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Five Ways To Wear A Maxi Dress | Makeup Geek

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Join one of the best paying affiliate programs in the industry and make commission from every referral or sale.
>>> Join Dar-us-Salam affiliate program and you will never regret doing so. This is your chance to earn a lot of good deeds and cash!
"Whoever guides [another] to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it." [Sahih Muslim].
Your commission - 5% of every Sale made through your affiliate link - If no sale then you still get 3 cents per referral (introductory offer).
Second tier commission - 2% of every sale (introductory offer).
You can get second tier commission by referring another affiliate to join the affiliate program. Such affiliates will become your sub-affiliates, and YOU will earn 2% commission of their sales while they themselves earn 5%.
*** Note: You can have a look at Dar-us-Salam range of products before you join the program, if you so wish.

543 thoughts on “Five Ways To Wear A Maxi Dress | Makeup Geek

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  2. Good shape for dress

  3. I like it.Thanks.

  4. I want some of your dresses where can I order it

  5. You are beautiful

  6. I Love Them All. Really Looks Nice On You

  7. lovely instruction for Maxi clothing wearing. i have like a maxi on this site but he doesn’t sold sing pies at the end of conversion told me i am supply wholesale not retail. so please you can visit this website there are multiple product on wholesale in reasonable price

  8. Nice video. Like the way you showed yourself wearing the outfits.

  9. Maxi dresses is not for fat people or short people. It will look terrible and it will not be elegant.

  10. Omg how I wish I have them all Maxi dresses r my favourite

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  12. you buy a lot of dress for social climbing purposes and youll just return them anyway.

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  17. I would love to know the details for what you are wearing in this video

  18. Some people just buy the dresses to make a video on YouTube and later they return it at store. I guess tht explains the price tag

  19. nice vedio

  20. I liked these pairings, I thought they looked really classy!! Also enjoyed your outdoor shots a lot.

  21. love your style maxi dresses look so classy on you

  22. Super cute! She may have not noticed the tag on the last dress. That has happened to me. Saw it when I got home! Ha Ha!!

  23. Number 5 still has the price tag but she said she wore it to a special event 😏

    1. Patty Cakes I noticed EXACTLY THAT!!!

    2. Patty Cakes

  24. She’s so cute and gorgeous! !!!!!!!

  25. Love this Video! Very helpful! Please do more like this!! Love you!!

  26. Marlena, you’re just the brightest ray of sunshine. You’re the real deal! Just love you and celebrate your well deserved success! ❤️💕❤️

  27. Sexy af

  28. love them so much! thanks

  29. Loved all the dresses.

  30. nice one, I just bought my 1st maxi dress and also 1st waist, full metal bronze, its so awesome, tho I thought maybe some else posting some interesting shit so I checked and find ya, ty, was good info 😉

  31. I’m in love with the last dress wish this was not made in 2013 love it lol

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  33. where have you been all of my life?!?! you are so beautiful and inspiring.

  34. Love, love, love. See you are a fashion touch of gold too sweetie . !!! . Much💜

    1. 💜

    2. +Shelly Garza Yeah. I agree.

  35. I’m so jealous of your flat tummy! I’m curvy just like you but i have a little pudge on my stomach wich really shows when i wear maxi-dresses. :s

    1. Pink Puke Time to get up, and get ACTIVE! 😆

    2. Pink Puke – please try some spanx or any kind of shape wear to smooth out tummy fat

    3. Really? I have a little bit of a belly and maxi skirts/dresses usually cover mine.

    4. I think she had a tummy yuck… I want one loo

    5. I know! Always gotta wear shape wear

  36. How tall are you? Maxi dresses are challenging for me at 5’1.

    1. Im the same height I have found many that fit me at ross yes I know ugh ross but many of the dresses elsewhere are too long for me but the ones at ross are perfect

  37. My favorite outfit is the one you’re wearing! That shirt + belt are beautiful together 🙂

    1. @Carly Beth oh really? that was really nice..Here are also have many nice suit…maybe you can find another favorite . 🙂
      check to:

  38. And ur dresses r soooo cute!!

  39. Yah thanks aloooot that was really helpfull,,coz i had maxi dresses mostly i dont wear them outside bcoz theyre without hands,,and that dosent makes me comfortable ,,but now mmmmm u gaved me good ideas,,thanks again!! Mercy bcp

  40. are you sure the blue and black dress isn’t white and gold? I’m kidding 🙂 super cute ideas though!!! 😘😉

  41. Im so glad i found you your really helpful i myself am a curvy women and t is kind of hard to find clothes that will fit my body shape…

  42. You look amazing in this video and I like the outfit that you are wearing! 😀

  43. Omg how did I not know u exist you are so pretty

  44. 😍😍

  45. Love your videos.  I am not curvy by all means but I love your ideas in pairing your outfits with the different jackets, scarves and jewelry.  Thanks for the great tips.

