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These Dresses Are Not Classy!

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Find out, which dresses are not classy and will make you look cheap as well as tips on what to focus on while shopping for elegant dresses that will actually elevate your look. Also, download my FREE Cheatsheet: How To Look Expensive (regardless of budget!) To learn more about styling yourself like a high-caliber woman!

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Anna Bey is an elegance expert and educator, teaching women how to transform their lives to enjoy a more refined personal presence and lifestyle. She’s been featured in The Times UK, Newsweek, New York Post, Cosmopolitan, Business Insider, Grazia and many more.


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Join one of the best paying affiliate programs in the industry and make commission from every referral or sale.
>>> Join Dar-us-Salam affiliate program and you will never regret doing so. This is your chance to earn a lot of good deeds and cash!
"Whoever guides [another] to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it." [Sahih Muslim].
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You can get second tier commission by referring another affiliate to join the affiliate program. Such affiliates will become your sub-affiliates, and YOU will earn 2% commission of their sales while they themselves earn 5%.
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1,933 thoughts on “These Dresses Are Not Classy!

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  2. Do you only dress to look like a lady in front of men? That’s all what you actually said, your videos are like a 7/10 but when you just mention men it turns a 0/10 🥱

  3. Men dont care they just want the kittykat no matter what women wear

  4. Thanks to your advice you Anna, since I started improving the choice of wearing garment appropriately , I’ve got so many turn-heads from both men and women

  5. How about I make my own money and wear whatever I want without giving two shits about what someone else thinks?…life is too short to wear clothes that don’t flatter your body.

  6. Good channel to help women feel confident however I do not believe a woman should do things to herself to “find” or appeal to a man. Why? Thats ridiculous. Ladies do it for YOURSELVES! As you are all special. You do not need to dress for a man to like that’s ridiculous. I don’t know if the author does it and wants to share it and she should. But everyone should appreciate themselves for who they are and grow. Do things for your own being , NOT to please some guy you want to impress. You will glow from this place.

  7. “Look at this blimp” 😅😅😅
    I love you

  8. I’m all for simplicity elegance and cute with femininity.

  9. Awesome 🙂
    What are your thoughts on JLos fashion dresses lol

  10. That mui mui dress is adorable

  11. Watching this for story writing purposes. This is great content! So essentially you’re teaching people to have self respect for their bodies. Class usually entails modesty and people don’t make the connection that you can be sexy and classy and modest.

  12. Girlfriend from Friday Night Funkin is shaking with anger rn

  13. can you show examples of women in dresses in there early 20’s

  14. You are my big sister now

  15. the 2.3k dislikes are from women who wear these dresses lol

  16. “4,000 for a dress that looks like a curtain” I am cracking up😆

  17. Depends where you going, what kind of crowd u dealing with and what kind of place is that?

  18. You’re so funny 😂

  19. And here I am dressing like her ” no no 1st point” every single day. The “grandma dress” and I love it
    The hell with what others think 😂😂😂😂

  20. Hi Anna! I know I’m a year too late but looking at the dresses you suggested, I’m very interested in the upkeep of luxe and more expensive fabrics and clothes. How to clean and take care of metallics, pleated skirts, cashmere etc. Even shoes! Jewelry. That video would be so helpful!! Thank you ❤️❤️

  21. Can you make a video suggesting types of clothing and dresses for pear ladies?

  22. I’m in my early fifties and I don’t want to look like grandmother or a teenager I want to look chick and unique. Just not over do it or under do it. Thank you for sharing your experience on how to dress appropriate. 😲💜😲

  23. Every dress looks elegant if u know extly how to dress up them and where, place n occasion should be kept in mind I like bodycon dresses I wear them in night club but u should know it is not to much it should be decent not velgur if u wear them in day time on lunch or whatever occasion it will look desaster.

  24. It’s true these dresses are club dresses 🥱😂

  25. would you say house of cb is a no go ?

