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How to style a maxi dress | 1 dress 5 ways to wear it

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1 Dress 5 ways to wear it. How to style a Maxi Dress. Outfit ideas and fashion tips to get the most out of one dress this Summer 2019.

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I’m a huge fan of Maxi Dresses and believe you should absolutely get your use out of them. In so many different ways. Dressed up or down, for day or night they can really be an essential part of your wardrobe.

With just a few simple styling tips here’s my edition of making 5 outfits, plus a bonus look from just one dress. I’d love to know your favourite look? Jess x


Look One
The Maxi Dress from & Other Stories:
Affordable Black Shoulder Bag:

Look Two
Classic White Shirt, some of my favourites:
Linen, I have a new one from Everlane but it’s sold out unfortunately but I also found this lovely one on Jigsaw:
My Gold Bracelet:

Look Three
Topshop Utility Jacket:
My Nike Trainers:
Black Studded Cross Body Bag:

Look Four
Black Blazer- Sold out but I love this double breasted version on & Other Stories:
And this Deep Blue Blazer at Reiss is stunning:
Skinny Black Belt:
Necklace (I have the slightly longer version) :

Look Five
Beautiful Kimono Jacket on my shopping list from Free People:
My Tassel Necklaces:
My Leather Jacket was my Mum’s but if I was to buy a new one it’d definitely be from All Saints:

Bonus Look
Denim Jacket:
Tan Leather Belt:

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154 thoughts on “How to style a maxi dress | 1 dress 5 ways to wear it

  1. You’re really great, you’re videos are a blessing 😍

  2. Love the outfits and the music

  3. Love your style. What is the brand watchthat u wear?

    1. Hi Susan, thanks so much for watching. I have a couple from a brand called Vincero and another lovely one from an Australian brand called Christian Paul. Definitely worth checking them both out xx

  4. You and that dress is perfect for each other and with the blazer it makes you look elegant and powerful. 🙂

    1. Aah that’s so kind of you thank you lovely:)

  5. You are gorgeous with immaculate taste of style. And I do love maxi dresses too ❤️

    1. What a lovely, kind comment:) Thank you so much Asima that’s really sweet of you to say xx

  6. I love, love, love the festival look so much 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🤗

    1. hav a lot of fun 💛☀️🌼

    2. Thank you gorgeous:) That’ll be me this weekend at Glastonbury!! xx

  7. Wonderful , Jess : you gave me many ideas to wear maxi dresses I love but seldom wear ! Thanks to you, I know how to wear them in a cooler way and still feel comfortable . Thank you 😊

    1. It’s my pleasure Veronique:) I love maxi dresses and it seems a shame to only wear them on certain occasions. I’m so pleased you liked this edition and found it helpful. Have a lovely rest of the weekend xx

  8. Jess HELP … I’ve got 48 tops on, over my 7 dresses .. finished off with 29 jackets … can’t get out of house 😁😁😁
    Great looks as usual xx

    1. @Fashion and Style Edit 😂😂😂 you too … and Don’t forget your baby wipes xx

    2. Hahaha!! This will be me next week at Glastonbury!! I think if I just pile everything on at once i’ll fit in with that perfect haphazard dressing! Have a great weekend gorgeous:) xx

  9. Gorgeous dress! I loved the festival look, and that beautiful kimono.

    1. Aah thanks lovely:) I just checked the weather for Glastonbury actually, sunshine all the way!!! xx

  10. I love the accent it sounds like a England historian about sophisticated style. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    1. Haha, do I? Growing up my Granny insisted I spoke ‘Queens English’ as she called it! I remember hating it at the time, I wanted to sound like my friends, but I’m grateful for it now:) Thanks so much for watching lovely, I’m pleased you like what I do on here xx

  11. i like it 👍👍

    1. Thank you so much:) x

  12. The black blszer is awesome.👍

    1. Thank you lovely xx

  13. Hello Jess a good video you’ve done there as you’ve emphasised the different ways to wear a maxi dress and I’ve seen a couple or so of your videos in the past and you’ve done very well so far with your subscribers numbers since you started in May 2018 and what I like about you is that you’re a very attractive mature young lady and your a very pleasant person in the way you conduct your videos and I like the fact that you’re the family type such as being married and having children which means personally you’re achieving good things that people will admire you for so that’s it for now so take care and cheerio

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Patrick, I really appreciate that. It’s definitely a busy house with 3 boys but wonderful all the same:)

  14. Very Smart dressing! Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much Jackie:) x

  15. Great video … great styling tips

    1. Thank you so much Katherine:) x

  16. (。♥‿♥。)♥‿♥

    1. Thankyou:) x

  17. I love kimonos and the idea of dress up a maxi dress with it is super, Jess! I resisted maxi dresses for a long time because I am not particularly tall, but I learnt how to use them and I definitely adore them for the summer.

