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KOOKAÏ is an Australian owned women’s fashion label, defined by an essence of femininity, confidence, allure and independent style. The KOOKAÏ collection is designed exclusively out of Melbourne and Paris studios through a creative, symbiotic process – whereby we are forever inspired by the KOOKAÏ woman and, in turn, create pieces through which to continually inspire her.

KOOKAÏ was originally founded in Paris in 1983 with a simple vision to offer fashionable, high quality pieces at accessible prices. In 1992, the founders of KOOKAÏ Australia, Robert Cromb and Danielle Vagner, introduced the Parisian label into the lives and wardrobes of the Australian woman, with the opening of their first boutique on Melbourne’s Chapel Street.

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  1. L204

  2. Once u walk into a field of Sunflowers there’s no finding u 🌻🌻🌻

  3. The bodysuit is the best

  4. ☺☺

  5. Very nice

  6. Que bomboncito

  7. Elegant and sexy ❤️

    1. Thanks Antonio sir.

  8. Ang gaganda ng style ng dress mo and I’m sure the quality of your garmnts is high standard….very fashion all suits on you

    1. Sissy ko thank u so much.

  9. Ng ganda mo nmn vlogger you look like a super model

    1. Thank u you so much hun. 💕🙏

  10. nice video 😜👍 I like a woman in a dress

    1. Hello sir, thank you very much for supporting my channel. New video coming up tom. Stay tuned for more exciting videos. 😍

  11. Loved this babe <3 You look soo good!

    1. thank u baby

  12. Wow ganda ng katawan so sexy gustonggusto ko ung suot mo na bodysuit, i left you a kiss 💓

    1. Hello beautiful salamat c u soon

  13. Wow! Subrang Sexy 💕🙌

    1. Thanks dear kitakits soon sa kubo mo

  14. I love all the dresses. There all so cute. And i love all the color too cute.

    1. Panga salamat 💖💖💖

  15. wow I would eat for sure! 😛

  16. Love your dresses sis classy and colorful. You are amazing

    1. Aw thanks my love

  17. Hello po ate Angel,

    1. Hello langa

  18. Ka sexy oiii…..

  19. Beautiful dresses ,they all looked good ❤

  20. Good job! Enjoying it. Showing you the way to my playground+-*¡

  21. Sexy mo nmn

  22. Your pretty and awsome

  23. How to be you po 😍 ang ganda na , sexy pa !

  24. Hello sissy 😍😍😍Sorry ngayon lang ako naka dalaw sayo 😍😘Na busy sa work 😘😘😘

  25. Ang sexy mo sis pang model Ang datingan,bagong kapitbahay 👋🏻

  26. Hala sya sexy nmn….here na me po.ganda ng mga damit at yung nagsuot syempre…

  27. Nakaka tulala ang kgandan na tulad nito. Ka gwapa ug ka sexy jd kaau. Maka bali kag li-og. Bisan sag unsa nga sinina bagay kaau sa imoha♡◇shine like a diamond!

    1. ohhh thanks lovely and beautiful ann.

  28. Wow.. super sexy..

  29. Ang Ganda po NG hubog NG katawan nyo kahit Ano damit nyo ba bagay sayo

  30. i like all the dresses sis, it suits you well

  31. Angel! i love the outfits! so classy, have agreat day!

  32. You’re so pretty,.

    1. thanks dear

  33. Awww so pretty!!!! 😍😍😍

    1. thank you 🙂

  34. NyCe ❤️ 👈
    Looking Goerges
    Stay Connected
    Always ❤️❤️👈

    1. @Angel Gower 😘😘😘

    2. thanks hun sure dear

  35. Lookin good

  36. You look good with all the dresses you wore

  37. You look 👀 awesome in the dresses 👗 good haul hair looks great 👍 good vid stay in touch. 👍⛄️🌹❤️🙀

  38. Very sexy like model sissy maintain your body figure

  39. wow very pretty.. new friend here..

  40. Wow

  41. So beautiful. I love those collection . Very well presented

    1. Aw Thank you Lovely mama bee 💋

  42. You are so pretty!! Lovely haul ❤️

  43. lahat bagay sao seksi k po kc at maganda

  44. Hello po wow ang sexy nman..

    1. Thank u

  45. very beautiful thanks for sharing 😉

  46. Ang sexy namn! Nakita kita sa live sis…

    1. Sis salamat po

  47. awwww kabisyo ikaw na ang walang fats sa katawan haha. sexy eih.

  48. so sexy naman kapatid, so happy to see your in those gorgeous dresses

    1. kaibigan pabisita.. pls.

