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My Designer Shoe Collection | Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Balenciaga and More | Tamara Kalinic

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Join one of the best paying affiliate programs in the industry and make commission from every referral or sale.
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717 thoughts on “My Designer Shoe Collection | Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Balenciaga and More | Tamara Kalinic

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  2. No usage this shoes.

  3. Must be nice to be rich for no reason.

  4. when she said those beautiful polka dot balenciagas would be good for 2020 rip 😢

  5. Lay off the heels! Your feet are all red and inflamed! They look painful and not a good look. Try some body makeup or self tanner.

  6. Omg ur heels are so beautiful. Wow beautiful

  7. Your style is so beautifully unique and your pieces are so incredibly elegant. I love that your collection caters to all preferences, there’s a shoe here for the most pickiest of people. Thank you for making this so enjoyable to watch, I sat the whole way through ❤

  8. I need to re wachi can’t remember which were my fav

  9. Would you be interested in selling any of your heels very interested in a few pairs relpy back thanks great collection

  10. Hello Tamara, Like your collections!! (although I am a man). Like you, I am running a channel trying very hard. It is about men’s shoes and menswear. I really like you style and your aesthetics vision for women’s fashion. I think although we are talking about fashion on different genders here, but our aesthetics vision can be mutual. Thank you again for sharing these great videos which are greatly inspiring me and look forward to more that to come!

  11. Dn, you are a hot one.😍😍😍😘

  12. wow Tamara !! this collection is a dream for every girl of the world !!

  13. Tu shapt

  14. What an amazing collection! I love how diverse and eclectic your shoe collection is, but how you can still make it work within your own style! How do you keep them organized and how do you choose what to wear when you have so many options? I have maybe 50 pairs of shoes and already I have trouble deciding sometimes, and end up going the boring route (same shoes all the time).

  15. Oh wow I have never seen so many shoes in my life.
    Do you mind me asking,do you get a discount because of working in the industry??..
    I love the colour of your shoes. I couldn’t tell you the designer. I am clueless when it comes to that.
    Thanks for sharing though.
    Have a nice day,xx

  16. Beautiful collection .. I love it

  17. +Tamara Kalinic
    Thank you for your designer shoe video here .
    Watching you look so good in your shoes is helping me smile and find some positivity through these times of so much negativity with the effects of this COVID-19 Pandemic right now .
    Please keep on doing them .
    – Dwight

  18. 5:00 Oh My …..

  19. I love your pale white looking bare feet soles and heels showing in your shoes goddess Tamara, do a million more please!

  20. nice shoes

  21. bag collection


  23. hey just wanted to ask, do you put sole protectors on your shoes or just wear them as is?

  24. I can’t imagine wearing shoes only until they go out of fashion. (then again I dress vintage, so everything I wear is “out of fashion”) To each their own, but I personally wear my shoes into the ground. I wore doc martens until they wore out (after a year!), and I realized they weren’t built to last. Now I have about 10 pairs of shoes- and I think thats excessive lol. Anyways, I still enjoyed this video. Thank you for reminding me that people are different (and that’s great!) Best of luck 🙂

