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How I Upsized A Bodycon Dress | Coolirpa

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In this video I upsized a bodycon dress to fit my aunt! The chest fit perfectly but the skirt was too tight.

For everyone asking: I sewed the sequins using a regular needle that came with the machine (my aunts machine worked fine and my machine had no problem but it might be different for you). And since the dress is stretchy, I sewed with a zigzag/stretch stitch. If your dress is not stretchy then just sew with a straight stitch. I didn’t need to remove the sequins before sewing. I also sewed the triangles on BOTH sides of the dress, not just one side lol. Hope this clears up some things!

My aunt’s sewing machine I mentioned:

My aunt bought this dress from Fashion Nova!

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Join one of the best paying affiliate programs in the industry and make commission from every referral or sale.
>>> Join Dar-us-Salam affiliate program and you will never regret doing so. This is your chance to earn a lot of good deeds and cash!
"Whoever guides [another] to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it." [Sahih Muslim].
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You can get second tier commission by referring another affiliate to join the affiliate program. Such affiliates will become your sub-affiliates, and YOU will earn 2% commission of their sales while they themselves earn 5%.
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1,619 thoughts on “How I Upsized A Bodycon Dress | Coolirpa

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  2. For everyone asking: I sewed the sequins using a regular needle that came with the machine (my aunts machine worked fine and my machine had no problem but it might be different for you). And since the dress is stretchy, I sewed with a zigzag/stretch stitch. If your dress is not stretchy then just sew with a straight stitch. I didn’t need to remove the sequins before sewing. I also sewed the triangles on BOTH sides of the dress, not just one side lol. Hope this clears up some things!

    1. coolirpa wow you really good dear its lot better in her after d up sized nice I like it .
      pretty dress hope your aunty is pleased good job

    2. Wonderful passion!

    3. It looks fab! You’re a genius! I love this! 😋😊😋 I can sew pretty well, but my alterations are rubbish lol

    4. to safely sew a sequined fabric, just add a seam allowance and remove sequins from it
      it’s the way you do it when you use a serger instead of a sewing machine, to avoid damaging the blade ^__^
      it also helps to prevent damages to the fabric (if the foot or the needle got stuck in the sequins, you can rip or wrinkle the fabric and ruin it)

    5. @bellabana
      sadly, since plus sizes requires some more advanced “math” to create a dress with a good fit, this can be done almost only on custom dresses, not as a fashion line you’ll find in stores… so, basically, the costs will be too high for a mass scaled production

  3. I think it’s beautiful and I love the flow to the dress!

  4. Am I the only one who saw the weird grinning face in the sequin pattern on the tummy? What a weird design choice by the manufacturer 🙈

  5. I bet she felt absolutely beautiful in it. As a fellow plus size gal, I feel her. So kind of you to use your skill to help her accomplish this. I’m about to tackle some of my own. It’s a real struggle when your top is different than your bottom.

  6. Can this be done on a non-stretch fabric dress? I have an A line skirt that is too tight but not stretchy fabric…

  7. Would this technique work for sizing up a bodice as well?

  8. It’s definitely not just your aunt, clothing just doesn’t come in normal people sizes! We’re not supermodels guys, if we were, well beetchs you’d be out of your jobs!

  9. This is just what I need. Thanks for showing this. A big thank you to your aunt.

  10. 0:49 i think that’s Glory on the left top corner from slice n rice!!

  11. I loved how it came out! But can you do a video to enlarge the top half of a sundress? Thank you💕!

  12. And that’s how I stared with a sewing machine my dad died and I got his and i was a big girl and my weight would go up and down when I got pregnant I fixed all my stuff to be comfortable. And I bought a pattern for a vest and bottom. And made a hole out fit out of man slacks for a Christmas party . it was very sexy . I’m dying to do a flowy gown just don’t have anywhere to go with it .that has made me scared to start . oh well .

