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DIY bodycon dress easy ( NO! BASIC PATTERN USE ! )| Tijana Arsenijevic

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Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash
Photo by Ali Morshedlou on Unsplash
Photo by Lala V on Unsplash

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16 thoughts on “DIY bodycon dress easy ( NO! BASIC PATTERN USE ! )| Tijana Arsenijevic

  1. amazing easy tutorial love love love!!!

  2. Don’t ever stop making videos I love every single tutorial you make 💕

  3. Just want to comment for those who are skeptical on how easy this is. It’s actually a super simple tutorial to follow. Only thing I would mention is when you’re threading the sides make sure you leave a lot of length with the string, otherwise it might get lost inside the tube and you’ll have to pull it all out and do it over again. Other than that its a great dress! 10/10 would recommend.

  4. Please make a basic threading tutorials… My machine is expression 889

  5. Love this dress! Please list the specific fabric you used ?

  6. niccccce

  7. Lovely video 💕

  8. Na tebi sve stoji tako da u tvom slučaju ne vrijedi ona: odjelo čini čovjeka. Tijana ljepotice.😽

  9. Why do you subtract 10 for your measurements? Gorgeous dress btw!! ❤️

    1. Azhia Lassiter subtracting 19cm helps to make the dress thight ( that‘s also why you use fabric with elasticity). If you use your normal messurments the dress will still fit, but it will probaply not hug your body.

    2. Tijana Arsenijevic lol I mean what was the purpose of subtracting 10? I’m new to sewing, so I’m confused on that part of the tutorial

    3. Azhia Lassiter yes I did ❤️ and thank you

  10. Nice body on dress Tijana

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  12. first to comment for the first time😆😆🎉🎉.. btw dat dress is spectacular😋

    1. uzuegbu precious hahah thank so Much I love this dress ❤️

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