  25. pretty pink toenails

  26. Pink Chanel Sandals look good on you tamara

  27. you have pretty skin Tamara Kalinic

  28. you have pretty feet on YouTube

  29. Piękne. Napięcie było ogromne. Zwalony. Dzięki

  30. Atleast clean and maintain such expensive stuff.

  31. Love, with all these beautiful, expensive shoes, pedicures should be a part of your monthly beauty routine.

  32. Sexy feet

  33. Meanwhile, people are dying of hunger and homelessness.

  34. You can open a museum of shoes..the one that impress me is the Louboutin shiny black leather, very sexy.

  35. SO so so sexy!!!

  36. Your feet make me feel in paradise!!!!

  37. Shoe porn for real. Girl you are a princess 👸

  38. i love your precious feet in high heeled sandals

  39. Alexander Vauthier’s boots are E V E R Y. T H I N G. Should be kept as house decoration. Best you own.

  40. I Love You & Your Shoe Collection,Bag,Ect. ❤💖💓💗💞👠💜💋💦💎. I Love You So Much & For The Rest Of My Life

  41. wow girl, you have very beautiful sexy feet,  very nice looking feet, Tamara

  42. Those white Fendi boots🔥🔥🔥🔥. Your collection is insane, so blessed ♥️

  43. Ameiiii 💖💞

  44. 😌 shoe overload❤️

  45. I love shoe collection videos, as long as they are short and there is zero talking. That being said, I actually really enjoyed the way you described each pair of your shoes, and the little personal stories that went along with a lot of them were delightful. I also liked that you popped in pictures of you wearing them. This was a really well done shoe collection video. I wouldn’t have believed I’d ever want to watch an hour long video of someone else’s shoes, but here I am.

  46. Туфли Моноло Бланик убитые совсем, выкинуть пора

  47. Stunning shoes collections I hv ever seen!

  48. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  49. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    1. 28:50 😍

    2. 11:58 😍

    3. 4:37 😍

  50. I kiss fets

  51. The pink Sateen.are stunning

  52. don’t like none of the shoes except for Loubies. The balenciaga heels look very mature woman in her mid 50

  53. There were a couple of exceptions, but I’ve just seen nearly an hour of uniquely hideous shoes. 12:48 D&G ate a circus and then vomited it up in their shoe factory. Athletic shoes are seldom sexy, but yours, while garish, are all unique. I do appreciate that you take care of yourself and your feet, by putting on a well-fitting walking shoe from time to time.

    Clean lines and Solid, Darker colors 14:54 are most elegant, because they contrast with your skin and enhance the contours of your foot. LOUIS VUITTON ruined a pair of classic opera pumps by gluing his name up the side in huge letters.

    Chunky heels, Bows, fussy gimmicks and gawdy patterns are definite man-repellers. A slender, feminine strap (T-strap included) is simple, functional and pretty. Cutouts often make sexy scene-stealers. I hate flats, platforms, wedges, ankle-boots, beige, and open toes.

    You don’t seem to mind repelling men; Good for you. I’m just one guy, but I had to be honest. I hope you can take something from a dissenting opinion. Maybe someone will agree 👍🏻 with this before you delete it.


  54. Every shoe is love…… Love love love….honestly Bestest shoe collection;.i have ever seen❤❤❤❤

  55. I can tell from your shoe collection that you love fashion, btw this is my first video of yours that I have watched. Such a unique and beautiful collection. 👌❤

  56. OMG!!!! this Video is the best video for the year….it’s like Porno movie, i used it very time when i stay alone at home and need to jerk myself off…..thanks so much Cindrella

  57. This Trinidadian/American love you collection. One of my dream was always to go to Italy and buy some good shoes. Not being materialictic-but I just love a grest pair of leather shoes. You go girl

  58. Great shoes collection 🥰🥰🥰,can you please tell me what your job is?Thanks in advance

    1. i think she’s not working, other wise all coworker men would jerk off on her heels and get divorced eventually…

  59. Rememeber me plz when y think To give some of them 🤗

  60. You have no sense of style

  61. You have so pretty feet!

  62. The bottega shoes are so ugly

  63. 👌👌👌

  64. You have an entire all brand shop in your house…great

  65. The music…

  66. 5:02 🤩 I loved this video so much heels

  67. Omg. The Celine shoes are horrible. 😬

  68. The most beautiful colection 😊 Are you from Croatia, you have Croatian surname.

  69. Why are most “designer” heels always so fucking ugly

  70. Hello Tamara,
    Your shoe and sandals collection is very awesome and amazing… Each one with unique design…. I loved your heels more… 💞❤️🇮🇳

  71. The man repelling shoe 🤣🤣 I can’t. Loved all the pics of outfits with the shoes, everything looks so perfect 😍

  72. My goodness all of the gucci shoes are sooo beautiful!

  73. I love the fact that she wares them a lot not collected them for show

  74. I subbed because omg your style is absolutely gorgeous! I don’t wear heels but this gave me an insight into what I might actually wear and love! ❤️ Thank you so much 🌸

  75. Kind and nice. Let’s be friends

  76. Hello. Every woman loves beautiful high-heeled shoes. But, everyday wear of such shoes is tedious for the feet. You look beautiful. Your legs are great. Question: how do you relieve fatigue in your legs and do you have any exercises with small balls to warm up your toes? And in General, how beneficial, from a medical point of view, and useful is it to stand barefoot, with your fingers high on a small ball? Tell me, can you make a video for girls with a small ball (5-7 centimeters in size)? And is it possible to stand on your toes, high on your toes? Thanks.

