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It’s time for another high heel haul!! Today I am checking out some of Yesstyle’s high heels!


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Links to items (these are not affiliate links, I just thought you may want the links xx)
Black tulle high heels –
Pink heels with pearls –
Clear rhinestone heels –
Nude and black heels –
Pink sparkle heels –
Black glitter heels –
Pink stilettos –
Pearl clutch –
Angel clutch –
Butterfly clips –
Diamante headband –

Thank you to Yesstyle for sending me the items shown in this video.

Thank you so much for watching!


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    1. How did I not know you had a vlog channel 💜💜💜💎💎💎
      I’m subscribing 😊

  2. Your personality is so adorable ❤️❤️❤️❤️beautiful shoes and great haul!

  3. Love your purple headband where to get. And your earrings are so nice very well put together like the valley girl T-shirt to.

  4. this video was so cute and made me so happy. love your energy! subscribed!

  5. thanks Annalise I love this site

  6. You and Amber Scholl would love each other lol y’all both have a love of extra shoes

  7. O.M.G you get more and more superbeautiful WOW!!!😁🌹💕😀💋💖 love your accent and your beautiful perfect little feet and toes WOW!!!,

  8. Love soft toes 💋😍

  9. 12:20 you misworn the shoes.

  10. no on those pink ones at 3:00. sorry 🙁

  11. The sparkle diamante ones are like miu miu love them 😍 the strap goes over the bridge of your foot not back hope you dont mind me saying 💟

  12. please feel free to use code SHOP123 :))

  13. Dry brush some gold paint on the bag. It will look better and give dimension.

  14. The strap on the pink shoe might stretch a bit and your foot will slide down and fit better.

  15. I bought two berets from yes style about a year and a half ago and got my refund and email six months later…

  16. That headband is gorgeous! I would love to see more accessories type hauls! More handbags please 😍

  17. make a flat haul from yesstyle too pls!

  18. Use my code A57ASY for discount.

  19. It’s not that small heels are ugly, that’s that cankles makes them ugly.

  20. More The Nightmare Before Christmas deaths…?

  21. Please do outfit videos too 🥺😍😍😍

  22. From where did uh got pearl headband

  23. Girl!! That headband is the best item!! It will be so bomb with the black heels that have extra tool. So so cute I’m so glad you didn’t get the over priced one because the bow is what SETS the mood 😍 how can you be so flashy yet so beautifully understated 💙 much love to you friend 🙂

  24. Use my friend reward code TAEK1990 if you want an extra discount 😉

  25. WOW …..leg goals 😍😍😍…. Every ugly to ugly footwear’s will look so perfect having such a beautiful lag😢😢😢

  26. You should try out Chichwish! They have a lot of elegant stuff you may like.

  27. You kinda look like laurdiy 😊

  28. 7:05 the step sister in Cinderella was also named Annalise, I liked the coincidence

  29. Love your videos! You’re so lovely! <3

  30. Love how you have added how you would style them!!

  31. 💚 *Save* *money* 💚
    Feel free to use my friend rewards code VQDUDJ to save some extra money off your purchase in yesstyle💓💓

  32. Kitten heels give me such Sex and The City vibes 😍😍💓💓💓

  33. I love that you’re showing clips of how you would style the shoes

  34. Wait! You sound very much like Charlotte in the movie Princess and the frog!!

  35. The pink kitten heels would be most compared to miu miu not Versace

  36. I spent the entire weekend binge-watching your videos and when watching your older videos I always wondered about how to style some of the extra shoes so I love that you include how you would style them now!

