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How to Style a BODYCON DRESS on a Curvy Body!

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Curvy Girl Bodycon Dress Lookbook! Hacks To Style a Curvy Body in a Tight Dress! Curvy Fashion Guide! 6 Bodycon dress outfit ideas to flatter a curvy figure! ALL OUTFITS ARE LINKED BELLOW!

Welcome to another Curvy Girl Fashion video! I believe that having a curvy body is about the shape of your figure, not weight or size! So today I’m so excited to have my friend Lovey James here for a Bodycon Dress Guide! We’re showing how to style a bodycon dress for 2 different types of curvy bodies!



Filmed by Ruben Samuel Cortez

This bodycon dress try on is for all types of Curvy Fashion and Curvy body types! Whether you’re bodycon dress plus size, and looking for plus size fashion and a plus size lookbook, or your on the thinner side of curvy, this curvy try on will give you some great curvy outfits for a bodycon dress. I think wearing a curvy girl bodycon dress is a great way to embrace your curves, but sometime’s its hard to find a flattering dress for a curvy body, so I’m also sharing some curvy style hacks and curvy body style guide to help find the perfect curvy bodycon dress! This curvy girl lookbook features different curvy girl outfit ideas for a bodycon dress haul and plus size try on! These tight dress outfits are part of the tight dress lookbook! I love making curvy girl life hacks and curvy girl hacks! Since this tight dress try on has some really tight dresses, I’m sharing my tight dress hacks to flatter a curvy figure!

Sierra Outfit 1:

Sierra Outfit 2:

Sierra Outfit 3:

Lovey Outfit 1:
DRESS: XI (similar dress:
JEAN SHIRT: Tobi (similar shirt:

Lovey Outfit 2:
DRESS: Rue 21 (couldn’t find this one, sorry babes!)

Lovey Outfit 3:
DRESS: Express (similar dress:

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How to Style a BODYCON DRESS on a Curvy Body!

Sierra Schultzzie


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239 thoughts on “How to Style a BODYCON DRESS on a Curvy Body!

  1. Shapewear is your friend. Smooths everything out and looks sleeker.

  2. This video is a mind opener!
    I Loved this “how to style” series. It was very inspirational and did wonders for the curvy community.
    It would be AMAZING if you would start it again. Maybe redoing some of them now that you have grown and evolved. But mostly, making new ones with other items like kimono vests, hats, blazers, pencil skirts, Maxi dresses, leggings, yoga pants, fl9wy/large pants, button shirts, etc… Each time showing outfits for different occasions (daily life, work appropriate, a dressy event, etc.) and/or different styles (casual, boho, preppy, rock, … ).
    That would be very helpful and inspirational for everyone.
    Love you and your positive, inclusive, message, take care <3

  3. Sierra’s friend is body goals

  4. Oh my glob. I know what I’m getting my fiance for Christmas

  5. You both looked beautiful 😍

  6. Need me another one of these videos pls!!

  7. These woman have beautiful bodies and they aren’t sloppy fat, their bodies are more portioned and not flabby everywhere. Yes im a plus size girl myself but i have lost some weight, but one thing i do want to say is not all curvy girls are “fat” there are smaller girls with curves!

  8. if curvy girls can call petite girls skinny why can’t petite girls call curvy girls fat? double standards much-

    1. Both are wrong at the end of the day.

  9. Like the video but the blonde girl isn’t curvy
    She skinny
    Neither of those are bad but she not curvy

  10. Somebody please. Explain curvy to me

  11. Again another case of girls thinking they are curvy

  12. I’m here because my 8th grade continuation is coming up. The dress iI chose is supperrrtight, I can barely get it off. Although I’m quite thick, when I’m standing I look like I have a flat stomach,however, when I SIT…. that’s another story.

