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I finally got around to filming the Saint Laurent Opyum Sandal review. If you dare to try these out and purchase a pair, check out the other style options below – they are truly beautiful.

– Sandals (with gold heel – 110mm):
– Sandals (with gold heel – 85mm):
– Sandals (all black):
– Sandals (brown):
– Sandals (gold):
– Sandals (white):
– Sandals (red):
– Sandals (preloved):
– Pumps (black):
– Pumps (black with silver heel):
– Pumps (black with a gold heel):
– Pumps (gold!):
– Pumps (black 85mm):
– Pumps (suede with ankle strap – love these):
– Ankle boots (black with black heel – 110mm):
– Ankle boots (85mm):










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  1. They look super cute my husband bought me this shoes for my birthday. Truth be told they r so unfortable to walk around with but they look so nice
    Unfortunately if my husband asked me to chose I wouldn’t go for this shoes. They are nice to wear if you will not ne spending alot of time on your feet standing up

  2. Thanks so much for this review!!! Initially I was looking for pictures of people in them before I purchased online. They are never available in my size in store! But after this review I’ll pass! I already have uncomfortable shoes (So Kate’s) and they’re pretty but I hate wearing them! Thanks again

  3. Thank u for ur honestly

  4. Omg…..I just ordered them….I’ll have to try them when they get here to see how it feels with them on. Love your makeup

  5. Hello. Every woman loves beautiful high-heeled shoes. But, everyday wear of such shoes is tedious for the feet. You look beautiful. Your legs are great. Question: how do you relieve fatigue in your legs and do you have any exercises with small balls to warm up your toes? And in General, how beneficial, from a medical point of view, and useful is it to stand barefoot, with your fingers high on a small ball? Tell me, can you make a video for girls with a small ball (5-7 centimeters in size)? And is it possible to stand on your toes, high on your toes? Thanks. I think this video, specifically with the ball, will be very useful to your viewers.

  6. Me hubiese encantado que tuviera traductor. Quisiera saber si vale la pena comprar

  7. You’re the second person who review I saw that said that strap broke in the first wear, that’s terrible. I’ve been trying to binge reviews before I get mine but this is discouraging

  8. Runs small ?Big?True to size?

    1. true to size imo

  9. So disappointing they’re not comfortable – they’re beautiful 🙁

  10. Looks good with the label on the side of the shoe

  11. So glad you made this video. I just bought the black pointed toe black ones with the strap for fall. I will only wear them when I know I will be sitting at the event. Thank you!!!

  12. Are you Ukrainian? 🇺🇦

  13. I still find Louboutin toe boxes to be the most uncomfortable for me. I actually find these alright in terms of “dinner shoes,” but it is the pitch of the shoe that makes it the most uncomfortable for me. 4.25″ is very high on a single sole. Anything beyond 3.75″ from the balls of your feet to the top of the heel is not going to suit a lot of standing and walking.

  14. If u r planning to buy ysl heels then buy only pump 👠 .. in 55 mm which is lowest heel .. trust me u will love it .. I have those pair .. yes but don’t dance on it 😬

  15. I find it in Toronto the YSL, this and other designers brand aren’t comfortable at all unfortunately. So you are not alone has complain about it😘

  16. Sadly I returned mine. Too painful. 😪 I bought me the booties with the same heel. Love them. 😍

  17. Would you recommend this for someone with a wide foot? What is the measurement of the toe strap? & would you say it is true to size?

  18. Do u think if you brought a size bigger if it a make a difference for the front strap?

  19. Just subbed to ur channel.. I agree .. I was at the YSL boutique@ Shorthills Mall .. looked at those exact pair but I ended up getting wedges in brown .. it runs very small .. & I too have wide feet & I’m goin to wear mine in my house first lol !!! To see if it’s comfortable.. and very true these designer shoes is only meant to stand & sit in lol !!! Not to wear for long periods of time unfortunately 😊.. ty for sharing..

  20. I have these. So pretty and sexy… but the most uncomfortable shoes in my life! I wear heels everyday so I didn’t think I would have had any problems despite the reviews!

  21. I want to see you with these louboutin
    It will look more beautiful still.

  22. You were very perfect with this sandal.
    this model while being simple and super powerful and sexy.
    I love your taste for high heels

  23. love your realness babe

  24. Finally another girl who shares my love for designer, be my bestieee!!!

  25. house tour!!!

  26. Foot curve = arch

  27. not hating just wondering have you started drawing moles on your face

  28. The 110mm’s should carry a warning as they felt like a foot-torturing device in contrast to the 85mm which was drastically more comfortable

  29. Tried on the patent pumps. They were super uncomfortable and extremely heavy. I ended up purchasing the ysl teddy heels in white instead. In my opinion, louboutins are more comfortable than ysl.

  30. I have these in the original full black version in the 85mm heel and they are SO comfortable. They’re my club shoe as I can walk, stand, run and jump in them and I’ve worn them for 6 hours straight with no problems. I have no idea how mine work for me considering I have wide and flat feet, maybe the heel height makes a huge difference in comfort?

    1. for me its not the heel height. its the dang toe strap lol does the strap hurt at all to u?