  37. *KIMDAO10OFF* + *Q4RJSA* = *15% Off*

  38. Awesome video

  39. Omg! You could do a video in which you dress as Disney princesses for a week!

  40. I love them all except the Channel dupes pair.⭐

  41. I love your shirt 👚 where do you buy it ? 💕

  42. Annalise: “this heel is so short”
    Me: breaks both ankles because I can only walk in trainers

  43. ☺️😛

  44. I would never wear any of these because I just wear comfy trainers every day but love looking at them!

  45. Use my cupon XGPSSN for extra 5% off discount

  46. Cinderella shoes looked small to me, 🙈

  47. I Love all your videos you are very sweet ( *SEXY*FEET* 😋)!

  48. The pink ‘Versace’ heels give me such Kath from Kath & Kim vibes. Such a fashion icon 😂😍

  49. Do the everything 5 pounds shoes its a uk brand!!

  50. You should do a shoe haul from everything5pounds

  51. Those feet look nice

  52. Your t-shirt looks like a kids t-shirt. It looks cute though.

  53. can u tell us more about if they are comfortable? ly girl💕

  54. The second pair is like marie anthoinette (sorry if i messed up the name) (claire danes) vibes

  55. Your eye make up looks great today! So glad to see you looking so stunning and happy! Keep up the great work. And thank you for all your hard work.

  56. I actually really liked the low-key classy brown and black shoes. They’re definitely more my style, but they’re also a very timeless style

  57. Please do a bag haul

  58. Do you Know Annalise Keating?! 😆

  59. You’re definitely wearing the pink sparkle shoes the wrong way, the strap goes across the top of your foot, not on the back of your heel.

  60. I watched a few vids, and now I’m ready to subscribe 🥰

  61. Please do the outfit clip more often!! I love that so much more!! I wanna see how you style every pair in future videos! 😍😍

  62. what’s with that hair

  63. I think the cherub purse would be a perfect addition to your shoe/handbag bookcase. 😍

  64. You could take advantage of the extra space on the toe box of the Aurora shoes to put a silicone pad so your feet won’t hurt that bad.
    Also, next time you review a bag, it would be nice if you showed the inside of the bag too

  65. I just want to be friends with Annalise so bad, she’s so funny and gorgeous!!! And sweet!!

  66. The stump of the heel should be right under the ball of your feet for maximum support. That’s why your leg or shin muscle is working overtime trying to support your weight. It’s also a sign of a good workmanship to the shoe if the heel is in the right position.

  67. I love all the shoes specially the pink ones wth the bows 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄💖💖💖💖💖👠👑

  68. good videoooo

  69. I love how you incorporated a “how I styled it “with every shoe

  70. Yes! Accessories do make an outfit! I was just gooing over your adorable pearl headband nd hoop earrings when you said that! And thought I HAVE to get them! Just are just delishhh!!!🤗👏👏👏😍 and with those 1st black tulle straps such a Chanel moment! With a LBD!? YASSS grrrl

  71. Your video look is really pretty

  72. Looove the last headband!!!!

  73. I love the whole pearly theme omg these accessories are so pretty 💕

  74. It’s so funny how what she considers a small heel is an extreme heel for me 😅

  75. Why did you stop making theory videos? I always loved your theory video more than your regular videos especially your Halloween theory video when you explained the “the nightmare before christmas” And your coralline series. Will does types of video ever come back?

  76. missed these videos ! 💛💛 love ya lots !

  77. My style is nothing like yours but I love your channel.

  78. You look gorgeous girl😍💞

  79. Your shoe reviews are so annoyingly satisfying 😂 i love it! 😂 i mean your feet pointing and tapping to the beat off your words!(8:13) 😵😖 it annoys the hell out of me in such a satisfying way and idk why! 💜

  80. I love you and your channel but you’re saying Versace wrong 😬

    1. Susie Mel I just actually learned it from Donatella’s 73 questions from Vogue. I also told myself “you’re saying it wrong” 😅

    2. Hmmm, sounds like an European would say it 🤷🏻‍♀️
      Most people tend to americanise it. But that is just my opinion😊

  81. What size is your quiz clothing dress? Loved the video❤

  82. If anyone needs like 5% off their order use this code AAFYDE, you can combine it with whatever deal they’re having in their website because they always have deals on their website too.