  13. I would of opened both sides and then added extra fabrics to balance the look .

  14. Thanks for making this

  15. I would love to see more videos like this. I love what you do keep up the good work.

  16. Hi, great job! can you help how to make bigger a romper? Its a simple black material,but too tight. Thanks!

  17. I really wish I could have just a basic sewing machine like that. 😓😓😓

  18. Your aunt is going to be too busy groovin in that dress for anyone to notice the tiny difference in fabric!

  19. Thanks for making this vid, very helpful, and the finished product was impressive.

  20. I know it’s been a year and I’m a little late, but yass queen!!!! Your aunt rocks that look and your work is beautiful! Both of you rock it!!!

  21. I love the 2 tone color… Beautiful work!

  22. Genius!

  23. The dress looks really good like this on your aunt, good job… youre lucky to find matching fabric

  24. Watch my super easy tutorial for applying lace like a real designer! ✂️🔥

  25. Hey I would love to commercially do this with you. I have a few good clothes that I need to upsize, could I send them over to you and you can do it. Kindly inbox me your digits on +91 9326260479.

  26. I just found you… You are amazing. As some others have commented… It was great to see an upsizing.

  27. what a great find for finding a matching fabric.. after seeing the final i think that i would have put a panel in on both sides in order to balance out the color shift of the two fabrics. it would look more intentional to have both sides equal.. great fix though i hope your aunt has a great time

  28. That’s amazing!!!

  29. “The bride wants everyone to wear ….” The bride is also going to expect expensive shower and wedding gifts, right? Personally, I would tell the brifmde to go pound sand.

  30. You’re a sweet niece.

  31. Love it!

  32. Wonder why she didn’t just order a bigger dress and take in the bodice a bit, it would have saved having to need extra fabric and kept the dress looking all the same?

  33. The dress looks great!!! I hope you Aunt felt as good as she looked !!!

  34. Great job! I am sure your aunt looked fantastic!

  35. Great job

  36. Great job both matching the fabric so closely and the alteration. 💖🧡

  37. Wow, amazing work and education. Bravo..

  38. This is awesome I wish I can sew

  39. I love this! I’m not plus size but I don’t like how bodycon dresses lay. This was a good example of how to get a dress to fit the way you’d like. Also – if a dress is on super clearance and cheap enough, you can probably just buy two dresses and use one for extra fabric. 😀

  40. Great job 👍

  41. great job need more videos like this!

  42. April. you qre sp talented!. ! Keep up the good work!

  43. I am dress maker if you like to have Nice dress finish bottom with hand 👍🏻🤔🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

  44. Amei 🤗🇧🇷

  45. You did awesome! Your aunt looks great!

  46. I definitely would love to see more alterations for plus size women. My medicine and surgeries have terribly deformed my body.

  47. Amazing! Thank you!

  48. Thank you so much! I’m plus size and enjoy watching your channel but didn’t know how to make things bigger. Thank your aunt for me!

  49. OH I love this. Doing some alterations for different body types is awesome and I’m sure your aunt appreciated it so much. She looks great in it! And it is so hard to find nice plus sized dresses. I usually end up making my own because designers don’t design for my body type either. Mostly because I’m too tall for their “ideal size”
    I’d love to see you do some upsizing of your thrift store finds. It’s easy to downsize something and I always find pieces I love that are a bit too small. I’m not sure what to do with some of them. Thanks.

  50. I wish I could sew, this is wonderful!

  51. That was so amazing. It is easy to take a dress down, but to go up, now that is a real talent. Your aunt looks amazing in the dress. WOW!!!! How much was the sequin fabric. I have never seen fabric that gorgeous before. I am just in absolute amazement. Great job!

  52. What a fantastic job you did! The dress looks amazing on your Aunt. Despite being a larger lady, she has a small waist and can totally carry off this look!

  53. You did a killer job! It looks great the way you altered it. Beautiful dress. And you’re such a sweet niece for helping her out!

