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Myntra Maxi Dresses Haul(6 Dresses)| Under ₹800 | Casual & Party-wear Gowns

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Hola Everyone!!

Today I am trying out 6 Casual College & Party Wear Long dresses/Long gowns from Myntra under ₹800. Watch the entire video to know, if they are worth the money or not.
Let me know which one did you like the most!!

Links to all the Dresses: (affiliated links)
Dress 1 (Size- S)-
Dress 2 (Size- S)-
Dress 3 (Size- M)-
Dress 4 (Size- M)-
Dress 5 (Size- M)-
Dress 6 (Size- L)-

Yellow kurta ( wearing in the video):

Also, don’t forget to subscribe guys!! 🙂

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Join one of the best paying affiliate programs in the industry and make commission from every referral or sale.
>>> Join Dar-us-Salam affiliate program and you will never regret doing so. This is your chance to earn a lot of good deeds and cash!
"Whoever guides [another] to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it." [Sahih Muslim].
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1,138 thoughts on “Myntra Maxi Dresses Haul(6 Dresses)| Under ₹800 | Casual & Party-wear Gowns

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  2. Hey Ramya…. I ordered this black क ख ग print dress after seeing your review and it is simply awesome…. Most of all, it is hiding my tummy quite smartly and overall its superb. Thanks for such a helpful review sweetheart. Keep posting… 😘

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    1. Sunildatta Keni because the price I mentioned is what I paid for these dresses. And Myntra changes the discount rates every other day. So not possible for me to predict what they will charge when I upload the video so I mention the price that I paid

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    1. Contact 9664953756

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    1. All the links are in the description box below the video.

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    1. To buy the dresses you can open up the links given in description box above this comment section

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    Can u plz suggest me some tips?

    1. Sure you can put on a good looking georgette scarf around your neck to give a fuller look. And style it with sneakers if you wear them or just anything you feel comfortable in like wedgies or flats

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    1. @Ramya Vasudev thanks

    2. Tanishka Singh oh acha for those you can wear strapless ones . You can get them on zivame or shy away for good quality ot you can try Amazon as well if you don’t want the quality to be perfect

    3. Mam in your third and fourth dress there was a triangle look from chest to waist for that I am asking what is necessary stiching or cups in the dress or particular type of bra. In Pinterest there are many dress in which we see that look

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    4. Hi!!! I didn’t get any in it but many were saying they received it so maybe you will get sleeves fabric in it

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    1. @Hikmat Ullah Yayyyy I am so happy for you cutie 🥰

    2. @Ramya Vasudev yey!!!! Di maine kharid leeye 5 wali maxi dress only in 610 rupees and by the way I am a girl student it’s my dad account

    3. Dolly Ramphal thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

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