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Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel! For today’s video I bought £5 Pretty Little Thing Dresses AGAIN… and decided to test them out for you guys in another video to see if they’re good value for money!? If you wanna see more videos like this do give this video a thumbs up and subscribe! – Roxi

Revolution x Roxxsaurus Colour Burst Shadow Palette –
Revolution x Roxxsaurus Ride or Die Shadow Palette –
Revolution x Roxxsaurus Highlight & Contour Palette –

Black Strap Dress:
Beige Snake Print Dress:
Black Cut out Dress:
Khaki Cut Out Dress:
Stone Ribbed Strappy Cut out Dress:
Rose Bandeau Side Split Dress:


• SNAPCHAT: Roxxsaurus



36 Golden Square


*What camera do you use?
Sony A7s ii
*What editing software do you use?
Final Cut Pro
* What is your hair colour & what hair dye do you use?
Blonde – I get it done at the Salon.
*Where are you from?
I am living in the United Kingdom.


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  1. Your figure is absolutely gorgeous! I’m so jealous!!! Xx

  2. OMG who else thinks her body is just so perfect❤

    I love you

  3. What is bodycon

  4. The dresscat 5:10 you can cut the top and use the skirt

  5. Olive one was my fav😊nice video 👍

  6. I don’t even gonna buy these but here i am

  7. Try more clothes from shein pleasr

  8. ebay

  9. What are the sizes? Like how tall are you so we can compare,

  10. You have nice abs

  11. PLT is always amazing for me!!

  12. Do a club factory vido…plz…ily

  13. I want you to duet with Mia maples

  14. I like the first dress its better than others

  15. I love your videos roxxsaurus

  16. My favorite one was the snake print. It looked AMAZING on you! One thing I wish was that you could show us what things looked like full-length. It’s hard to get the whole picture….literally

  17. What size are you wearing?

  18. PLEASE HELP ME!! I’m an italian girl and I really want to buy some things on this site but I dont’n know what size I should buy. I’m almost 5,2 ft and 105 lb (48 kg in italy). I’ve a big booty so I’m in difficulty because I dont’know if the size 4 is too small for me. PLEASEE HELP MEEEE

  19. Which size u use?????

  20. What size do you wear??

  21. U almost gave 10 to black dresses 😀😂😁

  22. Love this on you. I hate that print but love it on ya

  23. My favorite dress was the snake one

  24. This vid looks sponsered

  25. Hello, we have made some super cute ladies handbags that look almost the same as real cats. Can you make a video and promote it with us? You can see the product video on my channel, or go to my store to view it.I await your reply, thank you very much.

  26. Check this Store.It’s really good

  27. I dont know why these are in my recommendation😂😂😂
    But i am going to bathroom🤤❤️😂

  28. On the second one you because you like the bottom half you can get a t-shirt/crop top and put it on top xx


  30. That bra is purple

  31. the second dress is meant to be an underboob dresse i’ve worn it and i’m a c let’s just say stay away from the horney lads at discos😂

  32. Does pounds mean money?

  33. Pretty little thing are not really great with the sizes,you want to send 6 out of 10 items back

  34. Hi… What size was the snake print dress?

  35. You always say u wont wear the cutest ones that look the best on you .. step out of your comfort zone and wear stuff that show a bit of skin !!!!

  36. This girl is very rich….

  37. I would wear most of these but I would never be allowed

  38. Omg I want your bodyyy

  39. This is how many times she say’s “I’m Obsessed”


    1. Teaghan I knowwwww

    2. She always use words very easy for understand, easy for everyone. I love

  40. okay but the second dress would look so nice with a white shirt over it, you know?