  46. I have a burgundy and tan halter maxidress that I am pairing with a pair of nude heels by Steve Madden the platform part of the heel is a shimmery gold/silver combo. Here is my dilemma I would like to fall it up with a jacket, cardigan, or scarf. I need suggestions on what color

  47. You’re a size 8 now, what size were you before the weight loss? I love Maxi dresses but I feel like they aren’t flattering at my size, 16

  48. I love your outfit in this video! Super gorgeous and flattering

  49. A beautiful curvy girl, makeup guru, not in her tweens! Annnd founder of the incredible Makeup Geek brand! How have I not known about your YouTube!? So excited to be a new subscriber!

  50. Where is the green dress that you’re wearing in the video from? Love it!!:)

  51. I know this is a little personal, but you do have a nice lower curve, I’m slightly curvier at the bottom too except with a flat butt lol

  52. Thanks for your brilliant ideas. Im curvy and I never know what to wear or how to wear it. You’ve got GREAT ideas. 

  53. Thanks! Thats a good idea what to match on my maxi dress

  54. There’s no way u r a size 8.

  55. i have watched some of your videos and the last one i saw was you telling us about how your legs were bigger than the rest of your body, which is perfectly understandable..because i’m the same way… . but i was curious do your legs rub together with dresses… because i have that problem and i can’t stand wearing dresses, but i have a few gorgeous ones that i want to wear… any suggestions 

    1. I know that this is really late in replying. While I was pregnant I couldn’t wear anything during the summer except dresses (go humid Texas!), I would take some just cheapo deodorant and put it between my legs where they would rub it where my legs would normally touch. That gave me a bit of a buffer so that I would chaffe so bad.

  56. You do not look like a pear shape at all but an hourglass.

  57. Love all those dresses!!!, it helped me see how to wear sleeveless dresses with jacket’s and different tops!!. I don’t like showing my 57 yr old upper arm’s, so great way’s to cover them!!,thanks Marlena!! Love your vid’s and your makeup!!!.
    Texas Lady 🙂

  58. I looooooooooove your style:)

  59. You are so down to earth and honest and very simple, love all he dresses.

  60. The white dress looks gorgeous

  61. Thank you for this video! Love all the looks 🙂 subscribed!

  62. We have the same body type! If you don’t mind, what size are you and how tall??

  63. Wow everything looks nice on you

  64. You are so beautiful in this video the makeup, the hair, the outfit all perfect❤️ I love maxi dress and I like your outfit. Thanks 4 the inspiration. Kiss from Italy

  65. You are such a classy and sweet girl!! Thank you! 😉

  66. how about shoes? what kind of shoes can wear with maxidresses?

    1. Hi,
      I know this is really late but I noticed that nobody ever replied back to you. If you are still wondering which shoes to wear, I would recommend something with a heel to it because maxi dresses are so long.

  67. I have been eyeing a few maxi dresses lately but, I just had no idea how I would wear them. This helped me sooo much. Thank you for some awesome tips. (:

  68. New in your channel and loving it !!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  69. I love Maxindresses also. We sure have a lot in common lol

  70. My dresses drag the ground, but I have to have them sewn. I’m 5’9.5″. Oh, and Honey! how do you wear a leather jacket in the summer? OMG!!!

  71. Thank you! You are so BEAUTIFUL!!! And so kind to share your ideas! Unfortunately i don’t have such a gorgeous curves as you are! But my sisters and mom do)) And I love to buy them dresses and other things)) Thank you so much for inspiration again! And please don’t be sad of @so called problem zones. You don’t have it at all!!)))