    I’m worried about that and chaffing XD

  13. I love her body 😍😍

  14. How do I know I am curvy and not fat
    Please help comment section people give your definition of curvy

  15. What about the dress you’re wearing in the intro? I need it! 🙂

  16. I went shopping today and tried on some body con dresses and my mom keeps telling me i cant wear them because of my belly! I wish she could help me to be more positive about my body

  17. You looked STUNNING in the intro!!!!

  18. These dresses looked AMAZING on you!! Wear MORE bodycon dresses 😻

  19. My bum is so fat lol. I really really love how bodycon looks, but I feel like my ass cheeks are just hanging out lol

  20. Can you do a video about what type of bra/bralette to wear when wearing a dress

  21. I don’t know how people are saying that Luvvie doesn’t have curves… She quite clearly does.. She’s just a different size. You don’t have to be plus size to have curves… That being saaaiiidd…. I actually came here to say the editing of the lookbook is on POINTTTTTTTTT!!! Loving these dresses as well!

  22. Deos anyone know where Sierra got that clear green dress? I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT

  23. Both of y’all are absolutely gorgeous

  24. I personally thought Sierra looked the best out of all of the outfits! Her and her curves were killing it!

  25. Im so curvy too!! and weight 230 pounds and I’m 5’8 🙁 all my weight is usually on my lower body and I feel so self

  26. Y’all look stunning!

  27. the blonde one is every girls idea

    1. *some

  28. Thank you so much for this vidoe.
    And mostly for how you linked everything in the description box 💋

  29. I literally have no curves but I have abs lmao

  30. Skip to 1:20

  31. Kya mast hot body hai teri yaar

  32. I love that camo dress

  33. ooh… I hate those brown boots lmao cute tho

  34. As a plus size girl I run away from bodycon dresses but after watching this video I need to go buy some bodycon dresses!!😍 you two look great!

  35. u give me so much motivation i felt terrible i have grad pics tomorrow and im feeling better about it now my mom made me wear the tightest and most revealing black bodycon dress she has… she doesnt understand how self-conscious i am

  36. I like that you actually have a figure and you aren’t one of those super fat chicks who keep saying they’re curvy or thick when they’re just really fat and apple shaped not pear shaped or hour glass shape.

  37. @2:35 that is the best shaped body ive ever seen in my entire life

  38. slayed!!!!

  39. love love love you!

  40. La rubia no es curvy

  41. You are so hot

  42. You looked beautiful in all your outfits

  43. Very nice collaboration!

  44. fine as wine 💙


  46. Hi! i love all the dresses in this video. I wanted to ask you which spanx are you wearing. Thanks

  47. Her name is Love?

  48. is her name readlly Lovey?

  49. For all the people saying “the blonde girl isn’t curvy” how about you read the description, curvy girls doesn’t matter on size or weight, it matters on how your body naturally shapes

  50. My opinion, her friend is slim and has a nice body!

  51. Skinnier girls can be curvy but it won’t be as dramatic as bigger girls. Personally neither of them have hourglass body shape as you guys say, (The brunette is closer to an hourglass than the blonde.) Plus she can call herself curvy if she wants. There are plenty over overweight/fat people calling themselves curvy when they know for a fact they aren’t. The blonde is more on the slimmer side but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have curves. The brunette may be a tad over weight but with that weight, it makes everything larger and more exaggerated. Don’t try to tell me that skinny girls can’t be curvy, It’s not only limited to big girls.

  52. Sierra I loved the black floral dress. I might have to get one because you slayed

  53. A suggestion tights tights tights or pantyhose. They make the outfit more flattering and if ur legs rub it slides back and forth. And with booties u got and style .

  54. Not curvy! You are a fat pig!!

  55. sis u look AMAZING!!

  56. I love that green dress in the beginning 😍😍😍

  57. first dress is to die for! I need it in my life😍

  58. I love how the hacks are for curvy girls but the other girl isn’t curvy… why she isn’t curvy

  59. Curvy tends to be reserved for bigger or plus size and up ladies. Not skinnies. No hate, just wondering when scrawny became curvy…..

    1. Curvy isn’t a body weight, it’s a body SHAPE. Looking at it scientifically, if your waist is 0.75 or less of your hips, you are curvy 🙂 But believe what you want, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  60. wow whoa gorgeous

  61. Love this Video💕 both of you found the perfect dresses that match your bodies! Great Inspiration:)

  62. The first 20 seconds of this video gave me life, added 10 years to my lifespan, cleared my skin and made my little heart lose its mind

  63. Song intro?

  64. do you have a link to buy a good spanx, and how u know what size i am ?

