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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Today is another HIGH HEEL HAUL! This time I bought high heels off eBay to see what the quality is like!


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Links to outfits (none of these are affiliates, I just thought you guys may want the links!)

Red heels –
Rhinestone heels –
Butterfly heels –
Fur heels –
Black heels –

NYE Party Lookbook – What to wear on NYE –
Finally reviewing the Cardi B x Fashion Nova collection –
A very GLAM Dollskill haul –

This video is NOT sponsored, I bought everything with my own money and all opinions are my own!

Thank you so much for watching!

I love youuu all 257,709 of you



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Join one of the best paying affiliate programs in the industry and make commission from every referral or sale.
>>> Join Dar-us-Salam affiliate program and you will never regret doing so. This is your chance to earn a lot of good deeds and cash!
"Whoever guides [another] to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it." [Sahih Muslim].
Your commission - 5% of every Sale made through your affiliate link - If no sale then you still get 3 cents per referral (introductory offer).
Second tier commission - 2% of every sale (introductory offer).
You can get second tier commission by referring another affiliate to join the affiliate program. Such affiliates will become your sub-affiliates, and YOU will earn 2% commission of their sales while they themselves earn 5%.
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  2. Turns out the Cinderella shoes are dupes of Jimmy Choo…my bad!

    1. How many heels you have girl ???? 😂

    2. Laugh out loud you’re too fussy about to bowl detailed are gorgeous especially on you the only problem if they and Charlie cover up your beautiful feet maybe you’ll take them off kisses

    3. It was a very beautiful high heels very glamorous but also very cheap how bad do they hurt your feet if your feet hurt really bad when you take off your shoes at a party and go barefoot would you leave the shoes on I suspect he would never take them off when I was growing up it was natural for women to go barefoot I think it’s too bad that they don’t now nice job on the video you’re a lot of fun

    4. Obviously! They look like they are not the real ones. However, this model is not my style at all. Not a fan of those…

    5. What size shoe do you wear?

  3. fantastic heels. love them much

  4. Beautiful heels 😍 nice video

  5. Hi I like the Cinderella shoes they are my favourite shoes and I am in love with the Cinderella shoes sooo much

  6. Love the Sophia Webster dupe shoes! Usually the original is $700-$850!
    You got some nice shoes in this video! I like the way how you present them!

  7. Your beautiful feet makes these shoes pop in my opinion!

  8. Yes I can definitely see the square top on the Cinderella shoes when I look closely at the advertised pair. ❤️🇦🇺

  9. I love this twin set you’re rocking today. Where did you get it. I must have missed this one lol. Love the shoes, I actually have the butterfly heels and put a piece of tape to hold the wings back for a week before I wore them and they stood flying perfectly. Just a tip. Love your hauls❤️🇦🇺

  10. About 40 dollars for heels? That’s cheap?! I mean compared to 300-400 dollars yeh they are but not all of us an afford 40 dollars heels randomly….and not all of us can afford to drop 61.37 on heels either…..

  11. Cute shoes , but i hate all shoes. I rather go bare foot. I grew up in Santa Monica. So i guess thats why.

  12. Could you mabye pay for someone to fix the “elf flap” lol 😅 on the Cinderella shoes? I can’t imagine it would be too difficult and they would look gorgeous

  13. …”…Annalise my dear you have beautiful toes…wonderful feet…👣…i like them 💕😘 …”…

  14. the red ones are very tall did u wear them all day

  15. What heels size are you

  16. you look amazing in all of these shoes, but try wearing them with nylons

  17. I wanna see a video of you trying out gothic/rave platforms. They are so comfortable and some of the shoe styles are so freaking cute.