  49. Omg! Ang ganda at sexy mo naman sis. Pang model. Kalorkey! The dream body.❤ kainggit ka naman.

  50. Wow too sexy….
    Bagong kapit bahay poh

  51. bagay kahit anong isusuot ganda

  52. Sis ang galing mo mag alaga ng self mo! Mag diet na ako soon!

  53. Ang ganda talaga ng katawan ng model

  54. Ang sexy sexy mo nmn sis. Pahinge kht konti hihihi. Ganda ganda nyo po

  55. Sexy naman

  56. So sexy sis
    Bago pala ako sa bahay mo sis
    Hope makabisit ka din sa bahay ko
    Stay connected lang po
    God blessed you Po

  57. hi


  58. Kamusta gwapa cheek bones Maganda clothes.

  59. Ay uwian na may nanalo na sa kasexyhan at sa kagandahan!! Iba ka sis….paano MA achieve ganyang katawan bigay naman ng tips lol

  60. Nice video…sexy girl,.,.,nice to be ur friend

  61. Bagay na bagay.keep it up

  62. Wow sexy body fashion model

  63. Lida😍

  64. hi im here 🙂 lets be friends

    1. Hey dear friend yes pls. He he thank u for dropping by! I really appreciate that.

  65. Hi beautiul! How are you? You look amazing!! 😍 I loooooove the pink dress!! 💜

    1. @Angel Gower Yesss your channel is growing so fast! Great job girl!! 👊 Thanks for supporting my channel! We’ll keep in touch! Have a great day 😘

    2. Hello gorgeous how u doing? Thanks for the visit hun. Hows everything now? Any new videos? Send me a link everytime you upload because there is so many notification I can’t keep up. He he hope u having such a good time.

  66. Ang ganda pala ng KOOKA, Angel, bagay sa yo lahat.

  67. Ayan uwian na my nanalo na hehehe,sexy nman dis girl,,

  68. Wow sobrang sexy at ganda mo sis

  69. Wow you’re so sexy and beautiful new friend here

  70. Sexy and beautiful Lady 🙂 bagay sayo ang mga dresses sis para kang Model 🙂

  71. Wow ang galing mag model ni ate

  72. Sexy mo Naman .

  73. Awesome,love your style sissy,got some idea thanks !

  74. ganda nyo po 😉

  75. Hi po… I’m a new supporter here, let’s get connected po! .Thank you

  76. Ganda mo naman madam lahat ng damit ay. Bagay saiyo .

  77. Nice haul ate. Love the colors po. I’ll show to my mom. Great video. Nice channel po. Big thumbs up. New here po

    1. Ano po yung na sa gilid Ate money tree hehe

  78. Ganda naman ng mga damit mo ate ..

  79. ay wow sexy mo sissy hehehe angel gower matic na

  80. ang gaganda ng dress mo at ang galing mo mag model,,

  81. You looks gorgeous. Nice dress big like for you

  82. Sana may ganyang ads n din ako i mean bosy hahhaha para maka pag sukat din ako hehe. Eto sis ako po ay nakapindot na po. Naway balikan mo na lang ako

    1. @Angel Gower sis kog gveaway yung tenga ko tlgang ang laki lol. I live u n super sexy mo e


  83. Kumusta Maganda Angel. Love and Respect.

  84. Hello bagong kaibigan po, ikaw napo bahala sa akin bahay.. 😃

  85. So great ^^ 💓💓💓💛💛💛💕💕💕 interesting and awesome ~~~^&^. Thank you for sharing this!!!!!

  86. Ang gaganda ng mga damit bagay lahst sayo sis… Ang galing mo mag projek good job po…

  87. Ang sexy mo talaga sis pak na pak

    1. hey sis jezz salamat sa pag visita po. lot of love sis. ingat lagi hope to meet u one day.

  88. Lupet pang model talaga

  89. Bagay kahit ano sissy lalo na yng pink type ko he he he bsta sexy body bagay kahit anong suot

  90. So underrated girl! She is perfect!

    1. Very sweet of you. Thank u so much

  91. Nice your dresses ..nice haul

  92. Woaaaaahhh 😍

  93. Nice and great Vid po Pang Model tlga si Madam Stay connected po

  94. ang bongga sissy angel! gwapaha ug sexyha nimo oi. over over maka ikag…

  95. Ohhh my gosh why so sexy those dresses fits perfectly!!! Love it love it that curves so killer hahahah girly is in the house

    1. Angel Gower ok sis maka sali nga

    2. Sis sali ka sa Giveaway ko ha? Check mo mechanic ko easy lang

  96. Good stuff!

  97. sissy i love the pink dress and this red dress really sofisticated looking. good job for this haul