  65. Sierra! Please do a curvy nightwear/loungewear video! It can be so hard to find flattering sweatpants or pjs that don’t bunch up at night! PS I am literally addicted to your channel!

  66. The long sleeved dark green dress on you ohhhhhmgggg😍😍😍

  67. What I would love to know is the name of the mint fit and flare dress! It’s beautiful! 😀

  68. Bruh, that blonde has no stomach im so jealous

  69. Neither of them are curvy tho …

  70. I love this video so much! Tight dresses have always made me look frumpy & not good but this video helped me understand what to look for. Thank you!! ❤️

  71. thanks

  72. You can do videos on hair styling for faces with fuller cheeks !!! 🙂

  73. i want lovey’s second dress😭

  74. lmao soon as she said there not hugging us to tight it showed the skinny ones back fat in the red dress at 4:08 😂

  75. you both are beautiful and my favorite dress is the green long sleeve one you were wearing.😀

  76. why did you even problematise lovey’s body as curvy? she can wear anything​! her body is great!

  77. first person on YouTube to say “curvy is a body type, not a size.” and it sure damn is…. tired of people using “curvy” wrong 😑😧

  78. one wants to talk about how they think camo is a cute look..? Whatever floats your boat an all but damn..sorry hun. Please don’t wear that out to dinner. People won’t know you’re there.

  79. All the dresses are so cute👗👗👗👗👗👗👗👗

  80. I’ve just subscribed!! This video is so helpful and I thank you so much for this! You are so beautiful and send such a great message about body positivity. I’m over weight as well and Idk how to dress for my body type. Thank you again.

  81. yea!!!!!!!! Love it♡♡♡

  82. Curvy doesn’t have to mean being a bigger size, but the other girl is not curvy. Her waist isn’t very much smaller than her hips at all

    1. I agree except I do think she is curvy

    2. Klaudia drop THANK YOU

  83. I don’t understand how people can say that lovey isn’t curvy. Just bc her boobs aren’t big doesn’t mean she isn’t curvy. Smh stop hating on people so much.

    1. She has no hips. Its just straight down

    2. Sydney Isaacs I mean it’s not bad that she isn’t curvy, she’s cute and skinny, just not curvy

  84. Blonde girl is not curvy, she’s slim and the brunette girl isn’t curvy, she’s overweight. Stupid video.

    1. Sierra isn’t over though she is heavier. She is definitely curvy she clearly has curves and an hour glass figure

    2. 4 words, hip to waist ratio.That’s what defines curvaceousness. If you’d like to see it scientifically, anyways. Mine calculated is 0.75, for instance.
      “Your shape puts you at reduced risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Frequently referred to as pear shape, you tend to keep fat off your midsection and more on your hips. Your body does not convert this lower body fat as readily as midsection fat, which keeps cholesterol down.”
      While I am overweight, my hip to waist ratio is healthy, and I’m a 36DDD (a good indicator of why I’m overweight tbh lmao)

    3. I guess everyone has a different idea of what curvy is. In my opinion curvy does not mean overweight it means having curve to your body. I’m within normal weight range but I still have boobs, a bum and hips.

    4. Lmao, do you know why a lot of curvy girls are overweight?

      You’d need something to fill out those assets. I’m 20 pounds overweight but my measurements are 42-30-40. There is a very obvious curve in my body, and I am overweight. So what? It doesn’t define whether or not I’m attractive.

    5. asseater007 Don’t be brain washed. She is quite clearly overweight.

  85. Settle down about the pretty blonde- she’s thin, so curves on her ain’t gonna be nearly as dramatic. It’s proportional. I have a TINY rib cage (29 inches) so I wear a 30E bra. And E cup is “big” but is not as big on me as on somebody with a 34 inch band size. A 34 inch band size’s E cup is way way way bigger than mine! Same with curves- a thinner girl who has curves won’t have curves that are as dramatic as somebody who isn’t as thin!