  54. Awesome what you do!❤❤❤❤

  55. She looks great! It now flatters her much more!

  56. I needed this video sooooo much 🌹I have large hips and often come across this problem when buying dresses. Thank you very much to your aunt. She definitely seems like a cool lady. I hope she felt as fabulous as she looked on that night out. Please post more videos featuring things that us larger ladies can do to make our thrifted finds feel like couture made just for us. Ruth 💕

  57. Fabulous job!!

  58. I love your videos, and I love the comments people make – what a beautiful community.

  59. I love this video, having a belly my self, this solved alot of problems for me 🙂

  60. Just my opinion: I will add on the back, and make it little longer like a on purpose

  61. That looks so nice now! Love how the skirt hangs!

  62. wow!!!! is just amazing,

  63. Loves this thank you

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  67. One word: wow!

  68. Beautiful job!

  69. I never comment, but I HAD TO because of how amazing this video is! I am not plus size but I also struggle finding clothes online that fit the way I want them to. I tried this method with my dress for New Years and it turned out perfect! Thank you so much!! I am excited to try this with other pieces!

  70. You have no idea how helpful this little video was for all the girls that are bottom heavy….like me. Thank you so much for sharing it. Next time I see a bodycon that I love, I’ll buy it and apply the same trick 🙂

  71. Yes more upsizing videos

  72. more more!!

  73. Wow! That’s amazing; you did an incredible job! I’m sure you made your aunt feel beautiful and confident; what a gift! Thank you for the tutorial, exactly what I needed.

  74. ur aunt could have asked u to make a new dress from scratch n it would have been the better dress. u r so talented!

  75. This dress is amazing and your aunt looks great in it.

  76. 👍👍👍

  77. Hello, just stumbled on your channel, I was wondering If you do the videos only or if you also work as a tailor?? sorry random question ☺️

  78. I love that dress! She looks stunning ❤

  79. It actually looks better with that darker tan shade, you know 😁

  80. Yes ! Please make more videos like this. Thank you , your awesome!!

  81. Great job!!

  82. Amazing thank you for your aunt!! She really did help us all!!!

  83. I like how you not only upsized the dress, you made it much more flattering for your Aunt. Great job. (I am watching videos instead of upsizing a dress upstairs. lol)

  84. Good job, and shout out to Auntie for being so brave!

  85. Great job 👍

  86. Brilliant job very well done and also brave to attempt such a challenge you did good x

  87. Given that it’s a newly purchased dress, it might have been easier to just return it and make her a similar dress from scratch! But I admire the ingenuity, effort, & finished result greatly. This tutorial and demonstration should be particularly helpful for people with existing fancy clothes that they love but cannot wear after gaining weight. Kudos.

  88. would love to see more upsizing videos!

  89. I didn’t see the difference in color at the end. You did an amazing job!

  90. Totally amazing!

  91. “I only bought a yard of this fabric” – this is true bravery, folks.

  92. It turned out great! Your aunt should have just had you make the whole dress, because the sequins would have lined up perfectly, BUT I’m sure no one will even notice and the rose gold is lovely on her skin tone.

    Am I the only one who thinks demanding a certain color dress for a bachelorette party is a little ridiculous? Everyone must wear Rose Gold Sequins? Like the dress is cute and all, but jeez! All your friends are paying to throw you this fun celebration and they also have to dress according to your taste for the party? I felt bad asking my friends to buy red dresses and shoes to be IN my wedding, so I ended up buying their dresses for them (to be fair I found them online and I kept them after since they would never wear them again).

    TIP for anyone who can do what I did, find the dresses you like at David’s bridal or wherever and then go online and search on ebay for girls selling theirs. I had picked the color apple and found the styles we liked and the sizes that worked for each and then I found them from girls who had bought them for a wedding and would never wear them again. I also found one pair with the matching shoes (my other friend had to buy her shoes because she was a ladies size 10 so it was not easy to find that size in the dyed to match color).