  26. I love how she started roasting herself first 😹 i love you Anna

  27. The blue polka dot dress is actually very pretty and elegant. Nice for a brunch event.

  28. You should do a video on classy outfits to wear for casual occasions like running errands, a sports event, or even for moms!

  29. That’s hilarious 😆🤣😂 pause this video and throw it out 🤣😂

  30. What is your opinion about Rachel Allan’s dresses? And Jovani’s? I like these brands

  31. Hahaha “man repeller strategy won’t serve you”

  32. Hi I’m from Philippines 🇵🇭 and I really like all your tips to look like a million dollar in a simple way but elegant. Thank you

  33. Me watching this video and my metallic dress just looking at me 😅

  34. Anna bey is awesome .,always thanks for yo advise 😉

  35. Do classy dresses now!

  36. You looks to beautiful ❤️❤️

  37. Can you please have videos on how to look classy for people with belly weight 😫😩

  38. Hahaha I absolutely agree, I’m glad I’m watching her as a young women in my late teens. I will say I think you can make a body con dress look very feminine and elegant, you just need to have the body for it and make sure it’s not short. I love maxi body con dresses. Lovely video ❤️

  39. She sounds like my cousin Tanya from Odessa… Very insecure Eastern European woman….trying to pass for a confident woman

  40. Everything was very well said. Simple classy elegant sophisticated 😊

  41. 2:43 I actually liked this ahhh! 🥺

  42. I’m going to return my floral dresses! Just purchased them and now I see how cheap they make me look!

  43. Nice channel but this doesn’t apply anymore in the post covid era. Nobody cares about being fancy anymore. It’s about surviving.

  44. While I don’t necessarily agree with the delivery of your statements… I do get what you are saying.

    But let me leave you with this… I spent my early adult years dressing for women, and I was not happy.

    I spent my late 20’s/early 30’s dressing for men, and I was not happy.

    I recently started dressing for myself and it’s the happiest I’ve ever been.

    I am also accepted and welcomed into every atmosphere and event I attend. If I’m whispered about, I do not care.

  45. Currently binge watching !

  46. 💘 ur content

  47. Ahahaha I love her honesty 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  48. The amo

  49. How to do makeup to look more elegant and feminine and soft looking…

  50. Please make a video for dresses for respective body shapes.

  51. Your like my older sister thank you for helping us ♥️♥️♥️

  52. Anna, your legs are really beautiful, don’t know why you said they were too big or something like that in a previous video. They’re athletic legs, what you want? Two sticks? Ughhhh no, please.

  53. I’m so relieved to know other women have similar views when it comes to less being more. The current generation is all about fashion and making bold statements, but if you have both a bold personality + bold clothing, it could come off tasteless and gaudy.

  54. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  55. I wore jeans and sport shoes in the Ritz after a long tiring journey last think i would think about is if attract someone or no

  56. I hate metallic dresses. It’s just horrible.

  57. I literally would love to have a coffee with you haha, love how straight forward you are. This is so refreshing since everyone now-a-days is so concerned with making sure not to offend absolutely anyone. Love your realness.

  58. I’m just going to dress how I want not to “attract” someone…

  59. Lol you’re so funny. thank you for always share. Love you

  60. I really like you!!! Haha ❤️ Thanks for the devices!! I’m on the way to become a classy lady. 💅🏻

  61. Sorry to barge in, I had to give a round of applause at 3:25. That hit home to me too. I always find cool looking clothes completely destroyed by one little “artsy and creative” sh1t that fashionistas just can’t hold back. Curse their entire guild!

  62. Wow u look so different now

  63. I guess I want great man. No so much rich lol

  64. U don’t like the 80s 90s ers do u ? W shoulder pads

  65. I love very girly im to big to wear solid cooors

  66. Your at beach.. pretty color

  67. I ask my self.. would she wear this

  68. “Star Trek dress”😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  69. Modesty with an elegant, sophisticated and feminine look is the main keys when it comes to clothing for women…Man will respect you.