  72. Great ideas. Thanks

  73. Thank u for posting these videos I have such a hard time dressing myself nicely.. I hate shopping for clothes cause I dont know what to buy!!! I wish ubwere my neighbor so u can go shopping with me lol take care

  74. love love love this video!!! Can’t live without my Maxi dresses & this video really helps with different ways on how to wear them.. especially all year!!! <3

  75. Love your figure! Love maxi dresses! Thanks for tips!

  76. Marlena you look amazing such an amazing.

  77. You are so gorgeous!!

  78. wow all of them were nice

  79. really Liked this. I too love maxis (even tho I am very short, I simply hem them up)

  80. Prettyyy- subbed:**

  81. your body is a dream

  82. Love every outfit

  83. I love how you paired your maxi dresses with those different things, It looks sooo good, I may have to check out Bebe 😉

  84. Nice dresses and we have the same body shape lol;)

  85. you are beautiful !…please do more fashion videos or OOTDs!…i love your style and my body shape is similar to yours so it helps a lot!!!…thanks!

  86. Omg u went Italy I was born there

  87. Nice

  88. awssuuummmmm <3 loved all ur dressessss <3

  89. Your bod

  90. Omgg your body’s insanee I’m jealous! xx

  91. you are such a sweetheart! love this video, love you! I just recently found your channel, score!! p.s. your makeup looks great too, wondering what highlighter you used??

  92. My favorite is the outfit you are wearing in the video. Very cute! Can you tell is were it is from?

  93. I adore your style! very cute and pretty

  94. I loved lined dresses as well. I will have to go to Bebe. You are amazing! Keep up the great videos. 🙂

  95. Thanks for sharing your closets idea … Totally love all your maxi dresses and the outer wears …

  96. Marlena, what size did you start out as when you were starting your weight loss?

  97. love it thanks for the ideas! You look fab by the way always inspire me to get healthy.

  98. Omg you are so pretty <3

  99. My fab was the last one! U didn’t wear it! Why???

  100. Yes, she wears jackets because she lives in California.

  101. what about the dress you’re wearing!! i kept waiting for you to introduce that one!! you look amazing!!!!

  102. You wear jackets in the summer!?!

  103. Your Beautiful ♥

  104. Even worse in Australia! $33 per eyeshadow. Ridiculous!

  105. Thank you so much, very helpful video. Maybe you can do a how to.wear maxi skirts for summer. Please?? Thanks again. 🙂

  106. knhbejyhwhyshijshddshhzh

  107. You didnt show us how u looked in the last one! My fav one lol

  108. Work those curves girl!

  109. I like ur all dresses…

  110. You look amazing! Love your style!

  111. You look amazing! You’ve worked your butt off to get to where you are. Love the outfits! Do you have a closet tour on your channel yet? Would love to see your collection. I’m a plus size girl but have been losing weight like crazy just by eating healthier. Would love more inspirational videos such as these 🙂

  112. You’re such a stylish girl 🙂 >>I am curvy as well & live in a country where fashion choices are too limited & conservative !! >>>but your videos were more than inspirational to me >>Thank you for the great ideas and enhancing girls ‘ confidence 😉

  113. I love this!!❤

  114. Oh that freaking jean jacket -.-

  115. Im more nuts about the outfit you’re wearing in the video!!!

  116. You have a GORGEOUS shape! and you do know exactly how to dress to get the most use out of your cruves! 🙂 I will use all your tips, thank you!!

  117. Seriously I know this sounds nuts but Marlena as A MUGGIE, thank you for sharing yourself with us. I cannot express how inspiring you are to us . Thru your hard work at weight loss , you have become even more beautiful. SIZE 8 a dream come true! I want to be just like you 🙂

  118. Love all the looks! Thank you.

  119. I love all your maxi dresses!

  120. Helpful video, thanks loved it!!!

  121. Maxi dresses with jean jackets stunning! Love it! Gives you style

  122. i love your sense fashion
    i love your outfit your beautiful. x


  124. Yay! More look books please, it’s nice to have found someone with a similar body shape as I am.

  125. That’s all I’ve been wearing since I got back from Vegas (a month ago) there like pajamas so comfy. I got one Maxi dress (the dress barn) and two maxi skirts (The Dress Barn & Torrid) the one it white and blue striped, it’s a totally inspiration to do nautical pin up makeup..

    I want more and more maxis lol

  126. When You should the first dress and with the jacket i thought it wouldnt look good together but when you tried it on i was like oh my gosh girl you got style! lol

  127. wow you look so stunning i love it thank you for the video! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  128. Oh my gosh! I want the dress that’s from MACY’S! 😀

  129. How tall are you? (:

  130. I have to say I am addicted to the Maxi dress too! I am a fellow pear shape too. Will you be hosting a “meet and greet” with the Make Up geek? I love your video tutorials and make up line. You are super-fabulous. I wish you continued success!

