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One Maxi Dress: 10 Ways | How to Style Basics | Capsule Closet | Minimalism

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Ciao everyone! I’m continuing my how to style basics series with 10 ways to wear a maxi dress. This is a summer capsule closet staple, and all the items I’ve worn with it are closet basics. Although a vest would have been a great addition!

I hope you like these ideas! What’s your favourite way to wear a maxi dress?

Links to similar items:

Maxi dress:

White/black tee:

Leather belt:


Clog Sandals:

Chambray shirt:

Black Blazer:

Ponyhair belt:

Navy belt:
White shirt:

Navy sandals:


Black saddle bag:

Woven bag:

**Sometimes I use affiliate links, which means I receive commission on a product if you purchase it. This in no way affects the price you pay, or my decision to include the product in my recommendations. I always seek out the pieces that I truly believe in and think you will have for years to come. I also try to choose sustainable or eco-friendly options.






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379 thoughts on “One Maxi Dress: 10 Ways | How to Style Basics | Capsule Closet | Minimalism

  1. Hello Alyssa, I’ve been watching every single episode. I just rewatched this one and wanted to know if you can give me other options on how I can wear my maxi’s for the office. I love maxi’s and want to wear them more at the office. Thanks Scarlett

  2. Idk where you “summer” at but it must be cold! It’s July 4th here in Ohio in The States and it’s 92 degrees. You would be so hot in all of that besides 2 of them! These are great for fall 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. Super

  4. Loved outfits 3 and 8 ! 👍

  5. 7,8 mindblowing

  6. Your hair…

  7. u r great

  8. Would love to see a Fall Maxi Dress video too!

  9. Wow!! Lots of new ideaa to wear what we already have in the closet. Thank you so much for your creativity and sharing ❤️

  10. Great awesome great thinking out of the box. Will keep video to remember your ideas I’ve had such a problem

  11. amazing dresses’GRECERELLE Women’s Sleeveless Racerback and Long Sleeve Loose Plain Maxi Dresses Casual Long Dresses with Pockets;

  12. That dress is swallowing her and doesnt look good or right on her to begin with so all the looks looked off bc she could have picked a better dress to begin with in my opinion

  13. Bharat hota to isko dhoti jesa bna dete thhe…😂😂😂

  14. Love 3, 8 & 9! Just found your channel! 💗

  15. Love the color of the dress, link is down and I’m looking for similar, what color will best describe it?

  16. Nice if people would style their clothes, not too hard to do, may cut down on the need to shop and buy new! I like bringing in blazers and jackets, they sort of fell by the wayside when the yoga butt look took over.

  17. Sooper i liked all the styles

  18. #3 Urban chic my fav! Although gotta say, with your figure a maxi dress is the last thing I would wear! It hides you too much. 😉

  19. Thank you! Just what I was looking for. A simple video showing me how to utilise items I already own. I know this vid is old now, but still on point. I loved that you skipped passed all of the listing all your items malarkey and got on with it. Definitely need to see how to style for other seasons too.

  20. NIce 👍

  21. I am a year too late but I was looking for ways to accessorize my maxi dress for a Christmas party, the elevated and fancy and cinched look inspired me.

  22. Thank you so much for posting this ❤️. Yes, winter is here, Please post winter maxi dress or maxi skirt ( like knit pencil style long skirt which is popular this year, but seems hard to make it chic and stylish). Thanks 😊

  23. Hi, what’s the name for the background music towards the end of the video? Loves it! Thanks 😊

    1. Thank you! If you check out DJ Quads on Soundcloud you will find! xx

  24. I love it! Thanks for sharing

  25. Orange looks good on you…congratulations…

  26. Super interesting and cool! I admire your styling ideas!

    1. I’m so glad you like them Wanda, thanks for watching! xx

  27. Omg.. Fabulous

    1. Thanks for watching!

  28. I liked the knotted tricks to enhance the look of the dresses or shirts – Cool👌. Thanks for the tips 🤗

  29. Elevated

  30. Yes! Please make a fall maxi dress look video!

    1. Thanks for watching Karen!

  31. Where can I find a similar dress the one you have is no longer available

  32. Omg! I have the same dress! Color, long! I wss about to trow it in the trash 😂 Thank you. A leather jacket can rock too