  41. The beige one is supposed to give you under boob I think xxx

  42. Hey Roxi, I really wanted to buy that kaki dress but its sold out .. 🙁

  43. You look like amy Jackson

  44. anyone else like, where that bra from bc it looks so supportive

  45. Love your channel and personality!
    But I wish there were less of these types of videos.. It’s a shame that the ‘need’ for fast, cheap fashion is so huge that dresses need to be £3-5 but also have good quality. Not to mention the circumstances under which the clothing is made, something few youtubers want to address… you should pay for quality of the clothing and fair wages for the makers of the clothing, and that should never be so cheap. Promote thrifting if you want cheap clothing that still has quality, it’s really fun to do as well! X

  46. Why didnt she try on the bodysuit??!
    Like is u wanted her too

  47. Now you’re saying ‘lowkey’ too

  48. I loved Kim Possible too!!

  49. I like her but she talks waaaay too much

  50. Do you recommenced getting bigger size in the dresses or smaller size or what you size u are because I want to order couple of dresses just not sure what sizes to get ? X

  51. Dont wear the green bodysuit u can see the cut out of ur panies

  52. Made by kids in china

  53. you should have tried it on

  54. I don’t like the fact she keeps saying pounds because I don’t understand, since i’m from America.

  55. Holy shit she talks non stopp i had to put on pause…my head hurts but shes pretty and popping with dresses😊😍go girl

  56. “A little black dress on steroids”

  57. How tall are you

  58. In that green dress. You don’t look like Kim possible you look like the evil girl

  59. this is just so much waste of money …Why don’t buy 1 good dress that is substainable and this is also bad for the environment.The dresses also look cheap. I mean I don’t know any good innocent girl with average knowledge about the world that would wear this but that’s just my opinion…

  60. Ur not supposed to wear underwear with the pink 1

  61. ⌛️

  62. Why u always yelling

  63. You are so beautiful!!! 💜💜💜

  64. You should do like a try on old dresses so like dresses from the past. That would be cool 😁

  65. Me:we’re doing u live if u can wear a tank top!

  66. I’ve noticed with Pretty Little Thing (and most clothing brands in fact) that all the discounted £5 dresses are always bodycon. Your body is amazing so you can pull off bodycon dresses but I can’t and so I feel it’s unfair

  67. Omg the first one is so beautiful

  68. Imagine having that body I love you 💕

  69. with the last dress you are not supposed to wear underwear…

  70. I miss Pewds

  71. im 5’3 too omg

  72. Can i just say you r hot girl !!

  73. I actually liked all of them, I thought you looked beautiful. I think my favorite was the first black one and the snake skin one. Peace and love to you and your family 🦋🦋🦋🦋

  74. You kinda sound like a yt I watch

  75. Please stop to scream 😱

  76. I seriously wish we had stuff like this in South Africa ! Feel so outdated lol

  77. With the dress at 4:49 (the beige one) try pulling the bottom of the top part of the dress under the bra. Like that it should hold more. Or, you might be able to add elastic to the bottom of it.

  78. hello people

  79. 0/10 for slave labour and unethical working conditions not to mention environmental impact

  80. she is look lyk sara khan indian actress. sm mns crbn copy…. tlkng styl also same….

  81. the second dress would be a good party, clubbing dress. maybe?

  82. You should shop at romwe

  83. 7-10

  84. 5

  85. 10

  86. لا تطلبين من الصين ترا بتموتين يا بنت الناس

  87. “its basically a little black dress on steroids” -Roxi 2019

  88. U nees to be flat chested in order for the second item to fit to you hahaha

  89. The nude dress a first year Ino wore that to a disco😬

  90. I never wear dresses or skirts.

  91. You know why it looks so good???and it’s so cheap?

    Cuz she got perffff curves and it will work only for these type of girls… and than you see me😩

  92. These are so cute!!!!!!

  93. can i just say… YOU HAVE AN AMAZING BODYXXX

  94. Hi Roxi, love ur videos but I was just wandering what you do with all the clothes u buy???? 😘 XOXO

  95. Ur 5ft3 coz Iam 11 and iam the same size as u ❤️🤣

  96. i wanna see the underboob dress on but backwards :3

  97. I have the second dress and I love it! You probably just don’t have the body for it😬

  98. Let’s all admit that everything looks good on her.

  99. Reminds me ‘Tina tries’

  100. For the second outfit you could probably just put a cropped top on top of it the it might look cute

  101. at the second dress she can cut the top part off and leave the skirt and just wear it w a black or white top