  131. super cute Marlena! im also more than obsessed with maxis, i like to pair them with denim as well and the patterned ones are also my fave, check out my channel to see my 5 fave maxi styles 🙂

  132. Thank u!!!!! I was bored w/my dresses & this inspired me a ton!!! Xx

  133. Gorgeous!!! Luv the dresses u picked!!! Thanx for the video

  134. Marlena, I loved the outfits and you have an amazing figure, like, omg! amazing! I wanted to ask, what highlighter are you wearing? I love it!

  135. in that white dress you look like a straight PIN UP MODEL!! please don’t ever lose those hips they are GORGEOUS!!!

  136. Idk why ppl are mean ur AMAZING SUCH A SWEETHEART

  137. You look FAB, thank you for showing some outfits, you look great in them all, and I am inspired to stop hiding my curves and try some dresses again~ thanks, : )

  138. I think she looked lovely. And frankly she can wear whatever she likes as long as she feels comfortable and confident. That goes for all the ladies who watch her videos.

    Also: advice*

  139. This is for Dwightinho56 I thought she looked great in every dress that she I also think that you are being very rude! It’s about how you feel wearing it an if you feel confident an you feel logos what does it matter what pattern or colors!

  140. Thank you for sharing!

  141. With Your figure you should NEVER wear pattern like the ones you suggest here wether they are Lined or you wear something over it. White is a total No-No having Your figure. Please do not endorse such terrible combinations. If one wanted to wear Maxi dresses in that size pr shape, go for mono Colors,e.g. Splendid or James Perse. Terrible advise here that is Very unflattering.

  142. This was really bad advise

  143. I’m about the same height and I still rock maxi dresses(: It kind of depends on the shoes you wear with them. If you wear some kind of heels with them I think they make us vertically challenged girls look taller and if you wear them with flats, they don’t really make us look shorter just around the same height I think.

  144. I loooooooove your shoes!!!!!! Especially the ones you wore with the first outfit <3

  145. Love this video , i whant to ask do you do hair , because i live close to you , i need a really good hair cut , let me know thank you .

  146. How tall are you? I always want to wear maxi dresses but I can’t tell if it would make me look shorter or taller (I’m only 5 feet).

  147. are Maxi dresses flattering for women that are bigger ontop than they are on the bottom?lol

  148. Thankyou!

  149. You have a beautiful hourglass shape, all the dresses look great on you!

  150. I loveee to to much this video!!It´s great!!

  151. She already did, brows her videos a little 😉

  152. You have done so great with your weight loss! You were always gorgeous but you look so stunning and happy now 🙂 xx

  153. Gah! You make me want to go shopping!! But clothes definitely do not look good on me as they do on you!

  154. bebe?

  155. this was actually a helpful video, now i want a bebe maxi dress haha 🙂

  156. You have one SEXY CURVY SHAPE!! You are officially my top girl crush! I love that shape #nohomo lol


  158. you look beautiful <3 u r my inspiration. :')

  159. what your wearing at the moment??? please

  160. I think she looks amazing.. I love the dresses and the shoes.. You go girl.. 🙂

  161. Красотка!

  162. Did she says size 8? Wow! In the US it must be super different than here in Australia! Size 8 is super tiny!

  163. Hi, my girlfriend like what your wearing at the moment. She asks if its a black skirt or high waisted pants

  164. I have to strongly disagree with you. Im a size 26, I’ve had a conversation with Marlena myself and I told her about my struggle with weight and how it was a constant battle to try and lose it. She told me that as long as Im doing it for me and for my well being then way to go. Everyone is beautiful NO MATTER what size their jeans say. To believe it you have to feel it on the inside. If not then its time to search for it. Im sorry that YOU feel this way.

  165. Great Advise!

  166. I’m curvy and short (5″3′), and I always thought maxis were out for me, but seeing you in maxis totally inspired me. So I bought a few, got them hemmed, and I’m loving them this summer! I like the way you’ve put these outfits together.

  167. LAME

  168. You have a great style within your wardrobe.

  169. You are SO gorgeous!!!! you even look like Kim k a bit here xxx

  170. LOVE your bodyshape. So femine and beautiful <3

  171. You are very beautiful Marlena!

  172. You are just the cutest! Love your ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  173. wow <3

  174. Great video, you have beautiful maxi dresses and you have an amazing body you look amazing 🙂 xoxo

  175. WOW! I haven’t been on your chanel for a long time and you look AMAZING!!!

  176. im addicted to wearing maxis with jean jackets, now im gonna have to switch it up more 🙂 ty for the video.

