Love

  185. I need Combat boots like.. right now!! I have never had boots so on winter I’m like Elsa from Frozen. My feet are just freezing and I can’t walk lmao

  186. Where do you buy your Sole Protectors? Do you have some tips?

  187. Why are y’all so mad about her financial situation? If the designer prices aren’t what you can afford or want to spend, SHE TOOK THE TIME TO LINK MORE AFFORDABLE DUPES. she neverrrr said y’all had to spend what she did. Stop projecting.

  188. How about telling girls to stop wasting their time with all this beauty-bullshit and start learning something in their life and change something in the world, this video represents, why women are still not equal to men, get confident and be a natural and comfortable girl, trust me you’ll be so much happy and healthier in your life

  189. The Louboutan shoes are very nice but I can’t afford buying them. I live on a budget and I buy inexpensive shoes and they last many years because I don’t wear them every day. I alternate sport/casual and I wear high heels once a week or even twice a month. I have shoes in my wordrobe 8 years old and I want to donate them because I got bored wearing them and they look almost like new.

  190. Your skin is flawless OMG

  191. Girl 300 bucks for sandals is crazy expensive

  192. Loved this video – I am also a shoe fan 😂♥️ I do beauty videos too x

  193. What’s your shoe size?

  194. I love it. Will try to look some of that. Maybe a replica I guess? ❤❤❤

  195. Is the 300$ Prada sandals really all you can comment about, people? What about her 35$ boots?
    Every person reached some points in their life…so for me personally, it never bothers. Sorry I couldn’t express my thoughts well in English 😅

    Btw that 7 years old nude pump looks so versatile and chic! Sadly I’m not a high heel girl.

  196. 🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙

  197. Valeria! where do you buy your protective sole please? thank you so much

  198. I like your dainty necklace, where is it from ?

  199. hahah from zero to a hero <3 I love it !!

  200. hello from Italy Valeria🌈 I love your videos and obviously you 😍
    you are very clear and kind, and your suggestions are so useful !
    unfortunately I can’t afford those beautiful louboutin nude pumps and I need to buy a cheaper version , what brand do you think I should buy ?
    thank you 😊

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