  102. Oof these clothes are revealing

  103. Only £40 wow u must be rich

  104. me watching her review pretty little thing and a shein ad pops up

  105. OMG do u live in ingland cuz I do ❤😂

  106. She is so exited having those 😁😁

  107. Your mouth is is so big for talk

  108. Omg I’m 11 and taller than u

  109. Are You living in cannock????

  110. I am American

  111. 2:30 i am crying

  112. Are you a model in zivame

  113. ⏳⏳

  114. I agree, that green dress was stunning, and it didn’t look cheap.

  115. Heyy do you wear those clothes in real life too?🥰

  116. For the second dress, cut the top and use the skirt

  117. “Nude bra” nope it’s grey

  118. lyou are lookingbeautiful in mermaid dress

  119. whatttttt aaaaa niceeeeee dressessssssss!!!! wow!

  120. Please try club factory dresses

  121. Can I have the link for the dress at 8:16 plz

  122. Literaly just went and bought the pink one

  123. GIRL THAT SNAKE PRINT ONE (also you pull off the olive green one so well I love it)

  124. Roxi uses 3 words ti descive a fitted dress
    -i’m obsessed
    -body con
    -fits like s glove

    1. Describe*

  125. oh geez you look like gigi hadid on that outfit 10:00

  126. U should shop on flipkart

  127. When she said “little black dress” omg my 1D hearttt

  128. Your so pretty and everything suits u 🙂 xx

  129. omggggggggg the snake dresssss is a 20!!!

  130. Hey…OMG. I am so sorry, I forgot your name! I love you, anyway!

  131. what size dress

  132. The snake dress looks amazing on you ! Makes me want to buy it 😍

  133. you could shop on club factory

  134. You make me ugly in 100 different languages (it’s a joke)

  135. U would look great in the cream dree if u have not weared a bra because that’s its style

  136. U looking very hot in the nude pink one looking like nangi pungi girl which I really love to watch


  138. From where did she ordering this clothes ? Anyone know the website?

    1. Pretty little things

  139. I bought that beige dress with the string across the belly and it was soooo hard to get on which is why I can’t wear it 😅

  140. Your head looks rude!

  141. Look what she did! you filthy pervert males watching this video! I’m from turkey in the meantime!

  142. Why are you trying so hard 🤢

  143. What size is she wearing?

  144. I think maybe if she wore a push up bra she could wear that dress

  145. U should also try some indian dress

  146. Subscribed😍😍

  147. It’s funny coz I think that green is the color that suits you the best.

  148. Im kinda impatient, she talks a lot before showing tryin it on

  149. She alot looks like Amy Jackson 😍

  150. I actually love the pretty little things

  151. Little mix❤️

  152. I got that second ribbed dress and I got my size, the skirt fit, the top part was quite loose and I couldn’t fit into the belly straps they didn’t stretch and I almost ripped them

  153. Your body shape makes me wanna go to the gym tho

  154. Love your video

  155. I like the second dress but yeah😂

  156. Buy indian lenhangas nd try them

  157. I swear a year ago roxi was like “I dont like animal patterned dresses” and now she loves it😂😂

  158. U need to wear a Push up bra under the nude dress

  159. U look like Ammi Jackson

  160. The under piece is normoll the sides not off ur under waar its over ur hips

  161. I can SEE ur under weer in the green dress dont waar strings

  162. Grt video 🌸🌏
    Btw , why were all of these dresses bodycon ?
    Anyway , they looked perfect on u ❤️🌈

  163. This sort of shopping seriously tempts me. Like I have almost no self control. Getting better at that though.
    But I’m so conflicted when I’m cruising the websites. Like on the one hand. I WANT MORE CUTE CLOTHES!
    On the other, hello fast fashion and buying into the nasty business of ruining lives and the ecosystem. Ouch. What to do. What to do😣

  164. You are beutuifull😍😍😍😍😍😍

  165. Love the little black dresses

  166. Move like a snake, move like a snakes

  167. I think the first one is the best😉

  168. How should I put this. Dresses 1 – 3 are hm street style, but not the good kind. So is the last. Dresses 4 and 5 are cool 👌

  169. First dress is awesome

  170. Do you actually know how to stare into a camera when taking pics for your thumbnail? Like I mean only so many times I can see these stupid expressions before I stop watching.