    1. Pink Patty Lmaoao thanks love

    2. Ariana Ahmed People like you will get to skip the line to heaven

  83. I love all of videos! You’re definitely in my top 5 YouTubers. Please don’t ever stop shopping for us!!

  84. 7:00 *gorgeous feet* … nice shoes w/ great & well shaped fm bare feet are a perfect combination – well done! i liked this.

    1. Ken Pollock you creep.

  85. My favorite thing is the angel clutch. Gonna go snatch it up now!

  86. Lol @ the haunted antiques😂

  87. Am I the only one that loveee listening to annalise?? 😍

  88. Love this video, how long it is and all the items are beauuutiful ☺️😍

  89. Can u pls do a video on kpop fashion?

  90. The last two outfits with the high heel shoes you tried on, the black dress with the black heels and then the pink dress with the pink heels, IMO are the best outfits I have ever seen you try on. That black dress and then that pink dress, you looked so good. I have never seen you look more beautiful. I’m not saying I believe yours sense of style is wrong by any means all I’m saying is I have never seen you look more classy and beautiful.


    1. But… They ARE diamantes

  92. Drink every time she says diamanté

  93. I love how you show how you’d style each pair of shoes 😍 also love the pink sparkly ones… I love all things pink and sparkly too 💖

  94. rosa 2:09 4 4:10 t 7:00 trasparenti 9:39 t 12:21 t 14:58 t

  95. Just heat them up with a hair dryer and then they will expand then when they cool down there will go back to normal size for the clear heels

    1. It shouldn’t that what they do with stripper shoe that a clear

    2. It just Sara melt them?

  96. I think every one is a literal child when it comes to bubble wrap 😋

  97. Am obsessed with ur feet

  98. Black lacy shoes are beautiful 😍

  99. I wore 4″ and ⁵” heels everyday for almost 2 yrs. I got shin splints in the beginning, but for out it was because I was low in potassium. And as for the pain in the ball of the foot, I bought gel pads that are made for the ball of you foot. Have you tried those? Totally worked for me.

  100. 13:26 girl they look big on you sorry, 🙄😔

  101. Can you please do a clothing haul from yesstyle???🙏🙏🙏🙏

  102. I love high heels but I hurt my ankle it haven’t been the same since

  103. I love that you put together an outfit for each pair of shoes, it really helps. Also, every outfit was so cute!

  104. I Loved , loved, looooved all the shoes but the strap of the pink diamonte shoes goes over the top of your foot making them slip on shoes not sling backs

  105. Can u do more bags please….🙏🏽

  106. can you review sustainable brands? all these hauls are fast fashion 🙁

  107. A wonderful haul 🙂 I´m glad you continued with the styling ideas for each item! One thing I think you should do is write the promo code into the description of the video. And mention that it is in the description the next time. I really hope there´s a next time! *rooting for you* 😀 😀 😀

  108. Your bead headband is so pretty

  109. The pink diamond ones remind me of Jimmy Choo shoes that I’ve seen plastered everywhere lately! Super cute!


  111. No more tentacle heels for you, girl! 😉

  112. You look so cute 🦋🌸🌷💋

  113. the sleeping beauty shoes would be great for insoles to help make them more comfortable with all that extra space!! like the dr scholls jelly insoles for the balls of your feet

  114. The cinderella heels with your new blue dress WOW modern Cinderella look!🙌🏼💕

  115. I love the black and gold handbag 😍😍😍

  116. Living for this whole look 😍

  117. y’all can use my influencer code POSHMARIANO2

  118. Those shoes are gorgeous!!! That beaded cream bag WOW! LOVE it!!!! Thanks for sharing your gifts with us. 😉

  119. I wish I could wear heels!! I wear a prosthetic leg, so I unfortunately can’t but love watching these and just dreaming!

  120. You can buy an insert to put in your shoes when they are to big at the front only. Loved the video and all of the items

  121. You should do a video showing your high heel collection

  122. I’m sorry but that ponytail looks like something you’d wear to bed. I would have liked your pearl accessories if you’d paired it down with like a white or black tank top. I usually love your style, so I had to say something…

  123. Thanks for going to the trouble of styling the shoes, it shows you really make the effort.

  124. 14:20 😂 super unexpected, I laughed so hard!