  93. Okay I fell down the rabbit hole and just about watched everything on your channel, when are you coming out with your own clothing line? Straight up documentary style building your empire, meeting and learning from designers etc.. the possibilities are endless for you.

  94. Love it! Because the panels are equal & matching, it looks great… Nobody would know, & the new fit is perfect! 🤗

  95. FABULOUS! 💋💋💋

  96. What kind of thread, needle and foot did you use?

  97. Dress turned out beautiful. Looks like it may have been designed that way. Very flattering. Your Aunt is great to share. !

  98. I love the change. A new style of fitting… Nicely done!

  99. hihiii ne glitzerwurst : D

  100. I just joined as a member and watched the video on the dress you made larger for your aunt. My problem is I am short, as in 4’10”, but large, wearing a 2x top and 3x pant. The tops are all too long. Every when I buy them in petite sizes for shorter people. They still are way too long. And the pants, well. I have a very large bootie and basically little to no stomach, so the waist reaches to my bra line. And the pockets become too small if I try rolling the waist. I also have very heavy arms, (bat wings, I’m 68 years old), and I only wear blouses or tops that the sleeves reach the elbow or longer. Can you help with ideas for shortening the blouses easily and taking up the tummy area of the pants and adjusting the pockets so I don’t lose them? Please and thank you.

  101. Great video, and I know your aunt’s going to rock that dress! I’m 56 with the opposite problem. I’m so tiny! So after watching a bunch of your videos and a few other people online, I have my first sewing machine which just arrived today and I can’t wait to try getting my clothes to look more flattering. We’re all unique!

  102. great video thanks from the plus size sisters👍🏾👏🏾😍

  103. Love this 🙂 Your aunt looks beautiful in her dress. It’s great/useful seeing all sorts of clothing altercations.

  104. That looked so good! Great job April.

  105. It looks amazing. You did a great job.

  106. Thank you for sharing this. You are such a sweet niece to do this! I’m not working with a bodycon dress, but now I know how to add a size to my dress. Wish me luck. LoL

  107. I love you. <3

  108. Nice job! The end dress is very flattering and still so formal looking. I hope your aunt has a ton of fun and feels fabulous.

  109. Your amazing…I love watching your videos..😁

  110. Wow that was great. Please do anothe one.

  111. Nice job

  112. Looks so good! Such a beautiful dress! Thank You for sharing! ☺️

  113. I wish to be you neighbour 🙂 for shure I will knock your door frequently… you are so talented

  114. 🥳

  115. Fantastic. So delighted to see this video.

  116. Oh man i missed the shirts i totally need one haha

  117. Love the way you fixed your aunt dress 💕

  118. Loved it. Not many of us sew anymore. It’s such a good skill.

  119. Great job and your aunt looks great in it. But what kind of BRIDEZILLA tells her friends to dress in such a specific way?

  120. Just beautiful. You are so talented! Your family is lucky to have a personal seamstress! Great work!!!

  121. show more vedio tutorial

  122. Great!!!

  123. Yas Auntie! Slay!

  124. I’ve found the best niece on the internet

  125. I’m not a plus size but I do have some blouses and dresses that are a bit snug. Since they are old, but I really like the design, I would like to take them apart and use them as patterns, just adding a bit more width to the new garment. I’m not sure how to measure how much to add though, maybe 1/2 inch all around the mid section?

  126. That was great. Thank you. Very informative.

  127. Thank you so much for posting this one! Beautiful work you do! I have an older sister who needs things done like this! I have been altering dress shirts for hubby and all kinds of more elevated sewing. I am making a dress makers mannequin and need to expand the distance between the breasts so will be searching for a video to help with that

  128. I can’t even tell it’s different fabric that’s crazy cool!

  129. Very good job!

  130. That was awesome!!!! I’ve watched so many of your videos but I’m a size 16 and I couldn’t quite figure out how I could do clothing transformations on my body but this definitely helped!!! I’d love to see more like this! ❤️❤️❤️

  131. So talented
    Love your work ❤❤❤

  132. I like so much the video. Tq

  133. I love your curvy upsizing 🥰

  134. This is so hopeful for a tshirt project I’m doing, I have old tshirts that don’t fit me and did similar to what you did with the dresses but had no idea how to sew the triangle if I should start from the bottom or top or what, so thank you. This clarified what I need to do.