  33. Oh.. thank you. This works great for So Calif, cause our Fall is always very hot… can be 90’s-100’s.
    Your denim jacket might only be good for our Fall mornings and nights when it cools a tiny bit, and the rest is good for daytime. It can be 110 degrees in Sept or Oct
    My d-i-l is tall and really liked you video with the teal midi dress. She should like this a lot too. Thank you

  34. I looove Nr. 8

  35. Wow Girl you know how to work it!

  36. Clever lady 😉

  37. That maxi dress and its contrasting trim! 😍🤩

  38. Thank you so much I love this video!

  39. I love it! The knotted one was a take on knotted I haven’t seen before, and it was my favorite one.

  40. I am not too sure about the 6 lol

  41. Thanks for that fabulous video! I was sewing a Maxi dress as your video starts to play on my computer next to me. I can’t believe how many looks I can now create! I don’t like all the looks that I have tried, but for sure, I will recreate 3 of those new looks! Thanks a lot! 🙂
    And now, I have no choice… I’m a new subscriber and need to watch all those amazing videos! 😊

  42. Urban and elevated. Love the cinched look. 😀👍🏼

  43. I admire your creativity and your approach to dressing up without buying more.  If you’ll allow me a tiny bit of constructive criticism, I think this particular dress would be more versatile if it was hemmed about 2 inches higher.  That way, it’d still look beautiful with heels, but lend itself better to be worn with sneakers.  Lots of love from the eastern USA!

  44. Absolutely Love Love Love every creative outfit, you have totally inspired me. Grazie tantissimo 👍🙋🏻😊

  45. Actually so helpfull! thank you❤️

  46. can you do that with a maxi skirt?

  47. that’s a great dress!

  48. I’ve got to say the #4 knotted look is just the thing I needed! I’m short. I have a draped asymmetrical maxi dress that was just too long in the front. I did the knotted look & it didn’t take anything away from the dress, in fact it enhanced to look. Thank you soooo much! I also have the same dress in a different color that I took to have hemmed for $40. when I just could have used a rubber band. Ugh!

    1. haha ahh no worries! Getting clothes altered is a great strategy, but i’m so glad you found the rubber band trick useful for other pieces! 🙂 Thanks so much for watching xx

  49. Yesssss!! Something that we can actually wear!

  50. Yeah, i love your video!

  51. Мне понравились все комбинации !! Подписалась. 👗

  52. I’ve watched this video several times … At 55 I’m slowly learning how to dress with a more versatile mindset – I have to many ” wear one way ” pieces and the more I travel the smarter my packing has to be. I have several tanks built like the top of this dress and I wish to have some support or a little more coverage underneath. Can you please recommend some bralette ideas – under garments can so make or break an outfit. Smooth cup or lace or ???? Thanks

  53. All are great but Urban Chic (3) and 8 are my faves. You nailed this. I’ve got several maxis I’m taking on vacation and can now get more mileage with them, so THANKS!

  54. The Denim jacket over a white shirt, w/ straw bag and white shoes is effortlessly chic. Also, lived the denim shirt knotted at the waist. 😘

  55. Omg! That hair tie trick! Thank you! 😍

  56. You can never really pick one AB masterpiece, But elevated really caught my style. The skill you have with an elastic is beyond human. : ) Super power really. Cinching made a whole new dress, with just a teeny little elastic. Never have seen that done, on this planet. Out of this world. Bravo!

  57. Excellent job Alyssa!💕

  58. Just found your channel👍🙌🏼 you gained a new subscriber

    1. 😉

    2. Aw yay!! That’s amazing! Thanks so much I hope you enjoy it!! 🥰

  59. Lovely! Can you try a floral dress once? They are so tough to style.

  60. Love, love, love this! Great ideas, Alyssa! 💛 Rosemary

  61. Perfect timing… I am going for a 3 day conference tomorrow. will be bringing one dress and try 3 of your ideas! Thank you!

  62. that urban chic outfit #3 is super cute! what belt is that? a leather wrap belt?? 🙂

    1. thank you glad you like it! yes, it is a leather wrap belt – so useful! I’ve linked to something similar in the description:)

  63. Love the way that dress hangs

    1. Thank you! Me too 🙂

  64. Love the music to this video, what is it? 💕😊

  65. Thank you for creating another great video! I always enjoy your cheerful and calm energy. Obi belts are the best. For people like me with a few more inches in the waist area, a slightly skinnier one is more flattering imo.