  18. It look like your nails change color at first they were pink then they were red

  19. I love all of the people commenting like “oh *this* pair was cute, sorry 🙁 but they’re ugly”
    As if anyone cares if you find them ugly lol move on. This is a review and your preferences ain’t nothing

  20. i love your feet when you arch them with the sandals on
    they are extremely beautiful and sexy

  21. Oh my god this is the best sexiest feet i ever see

    1. I knew that all the foot fetish people would watch her videos..

  22. The second shoe is fine your just picky

  23. I love love all of your hie heels omg xx

  24. 💄💍💎🍹🍷🍸👠👠👠👡👡🎀👱

  25. Que

  26. Not the second nor third pair though.

  27. I just bought all of these shoes, thanks!

  28. What places do you find the most risky in heels? Can you do a tutorial on how to walk in such super heels please? Unlike the usual videos that show how to walk on flat surface, some content covering the tricky aspects of walking in heels like steep stairs, wet floor, cobblestones and other hazards that we come across in real life situations. would be really helpful when it comes from a “superuser”:)

  29. O.M.G you get more and more superbeautiful WOW!!!💋💖🌹💕😁 love your accent, beautiful perfect little feet and toe’s.,

  30. Stop copying amber sholl you both have different personalities Be the one who you are and make yourself unique.

  31. Girl is small but feet us big😂

  32. HEAVENLY!!

  33. I can’t wear heels anymore, so I lived vicariously through you in this video…thank you so much!! 😉

  34. Did u all realize that her nail was different color when her unbox n when her try it on…?

  35. How many high heels do you have?

  36. I love heels but I never have anywhere to wear them so I only have a few pairs that I have carefully selected LMAO

    1. Wear them anywhere you want. If you want to wear them just do it

  37. The Cinderella shoes actually look like the ones in the original Disney movie

  38. I have the last ones in black and they are my favorite

  39. Amber 2.0

  40. Omg I HATE Styrofoam too!!! Omg! And the feel of chalk/corn starch. Everyone thinks I’m weird

  41. Not sure how I wound up here, but I’m already hooked on the accent and pronunciations. I hear Kristin Wiig (SNL) all through this (styrofurm, gursebumps, urpen). I really love it.

  42. All of them are so tacky and tasteless not even the Valentino ones look good 🤢 I Love u bb girl you can do much better! ☹️👌🏽

  43. Love the last pair

  44. Why would you buy a pair of shoes and not wear them????

  45. The Cinderella shoes are like the picture you have to harder cuz of the werid angle

  46. *love* your style, but u talk 2 much gurll

    1. @Courtney Jade ofc not but there is too much talking the video would be half long xd

    2. It’s a YouTube video… do you just expect her to sit there in complete silence?

  47. The last pair was terrible the nude one omg … Best was the first crystal high heel

  48. You have ginormous feet!!!!

  49. I have the Cinderella Dupes and they are amazing (mine didn’t have the flap). The only issue is the toe style. Cockroach killers don’t work for us bigfoot girls 😂

  50. I LOVE your feet in heels

  51. I love your outfit ! You look so good !!!

  52. if they had them Cinderella heels size 1 as everyone says my feet so small i dress up as Cinderella but i never actual dress up like her as too topical.

  53. you should wear glamours extra outfit for a week including heels

  54. Take your cinderella Shoes to a shoe maker and get them cut the way u like

  55. Oh girl we’re the same height!!! My best guy friend is still an inch taller than me when I wear my 5 inch heels😂😂

  56. I have heels higher than the first ones…. they r seven inch lol I didn’t look when buying them

  57. You actually reviewed a pair of shoes I wanted to get. Now I know what they would look like! Thank you.

  58. instead of spending hundreds of dollars for a few pairs of cheap crap shoes, why don’t you buy one pair of the real thing?

    1. Cheap shoes break so easily and are so uncomfortable to watch and look so cheap. It is judt better to buy one proper pair of shoes. Like the butterfly ones looked so cheap. Total waste of money

  59. I gained a shit ton of weight after I quit doing coke so I’m stuck only wearing wedges after years of perfecting a walk in stilletos it sucks but this summer I’m working on it new years resolution yabbaby no more KFC gravy