  70. 🤣

  71. What if the bodycon dress is formal but not too fitted and goes below the knee? Then paired with a blazer?

  72. When choosing clothes now I strive for neutrals and styles that remind me of business professional/casual. That makes it easy to always spot elegant clothes that are tasteful and attractive ☺️

  73. Wait… I just saw you wearing a silver metallic dress in another video. 🤔

  74. I do not think showing cleavage is classy under any circumstances. Put the boobs away.

    1. I find it odd that people now find cleavage inappropriate now but back in the 1700s & some points in the 1800s even the high class women had heaving bosoms & showed of the girls yet no one thought anything of it😅

  75. You really have to watch red because depending on the shade it can look cheap.

    1. I used to think that way and now I’m getting a BA to display them 🤣

    2. My Grandma always told me the brighter the shade of red the more hoochie it looks. The only somewhat bright red dress that was classy was Julia Robert’s dress in Pretty Woman.

  76. I love this video!! I hate all the slutty clothes!! I’ll wear it in the house or in the bedroom…

  77. I wasn’t sure what to expect but you’re dead right, I like you 😂 you remind me of Sophie Hermann from Made in Chelsea

  78. Welp, time to burn the whole closet.

  79. New Years Eve or birthday

  80. Anna, I ADORE your video’s so much! You’re so informative and helpful. I would love for you to do a video on more modest, elegant fashion ( I am a Muslim Woman and wear a Hijab/ head wrap ) and I would love to hear your advice on more modest yet expensive looking styles.
    Thank You! Love your video’s ❤❤❤🙏

  81. Anna B always on point.

  82. I get dressed to make myself look and feel good. If you’re dressing with the goal of attracting a “high class man”, you’ve lost the plot…

  83. I love your videos, could you make one video how to look elegant and modest as I am Muslim. I am wearing nice midi dresses with heels and exc. but could you please make some video for more wider society please ? ❤️

  84. ok but girl why would you ever dress for men they don’t deserve it

  85. Anna! I love your top🥰 do you mind sharing the brand?

  86. I’m a lazy hippie girl who buys everything second hand and who sometimes can’t bother washing their hair or clothes, but I still enjoy your content

  87. It’s better to be classy but there is nothing bad in being sexy and provocative for your man sometimes, you don’t need to follow rules all the time

  88. I used to buy classy, elegant clothing from designer labels, but it made me broke. So now, I just buy everything from City Beach. 😆

  89. Choose whiches fit
    That’s all..

  90. Wow ❤️💖

  91. you’ve mentioned marimo boutique before , could you please give us some other online stores to buy classical pieces. please. thank you

  92. Is fascinating to see your videos, I love your suggestions to look better and classy

  93. What are your thoughts on velvet dresses?

  94. I totally agree on the # 7 never liked it dont care who makes found it TACKY CHEAP looking dress

  95. 2:34 oh gosh 🤣🤣🤣

  96. THANKS AGAIN!!! Kisses from Chile 🇨🇱🌟❤️😇

  97. I don’t add “glitter” because I want to look rich, I do because I love glitter. Modest clothes. Of course, for clubs it’s a different thing, you can’t go with a long formal dress 🤨

  98. I don’t care what anyone else thinks, I believe Anna teaches ladies how to combat superficial norms in today’s society and use it to their advantage.

  99. 😂😂😂

  100. Jil Sander is a lovely minimalist and classy brand

  101. I’m glad I’m not the only person who strongly dislikes sequence & rhinestones on clothes!

  102. Hi ma’am I’m from india ..
    Please suggest how to look elegent in Indian clothes..

    1. Seriously? You think she has experience with Indian clothes? Go ask Komal Pandey or some other Indian fashion blogger.

  103. You’re amazing

  104. Love your videos!!! Please could you do a video on dresses that are classy?

  105. Man Repeller 😅😅😅 gotta love you

  106. On one hand you‘re saying to each their own but then you‘re saying things like “I got a shock” about a dress

  107. Agree with u

  108. You are absolutely right ,thanks a lot dear .

  109. I enjoy watching Anna’s videos and valuable tips, I am 63, and do you think I can buy a really nice dress?? Impossible, either too raunchy, too frumpy or too loud! I am petite, and 5′ 2″, please do a video of ideas for us mature ladies. Keep up your fabulous work, I feel I’m with a best friend. Love and kind wishes from the u.k.