    2. I have them and the front strap was killing me considering buying a size bigger or some type of padding

    3. I have too!! they are so comfortable

    4. Thank you! I’m going to definitely try on the lower heel height now xx

    5. selina I have a wide foot and I bought the 110 ones and when I put them I didn’t even bother standing up cause I just felt my ankle breaking lol. I’m gonna try on the 85 ones and hopefully I also find them to be more comfortable because they are SO beautiful

  31. Mine broke the second time I wore them as well. The heel tip feel off and it did not come with extra heel tips in the box so I had to take them to the cobbler to get them fixed. The front strap is also uncomfortable and dug through my skin and gave me blisters the first 2x I wore them. It’s unfortunate because they are so gorgeous on but feels very painful

  32. Thank you for this video was considering purchasing these but now you have helped make my decision as they are not really practical.

  33. They’re so lovely, but considering you’ve only worn them once Saint Laurent need to repair or replace them. I bought the Medium Babylon, and the clasp on the bag broke the second time I used the bag. I called them immediately as I don’t live close to the store, and they said it must be because I overfilled the bag (they were very rude to me actually), I was like no – I had minimal items in the bag, but even if I filled the bag up, that’s what a bag is for – to carry your stuff! They said come to the store and they will see what they can do. I traveled two hours to my closest store, the store manager took one look at the bag, saw how new it was and that the bag hadn’t been misused – and was clearly faulty and refunded me the full £1,625 for the bag and my £25 train fair. You really don’t expect poor quality when you spend that sort of money. I use to just let things go, and be like whatever, but you know what if you save your money to buy nice things, you should be able to use and enjoy your purchase! Fingers crossed they sort your shoes out! x

    1. Miki Minach it’s legally required in Australia 🇦🇺

  34. Thank you so much for the review! I was just about to get them and then watched your review and pulled back! Saved me money ❤️

  35. so did you fix the strap?

  36. They are so beautiful🔥

  37. Such a beautiful pair of shoes, actually stunning.My best friend has them as well and she has worn the shoes three times and now she uses them as a piece of art displayed under a glass box in her dressingroom because so uncomfortable!!!
    I wanted them as well but after your review and my friend’s advice it’s definetely a NO.
    Great video and a very honest review.Xx

  38. do you think these would be more comfier in the smaller heel height?

  39. Obsessed with your videos !! Love you 😘

  40. You can buy these jelly pad plasters from boots in marina mall, probably in all boots in the UK. I cut them to size to sit under the toe strap and on the back of the heel so they don’t show but provide padding to stop blisters rubbing. They are called Scholl party feet invisible gels. Like I said, just use some siscors and cut them to size. It might take some time and concentration but it’s worth making £800 heels walkable! Xxx

  41. Yea, true say… The YSL’s do look nice but that’s it.. Lol.. !

  42. I’ve heard a lot that this Heel are uncomfortable… but still my heart is not swayed about the fact that i still want it… 🤦🏻‍♀️♥️not into heel that much but we ladies need a nice pair of heel for some reason… prolly be getting an 85m that I’m sure about i never wear heels higher than that… Thanks for the review been waiting for it☺️☺️☺️

  43. Girl I walked around the YSL store in Toronto for about 5mins with those bad boys on and I literally felt myself going blind from the pressure of that thin strap… Needless to say I went and bought myself dinner instead

    1. Thanks so much, donna dixon. Really appreciated this perspective. ‘Art,’ is for walls, not my feet.

    2. donna dixon I deaddddd!! 🤣💀💀🤣💀🤣💀 such facts tho!

  44. I just tried these shoes on. lovee them and Hope to get them soon! 💗

  45. anyone know where her teardrop/pearcut choker is from???

  46. You should make a review on the depressi loubs!!! I’m obsessed couldn’t find any of them in YouTube 😒

  47. Can you please do a review of your AP. I’m looking to get a new watch and am thinking of the royal oak.

  48. Honestly I’m at a point in my life where it’s not enough for a pair of shoes to just be cute. If I can’t wear it because it is so uncomfortable I am not buying it. I love those shoes but I just know I’ll never wear them if I get them so what is the point? They’re gorgeous though, very sexy. I heard that strap in the front that goes across your toes is a killer. Thin toe straps are the WORST 😂😂

  49. Aw! I’m so sad that they are uncomfortable! I was waiting for this review because I wanted to buy these for my graduation ceremony!! 😩

    1. Same sis 😩😭😭

  50. I had to pause at 4:40 and examine the heel ok so if I was to wear those heels I’d fall the first 3 steps 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ I walk like Bambi with heels so sad

  51. love this video ! The heels look amazing !

  52. I love this sandal, it’s beautiful 😍 😍😍

  53. oml I also get an adrenaline rush trying on shoes!! 😛 x

    Me trying on uncomfortable heels: I think my little toe is loosing blood circulation..
    Also me: They are really comfortable though!

  54. I have them. So gorgeous to look at! But yeah definitely only wear them if I plan to sit for long period of time and only walk short distances. In no way would I wear these to a long night/club scenario.

    1. Tbh I’m not sure. (I have the higher heel height). But if it’s hurting your toes it may be the strap across the toes which squeezes for sure

    2. Ayana B. I purchased them and sent back because just wearing them I felt my toes go numb, I thought that maybe the shorter version would be more comfortable, would you recommend the shorter heel?

  55. I’m so in love with this sandal 🤩

  56. Nice trophy 🏆 that’s it

  57. Just as I was about to google everything something told me to checked the down bar..💜💜💜 thank you

    The brown sandal and that brass heel looks so smart my goodness👀👀

    The pumps are disgusting lol🤢🤔

  58. I’m literally in love with those shoes I would just keep them in the archive.


  60. Finally 😍

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