    1. Oh I interesting thought Katherine! Belts are great little tools 🙂 so glad you liked the video 🙂 thank you for watching!

  66. Thanks! Maxi dresses are some my favorite wardrobe pieces, and I can always use more ideas to wear locally and on trips away from home. 😊❤P.S. I’ve gotten most of my maxi dresses from, great deals and
    multiple solid colors and patterns in the same styles.

    1. They are super versatile! Thanks so much for watching xx

  67. Love look 3 – and 5! I’m inspired!

  68. Cool. I thought I got a lot of wear from my maxi but you took it to another level. Appreciate it. We’re right smack in the middle of summer so hot. Going to do some of the styles I haven’t done before. The knitted white tee with sneakers and the knotted long sleeves top 😎

    1. Nice!! So glad you found some new ideas with your own maxi Carol 🙂 thanks for watching and enjoy summer! xx

  69. You gave me so many ideas! Bring on summer! Thank you!

  70. Wow Really it’s worth to see.ThAnks

  71. Wow grt styles 😘😘😘❤️

  72. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾Subscribed, this video was so creative and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you😊😊😊

    1. Oh that’s so awesome to hear!! Thanks for subbing and watching! 🤗

  73. Boho inspired was best for me

  74. Hi this is my first time that I see your video
    I wanna to make a video for short girls that how to wear long dress for short girls plzzz

    1. Thank you for the suggestion! I’ve had a few requests for something similar so will add it to the list thank you for watching! xx

  75. Awesome

    1. Thank you for watching!

  76. I’m having fun browsing through your videos and I especially love these “wear it many ways” videos. Thank you!!

    1. That’s great to hear Karen i’m glad you’re enjoying them! I think these are definitely a favourite series:) Thank you for watching!

  77. Of course, elevated 💞

    1. Thank you for watching Baseerat 🙂

  78. urban and elevated were great. where is the dress from? I recently thrifted a maxi dress and this will help me style it.

    1. Glad you saw some looks you liked. It is very old, from ShopTobi. From before I started getting into slow fashion but i still love it! Thank you for watching!

  79. Quite interesting belts 😍

  80. Like number 8

    1. Thanks Kiran!

  81. Me encanta! Thank you! Muchas gracias ❤🌹

  82. I watched this when you originally posted it but just watched it again because I’m taking a winter trip to Florida. Thank you! These are such great ideas that I never thought of! I will definitely be trying out some of these looks.

    1. oh yay! That is so great to hear! I hope you have an amazing trip! xx

  83. Really nice!

    1. Thank you Olivia!

  84. Ty. You have helped me to shop more mindfully <3.

    1. Wonderful to hear thank you for watching!

  85. Please do a fall maxi look

  86. Superp…😘👌👍

    1. Thank you!!

  87. wow lovely dea make a bridal vedio

  88. lovely dress:

  89. Very nice Alyssa

  90. Elevated and urban ❤🔥🔥

    1. Viniypedia thanks for watching! xx

  91. Love love your ideas.

    1. Elizabeth Benjamin thank you Elizabeth!

  92. You are life saver

    1. you are too kind 🙂 Thank you for watching! xx

  93. i loved all these looks! i love this kind of video!!

    1. Nicole Sonobe yay! Glad you like it thank you for watching Nicole!

  94. No rubber band 9 &8

    1. Julia Dawnyel thank you for watching Julia!

  95. 3. Urban… to Die for! Ok… where’d you find that belt?! I need one.

    1. Me Justme hey there! Sorry for the delay – I linked to a similar one in the description.. mines so old! Thanks for watching!