  110. Just wanted to buy a Versace dress but glad I didn’t)))

    1. Versace has the most beautiful dresses ..I absolutely love that brand ..

  111. Can bodycon dresses be worn with turtle neck and leggings?

  112. Hii I’m an asian of 18 yrs old. It’s really nice to learn all these policies of elegancy. Thank you ma’m

  113. My sister always told me if you are unsure about if the dress is nice you should just leave it it’s probably not

  114. I once knew a sax player called Felicity Saxophonist who bought these kind of dresses for her performances in weddings and private parties. She desperately tried to pass herself off as a sophisticated, glamorous woman, but the truth was absolutely different. She normally chose cheap looking clothes and excessive makeup and was anything but classy. I would define her style as pretentious and trashy

  115. I love this 😂😂😂♥️♥️♥️♥️

  116. The dress at 10:24 is sooooooooo cute

  117. I love your each and every single video 😁😘❤️lots of love to yuo

  118. 😂😂😂😂😂

  119. Can you recommend any store to get some beautiful elegant but flirtatious dresses? I have a hard time finding them in USA

  120. Tbh Versace ornamental looking clothes are better suited with high fashion body type (tall, and very thin), same with Gucci. If not, it’s become just “too much”, your curve is “an ornament” itself, so curvy woman better wear no-pattern dress.

  121. Everytime I watch a video of yours, I change a habit or throw some clothes away

  122. The sound effects had me ded 😂 omg thank you for making this video. In addition to scrapping my entire wardrobe, I now know what dresses to buy too 🤣

  123. The one she suggesTed are so my type 🤣 bcoz I can’t wear sleeveless as I have lots is spots on my arms and back due to allergies😢 so these are the perfect my type of dresses. The only skin I can show is my legs 😂

  124. The dress can be short but not too tight on the body

    Got it

  125. I feel like the more I watch your videos the more I see your personality and sense of humor, it’s great👌

  126. Lmfao 0:05

  127. Can u make a video of how to look elegant n wedding or any special ceremony

  128. Amazing. 🌷🌷🌷💕🌺💓💓💓💓🎶💓Wow Like this channel so much.

  129. Your Brown hair is beautiful.

  130. Can anyone suggest some clothing sites or brands where the type of clothes she recommends without that high end type cost?

  131. Wow , I must say our choices are quite similar because i also don’t like these type of dresses

  132. Never been a sequin fan….. apparently I’m more feminine that I ever knew

  133. I am currently in the middle of a weight loss journey and I have been noticing that because of my current body shape even elegant clothing options look “cheap” or “older” on me. I’m really struggling to find balance right now. Would love a video on how to address this ❤️

  134. How to look elegant without looking boring? I need a detailed video on this covering all scenarios i.e Vacations, Dinners, Parties.. because I get confused after ever video

  135. I mostly just watch these because I love her voice.

  136. Would love to see u take someone shopping to thrift or consignment store

  137. Fantastic advice. Thank you!

  138. What about silk dresses??

  139. My 9 years old son will never allow me to wear like those, never go out with me. He only allow me to wear sexy when Im with his dad. Wow my child is already concervative at his age

  140. I have to agree in every video You made Your opinion is so honest i like it 🙂

  141. I love how you are making fun of yourself. You are the best Anna! Thank you so very much for all that you do for us!

  142. in the east women (supposedly) follow this rule: either wear a low cut neckline or a short skirt/short shorts, never both, and they so often look very feminine and elegant.

  143. Looooooveee your videos!!!

  144. I wear a cotton nightgown over a full length silk skirt with a cotton underskirt.

  145. I have to add, the photos when she was brunette are darling! She is so beautiful and precious.

  146. I love that Ana used her intellect to define and discern what elegance is all down the the dirty details! She had a mission and worked until she fully understood it.