  135. looks amazing!!

  136. 👍🏽❤️

  137. Tip: if you ever can’t find a fabric that’s close enough or you want and EXACT match you can purchase a smaller size in the same item to use for spare fabric!

  138. Dress looks great and I bet your aunt loved it!!!

  139. Aww wow!! You did such an amazing job. She looks like a star ⭐️& it looks much classier with the new shape you gave it 💗

  140. Your aunt is going to look gorgeous!

  141. So glad for this video! Almost all sewing channels are for very petite women and being curvier has different challenges for sure.

  142. Terrific Loved the results good job!!!!!!!

  143. You are very talented

  144. I know.. Maybe this is crazy.. But i was thinking of altering my wedding dress like this.. Not because it is toot tight.. But I’m not comfortable at all 😭

  145. Awesome! You could only tell that it was altered because we knew it was and were looking for it! It was much more flattering after (I wish that more women paid attention to FIT rather than the number on the tag! A dress that fits is much more flattering/forgiving than one that is bought because “it’s a size 6 and I wear a 6!”). Glad that your aunt has you to help her feel more confident! (The Fairy God-Niece?! 😜)

  146. I need help I have a formal dress which is short and I want to know if I can add fabric to make it look longer I’m pretty tall and I don’t want my feet to show i have a military ball I have to go to and this is the dress I want to wear.

  147. Amazing! I had to do this right before a wedding for a bridesmaid who told me she was a smaller size than she was. I basically did the same thing but added panels to both sides of the zipper. Luckily I had enough of the fabric left over from the dresses I made.

  148. You did a great job. The dress looked great on your Aunt and comfortable.

  149. Simple y efectivo, la cuña de tela extra de toda la vida.

  150. Thank you so much! I’m a plus size and I really want to start sewing. Actually after a surgery I’m loosing many kilos and I want to make the most out of my wardrobe 🙄
    This video has been very inspirational. Thanks, I really needed to see something like that 💙

  151. So, you only put in one triangle rather than 2? Did that throw off the way the dress “fell” on her ? THat is the only thing I have a question about ! It looks absolutely fabulous !

  152. Lovely job! Looked very flattering on your aunt. Bet she was one of the prettiest at the party!

  153. Theres never anything online that fits plus size, that is flattering. They just make larger versions of the other clothes I’ve noticed. That’s why I started making clothes for myself. Your aunt has a great niece, she must be so proud of you xxx

  154. This was a beautiful video, thank you!

  155. Thank you so much for this video!

  156. I weigh 200 lbs. Of course I want to see more like these.

  157. Superb! Dress looks great!

  158. I actually like the slightly different color/pattern. It looks like it’s meant to be like that. And the dress looked amazing on your aunt ❤️

  159. Dear Aunty
    You’re gorgeous full stop. I hope you had fun.

  160. Excellent job. The fit looks good

  161. Beautiful. You’re so talented! I am in awe.

  162. The color difference makes it look like a cool variation. 👌

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  165. Only on one side does the tan look darker!! I think that is fabulous, and I appreciate this information.

  166. Oh.. um that is definitely not what my pattern making class was taught. 😳

    So it’s very waste full to cut pieces out of the middle of your fabric, align it with the direction of the fabric but put it as close to the salvage edge as possible. You could have just measured the length of the open seam then made the bottom as wide as needed.

  167. I’m on a diet and for the first time in 2 years I’m no longer plus sized! I love all the clothing options I have now! Good luck plus sized ladies, I know the struggle!