  60. Omg I thought I was the only one who hated Styrofoam lol it makes me cringe the squeaky sound and awful feeling

  61. I hateeee styrofoam. I always let someone else open things with styrofoam.

  62. OMG I am using the same phone case as her I bought it online ♡

  63. Club factory high heel hual

    1. You don’t think how cheap on factory price

  64. Wish high heel hual

  65. Ewww those Cinderella heels are literally hideous I don’t know how you thought they looked expensive, tacky af

  66. 2:02 your knees

  67. With the Cinderella shoes, the cut is very vintage, shoes were made like that in the 40s and 50s, it’s so dated!

  68. Now u’re just copying amber Scholl
    U literally bought the same shoes

  69. Amber Scholl is *QUAKING*

  70. You look like Glenda the Good Witch from the wizard of oz

  71. To be honest her “faux fur“ is not really fur, but these shoes were made out of feathers


  73. “In the past I’ve done an alliexpress heel haul and eBay heal haul so it would only be fair to do an eBay heel haul”

  74. Please try bragais shoes/heels.


  76. No they are like the photo

  77. I can’t get enough of your accent, I <3 it!!

  78. love the red and the black shoes.Gorgeous

  79. If you look closely at the shoe picture with the chrystal flower you can see the cuts too

  80. Absolutely love the butterfly heels 😍

  81. Wtf… how did I get here? Who knows what color the bottom of heels are supposed to be… what is going on? I’m scared and I want to go home..

  82. 10:04 hate them

  83. It’s a pet peeve

  84. The Cinderella shoes have a “witch” cut to them. I loved the first pair, soooooooo cute!!!

  85. I love your hair

  86. I dont ever wear heels but i want to buy the first pair

  87. Personal I believe that eBay can be a hit and a miss

  88. I just got a shoe dazzle commercial

  89. The second pair were actually like the photo. It had the little flappy thing on there it just wasn’t as big.

  90. I honestly thought you where shorter, but knowing your 5’9 and still wear heels makes me love you so fucking much I’m 5’6 and i struggle wearing heals cause i hate towering over everyone but i really want to start wearing them more now because of you ❤

  91. I want to wear highheels but when I wear them I’d look like a giant. The highest heels I’ve ever wear is a 5cm heels.

  92. I love the idea of a pretty blonde girl towering over everyone in heels

  93. I’m 5’8 and always feel insecure abt being so tall, and am scared to wear heels but knowing you’re abt the same height and wear heels makes me feel more confident to do the same 💕

    1. I’m 5’8″ too and I love towering over people. My husband doesn’t appreciate it too much, but the taller the heel the more confident I am 😁

    2. I’m 5’10 and I love heels. If persons feel insecure about my height then that sounds like a personal problem 😂😂

    3. I’m 5′-8” to, be proud and be dominant in your high hells!

    4. Kendall Jenner GIGI Hadid and Khloe Kardashian are all 5’10 and wear heels constantly not giving a fuck about their height if being a tall woman makes some guys feel un easy then there isn’t a place small enough for them to fit into your life

    5. I’m 5’5 and my friends say I’m tall and don’t need to wear high heels

  94. Where is ur top and jacket from?? Super cute

  95. Sexy feet..

  96. Where did you get your outfit???? 😍

  97. except for the cinderella shoes on the picture also have the cut…

  98. GIRL. I HATE styrofoam too! Ugh. Like nails on a chalkboard. 😫

  99. Your feet are the most beautiful feet I’ve ever seen so far. So yes, sexy feet my beautiful friend.

  100. The last pair looked like someone standing on tip toe in grandma slippers.

  101. Same with me on the styrofoam

  102. The butterfly and the Cinderella shoes were terrible. I think the first was the best and I’m considering on buying them!

  103. The wish cinderella shoes are better looking

  104. Anyway I could buy them in America?

  105. They look loose on your feet honey ❤️

  106. I HATE pointy toed shoes. But I’ll love you. Could you do some round two shoes?

  107. I loved the Clueless (last pair) vibes chunky heals the best!

  108. I HATE styrofoam, THANK YOU for skipping it lol. I’d have lost my mind. It gives me goosebumps too.

  109. $19 haul. Not true

  110. Oh my goodness why size a shoe are you

  111. it´s a beautiful shoes , beautiful HIGH HEEL HAUL

  112. Lol I hate cardboard like thick cardboard ehhhhh 😂 I love that there is other weird people like me 😊

  113. Omg, these shoes look gigantic. How big is her shoe size? They look size 11.

    1. 39 EU which is US size 9.