  147. “Who are you dressing for, your man or other women?” Such good advice!

  148. Shoulder pads or epaulette can be elegant in my opinion. Look at lady diana, she was amazing and so elegant and wear shoulders pads

    1. Ya I felt the same …but can’t deny that it makes u look a lil bulky

  149. I am not even into dresses but i luuuv the critics😂

  150. She’s savage

  151. I tried to get the cheat sheet but it didn’t send. I successfully signed up for emails though…

  152. Someone needs to say this your advice is very emotionally abusive towards women and its not women who need to change its you. Take some time to look into why you need to chase a man for money and make your own. We are in a generation of women who are classy and feminine who follow fashion. Your advice is so toxic and you wonder why domestic violence is a pandemic. I hope you seek change and self love instead of giving toxic advice to women who are vulnerable. What most women need to do is be in their own lane and power without listening to toxic relationship coaches who prey on the week.

    Look inside yourself before you give advice.

    1. If u walk into the Ritz ..wearing one of those desperate body con dresses …do u really think high calibre guys r gonna come up and talk to u u ll be attracting desperate guys who r willing to hit it with anyone

  153. Whenever she mentioned “cheap word”
    it makes me laugh and remember someone 🤣

  154. Ok, you crossed the line on Herve Leger. Since Iman can do no wrong and I met her wearing this I say you are off base. (For Iman though, not everyone else, lol)

  155. I can’t stand you, you are just so funny talking about them at dress you wore 😂😂😂

    Much love 🌹

  156. I liked how you didn’t sugar coat anything. Also do you have any advice for winter outfits as well?

  157. I like the way you advice Ma’am.

  158. Can you react on miss universe gowns?

  159. Question will a wrap or a shawl be classy with a short dress or is it a no it goes with long dresses?

  160. Ik right!!! I’ve always hated these dresses. It makes me laugh when some silly girls think showing their skin gonna make them look more independent lol. And how they argue with the thing that if men can show off their body then we can too🙄.


    2. We can do whatever we want

  161. Do you have a style personality quiz? That would be fun. Love your channel. Thank you.

  162. its depend where and what occasion

  163. Isn’t a great portion of fashion made by gay men. Nothing against gay men but could that be why most fashion right now has no curves /class. It’s a lot of straight lines, over boldness etc. Not made to accentuate femininity in a woman. What do you think Elegant ladies?

  164. The man repellent dress 😂

  165. We shold get dressed according to our body type …if u r hourglass u can wear bodycon dresses …

  166. Thank you so much

  167. The way she speaks itself is so elegant!

  168. I am Persian and I do LOVE sequin dresses and nice ornamental embellishments and everything that is glamorous. It DEPENDS on the quality and the pattern of the embellishments. Embellishments and patterns are supposed to symbolize the heritage, creativity, femininity and and beauty. Certain flower combinations are symbolic and speak a subtle language. Also I love elegant peacock embellishments or Asian patterns.

  169. Let’s not make this about men. Men like anything. They like whatever. Anyways according to this video I am an expert man repeller lol

  170. I feel like she’s the woman you ask for an opinion because you can trust she’s deadass honest ☠️☠️

  171. That is not a man repeller dress, it’s body-con.

  172. I love you! You’re so funny & an incredible inspiration✨ thank you for sharing all that you know & helping create & bring more elegance into the world💖

  173. I have a Man and still want to attract him! Hellooooohhh!!!! We are Female Humans this is Natural! Get over yourselves and be beautiful! 🥂💋💅🏽

  174. I love how you used yourself as an example at first. 😫😂😂😂🥴🏆💕

  175. I actually love bodycon and bandage dresses, of course depending on the type of occasion and place. I don’t want to wear certain type of fashion just to be able to enter high society (don’t even care about high society) or to attract men, I want to wear what makes me happy and makes me feel good…