    1. Thanks Sissy

  98. Aw! You are stunning like always my dear. Pamatay yung mga outfits!!! I love the white body on mididress. 😍

    1. Thank u babe! 😻

  99. please do an affordable gymwear haul

    1. Sure hun thank u

  100. Bagay sau lahat bhe kahit anong suotin mo maganda love the number 3 dress

  101. Kahit anong suotin mo ate ganda Ang ganda Po parinn wohhh
    Solid fan here😘

    1. Thanks langa dor the love

  102. Pang universe sis

  103. Ang gaganda nman sis lahat, idol talaga ka sexy eh, gusto ko yong mga pink at yong white na may tassels, at yong white na V shape. OMG ang ganda ng long sleeve na swimsuit ba yan yang last? Bagay lahat sayo.

    1. Thank u ate vet. Love love love

  104. Ang gaganda sissy meron ako nung pink pero dina kasya sa akin whahahsh

    1. He he ipagkasya mo na yan ulit sis

  105. Akapan tayo ng bahay?

  106. Super bagay sayo lahat gwPa. Ang galing mo mg modeling .

    1. Thanks sis

  107. Oh wow Angel! Enjoyed your video, they all looked great on you, 🔥☀️💥HOT HOT HOT 🔥💥☀️ but my fav was the grey dress @8.30 with the long necklace, pearls I think? 😎👍

    1. He he thanks a lot my dear friend.

  108. superb madam pinky bagay lahat

  109. Sexy nice dress

  110. You are a super gorgeous women beautiful dresses pink Number 3 LOOK STUNNING ON YOU !!

    1. Thank u so much.

  111. Wow!talaga naman sexy.bagay lahat.

    1. Thanks sir have a good one.

  112. Ang ganda talaga ng body nimu sissy oi maka enjoy kaayu Tan awon imong gipanol ob ba, bagay kaayu

    1. pabisita pud sa akoa.. pls

    2. Langa thank u kaayo.

  113. Pang VS talaga kasexysihan neto.

    1. 🥰

  114. no.15 jud pinaka sexy ate..grabe ganahan ko tanan labi na ang white with blazer formal it

    1. My langa manelyn salamat gyud kaayo sissy sa love! Ingat lagi

  115. Great collection of dresses. I had a blast catching up with friends of mine that live in Melbourne..way back in 1999! So if they are made in Melbourne they have to be rad!

    1. Hey brother thank u 😇

  116. hay nakuuuuuu how to be you talaga ba….

    1. Loisy is smoken 🔥🥰

  117. Nice outfits ate… miss na po kita hehe

  118. Wowwww! An explosion of sxy beautiful class with a sparkling selection array! It doesn’t get any better than that sweet Angel (:

    1. Thank you so much my friend.

  119. halos lhat bet ko sis hays nkka asar kna ate angel kse super k sexy mo tlga hihi super korte ng katawan mo sa mga suot mo ayoko na na iingit na tlga ako sa k sexyhan ko love love ate😘😘

    1. Oh ito pa pala mahaba din ang comment, kuronahan na ikaw sissy sa kahabaan ng text. I love u and thank sa amazing compliment mo! 🥰❤️🔥❤️

  120. Super sexy naman thsi girl 👧😚

  121. You are really gorgeous gurl.

  122. OMG! Parang nanunuod ako ng VS Fashion show.. 🙂 You are so gorgeous sis… i love every dress you wore..:) gravehan! Palavarn! 🙂 mas lalo ako nainspire mag pa fit…. stay sexy and lovely. God bless sis. dito lng ako lagi for u. mwah

    1. Aw ikaw ang may award sa kahabaan ng message sis, coronahan na kita. Salamat kaayo my love! 😍

  123. Beautiful dresses

  124. sexy kaau si madam


  126. Arang ka hubag kaayo love it

    1. Lol bisaya diay ka gwapa? Sus uy giatay man gyud day. 🤣🤣🤣 Thank you po. Pasyal ako sa channel mo s00n. Salamat kaayo

  127. Super super sexy

  128. hello po sis na tokhang ko na po bahay mo galing po ako sa ls ni kabayan oel pakitokhang din po 🙂

    1. Thanks my dear 🥰

  129. Bakit ka ganyan sis angel grabe ka seksi oi ang hot na 🤒

    1. Sissy fem labya thanks he he

  130. nice video..!

  131. Looking beautiful

  132. Kalami jud aning bayhana ba.sissy angel hehe

    1. kaibigan pabisita man pud.. please

  133. knina premiere to bakit mo inalis ate angel hehehe

    1. @Angel Gower my live chat po parang live ka din pero mppapanood nyo at ng nanonood then pwede mg chat while watching

    2. He he na iwan ano bang meron sa premier langa?

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