    1. Missy Minnick yeah, they can

  86. these videos are soooo helpful, thank you thank you thank you! 🙏🏼

  87. your so beautiful 💕

  88. Oh my God, you are so beautiful. I thought I’ll never find a “curvy girl tips” for my type of curvy. I thought that my shape is too weird (not enough hourglass but not enough apple) and that I won’t be able to find “the look” that flatters me. But your videos are so inspiring that I’m just speachless. Your body looks SO good. Thank you so much for those videos. Finally I, myself, can believe that MY body also could look good if it’s dressed well.


  90. I don’t like my legs

  91. Omg you are amazing and so inspirational and BEAUTIFUL❤❤

  92. don’t you fucking dare try to tell me that that blonde girl is curvy.

    1. Veronica Sawyer exactly. You can be thin and curvy but you have to have a smaller waist than hips. That’s the rule

  93. Y’all need to leave lovey alone. I consider myself curvy even tho my frame is tiny like hers. I have 32ddd boobs and a decent ass to match. People are curvy in different ways. Let her live lol anyways love the video Sierra!!!

  94. I really like watching your videos, I’ve always been curvy, whether I was thin, or heavy. but I seriously for the life of me, wish you would do some more modest looks. I can’t relate to any of the things you wear because I’m modest and a mom. how do you bend over? I’m not dissing you, because like I said I like your videos, I just need something modest!!!!

  95. You are so dang hot!!!!🙈✨

  96. You are so cute! 😘 And your friend has a nice booty 🍑

  97. it does not matter if the blonde girl is more or less curvy than Sierra. they look gorgous and both are so hot 😍😍😍

  98. You both are so gorgeous ❤️

  99. you slayyy

  100. The blonde is not curvy

  101. I love the second one with the boots!!

  102. Love Sierras first and last dress SO much!!!! Actually, I love all of them!!!!

  103. girllll I found your channel yesterday and binge watched your videos. you helped me find the confidence to wear shorts to the gym this morning and not give a f*#k about what anyone thought about my legs!
    Thank you! 😍😍😍😍

  104. She is doesn’t curvy

  105. You have lost so much weight xx

  106. You girls slayy💞

  107. I think that she’s (Sierra’s friend) cute and very beautiful but not curvy so I doubt that the dresses wich looked so beautiful sexy and flawless on her will also look good on me😳

    1. @Freya C-H Sierra isn’t either… What’s your point?

    2. Huh? She’s curvy! Her waist goes in more than her hips or chest and btw I’m sure a bodycon dress would look amazing on you!

    3. Brookelyn Bennett she is curvy, she just isn’t plus size

    4. Nalu I agree, though the blonde is beautiful she isn’t very curvy, it kinda made me feel insecure ://

  108. SLAY

  109. You guys are so pretty!😍

  110. How’s the other girl curvy ? she has no extra meat

    1. 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    2. disgusting people in this comment

    3. lmao yes like that girl aint even curvy or thick

    4. @Sushi Roll 😂😜

    5. Bellie Bell I really don’t care if it’s fucking old, it’s still just sitting here in the YouTube comment section. And one month isn’t fucking old.

  111. you look amaaaaaazing!

  112. Sierra I need your help! My waist and belly is really big but I don’t have a big chest so my stomach really sticks out! How should o style that?! Thanks!

    1. i suggest wearing a padded bra and wear spanx/bloomers to keep your stomach in. also don’t bloat yourself up. that will make it 10x worse..

    2. Find dresses w fun details at the top/ volumizing details (ruffles, halter, interesting neckline) and a bottom that will cinch the waist while skimming the tummy

    3. Omg finally someone that understands!

    4. CROP TOPS paired with a high waisted bottom like shorts, skirt, or jeans. Something tighter to hold it in probably if you’re self conscious about that. IM WITH YOU GIRL LOL

    5. Hey there! A great look is a dress that’s a lil tight around the chest and flares out at the waist. I hope this helps 🙂

  113. Hey Sierra! I noticed that you like to wear a tight cloths, I honestly think you should wear dresses that tight only in the waist, its more flattering (Im a curvy girl too).