  96. Boho for me!

    1. Gigi McGuane thanks for watching Gigi!

  97. ❤️❤️

    1. ♥️😘

  98. All your looks are lovely! Loved all of them!

    1. Martha thank you Martha! So appreciate you watching and your comment! xx

  99. Awesome

    1. Vee Green thank you for watching!

  100. Good one.., need more such tutorials

    1. Krupa Sekhar thank you for watching!

  101. That was fantastic!!! #lifegoals. New subscriber.

    1. Lynne S glad you liked it Lynne! Thank you so much for subscribing and watching! xx

  102. superb

    1. Tania Chowdhury thank you for watching Tania!

  103. WOW….!! MAGIC….!! LOVED IT…!! THANK YOU…!!

    1. YAY! So glad you liked it! Thank you so much for watching! xx

  104. Nice video.

    1. Komal Trivedi thank you for watching Komal!

  105. I like it … came you do more?

    1. Yes I will post more of these videos – one went up last Sunday for the midi-skirt!

  106. Love your Video ! And you look Elegant on Videos !

    1. Yaqi Hou so sweet! Thank you so much for watching!

  107. Wow, I would love a fall version

    1. noblekel oooh great suggestion:) thanks for watching!

  108. Great ideas, #3 was my favorite!☺️👍🏻

    1. Katalin Gerstenberger thanks so much for watching Katalin!

  109. Very creative, thanks!

    1. yay! Glad you liked it thank you for watching! xx

  110. Whow all the looks are great. Good ideas, I like it!

    1. yay! Glad you like them Sandra! Thank you for watching! xx

  111. This is pretty amazing. Who knew one dress could do so much?? Thank you!

    1. _naturallylola right? So glad you liked it thank you for watching!♥️

  112. Where does your dress come from?

    1. moi myriam hi there! It’s a few years old from Shop tobi … I haven’t seen anything like it recently but am on the hunt and will link to if i find anything similar! Thanks for watching!

  113. I luv luv all the looks!!! Can’t wait to try them all. Thx😍

    1. jovi ortega awesome! So glad you like them ☺️ thank you for watching! 😘

  114. Wow! You’re really inspiring, Thanks

    1. I’m so glad you like these videos – thank you for watching! xx

  115. you can also tie it at the bottom to show your ankle or shoes.

    1. yes – tying it closer to the bottom is a great idea – thanks for watching!

  116. I like all the looks….give me ideas..

    1. Mei Lin Chiang wonderful! Glad you like them thank you for watching!

  117. You are really good…I love the “Boho Inspired”

    1. Thanks so much Jessy! Glad you found a look you like 🙂 Thanks for watching! xx

  118. Wowww… You are very creative..I love every wear😍😘🔥

    1. Chepepy Sirkoi aw so sweet thank you and thank you for watching! xx

  119. The elevated was my favorite. Your videos are always so interesting.

    1. auntsandran yay! Thanks for the kind words! And thank you for watching 🙂

  120. Love this! I absolutely need to wear my maxi dresses more and this gives me some great ideas. And yes, a fall/winter edition would be great too.

    1. Sarah Martin awesome! Glad you liked some ideas and found it useful:) thanks for watching! xx

  121. Loved it all but I liked wrapping shirt in a knot and the dressy look with suit jacket.

    1. Garlic Girl glad you found some looks you like! Thanks for watching! xx

  122. Great ideas.

    1. So glad you like them – thank you for watching! xx

  123. Good ideas! Thanks!♥️

    1. yay! Glad you liked them! xx

  124. Great ideas!!!!

    1. raquy78 glad you like them!

  125. I liked the layered look!

    1. yay! Than you for watching! xx

  126. You know I went camping this weekend and I did some of same looks, add a shirt, over and under.

    1. Ooh what a great idea for camping! Bet you were the best dressed there! 😉 Thanks for watching!

  127. Really cute! Try 2-3 cinched in the back! Wore my thrifty maxi skirt like that in the 80s😃

    1. Nice! Sounds amazing 🙂 Will definitely give it a try 🙂 THanks for watching! xx

  128. This was very authentic ! Loved !

    1. So glad you liked it! Thanks so much for watching! xx

  129. Urban chic and elevated were my favorites!

    1. yay! Glad you found some looks you like in there! Thanks for watching! xx

  130. New Subbie

    1. Hey Tara! Thanks so much for subscribing and watching! xx

  131. Great video 😍. Thank you

    1. Thank you for watching! xx

  132. Girl, you did that! What I love is I’m a plus size Diva and I could rock all 10 styles.

    1. I love how you call yourself a diva. Wow. 😘😍

    2. Kia Collier hey Kia! Awesome to hear I’m so glad you like these looks! Thanks so much for watching!♥️

  133. 5 was my fav

    1. shruti jordan thank you for watching!