  171. She has such a gorgeous body

  172. I think that the second dree have a nice skirt so you can wear a matching croptop on that dress and it will look good

  173. U look alike Amy Jackson

  174. Roxi your videos are best but 10:42 in this your dress is way to transparent….🤫🤫🤫

  175. Bro you talk to much

  176. 10:30 I dream of having a body like hers.

  177. ur really cute but u talk to much

  178. You hawe perfect body end you not Showeng as

  179. I really wanna see your closet roxi please take us to the tour of your closet

  180. You look great in all of these. I like the pink one with the open side best! 🙂

  181. how the hell do u get the nude dress on

  182. you looks like Emi Jackson.i like your videos much. you looking beautiful.😄

  183. U have great body girl 😍

  184. Could of just tried it on anyway

  185. They send you free stuff sometimes

  186. I really love your dresses 💋💋🙏🙏

  187. You look so pretty the way you try your all outfits 😘💋😍😍

  188. Does type of videos are fire ! You’re amazing roxi love you

  189. That army green “Kim possible” dress looks amazing on you

  190. Everything you try on it suits you girl
    #thatbody 💯

  191. you’ve an incredible body!! 😍

  192. You look absolutely stunning!!!

  193. What size do you get for your dresses?

  194. You are such a wonderful person I wish I am just happy i found you

  195. you’re THE COPIE of Elettra Lamborghiniiii

  196. everything 5 pound

  197. Try turning the 2nd dress back way and see if it makes a difference

  198. She: *see a black small package and says she doesn’t like it*

  199. I love you so mutch yea am a girl on brother’s phone

  200. Oh my god! It doesn’t matter whether the clothes are cheap or not…you are looking stunning in all of them 🥰

  201. She looks like Amy Jackson,isn’t she?

  202. What size did you get the black one shoulder strap dress in?

  203. Hermosa 😍😍😍

  204. The cargo dress looks brilliant!

  205. What if you tried the 2nd dress on backwards? So the strings and cut out is on your back? That way you don’t have underboob. It may work.

  206. This dress are all fabolous expecially for your price , and i suggest you to try the nude dress without Bra 💕

  207. Shop at misguided and shien

  208. Don’t mind but where do you put these many dresses

  209. I will like to buy some of them but I can’t find them

  210. try aliexpres <3<3<3

  211. I loved the dress’s even the last one please do morr

  212. I Subscribed and like your videos because i love themm plssss repley❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍👍

  213. I love first one it is very simply but i love very much and i love black colour very much it is my favorite colour ofcourse

  214. I keep watching her videos and previous ones… i love her accent and detail words

  215. I like all the dress

  216. The under boob dress is beautiful ❤ you can always cut the strap and make it a boob tube or make the strap a halter stripes

  217. You have such a pretty body

  218. ur body is goals omg 🤩

  219. The green brings your eyes out. They pop❣️

  220. U da best 😋

  221. You’re voice is really loud 🥺

  222. That khaki colour literally looks phenomenal with your skin tone. 😍😍

  223. Ur so pretty

  224. She says low-key and obsessed a LOT

  225. love that you are trying different style of clothing and love the black cut out dress and the snake print dress on you

  226. You are really good thoguh 😁❤❤

  227. Everything £5 and pleaseeeeee more fashionnova

  228. Me: hey roxie how do u like the dress
    Roxie: Ohhh My god.. I am Obssesd😜🤣

  229. You look so gooooood on all of them! We’re the same height but I look like a potato *cries in a sack of potatoes*

  230. holly coww

  231. ur figure is X ! or ⌛️

  232. Yessss

  233. Please can you try items from Topshop and pull and bear? I don’t shop from wish and plt often and it would be really useful to see you try on items from high street stores! Xxxxx

  234. Can we just appreciate how Roxi always welcomes new viewers to her channel?? Soo kind to her new dinosaurs

  235. Love the 2 black dress and navy green dress!!!

  236. All your video are so inspiring. Whenever i watch any of ur video, i feel more girly and want to take care myself even more just as beauty as you. Because youre literaly doing every girl would love to do. Thankyou