    1. TheSharon1ev she may prefer tight and it flatters her aswell , I think she suit loads xx

  114. You are so pretty❤

  115. im curvy with really big boobs (real) it sucks ass

  116. The first dress is GORGEOUS on you! Wow!

  117. thank you for replying back non like other YouTubers you da real one reply back if you read this you are my inspiration thanks.😁😁😁😁😁

  118. amazing video.. i would love to wear a dress but i have a little muffin top and my arms are big too im short and everytime i put a dress on i feel uncomfortable because i look at it and look ugly.. id deffinately would like to havw you come shopping with me so you could give me pointers on dresses and skirts..

  119. hy sierra! from where did you bought that mint greenish dress that you wore during the intro of this video? 😄 that is so flattering.

  120. I should make a complication of you touching your hair

  121. OMG! Sierra your body is stunning! you’re so beautiful and your waist is sooooo tiny! I’m jelaous!

  122. OMG this video totally made me want to buy a bodycon dress!!

  123. i neeed this vid, thankyu so much

  124. theese videos are so amazing honestly sierra is such a beautiful person and she is so fun to watch😍❤. i just found your channel on monday and i automatically subscribed❤love you

  125. 500Like

  126. ur first n last dress is amazing n u look super sexy

  127. ahhhh I’ve been a fan of lovey since she was on american idol so nice to see my favs collab!!

  128. I love it😍😍

  129. Even amount of likes cats are better odd dogs are better who will win you decide

  130. Love this type of videos ♡
    You both are beautiful ladies 😀

  131. You’re so beautiful😍

  132. I love rue 21 I shop there and I’m not even teen yet

  133. I seriously love how confident you are!

  134. ILYSM!! Also loved this video!♥️♥️❤❤❤

  135. can anyone please tell me where Sierra got that beautiful mint/green dress she had in the intro and outro?! OMG, its so pretty and I want ittttt

    1. I just saw it on the website and it looks like the biggest size isn’t big enough for me 🙁 I’m usually a size 16 but it looks so beautiful on you!

    2. OMG you replied! Hi I love you! lol thanks for the info! I’ll def be looking out for that video next week! muahh!

  136. this is a great video. definitely a 👍

  137. looooove the rose print dress😍 and living for these videos thank God someone got the memo I’m a size ten but I’m curvy in the hips and thighs

  138. literally in love with floral print dress!!!!<3

  139. I feel like a potato now 😐

  140. Omg your videos kill me, I love them so much. I feel like your videos are especially important because not everyone has to be a size 00 to be beautiful 😭. Everyone is beautiful no matter what and ugh I just love you and I’m definitely not making sense rn but yeah 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  141. I’m sorry but I wanted to address this I love your curves as well as mine however you should do more than just curvy videos because your curves are not you you are you I still do love how you acknowledge and love your curves. Thanks so much for being you.

  142. By the way I love your videos so much that I subscribed.😎😎

  143. Thank for the tips. Please reply 😁😂😁😁

  144. You and Lovey look so flawless in all of the dresses!!!

  145. Love the video!!!!


  147. Ahhh I absolutely loved this video! Love you Sierra 🙌🏼💗😍

  148. Your such an inspiration to me! I don’t even know if you’ll see this but I’m not going to go into my whole story, but ur TrueType an inspiration to me because I have been “struggling” with my weight for a while,but u helped me realize that I am beautiful just the way I am! Luv u so much! 💕💕💕

  149. You are so pretty!!!

  150. So gorgeous <3

  151. Girl!! You are amazing!! You inspire me so much!! These curves girl videos really help me a ton!! Thank you for being so positive in every video, you make my day!! ❤❤😘

  152. Sierra, what is your favorite store to shop at? I love you❤️😘

  153. Gorgeous as usual 😍😍😍

  154. That mint color looks great on you!

  155. Loved the video. Great dresses and tips to style them. 🙂

  156. I loved all of these on you!

  157. Thanks to your videos I started wearing clothes I never thought I could wear/would look Nice on me. I absolutely love it! Thank you so so so much 😘

  158. Lovey looks like Erin on Clever news youtube channel.

  159. so thankful for your videos and your positivity. loved the green dress!

  160. Both of you looks fabulous! maybe this winter i’ll buy a pair of longs boots. Before i thought it would make my legs looks more fat but in you looks great! thanks for this kind of videos!