    1. Hi Maiten, aah I’m so pleased you’ve started to love Maxi’s too. There’s so many beautiful dresses out there at the moment it would be a shame for you to miss out. xx

  18. Thanks, some great ideas, not too sold on the green shirt ,but the rest were cute. I’d have gone for a contrasting colour wise kabuki belt, I felt that brown one was too thin. Just my preference though. Great video…

    1. Hi Olivia, thanks for your honest feedback:) And so pleased you liked most of the looks. xx

    2. My sentiments exactly. A couple of these were just a mash up that didn’t flatter….the green jacket look especially. Still, there were some good ideas here and there for people who never think outside the box.

  19. Thanks! My look for tomorrow sorted 😘

    1. Yay! So happy you liked it Melanie:) xx

  20. Very smart👍

    1. Thanks so much Deane xx

  21. Love the first dress!!! ❤️

    1. Thank you so much xx

  22. That black pleated maxi is so unique and you wear it well! Every pairing gave me inspiration! Thank you for this video. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. That’s so lovely to hear thank you:) xx

  23. Loved this video! So creative, thank you Jess!

    1. Aah thank you lovely, I’m so pleased you liked it xx

  24. Gorgeous dress and loved the styling!🥰

    1. Thank you so much, I’m so pleased you liked it:) xx

  25. So chic🌼👏 i am really delighted and i feel inspired

    1. Aah thank you so much:) That really means a lot xx

  26. Very awesome!

    1. Thank you so much lovely xx

  27. Ok so now inspired. Am just 60 but have nicked a denim jacket from my step daughter and have been wearing with my maxis and don’t feel at all muttony. Going to try the shirt now and abandoning cardis although think they might look better with a belt. Brilliant videos thanks x

    1. Hey Shirley, sorry I’m so late replying but thank you so much for your lovely comment:) I am SO pleased you found my video helpful. That’s what it’s all about for me. To hear comments like that makes all the hard work worthwhile so thank you:) Have a wonderful rest of the week Shirley and thank you again for finding me. xx

  28. Thank you Jess for such an inspiring video. I have been wearing maxi dresses for years. I love this black dress. Going to try to mix & match more. But the classic way (first style you showed) is my favorite.

  29. Oooh… 🙏🏾… that was awesome – 😍

    1. Yay! Thanks lovely:)) xx

  30. This is the best vlog….I learned so much and will try some of these ideas for sure. The black midi dress is out of stock sadly. Does this company run true to size??? I wear a size 4 US dress and wonder if I should stay the same or size down.Loved the studded black bag…I do have one similar and enjoy it. You have great fashion sense and it shows. I enjoy maxi dresses in the summer also. Please do more vlogs showing how to wear variations with one or two items. When you belt a blazer or coat do you purchase a larger belt? I really do like that look. Do you have suggestions for someone who does not wear jewelry(religious reasons)? I do have a gold watch. Thank you

  31. Great Dress, great ideas, I love layering as well. 💖🇬🇧xx

    1. Thank you so much Carole xx

  32. The black blazer over the dress really looks good.

    1. Thank you so much Michelle xx

  33. Maxi dresses are also my fav thing to wear in the summer! Throw it on with some jewelry and you’re done!

    1. Exactly:) The perfect easy piece for Summer xx

  34. mind blown 🙏

    1. That’s kind you, thank you so much xx

  35. So great! I love mixing things up, I find it much more interesting than the whole matchy-matchy thing! But, I equally like the simplicity of minimalism, versus draping oneself with a bunch of predictable matching items and/or accessories. 👏🏼👏🏼

  36. Great video aaaannnd just in time! I bought a pelated red dress from mango and wasn’t sure how to style it! Thanks to you now i know how 💓😍 thank you

    1. Yay!! Aah so happy to have helped Ghada:) Enjoy styling your new dress lovely xx

  37. Wow jess😃 I am so impresssss! How many outfits using one dress!!! Thank you for sharing your ideas👍🏻😍

    1. Thank you so much Mayra and the pleasures all mine lovely:) I really enjoy creating all the different outfits and to hear people find it helpful is lovely xx