  237. You bought it from wish

  238. Hey Roxi can you please try club factory and SheIn

  239. R u not saying the dinosaur family anymore? I noticed u haven’t said it lately!

  240. What sizes did you get ?

  241. why not try a kpop inspired outfits,, and some aesthetic clothes that i see on ig,, i think it’ll be good,

  242. Awesome video, can you do a charity shop haul? 🙂 xx

  243. You can used the second with out bra! Dah

  244. Love your videos but I have to turn the volume down so much because you shout. But love everything in your videos

  245. Não estou entendendo nada, entretanto continuo assistindo 😂😂😂

  246. 5’3??? i’ve been subscribed for about 4 years but i’ve always thought you were like 5’9

  247. For the 2nd dress you can cut off the top part and just wear it as a skirt!

  248. I bought the snake print dress after I saw you try it on and I love it, thanx😊

  249. Are you conservative? Lol

  250. She’s gorgeous 😍 i love how the dresses fits to her ❤

  251. You should try the website I always go on there but never buy anything cause I’m scared it wont be good quality! Would be good to see someone test it out

  252. Dude your everything I wanna be

  253. Eek!!! your my height!!!….but I’m not fully grown yet I have 5-6 more years to grow….!

  254. Hello, do a video for Joom site.

  255. the snakeskin dress looked bomb with your makeup😍 you’re so pretty wtfff

  256. Hi I love this typed video they are fun to watch !

  257. I thing i am going to buy the 3-rd

  258. I love your videos they are so cool and i love youuu!!❤️

  259. You’re obsessed with some of these dresses bt i’m obsesses with ur body…😍

  260. The dresses were pretty, they weren’t that bad.
    I liked all of them but instead of the second one
    You nice, keep going 💕👌

    1. ARMY 🥰💕😂😂 also sameee

  261. Wanna have hips like yours… I have hip dips that’s why i can’t wear that type of body figure showing dress hmm

  262. U need to change ur hair style ( advice )

  263. Can you shop at joybetty please


  265. Dress 1: Yes!
    Dress 2: Maybe…
    Dress 3: Yes!
    Dress 4: Yes.
    Dress 5: Yes!
    Dress 6: Maybe…
    Dress 7: ——

  266. Please do yoins! They do some really nice clothes

  267. It was an underboob dress

  268. If you play a drinking game and take a shot ever time she say “actually” you would be wasted after the first 1.5 minutes and dead by 5 minutes in.

  269. The first black dress would be perfect with a denim jacket and sneakers ❤️

  270. Her: I wouldn’t normally wear this out, it’s a little to exposing
    *says while wearing in a video with 450,000 views
    Me: – _ –

  271. Can we talk about how gorgeous she is?

  272. These looked better on roxi then on the models TBH

  273. The first dress.. yess💥💥💥

  274. Please do Primark

  275. Take a shot everytime Roxi says “actually”.

  276. I love the black ones!! I hope they are still selling them. I wear black 95% of the time.

  277. Is pretty little thing true to size?

  278. Plsss do shopping from Indian websites !!!!!

  279. OMG Roxi!! Your abs are littt 🔥🔥
    Keep making your body perfect that way 👍

  280. Hey man, I love you but i feel like ur videos are getting really repetitive so i wish u would introduce different content here. Sorry if u felt bad.

  281. Omg! I love the shape of your body it’s so beautiful 💞 every dress suits you 👗💕

  282. A victim of fast fashion, aaahhh please stop buying from these brands

  283. Did someone told you that you look like Olivia jade? If not I will lol 😂

  284. I wanna ask. Do you actually wear those dresses in real life 😅

    1. @Louise Kirk, that’s cuz the are cheap 😂

    2. awaken moon I definitely would

    3. Im curious about that

    4. @Another_Human ._. they are awful cheap looking

    5. Louise Kirk wtf they are so cute
      U don’t know why she wears in her life

  285. You are 5’3 🥺🥺..i was thinking you are 5’8-5-11 till then

  286. In that snake patterned dress you look like you have a mermaid tail

  287. nothing should be that cheap, something is wrong. people don’t seem to realise that someone down the line is being exploited to make this dress “such a bargain”. pretty little thing, boohoo, misguided, etc need to be held accountable and EVERYONE should stop promoting it. wake up and notice that there’s always more to something and that a £3 dress is absolutely too good to be true