  114. How come when you showed us your nails were pink and not red?

  115. Holy hell those Cinderella heels look HUGE!!!!

  116. You are talking too much

  117. You’d buy a better dupe of the Valentino shoes in UK Primark, and cheaper 😂

  118. I love how expressive your feet are haha 😂

  119. Cinderella jimmy choo heels

  120. Anyone notice her cover phone is similar with Jeffree’s cover phone …ummm..okay no one just me

  121. Please do a hair video, how u dye…maintain style care ect your hair is so nice

  122. Note : I got the Cinderella shoes on Amazon (for my sweet 16 last year) and they looked 10x better than the EBay ones. Just sayinn🙌🏼❤️

  123. 😍😍 loved this vid

  124. basic

  125. Cinderella is not a Disney princess, it’s a fairy tale by Charles Perrault called Cinderella.

  126. The rhinestone heels look horrible. You should return and get a refund!

  127. 😍 sooo glad you made this video!!! I wanted those butterfly heels by Sophia Webster but they are crazy expensive. I just wanted them for display because they are gorgeous and this let’s me actually afford them. You are wonderful!!

  128. The Cinderella shoes did have that cut in the photo

  129. Make someting with creepypasta PRETTY PLEASE!

  130. ur amber cloth looks sooo nice on uuu

  131. You’re a hard working youtuber n need more recognition

  132. The Cinderella shoes fit your personality and accent so perfectly in my opinion, you’re like a cute royal girl. I hope nobody gets offended.

  133. I hate styrofoam too!! It feels gross, it sounds awful, it stinks and it is horrible for the environment

  134. You should do a wish shoe haul

  135. i like you but you talk a lot

  136. The ‘Valentinos’ are supposed to have more strap parts I’m pretty sure

  137. Am I the only one who thought “Hermes” immediately with those butterfly shoes? That would be my guess as to the inspiration for the original designer. While I am not a block-heel lover (even though they’re probably the only ones I could walk on LOL), I thought those fluffy faux fur nude shoes were so so cute! And they actually looked the most expensive for some reason.
    I have also bought heels from Ebay a few years ago and last year and they were really great! Get compliments all around.

  138. What size are you? Can we be friends?

  139. I love you 😍❤❤

  140. Ha… The fluff heels… My husbands friend had the same ones and told me dont they look like hamsters knowing that my hamster passed away a couple days ago.

  141. Dang girl, you look like you got big ol feet. I’m 2M tall Mexican born in the states. Btw tall women are my favorite.

  142. you should do a Q&A

  143. All look so cheap:(

    1. I dont think the others were too bad exceptt he butterfly one. They looked awful cheap. The cinderella ones looked so tacky too

  144. The silver shoe does have the flap in the photo…

  145. The flap was in the photo of the Cinderella shoe……..

    1. Not to mention the shoes Cinderella wears in the original movie have that flap also………

  146. You need to do shoedazzle haul

  147. Great video Annalise happy 2019! 😊😊😊

  148. the cut on the cinderella shoes was there on the picture too

  149. How is 61 bucks a bargain

  150. Happy New Years!!! 🤩🥰

  151. the Cinderella ones are aweful

  152. The cut of those cinderalla shoes are the traditional french shoe. They also make the shoe chaffe less i have a few pairs with the same cut they are wag more comfortable

  153. The photo of the cinderella looks like a different shoe to me. I agree, a bit disappointing.

  154. random… but could you do a video teaching/giving advice on walking in stilettos? i have only walked in wedges and a block heel and i feel like i can’t get stability in stilettos and get worried wearing them out and about and in public

  155. My husband hates styrofoam too 😂 And I always thought he was weird for that 😛

  156. Can you do a review or something like that with Shein??

  157. Shoe collection?

  158. Nice heels what’s their height and size ?

  159. If you get anything with similar faux fur hold them over the steam of a boiling kettle. The steam makes the fibers fluffy again. This only works with fabric similar to feathers

  160. Great video, I love all of the shoes

  161. This is why I love shoe show cheap but very cute

  162. could you maybe add the height of the heels in inches next time? either in the video or the description bc that would very helpful

  163. I could not care less about fashion- I pretty much live in leggings and hoodies. But I watch the heck out of your videos lol. I love them 💜 So fun

  164. First time commenting here~~~
    I wonder if you would wanna try Taobao for this type of video~~~ Acoording to my understanding, it is a Chinese website that similar to Ebay, selling from different store in one website, but they support consolidated shipping by Taobao itself!