  161. SLAYY MY QUEEN 👌💕💕

    1. 💓💓

  162. can you make a video on how to avoid pants that gap around your waist because Ik a lot of us curvy girls struggle with that

  163. Love your lookbook!!! May you please do a fashion nova try on!! I’ve always wanted to buy their clothes, but I have no idea how they fit a curvy girl!!! Hope you can!

  164. btw 100th like!!

  165. I really hope sierra makes this into a series where she brings in other youtubers and gives tips on how to flatter their body type so that girls with every body type can feel confident just like she makes us curvy girls feel!!

  166. Your videos are awesome you inspire me so much and make me confident with my body.LOVE YOU❤️

  167. Love ur first and last dresses on both of y’all

  168. this might be a weird question, so tell me if I’m over stepping, but how much do you weigh? I’m not trying to make you uncomfortable, I’m not a size 4 so I can’t judge.

  169. love it girl 💜

  170. I’m one of those teen curvy girls plus I don’t have the chest that other girls have so yeahhhhhh :3

    1. Same gurl oml

    2. Miss Frog An hourglass figure is defined from the ratio between the hips and the chest. If you have the same size boobs as hips you are an hourglass. If the chest is smaller than the hips you are a pear. Both body types can be curvy.
      Myself I have a size 6 chest and a size 12 hips. I’m definitely curvy, but I barely have boobs.

    3. ik

    4. Jessica Onken LMAO You’re getting this from a dictionary in which it didn’t even specify “hourglass” itself. There’s no reason to tell her she’s not curvy when actually a HUGE amount of women look at just having hips and thick thighs alone is considered “curvy”.

    5. Hollyann Brumback According to Merriam- Webster, the definition is: “having a well-proportioned feminine figure.” Aka: hourglass.

  171. You’re my favorite YouTuber and one of my biggest inspirations and role model because you’re always so happy, positive, and funny. Also, I think it’s really cool that you’re a theater kid, curvy girl, Christian, crafty and creative person just like me because before I discovered your channel I didn’t really have someone I could look up to that I could relate to like I do with you. And I just wanted to say that since watching your videos especially your curvy girl videos it has helped me a lot with my personal self confidence which I really struggle with so I just really wanted to thank you for that and please never stop making your videos.💖😍💖😍💖😍💖

  172. you always have the cutest clothes

  173. LOVE THIS VIDEO! It was an absolute blast filming with you. Yay for confident curvy bodies!!!!

  174. having hips isn’t curvy. having hips is anatomy. the blond one has more regular normal usual body proportions and curviness. not curvy

    1. ???? Her waist goes in more than her chest or hips so- curvy

    2. Curvy, is body with curves…the end

    3. Johnny Rad she’s not even obese. Maybe watch her videos before just assuming things

    4. Olivia Hope b

    5. All women DO NOT have curves, which is perfectly fine, but please know what you’re talking about before speaking.

  175. love this video you girls are rockin it. 👍👄

  176. under 500 squad!

  177. i love you so much!!! you make me so happy to be me

  178. Thank you for including Lovey! I’m literally have the same figure as her so it helps a lot. I hope you include her in more of your videos 💗

    1. Lovey James yay 👏🏽❤

    2. Sierra Schultzzie No problem I love your videos 💗

    3. Thank you girly! So glad you can relate! You definitely will be seeing more of Sierra and I together!!!

  179. Yes

  180. Wow, I am so early!! Love your videos!!! <3

    1. @***** Thanks for the reply!! Ilysm!<3

  181. Amazing videos as always! Love you could you do more acting videos like you audition one you did a while ago.

  182. Super Awesome!!😍😍💕💕💕😊😊

  183. You are so pretty I swear😍❤you know how to slay and pull off a lot of tight dresses❤omgg

  184. Gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️

  185. And 6th

  186. 4th and 5th comment

  187. 9th like

  188. 68th

  189. Girl you are gorgeous 🙌

  190. hellooooooooooo random people on the interwebsssssssss…..

    1. Sierra Schultzzie awwww thank you!!! ❤❤❤

    2. Sierra Schultzzie oh my goodness! I thought you wouldn’t reply! Ok, ummm, is just like to say I love love LOVE ur videos and I think that you are absolutely AMAZING! Thank you for the wonderful advice!

  191. first!! 😄💕

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