    1. this! we are on the same page 🙂

  288. Who wants a haircare routine because her hair is sooo beautiful?! Please,Roxi,do a haircare routine for us 💜 love youu

  289. You can wear a black crop top with second dress

  290. You go too much into detail you have crabs you basic bitch

  291. Just shut the fuck up

  292. She couldve pulled it down

  293. YouTube cheerleader

  294. why don’t u dress up as ur mum for a week

  295. 5:09 abs are POPPIN

  296. That nude skirt looked so good on you! Only if the upper part worked 😒

  297. LOL SACK OF POTATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  298. You should do a trying south african food challenge

  299. Try Boohooo outfits pleaseeee <3 <3

  300. Wear a black cropped top with the beige dress

  301. Hi Roxi, love your videos. I think the clothes look better on you than on the model..😁😁😁😁

  302. Hi Roxi, plz do the Letting the Person in front of me decide what I eat for 24 hours challenge.

  303. I hated the second one

  304. Has anyone ordered here if so how long did it take to get ur items

  305. It ain’t gonna happen.


  307. Cut the top off the second dress and make a skirt!

  308. could u do a video on ur workout routine and stuff? u look great!!!🖤☺️

  309. Drop dead gorgeous ❤

  310. I love your video you are soo cute and you make me happy

  311. Roxi:tries on dress.
    Me: I wonder what she is going to say.
    Roxi:I am obsessed.
    Tries on another.
    Me:what she gonna say?
    Roxi: I’m silently obsessed with this dress.
    Tries on another.
    Me: is she gonna say that she’s obsessed.
    Roxi: the moment I saw this dress I fell in love with it.

    Thanks for the vid.
    Thanks to everyone who stopped to read this comment and have a great day😊😊😊😊✌✌✌✌✌

  312. With the second dress, you could get a band the same color and sew it on

  313. “I feel like I’m lowkey Kim Possible”
    😂😂😂 I died

  314. The first one and definitely the third last one… ♡♡

  315. plt takes forever to arrive

  316. i would love to see you try iv found it by accident the dresses are £5 and iv ordered 2 for next day delivery x

  317. Hey roxi I actually saw u today but was too scared to say hi haha I was at a designer shopping outlet in oxford and u were wearing a yellow outfit

    1. wat

  318. ROXI!


  319. You don’t have content

  320. Roxy could you try Missyempire for your netx video???

  321. It looks so cute on the model…What is this? *im crying* 😂😂😂

  322. Can u plz make me know what is in trending now days in outfit for age 13-14 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and I love ur choices and ur outfit toooooo so plz ge me ur opinion in comment section or in answer and question vidio

  323. Baby girl :* love ur vidz x x x

  324. Wait aren’t you from Poland ?

  325. the kim possible dress looks amazing on you omg love it!!

  326. Can she change the word ‘obsess’? I dont know i feel like all of her video she said ‘obsess’ alwaysss

  327. YOLO

  328. Personally I won’t choose any of tho

  329. For some reason she kinda reminds me of sophdoesnails idk why 😂

  330. pls do a closet tour <3

  331. Please do a video on fixing the bad dresses

  332. Do you keep all of this?

  333. Wow

  334. You could wear a white crop top over the second dress🤷‍♀️

  335. 5:19 little black dress just walked into the room, making heads turn cant stop looking at you.! Sorry I couldnt resist 😂 #directioner 😂

  336. I followed you Already ever since hehehe:3

  337. you have already bought that greyish dress whit cutouts on one side. it is literly the same dress from the same website (was in a similar video) 😂😂😂

  338. Hey Rox! Another 5’3” girl here 🙂 I’m always worried about sizing when I order online because of my height, what are your tips? As from watching many of your videos we have a similar body type 🙂

  339. what a bargain

  340. Wonder what life would be like if the only lumps and bumps you have to worry about are your underwear lines

  341. Leopard print looked fab on you!

  342. So….. this whole time you haven’t been atleast 5’9….

  343. Do everything5pound Next!

  344. Hit the like button if you want her to do a haul on everything5pound.

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