  134. amazing i love it thank you ❤❤

    1. wendy Blue thank you for watching!

  135. This dress is from where?

    1. Rutuja Patil hi Ratuja ! It is from Shop Tobi but is several years old … I’ve checked their site and can’t find anything similar but they do come out with new styles often! Thank you for watching!

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    1. Neha Rathi yay! So glad you liked the video, thank you for watching! 😘

  138. love ur vid… u r so creative… thank you😍😘😘😘

    1. Tanty Siegle yay! So glad you liked it thank you for watching! xx

  139. I loved the urban chic look! I might need a tutorial on that knotted belt look. Was that piece of fabric you used sold as a belt? Is it just a long piece of silky fabric? How did you get it to look so sharp? My “style a scarf as a belt” looks are always so sloppy.

    1. Thanks! I’ll have to keep an eye out for one of those

    2. Jodie Marshall hi Jodie! It’s a large leather obi belt – comes in handy all the time 🙂 I linked to a similar one in the description:) hope this helps as thank you for watching! xx

  140. 8 and 9 were the best, I could see myself doing those. great tips.

    1. Jay Zuco glad you found some looks you like! Thanks for watching! xx

  141. Loved this

    1. yay! Glad you liked it thanks for watching Marie! xx

  142. New Subie here! The urban chic and elevated looks were EVERYTHING!!😍 (I’ve now added a wide leather wrap belt to my shopping list!)

    1. CandyKeesh yay! Hi and welcome! So glad you liked those looks! And YES I’ve had that wide leather belt for YEARS and use it all the time:) thx for watching! xx

  143. I like no 8&9

    1. Ulefone U008pro yay! Thx for watching!

  144. Alyssa, i must say – all the outfits are fabulous and i will definitely give them a go next summer 😊😊. Loving your channel xx

    1. Cindy N yay! So glad you found some looks you like – thanks for watching Cindy!

  145. I agree urban was great

    1. Delta Ann Okin yay! So glad you found a look you liked ♥️ thanks for watching!

  146. I like the dress with the blazer and belt best. I would have never thought to use white tops with a maxi that has no white in the pattern. I hit the subscribe button because I am looking for a wardrobe thats not capsule exactly, but something to get the most mileage out of my clothes, rather than 50 pieces that just take up space.

    1. Dawn Pren hi Dawn, so glad you found the video interesting! you got it – I talk about capsules and minimalism but don’t believe in counting pieces or following hard and fast rules – just being more mindful and conscious about how we consume and shop for clothing so that we use less and end up with a smaller more curated closet. I hope you enjoy the channel – thanks so much for subscribing:)

  147. Tip:
    whenever u wear maxi do tie ur hair up into a bun it’ll give some height to u (I hope u all understand what I’m saying :p).

    1. Yes bt what about the helmat 😩

    2. What if you are already tall
      Is it necessary

    3. It’s great to have longer hair, for additional styling versatility! My mood and outdoor temperatures usually are deciding factors for wearing my long red hair up or down. 😊 Thank you for this video. I have many maxi dresses in solid colors and patterns. 😊

    4. ooh yes – good one! Thank you for sharing and for watching! xx

  148. Really helpful!

    1. Carol Melancon wonderful! Thanks for watching Carol!

  149. I am new to your channel. I loved all of the styling looks. Gave me some wonderful ideas.

    1. Jan Jentz hey Jan, that’s great to hear I’m so glad you found some ideas in there ☺️ thanks for watching! 😘

  150. Love love love urban chic. I would have never thought to put a tee over my maxi, let alone then belt it. Brilliant. And I kept seeing the knotted look, but never could figure out how it was done. Love #8 elevated, too.

    1. yay! That is one of my faves too – so glad you found the video helpful:) Thanks for watching! xx

  151. Hi Alyssa, great timing for this one. Love the white tee, can you tell me where it’s from?

    1. Thanks so much for watching Elizabeth! The tee is very old Joe Fresh, but Everlane makes some beautiful staple white tees:)

  152. Wow! Mind blown! I see new outfits in my closet without even shopping! Thanks for the inspo!

    1. Yes!! That’s what i’m after on this channel! Glad you found some looks you like and thank you so much for watching! xx

  153. you keep hiking up the skirt

    1. Yes – it is long and I want for people to be able to see the shoes 🙂 Thanks so much for watching!

  154. Urban chic was a favorite, as well as elevated, preppy vibes, layered (I would go with a flat, because that’s more my style, instead of the sneakers) and cinched and chic. Thank you for sharing all of your inspiration!