  177. I’m a size 18 (16 in the US I think) and I love maxi dresses now, just get a loose fitting one and it’ll hug ur boobs, skim over ur hips and cover everything else, they’re perfect for if u have a big tummy and thighs. Also I’m a hair under 5 feet so I just get the hem taken up. My advice is to get one that has a pattern around the bottom or a sexy neckline to draw the eyes away from the middle.

  178. Makeup tutorial PLEASEEE

  179. I
    U MARLENA!!!

  180. Go fuck ur self u hater!

  181. really enjoyed this video

  182. Marlena, you should try a stand up steamer to get out wrinkles and not have to send to the cleaners so often. I bought one for my first big girl real job and it was a great investment! 🙂

  183. And thank u for all your recommendations! Love your work! !

  184. BEBE has the coral maxi dress on sale for $89 (less than on amazon’s link) 🙂

  185. Bitch. shes so much prettier inside and out than you could ever even hope to be.

  186. You are so adorable!

  187. Love all the dresses! You look awesome! Love your shape!

  188. love the outfit you’re wearing in this video!

  189. I have a white maxi dress that I got last year at Goodwill for about $5 and have not worn it. I scored a denim vest for under $30 at Deb Shops. Thanks for the tip. Marlena, you are truly an inspiration. My husband and I are taking our health back. You were part of that. I am not trying to lose 125 lbs but I am going to start make healthier choices. May God bless you abundantly.

  190. You look good in every dress but first is sooooooo great!!!! You have amazing figure 🙂

  191. You lost sooo much weight! You look amazing!! Beautiful Pear shape <3

  192. u lost alot and i mean aloooooot of weight u look amazing.

  193. I’m short and fat. I get them tailored and it never costs me over $10-20. It’s worth it. A tailor is your best friend!

  194. “wear”

  195. Uh, I’m a size 20 and I wear maxi dresses. Also, you should not rely on others to make you feel good about yourself. Don’t let society dictate to you what is the “right” size. Make your own path. Someone like Makeup Geek is the type of person you need to be watching because she faces the struggle every day. Just because you lose the weight does not mean it’s over. Read Psalm 139:14 and know that you are “…fearfully and wonderfully made by a creator.” BTW, where whatever you want to…

  196. I’m so so glad I found you. I’m a curvy girl too, so thank you. Your super classy & gorgeous!!!

  197. omg you are so gorgeous. you keep getting more and more gorgeous.

  198. Don’t worry about the wrinkles, you can’t see them on Camera!!
    Thanks for the video, us curvy girls really appreciate it!!

  199. SAYS THE ONE SAYING “SIMPLETON” and calling someone stupid. Lol.

  200. Hi there guys, I’m a new YouTuber from Scotland and a few days ago I just put up my second video!

    It’s just a bit of a laugh and it’d mean a lot to me if you could take a look 🙂

    I know people hate these comments but so far I’ve got 321 subscribers in a week which
    might not seem a lot but to me it’s awesome! and this is what I’ve been doing, so it seems to be working 🙂

    Anyways if you could give me a chance and take a look that’d be awesome! But if not that’s cool too, thanks for reading :)))

  201. Your dresses are so beautifull!!! Good inspiration for me…….THANK YOU

  202. Marlena, your body is amazing!! Your curves are sexy & you are so cute & happy! =) don’t change!!

  203. I don’t know what the hell the fuss is about, I would rather be curvy than be a stick!! Blehh!! Cheers to curves!

  204. Your curves are amazing! You have such a gorgeous and feminine body, and it’s so inspiring to see, especially since I’m a curvy girl myself! You are so beautiful inside and out! I also love all of your styling options in this video! I live in Northern California too, and I’ve been loving just throwing on a maxi dress and topping it with a denim vest! It’s my new go to! Thanks Marlena!

  205. Curvy is a shape. Not a size. A size 2, 8 or 16 can be curvy. Marlena has curves and will no matter what size she is…

  206. love all the dresses, love your style!

  207. Gosh u have an amazing BODY!!!

  208. omgsh too cute.

  209. Marlene I love the outfit you have on!!! Where did you buy the skirt??

  210. You look good in maxi dresses Marlena! Please don’t let these negative comments discourage you.

  211. You look amazing! I’ve been following you since your weight loss and you’ve inspired me so much to do makeup and improve my body. Keep doing what you’re doing!!!