  38. This dress is smashing!!! and you are beyond gorgeous in it!! I immediately went to buy it and it is sold out in my size (insert crying noise)

    1. Oh no!! Oh what a shame:( Fingers crossed they get more stock in xx

  39. Love all the looks .

    1. Thank you so much:)) I’m so pleased you liked it xx

  40. Beautiful maxi dress..

    1. Thank you so much Rowena, the quality is so beautiful, I love it:) xx

  41. Amazing. The shirts. The scarf in the hair. the stud purse, the jacket and belt. I have all of that. The knot on the bottom of the dress helps it look good with the trainers as well. I can do all of this, and I have all of this. Except a studded purse. It is on my list. Thank you so much.

    1. Yay! Even better, you don’t need to buy anything and you can add a few dozen new outfits to your wardrobe:)) Happy days! I’m so pleased you liked this edition Michelle and thank you so much for your lovely supportive comment. xx

  42. Enjoyed all the lovely looks you have put together!
    I don’t think I could go without my white linen shirts, denim jacket, maxi dresses and skirts, it’s my go to.😊🍁

    1. Exactly. That’s a capsule wardrobe right there:) Hope you’re well lovely xx

  43. Your style just slays me every time. You look amazing in everything. I especially like dressing something down & mixing it up. 💗 💕💖 your boho & rock chic vibes! Maxi won’t work for me in the summer too stinkin hot & humid here. My legs gotta breathe! 🙄 Hope you’re having a good week 🥰❤️

    1. Fashion + Style Edit 🤣🔥🔥🔥

    2. Aah gorgeous Jill, how are you lovely? Well I just tried on a maxi dress today that I’m ever so slightly in love with AND there’s room for legs to breathe!! Haha, can’t wait to show you, I think you’ll love it. So pleased you liked this video hun and as always thank you for your support. Send some of that heat this way will you please Jill! xx

  44. Great tips, thank you! Where is the blush colored dress on the rack from? 😍

    1. Fashion + Style Edit oh thanks for the quick feedback 🙂 I will have a look in the german online shop. Fingers crossed! 😄 I really enjoy watching your videos. You have a great sense of style

    2. Hi Lisa, thanks so much for watching and letting me know you liked it:)) That dress is from Mango, this season but sadly sold out now I’m afraid:/ I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you if they bring it back in stock:) xx

  45. Great ideas thank you Jess!!!💗😘

    1. It’s my pleasure lovely:) Have a great week xx

  46. Love the casual look with the maxi. Especially the Jean jacket.

    1. Thanks gorgeous, gotta love a great maxi dress! I’ve just filmed a new episode today actually with THE most stunning maxi! Not crazy money either so I’m excited to show you all:) Have a great week Clare xx

  47. Love these different styling options, especially the multi layer Boho look and the open black blazer look 😘

    1. Aah thank you so much:) I am a bit of a bohemian spirit at heart so that look is probably my favourite. Have a lovely week hun xx

  48. That black dress was made for you. Wouldn’t have thought of the white shirt over top. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks Jo, it’s such a simple styling trick that means I can wear more often:) Have a little play with some maxi’s in your wardrobe, you’ll be surprised how many outfits you can make:) xx

  49. Great idea with bunching up the side! I love the look with the black blazer – very classy and yet the denim jacket look is awesome as well!

    1. Aah thanks my lovely:) So pleased you liked it, I had fun filming it actually. I love a good styling session! Have a great evening hun xx

  50. The black studded cross body bag is a KILLER 😍

    1. Isn’t it gorgeous:) It’s from a little Indie brand based in Denmark. Hope you’re well lovely xx

  51. I never thought of , throwing on a shirt over a Maxie dress. What a great idea! Love the black blazer over the dress as well! You look great! In all the looks! Very pretty😃❤️👍

    1. Hi Lola, thanks so much lovely:) It’s such a simple trick that looks great with almost all my maxi dresses. And means I can wear them far more often which I like! Thanks so much for watching and letting me know what you thought, much appreciated:) xx

    2. It is so brilliant!

  52. I love the ease of a dress,,,,one piece on, ready to go. You’ve expertly shown that with layers/accessories you can morph a dress into any vibe you want. ❤️👍