  77. Jimmy choo is the best😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  78. поверьте мне не в туфлях красота.Ноги очень красивы.🌹🌹🌹

  79. I love your unique sense of beauty and fashion very colourful and joyful

  80. I absolutely love your shoe game!🔥🔥

  81. what brand and what color your lipstick,so pretty

  82. Tamara this is my cool stupends the shoes

  83. Shoes🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  84. Love every pair, think Jimmy Choo are my favourite thankyou Tamara xxx

  85. Tamara ponosu nas! ♥️

  86. Were you get your earrings love them

  87. Ok, it’s official now – I must have a shoe addiction, I buy a lot of shoes but never watched videos about shoes, now watching videos about very very, veeeeery expensive shoes, looking them up online, putting them in a cart, about to click “buy”, my purse yelling at me to get some help.. sorry purse..

  88. Wash ur sneakers girl!

  89. A girl can dream 😭😭😍😍

  90. “I’m more of a streetwear girl”
    “This was my first pair of sneakers I didn’t wear them before”

  91. I’m just obsessed with shoes they are so forgiving, you can wear the most luxurious pair of shoes with a pair of jeans and still look fab

  92. Great collection! Though I personally wouldn’t buy any shoe, bag or any item with the designer name plastered in large font across the item (as in those Louis Vuitton pumps)… it’s an eyesore…& tacky (to me). Otherwise, really like most of the shoe styles. 🥿👠👡🩰👟

  93. Amazing shoe collection ❤❤❤❤

  94. Koliko parova mi na prvu nisu bili lepi, ali posle kad vidim kako si ih iskombinovala i kako ti stoje..prosto se odusevim😱😱😱😱❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  95. A. I. Rodaci. Sy. Se. Otimali. Sa. Popovima. Oko. Vas. I. Zetovi. I.
    Jos. Neki. Kao. I. Onisy se. Brinyli
    Za. Vasy.udajy.onoga.onda.u.banjy

  96. jummmm nada nadita que ver empezando por esos tenis que parecen unos tractores y el resto hay noooo que susto jajaja

  97. Feel free to give me the lv boots you don’t like anymore haha ! Love them ! I love how your collection goes from one extreme style to the other! Love this video ! Bag collection for sure! X

  98. Great shoe collection Tamara!
    Just FYI, the Hermes sandals with the heel are called Oasis. The flat ones are Oran.

  99. Too much is truly too much!

  100. so tacky when the lable is displayed all across the shoe

    1. lu A das my girl right there👈🏼😁 it just makes the owner look so desperate for attention like “ooh look at me I’m rich and I have designer shoes”

  101. ♀¤♂★☆◎Luxury,Belt、Shoes、Watch、jewelry、Bag、Scarf、glasses、Clothes,Shipping worldwide,Same Original,For more info, please contact,Wechat:156555643奢侈品,皮带、鞋子、手表、饰品、包包、围巾、眼镜、衣服,邮寄全球,以假乱真,更多图片细节和款式+微:156555643

  102. I love them.

  103. I’m obsessed with shoes/footwear but can’t afford them. The only way to satisfy this obsession is to watch videos like this 😑😑😑

  104. Heels are the best shoes!

  105. Beautiful heels , beautifully worn

  106. Nice collection 🙂 And what’s your shoes size ?

  107. So beautiful collection.

  108. You have a very loud style of shoes 😁in the nice way ,probably not for me but I enjoy the concert

  109. So cool collection.

  110. Girl your shoes are so amazing.

  111. Most of them were ridiculous looking.

  112. So beautiful.

  113. Absolutely love your videos

  114. Salut trop belles tes chaussures 😘😘😘😘

  115. heels the dimensions of jimmy choo gets me every time,monalo’s are stunning and the dolc’e and gabanna are gorgeous ,the satin heels in vivid colours,the high Gucci sandals,the dior boots with the star,just adore your collection of footwear

  116. You’re so lucky!!! Why did the video just cut out at the end?

  117. Wow😍. Impressed you linked all of them too.

  118. 19:00 looks hideous 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  119. Viele wunderschöne Hacken!!