  125. I loved the ideas you got in this hall they were amazing! A so Beautifull.

  126. Review miss lola shoes 🗣🗣🗣🗣

  127. “That walk looked really weird, let’s do that again!” 😂

  128. Loved everything!!!


  130. These shoes look so cheaply made

  131. Finally off work to watch – always love your extra shoe vids! Will you do some christmas decor vids where you decorate your new house or maybe some diy Christmas decor. ❤

  132. I love your classy style, we need more classy women lol

  133. Those pink ones in the thumbnail you wore wrong lol the strap goes over your foot not around the back

  134. I think the “aurora shoes” strap goes OVER your foot, not at the back

    1. The strap is versatile, it can go in the front and back.

    2. I agree!!!!

    3. yeah, the item photos on the website show them over them not in the back on the models.

  135. Girl, I enjoyed the video until you called a pair of shoes iconic, the statue of David is iconic, the Mona Lisa is iconic, that’s a $44 pair shoes… They are not iconic. I wish people would stop saying that

    1. In her defence, anybody who knows fashion recognises the chanel cap toe shoes on sight.

  136. That feeling when it’s midnight in Italy, you have to go to sleep and get up early but you just can’t resist to a new Annalise haul!❤❤❤❤

  137. omg I love the bags 👍👍

  138. Love you ❤

  139. I love 💜 your headband

  140. i get soo excited whenever brands send you stuff for free. your reviews are always super honest but still respectful and polite so like obviously you deserve it, but it always feel like… “damn my baby’s making a name for herself out here!!” lol so proud of you always, killin it!

    1. Not lol bitch

    2. Same

  141. Loved the styling tips with every shoe, rock it girl

  142. You should do a clothes box subscription for a challenge! Love you and all of your videos!! 🥰🥰🥰

  143. The pink shoes look a little more like Gucci or Chanel 💕

  144. Okay but I need those extra black shoes rn??😭😭

  145. I love this😍 but I was wondering, maybe you could show the inside of handbags you show in your videos? So that we can see how much room there is🥰 I love watching your videoes💖 love from Norway🌟

  146. Loving the pearls 😇

  147. The straps for the pink sparkly heel look a bit odd at the back i think theyre meant to be at the front of your foot! Could possibly be wrong!

  148. I love how you styled the shoes and showed us!!!

    1. T

    2. Me too! I would’ve loved to see the hand bags styled

  149. Annalise Wood . I come Japan to US of A with many money values in hand for shop of shoes. twig-chan was told of happy place called MACY. But never find store with small normal size fits. Always get sent to ladies child section for shoe fit. Hello Kitty never make kawaii fashion. twig-chan wear Japan size 20.5 cm shoe. Clerk in US of A tell me, this is size 2 to 3. I have question. How can walk in such titanic size? Huge toe y foot make for you fall over, yes? Clear kutsu give twig chan scare of canoe boat on river on foot in video. In Shibuya District of tokyo shop, there name for this, a chica pole dance clog y kutsu? Is correct? Frown upon in Japan, but twig-chan never judge or have bad translate even if kawaii chisaii color. Never such huge foot with huge toe stick out like you make for sell much in normal tokyo store. I walk many store in tokyo, shibuya, kyoto, akihabara district y prefecture and lots easy find twig small size in Japan. As very normal size here. Very hard for sale of large titanic shoe location. translate by google.