    1. Oh yes, a flat would work super well too – thanks for watching! xx

  155. Clever girl! 👏👏

    1. so kind – thanks for watching! xx

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    1. Fatine Rainey so glad you found a style you like Fatine! xx

  163. Awesome job! Number 3 & 5 were my favourites!

    1. Glad you found some looks you liked! Thanks so much for watching Sofi! xx

  164. Just found your channel. Love it! I can’t wait to sit down this evening and watch more. :).

    1. Aw thank you so much for those words of encouragement Debra, I hope you enjoy the other videos! 🙂

  165. Hi!! Yet another brilliant video!!! Where did you buy the dress you are wearing in the video?? I love it!!!

    1. That is so kind, thank you! Ahh it is a few years old and from my pre-sustainable days – it’s from Shop Tobi, I checked to see if they have anything similar, as well as eBay and couldn’t find! Thank you for watching 🙂

  166. Love the design of the maxi you’re wearing vs the link to the similar one provided…what co was yours fr?

    1. Thank you! It was from my pre-sustainability days and is a few years old now. It is originally from Shop Tobi and I’ve checked for something updated on their site and on ebay with no luck. Thank you for watching!

  167. Urban chic and elevated were my favorites. it was a great video Alyssa! ☺ 👍 👏 💟

    1. i’m so glad you liked it, thank you so much for watching Ana! xx

  168. very cool trick with the rubber band knotting technique! Great job! Loved this video 🙂

    1. ah thank you! Learned that one from a seasoned pro! 😉 thx for watching!

  169. Elevated! But loved them all. Very creative. ❤️

    1. So glad you like the video, thank you for watching Jane! xx

  170. Wow! How is the world do you do that!💝

    1. aw you’re too kind, thank you for watching Stephanie! xx

  171. The urban chic outfit was so cute!

    1. Thank you Jasmine! One of my faves as well! Thank you for watching 🙂

  172. Maxi envy…im petite and can’t seem to make maxi dresses work for me. Love all you did here in this video! Beautiful 😉

    1. Yaritza Rodriguez wow! What a great idea! Thank you!

    2. Maybe knot the bottom. I can look cute if done right and gets the dress off the floor.

    3. Alyssa Beltempo aawwh….thanks for the suggestion…i may give it another try😉

    4. Hey Perry! If you get one in a solid colour or with vertical lines down the side it might work … but you know your body best so its whatever is most comfortable:) I’m so glad you like the video 🙂 Thank you so much for watching! xx

  173. How about different ways to style an above the knee denim dress. 🙂

    1. Oooh that is a specific one! I don’t own an above the knee denim dress but if I find a denim skirt or dress that fits the bill I will try! That’s a great staple. Thank you for watching! xx

  174. You’re just incredible with versatility!

    1. aw that is very sweet, thank you so much for watching! xx

  175. This was great–I loved it! I really appreciated how you showed us how you actually knotted and looped things like the dress and the belt to achieve different looks. That’s just really helpful to me–so many times I see a styling video and don’t necessarily know how they made something look just so. Thanks!

    1. Great! I’m so glad you found those tidbits helpful 🙂 Thank you so much for watching Lisa! xx

  176. Layered and elevated are my fave!

    1. yay! Glad you found some you liked! Thanks so much for watching Chantal! xx

  177. Cool video I never think to style the maxi dress up
    Favourites were 3 and 8
    Thanks for sharing ❤️

    1. Awesome, so glad you found some outfits you liked 🙂 Thank you so much for watching! xx

  178. Inspirational

    1. Thank you for watching Chloe! xx

  179. Love! Love! Love it! ❤️❤️❤️
    I love maxi dresses so much, this video was amazing! Thank you so much Alyssa 💋

    1. Aw I’m so glad you liked it! Thank you so much for watching and have a great week! xx

  180. the ideas with the black tee and the blazer are amazing💞

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