  176. Metallic dresses can work with a good design. Either avant-garde design or simple silhouettes.

  177. Most affluent people have designer stuff but the logos are always always hidden. 🙂

  178. Her: it makes her look really fat!
    Me: And i took that personally.

  179. Show less cause less is more ✨

  180. You know what makes it fun to listen to you..itsyour sense of humour that’s so natural

  181. Wow thank u so much for this video! Very educational.

  182. Agree with most of your fashion points apart from the bandage. For example, Francesca by House of CB especially when you size up shows a pinch of cleavage, doesn’t have that awful line that pinches fat out and is a midi. It looks amazing on most people (with hourglass) I have seen it on. More so in the dark colors. This is a trending fashion, yet is not obnoxious like previous bandage models. It’s also beneficial for people who need a corset-style suck-in on a waist line.

  183. Love it where you always told us openly that you were also plain Jane like most of girls but you transform yourself to be better version of you

  184. I want her consultation on my wedding dress lol

  185. Omg YOU Re Soooooooo Funnyyyy😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌💯💃😍

  186. Some of us really need to repel men! 😂😂

  187. When Anna talked about the Herve Leger dresses, I thought, “It can’t be THAT bad…” So I went to the Herve Leger website and I was like.. Oh, my eyes are bleeding! Like the website’s full of bodycon dresses, bandage dresses, and more. Now, I know why you really emphasized those topics. And I was even more disgusted when I saw the price tag of these dresses-

  188. I would love to see her and amber scholl go shopping together , the CONFLICT WOULD BE INSANE 😬🔥

  189. Oh You’re wrong about sequin dress..

  190. Great advice. Elegance, good material, great cut with minimal frills or patterns. I wish every woman dressed as well as you do. Also, you should have mentioned, please God, no flowers!

  191. I have to disagree on the sequins. Some sequin gowns are gorgeous, Sophisticated, elegant, and sexy. It all depends on the design and more importantly who is wearing it

  192. give us an example of what to wear then 😴

  193. Hmm, all the short dresses look the same to me.

  194. ” pause right now and throw it out” I love your humor! I’m here to make my husband proud when he looks at me. He’s an elegant, classy man.

  195. The dresses you picked are actually pathetic 😂

  196. Now I understand why you demean revealing dresses, actually you don’t have sense to wear those. Better keep yourself completely covered 😂😂😂😂.

  197. We need a nails video please. Thanks

  198. A video idea: classy WEDDING DRESS edition!

  199. I think Monica bellucci does the body con the right way. She does it calf length usually with her hair done well and lovely accessories. I think body cons can go either way it’s just the way it’s styled.

  200. Ladies, the simple truth Ana is saying here is that any woman of any age who is dressed in a skimpy, too short, too tight attention seeking dress is viewed by others as a trashy cheap girl, not an elegant woman. Men like cheap girls for filings, but not to “take home to mother”. Dress to be classy at all times, whether seeking a rich man or not. you can’t go wrong with being elegant and classy. Look at Kate Middleton for style inspiration on how to look lovely without ever looking trashy.

  201. Do you have advice for women who have an hour glass shape, also I’d love to see a video on business professional.

  202. I think that the problem is today is that women are trying to look sexy but fall short. A well-designed dress that looks classy can be appealing.

  203. Dear Anna. Maybe you could make a video which dresses are more stylish and elegant with specific examples?

  204. Literally, the only elegant lady who can pull off those sparkles is Paris Hilton because she has such a persona that is made for the style, which most of the people don’t, and not bother to make an image to fit the style.

  205. the only person i have to impress is myself and the only person i dress for is myself, because i am the queen of my world

  206. 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

  207. It’s not always the case though, Kate Middleton caught William’s attention in a fashion show wearing a see-through dress. Men like revealing clothes with a hard to get woman. Go figure!

  208. 😂

  209. Everytime I see a sequin dress, I think of my hair getting caught in it. No thank you.

  210. Loved your topic . Wowwwww

  211. Hi thank you great suggestions

  212. No baggy, no sequin , no bodycon hmmmmmm.

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