  165. Cinderella shoes is a good dupe while the butterfly shoes look low quality in my opinion .
    I like also the red pair with cute rinestone and furry shoes are the same quality by Quanticlo.

  166. Where is your top and jacket from it’s beautiful xx

  167. You and LaurDIY could be twins!

  168. you can stop your heels completely on me…..step my worthless Ballsac till theyre flat,.,,,and make your shoes stool Gay …..pleazee…

  169. — You’re 5’9″?! OMG! I wish I had your height! 🙂

  170. The “butterfly” shows… I thought they were supposed to be like Achilles/Greek-theme 😅

    A lot of these look like they can easily be DIY’d.

  171. Where did you get that phone case??! I love it!😍

  172. I don’t mind buying shoes from eBay and all that for me it’s about the look not all about the brand always . I like a lot of these

  173. Oh my god your outfit in this video is adorable!!!

  174. Those first ones look cheap for that price. The heel looks a touchy wonky and the material looks cheap… for that price you could get far better quality elsewhere, I’m sure.

    1. They look like a cheap knock off shoes from wish

  175. You’re just so cute.

  176. Looveee the flufy shoes so cute! Also i would love to see a video of your shoe collection!

  177. Sis for $86 bucks you might as well went to an actual store with real brands 😂😂😂

  178. The Cinderella shoes do show the flap in the picture look closely there exactly what you ordered

  179. I’m sure the Valentino dupes are from Primark 😂 they’re not that expensive in store…

  180. Can you do a review of SHEIN jeggings???? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  181. With that body and that height, you could be a model! Your body type is for high fashion

  182. The Cinderella shoes do actually have the same cut if you look at the photo closely

  183. Um if you get Nothing from China that claims it’s faux fur. Be cautious. It’s cheaper for them to use to real fur. I’ve had sellers tell me the fur is real though the listing says it’s fake.

  184. Also get them on Ali express

  185. Actually the Cinderella’s DID have that flap it was propped up in the photo slightly instead of flat. The difference is the angle of photo.

  186. I can relate, styrofoam sounds omg I can’t males me feel so uncomfortable

  187. This girl is NUMBER ONE!!!!

    No other can come even close to her 💝❤️💎🌹

  188. THOSE ARE TOTALLY CINDERELLA SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. I’m not kidding you look like a mix of jennifer lawrence and laurdiy if you think about it, lol. 👠

  190. Saw the first ones on your instagram and even my mum said they were really pretty ❤️

  191. I thought your Cinderella shoes were classier with the little lip…really cute on!

  192. Guuuuuurl, your hauls are my favorite to watch, you get everything that I love to wear😘 your so honest and cute I could just eat you up🍦😉 lol I know the red ones are pretty high but they looked amazing on your feet and made your legs look like they go on for dayzzzzz huntyyyy💯💯 I love your close up shoe shots, but I’d love to see how they look full body and you walking in them so we can admire they’re fulllll potential🤑💖👠 lol Happy 2019 baby girl🎉🎆🍾 all the way from Baton Rouge, Louisiana okerrrrrrrr⚜🐊🦀🌉✌

  193. Don’t they smell bad?! I actually bought that one inspired by Valentino’s and oh my gosh, the smell is horrible!!!!

  194. Christian Louboutin knock offs = glam leprechaun heels ❤️

  195. Why don’t you try AMI clubwear fo shoes? They are pretty cheap, and it’s one flat shipping rate. The shipping is pricey for u.s. standard shipping, but I’m sure it would be cheaper for you. That way you don’t have to pay shipping or each shoe. Plus they got cute shoes for like 12 or 10 bucks

  196. Happy New Year ✨

  197. how come your face is like that

  198. I love these kind of videos I live vicariously through you because I love heels but can’t wear them past two hours lol

  199. Finally, someone else hates styrofoam as much as I do! The sound annoys me so much!


  201. Omg.i don’t like the shoes n2.huhhhh😏😏

  202. Your voice is so adorable 🤧🤧🤧

  203. 5’9 😳😳😳😳 sis you TALL TALL

  204. Butterfly pair looked like shit. So cheap the wings were floppy.

    1. They looked awful

  205. Beautiful Attractive Lady. Glorious so appealing. Beautiful feet. Really cool – very HOT your feet in light strappy shoes. Delectable to my fetish masculine mind. Please don’t hide your feet in those ugly mugly concrete blocks. platform rubbish. Construction safety industrial platform boots.