  120. Beautiful.

  121. and some are too small

  122. they look too big for you

  123. Dolce and Gabbana ‘s are my favourite.Thanks for showing.

  124. Beautiful collection.

  125. High heels are badass. I love heels.

  126. shocked how your Chanel shoes were stolen from hotels, im assuming it was staff?

  127. Balenciaga 1st boots 😍

  128. I love your collections so much ❤️❤️. Do u also own non designer shoes u might wanna show us

  129. Does just YouTube cut her video before it ends 😆 i was enjoying myself, watched in 2days 😹🥰🥰🥰✌🏾🤦🏾‍♀️

  130. 😍

  131. Those black Balenciaga shoes 👠 look like witch shoes 😂😂

  132. The pearl Jimmy Choo’s are my favorite pair – they look like faerie shoes

  133. Predivno rečeno 👌🏽
    A sve ostalo 😍😍😍😍

  134. Best shoe show ever!

  135. hello

  136. D&G the best shoe

  137. rosa 3:27 4 t … mamma mia sto per venire … 4:26 3+1 .. non resisto … 5:42 4 t non ce la faccio più a tenerlo … 17:46 5 … adesso vengo … 20:44 5 infradito t … non ne avevo mai viste così … inizio a sborrare …

  138. #

  139. 누나 족발 좆나 맛있겠다

  140. My dear, everything looked amazing, lovely, incredible, stunning, killer and so on…. 😍But I noticed that in this perfect collection, all that was missing were…….. The ICONIC Prada flames😭where are they, my dear…?????

  141. Shit I blasted babies

  142. I love the Christian Louboutin heels, I love how they show the feet when you put them on!

  143. Heels are the best darling.

  144. I love your heels😍

  145. I’m here for the sexy feet show!
    Getting ready to pop tonight 8=👊=D💦

  146. Heels and boots are my favorite shoes.

  147. Can u plz let us know how u maintain those shoes. So excited to hear

  148. I wasted an hour of my life to see ugliest shoes ever I think you have aweful taste to choose a shoe !!👎🏼👎🏼❌

    the shoes what I like only is the pearl high heel and the golden boot high heel thats all ! 🙃

  149. Not high enough for me, I’m afraid, Tamara! [sigh]

  150. I’m sorry but, you can NEVER have too many shoes!

  151. OMG, if I was your sister what a beautiful collection. I immediately fell in love with the Gucci silver sandal, I want them😭😊 Also the prada sandals that look a disco ball, I would wear in a heart beat! Thanks for letting us enjoy. I also try with white boots, sandals, shoes, I just can’t get into them, they just sit on the shelf.

  152. I like that you are quite daring with your shoe taste.

  153. Two pair there. Hermes and the black mesh. Everything else is fashionista!

  154. Can you please make a video on how to care for shoes? Like, how to clean and store them? Also, some fashion videos on when to wear what, and how to pair or style? 🙈🙈🙈

  155. Oh my god!…..hermosos pies, suaves como terciopelo y deditos coquetos, pies de princesa!….👣😋

  156. Watching this hurts my feet

    1. I know. I couldn’t wear a single pair…but I love to look at them.

  157. Best shoe haul I’ve seen! All to my taste and love how you filmed it💜

  158. go up a size. your heels are hanging off half of your sandals and your toes are about to hang off. wtf

  159. Your intro just teleported me into the early 2000s

  160. I Constantly didn’t like your shoes but when I saw u styling them I instantly loved them

  161. Nice

  162. Ok but u have my dream job, love u 🥰

  163. You really like witchy-looking shoes. @ 16:00

  164. VcTem muito bom gosto,😍😍😍😍

  165. I offer my services to be your shoe cleaner. Free of charge .

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  167. Great video, xo

  168. I love your collection 😍❤️ it’s wery interesting and unusual 👌🏻

  169. Where can spectator shoes be found?????

  170. Your feet are beautiful.

  171. Love love love your collection! But how do you store it? I have a lot of shoes and its my problem.

  172. your toes are so sexy

  173. Vapid waste of air

  174. So beautiful and diverse best shoe collection I have seen so far😍

  175. I love love all the shoes and I was cooking and I got full just watching this video….thank you so much❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  176. Ay bir türlü istediğim ayakkabıyı bulamadım altın rengi olan.ben hepsine bakamadım nasıl aldın hepsini nereye koyuyorsun bu arada ailen ne iş yapıyor😅😊