  168. Your super inspiring! Thanks so much for all your videos.

  169. Beautiful

  170. Do you think it’s easier to alter a dress that has already been made, or to simply make one from scratch?

  171. As a plus size individual, I appreciate this so much! Thank you for sharing, and kudos to your aunt for putting herself out there! 💖💖

  172. Awesome tutorial!!!!

  173. Would love to see more upsizing videos! Im really loving thrifting and improving on great finds but lots of the time I’m too curvy for them.

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  175. Great subject matter!

    1. And great results!!

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  177. I have the same problem – now I can combat it myself!!! Thanks!!!

  178. This is amazing! It turned out great. Good job.

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  180. Thank you for graciously appreciating that plus-sized women have serious issues when it comes to dresses

  181. It suits her shape so well now 😍😍😍😍

  182. You are amazing!! I have the same sewing machine as your aunt and it was so awesome to see you using it. Inspires me to take on more projects 🤩 great video & tips thank you!

  183. Could you possibly show how to turn a bodycon dress into a fit and flare dress? And on plus size, since that’s who I think needs it most? (Saying as a plus size person, no hate)

  184. I am a plus sized lady and this actually helped alot. I would like to see more of plus sized remakes. You do a wonderful job.

  185. Just found your page. Have you done any resizing of jackets? Good work and keep it up.

  186. I’d love to see more upsizing videos! I’m a normal size but I got quite big hips / behind which makes it so difficult to find clothes that fit my curves!

  187. Wow I’m amazed that you were able to find fabric similar to the actual dress. That to me would be the hardest part. Came out great 😍

  188. Your Aunt looks good in both the before and after, the after tho….she looks amazing. <3

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  193. I’m impressed. I have changed sizes to a downward spiral. I’d like to see ways to update and reduce from 2x or 3x to 1x or even XL.

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  195. Wow it turned out beautifully on your Aunt!!! I hope she had a great time !

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  204. Hey Lady, I’m a curvy woman too. But you look to have rocked this dress! I’m can’t pull off dresses period. You look gorgeous!!!

  205. Wow, what a difference she looks gorgeous. Good on her for wearing a bodycon dress, I know a lot of plus-size women that are very self-conscious of there body. I’m really happy you did a plus-size video because most women that are plus-size don’t like their body’s. You are encouraging all those women out there that they can still DIY clothes to make them fit to how they like it, help them feel happy with your body and make them just beautiful.

  206. I am a big girl but styles conscious. This was A- mazing! Yes, more please

  207. I’m a subscriber now… You are an amazing resource already. Thank you so much for adding upsizing to your portfolio of demos. Your channel is going to appeal to a much larger audience now.

  208. That really was a great fix for her!!! Awesome!!! Hopexshe had a great time! It looked great!!

  209. I really, really like how fearless and practical your approach is to everything you do!

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  211. I think the darker fabric adds a little bit more interest to the dress.

  212. I think the darker fabric on the sides helped to make it flattering. You did a good job!

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  216. Yesss thank you for showing upsizing and for discussing the issues with one-shape-fits-all design!

  217. Beautiful job. Big thumbs up to your curvy aunt!

  218. I really loved the end result!!! My shape is very similar to your aunt’s. This tutorial has helped inspire me to alter some shirts I was gifted a while ago that I LOVE but they are a tad too tight around the bottom. Now I feel better able to alter them without ruining them. I enjoy your videos, they are so clear and easy to follow.

  219. Oh my YES! What a beautiful job you did! So inspiring! Thanks

  220. I am easily 4 decades older than you and have sewn for easily 4 decades. But I never was comfortable with alterations. I have been forced into this as I got older and no pattern fits my body without changes. Your tutorials are clear, concise, fun and empowering. More on upsizing, rounded shoulders, and fitting bosoms (I hate bras) would be very appreciated. Great work.

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  222. That was so AWESOME!! The dress came out perfect! It looked fabulous on your Aunt!!! Yes, more vids for us plus size ladies. 😉👍💖

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