  206. I hate styrofoam too! It’s the worst!

  207. eBay sucks .. I don’t trust it

  208. u could find imperfections in everything u stop moaning man u pay cheap u get cheap

    1. She’s going to be honest about the quality. This is a review, chill.

  209. where did you bought your outfit of today?

  210. Anybody else unsatisfied with watching her try them on, on a carpet? I like to hear the sound heels make 😂😭

    1. Annalise Wood ah dang! Would have made it so satisfying! Regardless, you have amazing sense of style and will continue to watch your shoe hauls! Great work 😊

    2. Kay Thanks My family had new floors put in at our house so sadly I can’t wear heels on the floor :((

  211. Its actually jimmy choo for the Cinderella shoe. Hehe. Don’t worry.

  212. love these videos, I’m 5 foot 3 and wear heels constantly, these always give me an idea of where to look for cute heels since the stores around me don’t carry my sizes…thank you girl for showing us what is out there …..keep these videos going please

  213. Those fur heels would look SO good with a camel fur coat! Especially with a lbd underneath.

  214. NEW video on my YouTube if anyone is interested and also a video about my sexuality 🌈🌈🌈

  215. Can you please try ShoeDazzle shoes?

  216. I love heel hauls omg 😍 omg the second shoe looks very much like my heels I wore for prom

  217. I can’t wear heels bcs I have scoliosis and it causes me to fall in them 🙁

  218. Thank you for choosing to be animal friendly and using faux fur 🙂

  219. Your instagram link in the description doesn’t work

  220. Those ones at the end? They should be called hobbit heels…

  221. I love the Cinderella shoes!! They would have been really beautiful if the rest of the gems were on them. I agree the extra flap on the front top was really strange, but they are really great. I love your videos, I have a lot of fun watching them. Also you are really great at making videos, keep up the good work. 😍

  222. Try indian stuff

  223. I seriously love your channel!

  224. Love your videos 🥰😘😛

  225. Yes it also have the slit if you like very close to the flower in the picture you could see a small little cut

  226. She has so much glamour

  227. When she’s trying on the heel her feet shakes

  228. My feet hurt just watching this

  229. its so cute the way you say “lucky last” – is that an australian thing?

  230. hey gorgeous heels are my fav 😍😍😍😍😍

  231. Not really sure if you kno what glam means. But just because there’s glitter or rhinestones doesn’t mean they look glam. Sometimes it’s tacky af. But I feel like your style has evolved and starting to look better as you’re dressing to flatter your body type.

  232. Where did you get your iphone case?😘😘

  233. Please do a luxnoire haul🤩love you💕

  234. We used to love red bottom back then..I have no idea why it’s no longer a’ thing’.

  235. Im 5’5 which is tall for a filipino girl but around an average for other countries. Ive always wanted to wear platform boots but once ive bought and worn one, i became conscious of my height and was very upset because my mom told me that i looked like a transgender considering that i dont have much curves and has broad shoulders.. 😞

  236. Love your personality! Livinggggg 😘

  237. I love your Thumbnails… lol

  238. The furry one look awesome but I am not so sure about the nude color, on they kinda make your feet look like furry hobbit feet

  239. The ones with the red are louboutins shoes 😊 also they all looked really nice on you lucky!
    I’m about your height and I’m an Aussie shoe size of 10-11 it’s hard to find nice shoes with a huge foot

  240. Can you wear high heels for 24 hours??!!

  241. I’m the same with sounds of a broom sweeping on a concrete floor it’s kills my ears that sound is just uhhhhh

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