    1. @Maria Sanchez twig very happy you make reply. I try hard for respond. English not very well, with many google language click . I click video for black shoe with chiisai kawaii bow. twig-chan love bow. Very fear of height. Not fear height of high, but height of fall over due to huge toe on sandal. twig saw elevator on bottom of shoe. twig have to shop small size of department shoe store. Very easy in Japan of my home to find small size. I make visit to US of A summer last, and sale person have zero shoe inventory of size there, so send me to small girl section. Make for embarass since happy store was MACY as friend take me. Friend laugh and was confuse me. I find clog and seem price value cheaper, advantage happy. I hit.. how word is translate of casino jackpot? Later, unhappy when all shoe mostly type of cloth exercize shoe. No fashion this type heel or toe. I assume when Annalise-chan in video say kitten heel, she discuss problem of Hello Kitty, which I have many encounter with on side of shoe in US of A. I argument sale clerk trying sale me this Hello Kitty shoe. Just want for kawaii fashion and was given this. Shoe of exercize may make foot water also, which in Japan House, twig-chan always remove at door area. Foot not smell at all, as use many powder y fruity spray sent and always smell dry. House clean. twig enjoy open shoe clog geta of wood sandal in home. In video , some shoe have prison near toe. Look of pain. twig short, but very proud of only 1.5 m tall self, not embaress at all. Shoe in video would simulate twig into bamboo tree of Cherry festival. Make stock of laugh in public. But Japan, not issue in first place as not fashion to put brick on bottom of shoe to pretend tall . twig not get many reply, but love shop for shoe. Problem, most of US of A y England y France y Austrailia seem women have huge toe y feet. Anyway, twig tire of cut-paste google. Much happy thank you reply . I shop shoe from shoe adverts very much happy. Even with money values in hand, never get Yen dollar pound ruble right, so usually must only shop in tokyo shibuya. translate many by Google translate.

    2. Twigleaf titanic foot? Lol

  150. Girl at 12:32 the strap is suppose to go on top of your heel not at the back 🙈🙈❤️

  151. I feel like with those pink diamante heels, the strap goes over the top of your foot like with the pink suede ones? I could be wrong 😅

    1. I just came to comment the same, the straps looked weird when she wore them so i checked the photo & i think as well that it should be over the top of her ankle.

  152. another good point for those Sleeping Beauty shoes is that there’s room for when your feet start to swell hahaha!

  153. I love your hair style here!! So cute 💖

  154. yasssss gurl

  155. 3:06 me singing 😂

    1. HAHAHAH you two are so funny! 💖💖💖 I can’t sing to save my life lol!! I wish I could, but sadly I am not talented😂😂

    2. Jennifer Jacoby I looked in the comments specifically to see if someone would call her out for that Crack in her voice. I love her videos and watch them every Time there is a new one posted, So there is no hate here. It was just funny to know there’s a lot of us that can hold a tone

  156. YESSSS!!! QUEEN❤️❤️

  157. I was just watching your video’s today, I love watching your content 🙂 !

  158. The headband is cute af!!

  159. THIS IS TRUELY AMAZING. Lovely sense of style and glam 😍😍

  160. Second bag looks very Versace, the second headband looks beautiful, love all the shoes

  161. Girl you looking kiyout

  162. Eeeyyyy I’m early (ish) for once 😂 love you beautiful! Keep being awesome

  163. i 100% get the shin splints thing! i wear heels wayyyyy to often especially considering i always fall on my face when i wear them 😂

  164. Hi!! This is my hubbys account but I just wanted to let you know that I love your videos!!! 🙂 Keep it up, I’m rooting for ya from Seattle , WA! woot woot!

  165. I so look forward to your hauls!! 💜💚 love it! 😍

  166. I wouldn’t be surprised if those weird af Wish shoes caused your condition lol

    1. True hahahah! Gotta love her dedication though. She did wear it literally for 24 hours.

    2. Exactly what I thought too!

    3. True!!😂😂

    4. Ewelina Staley 🤣😂

  167. You’re in my top 5 Youtubers! ❤️❤️❤️

  168. 💖

  169. Please can u do a updated bedroom tour

  170. Yaaaaaassstyle with Annalise 😍😍😍

  171. Love your outfit in this video

  172. I Love your glam and classy videos I will watch them even if it’s the middle of the night in my country ❤️

  173. YOUR FEET ARE WOOOOW!!!!!!😍💎❤️

  174. You know I clicked as soon as I saw the notification 😂 love your extra glam hauls! 😘

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