  177. I don’t collect shoes at all… but your shoes collection is absolutely beautiful. I never thought I wished to own most of them !💙💚💙👠👟🥿👢👠🥿

  178. Omg goals

  179. Amazing collection

  180. Hi Tamara, can you say if the Chanel ‘orthopedic’ sandals run true to size and whether the soles are stiff feeling or flexible when walking? I find the CC espadrilles very stiff and want these sandals but not if they feel the same. Thank you – love your collection 🙂

  181. Loooove it ❤️❤️❤️

  182. Is it me or the video got cut at the end ?

  183. 41:27 that logo can’t hold this much weight, it might break under pressure 🤔

    1. @xx Sophie xx Depends how do you walk, if you stand using entire weight for long time.. Then it will break I guess 🤣

    2. Krish- B it holds in some cases it may break but its made so well that it dosent

  184. You have some beautiful shoes! ❤️

  185. 15:15 can you link them?

  186. What does this lady do to live like this ! I love it 💕 very inspiring

  187. Au dobar izvor za drkanje za nas foot fetišare

  188. Honestly. I love every single pair you have. You have amazing taste. Also could you give me tips on how to wear high heels I am such a clumsy person I would fall over in your low heel ones.

  189. 😁👍🏻fabulous collection! Enjoy because once you decide to have kids they’ll change your shoe size. 😩💐

  190. Such an amazing collection ❤😍😍😘

  191. You didn’t mention where the black with removable silver bow one was from 😭😭😭

    1. Gucci 😍

  192. Such beautiful dainty feet.

  193. Can you give advice on how to wear heels casually? I’m 22 and I want to start wearing my heels but I get annoying comments from my peers…

    1. Stop worrying about the comments and just wear it. Put some jean’s and a cute shirt with it and wear it. Nothing else to it.🤷🏽‍♂️

  194. Your voice is so soothing!

  195. Your slave… I m your doormat

  196. This video exudes the rich bitch energy I one day hope to have. 50 minutes of video footage showing DESIGNER shoes and you spend at most 30 seconds on a pair. You really are blessed

  197. Love your English ,Serb💘
    ( I assume you are from Serbia <3 )

    1. Yesss❤️❤️❤️ thank you

  198. Square toe heels are unflattering, unless you like duck feet *quack, quack* 🦆.
    Pointed or round toe heels are far more suitable to the natural foot & toe shape 👠.
    Trend isn’t necessarily best.

    1. @Mazilu Trust me, nobody would want to dirty their shoes by stepping on something as nasty as you sweetheart…bless soul.✌🏼

    2. Oh hey Josh, please don’t step on my toes with your square toed clodhoppers 🤣🤣🤣. See ya 👋🏽

    3. Pointed Toes aren’t suitable at all, they cause way more damage to the feet than Square Toes and Square Toes are very flattering if worn right, you just don’t have taste.

  199. I am 20 minutes in and i am in love with her personality💕😂

    1. Same btw she is so beautiful and lucky 🎉

    2. Thank you so much! This is the best compliment❤️

  200. i wanted to buy the hangisi, jimmy choo bing 100 and the ysl opyum sandals for so so long but im too broke to buy 🙁

  201. How have you been feeling lately?😁
    Your charm is irresistible!!😇💐🌸
    You look energetic. 💪
    You have a great smile.🤗
    I love you!! 😘

    1. Thank you so much for these wonderful words! Means so much to me❤️❤️❤️

  202. I’ve never stared at someone’s feet for this long lol in love with most of the collection😍😍😍

  203. Your style looks like Blair Waldorf!😍

  204. how did you take care of your foot?without any cracks heels looks ao smooth

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