  212. I love how polished your looks are!

  213. there are many stores that fit curvy girls and not enough that fit naturally thin girls like myself so I really hope Bebe never change their sizes because that’s one of the stores I can actually shop at

  214. you are sooooo beautiful!! I look up to you and am so proud of you! I myself have a lot of
    weight issues, but you are my inspiration because you are curvy and look AMAZING!

  215. I loove this!! i must say that i cant really wear maxi dresses. From having my daughter i have a lil gut going on lol So it looks weird if you know what i mean =p

  216. what is with some of you ! As women we should build each other up and be happy for one another’s accomplishments. No matter what, if you don’t have anything nice to say, you need to fix yourself and your own insecurities.

  217. She has done fashion through her whole weight loss journey. She did lose a lot of weight and good for her! that is hard! I would also disagree about her being curvy, she is very curvy. Hourglass figures are curvy at any size.


  219. You have a great style within your wardrobe. Thanks, for showing the pieces that you have, you can get good ideas on how to wear Maxi dresses for the Summer.

  220. No, I’m actually way bigger than she is. And I didn’t take any offense, I’m just saying that the message shouldn’t be: I can only show myself when I’m thin. And I know she also did it at size 12, I’m just saying, she is not the only one and I don’t like that. Period.

  221. great video!

  222. I say I cant agree with you more… it happens to all of us.. I just love her.. <3

  223. ….Man, freakN shoes (primarily the Black & Nude 1’s)………your style is SO ON POINT!

  224. Marlena, you’re so beautiful! and an inspiration!! love your ideas!
    f)(/&%$#” those haters!!!!!!

  225. Lol. I know! Who gives a fuck about the tag?! And why are so many people obsessing about the fact that she stated she is an 8??? She is beautiful. People are just plain retarded.

  226. You always look so well put together very stunning 🙂

  227. Why do you care? Lol.

  228. People like you are just stupid. Lol. I think if you looked up the word “simpleton” in the dictionary your pic would be there.

  229. Heels girl! I have the same problem.

  230. What you wrote makes no sense. What exactly is the “bad message” she is conveying in this video???? She lost weight and she’s proud of it and she wants to give other women who aren’t bone thin some fashion ideas. She is a size 8 and she is curvy. I don’t understand why you took such offense to what she said about a size 8 being curvy. Are you just another one of those girls that is obsessed with being thin? Are you a size 8 and don’t want to be considered curvy because u think it means fat?

  231. Barb6106-


  232. could not hear the name of the black maxi..who and where to get, please!!! I am in desperate need of a black maxi, but they all have tiny or no sleeves and yours has the sleeve length i require! Thanks so much..this video was so helpful as I see these dresses and only see what is in front of me! You gave me vision!!! Thanks again!

  233. Great looks and ideas of pairing these dresses with different looks. 🙂

  234. Love the first dress!!!

  235. I’m sorry, a size 8 is not curvy by definition. And yeah, you may have a larger breast and bottom compared to a normal size 8, but still…
    and also… I really dislike all you make up gurus that used to hide behind the cameras before they lost weigh and then are fashionistas after loosing 40 or more pounds. I know, loosing weigh helps feel better with themselves, but it conveys a very bad message, IMHO.

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  345. If you can handle a shorts type of undergarment try that, like spanx or cheaper alternative. Also try a silicone based gel/stick. Male runners use it to prevent chafing on their nipples. I think it’s called Body Glide.. I think that’s the one I have. It works well, you may have to reapply if it’s super hot and you get really sweaty.

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  361. i also have that problem, but ever since i started using avon skin so soft bath oil, i sure any bath oil would do, it really hasn’t been bothering me and i’m also a girl who loves my maxies. i even rub a little extra on when i’m wearing a dress when i know its going to be a long day. hoped this helps. 🙂

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  377. I use to work for bebe and I love their maxi dresses because the biggest issue for me finding maxi dresses is that damn lining !! I’m a size 4/6 and I am pretty proportionate from top and bottom and it sucks that if you have a booty and a maxi dressed that isn’t lined you can see everything !! Idk how women walk around like that but is rather spend the extra cash and go to Bebe. They’re clothes are great sometimes though its limited quantity and sizing which sucks but whatever

  378. I’ve tried with baby powder but it helps for about 2 minutes. I generally wear pants like spanx but less tight. Those are the best solution I found so far. Sometimes though the fabric, the friction and the heat irritate my skin anyway.
    Basically I mostly only wear skirt and dresses in the winter…. 🙁
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