    1. Aah thanks gorgeous:) I like filming these sorts of videos actually, it was fun. Hope you’re well lovely xx

  53. I’ve been eyeing this dress for so long and it looks gorgeous on you. What size are wearing? Thanks

    1. Hi lovely, it’s gorgeous isn’t it:) I actually sized down and went for a 36 where I’d normally go for a 38 on their website. I thought it needed to be tight fitting across the chest and waist. It’s snug but fine sizing down. xx

  54. What a great idea with the hair bobble trick! I’m quite short, so this will work to shorten the hem a bit instead of taking it up. Loved all your ideas Jess. xo

    1. Absolutely:) And just by changing the shape of the hem it adds a completely different look to the whole dress. Have a great evening lovely xx

  55. Wow, Jess in full street style. Love it.

    1. Haha, thanks lovely:) I’m getting into my festival spirit! xx

  56. Love your kimono where’s it from? ❤️

    1. Hi lovely, that’s quite an old one I got from Zara but I’ve popped a few favourites in the description that are available now:) xx

  57. I always want to wear a maxi dress but I thought it was a little too much for me, after I watched this VDO and how you would style it. It makes me want to go out and get one. Thank you for your inspiration. All the looks are simple and sophisticated as always. ❤👍😊

    1. Absolutely:) I love maxi dresses and though some of these styles would look better with a white maxi you get the idea of the different ways you can style one:) Thanks as always for watching and letting me know what you think xx

  58. I have that topshop utility shacket. I love it! I wear it all the time, with everything

    1. It’s a great one isn’t it:) Hope you’re well lovely xx

  59. 맥시드레스에 화이트셔츠 👍
    참 하나같이 멋진 매칭이네요~^^

    1. Thank you so much:)

  60. As usual Jess another great video , loads of ideas I certainly would love. Hope all well with you , just of to Guys in London for Chris to be fitted for braces 🙁. Hope to dodge the thunder etc !!! Love that amazing dress , so versatile , have a lovely week. Pauline xx.

    1. Hi Pauline, oh no hope he’s okay? I know how painful that can be:/ Thanks so much for watching lovely and so good to hear you liked it. It was fun to film this actually:) Hope you dodged the rain too hun! Some Summer this is turning out to be:/!! xx

  61. The bohemian look is my fave!

    1. Me too:) xx

  62. i love the dress, like it best on its own or with the blazer but sorry not so keen on the other looks. x

    1. No worries lovely, and I appreciate your honesty:) We don’t always love all the same things:) Have a great week hun xx

  63. I love this video! It’s so helpful to get these tips. I love the way you dress and the versatility of it all and so often I look at my clothes and know that I have good pieces but afraid I’ll do it wrong or just a little bummed that I really don’t have anything interesting to do besides errands and the like. Still I’m going to dress how I like even if I’m not going anywhere special. Unless the grocery store is considered special?🤔
    p.s. I’m sure you’ve heard this a zillion times but God sure made you beautiful. 😊

    1. Fashion + Style Edit Hello! Thank you so so much for your message! I appreciate it so much! I will definitely let you know how these looks work for me….I’ve completely changed the way I eat so I’m excited to try these trends even more when I’ve lost the weight…..I hope you have a wonderful day /evening! ❤️😊

    2. Hey lovely, thanks so much for getting in touch:) Don’t be afraid, just give it a go:) Fashion is meant to be fun. Sometimes it goes right and lots of the time I get it wrong but it’s definitely fun trying it all out:) And I know what you mean on the social scene, I reckon we should all start wearing our dresses to the supermarket so I can get more wear out of them!! Sending big hugs lovely and let me know how you get on trying some of the looks. xx

  64. Excellent video Jess! A kimono over a maxi dress, and a jacket on top of that! I love it.

    We moved to the Middle East a few years ago and nothing beats the heat here better then a maxi dress in summer.

    Thank you for all these tips! xx

    1. We are in Saudi Arabia! I studied in the UK O-Levels till Uni. Have so.many amazing, wonderful memories, and can imagine how a sun baby copes there 😉

      Your channel is amazing and has a very unique vibe!

    2. Hey lovely, aah so pleased you liked it:) Where in the Middle East are you? I’m pretty jealous of that heat! I’m such a sun baby and living in the UK is not so great for that!! Have a great week Khadeejah xx

  65. Absolutely love this channel. Thank you for the continued quality content. I need to run out and buy a maxi dress to try these brilliant ideas out!

    1. Thank you Diana, what a lovely comment:) I’m so pleased you liked it. xx

  66. Szia! Nagyon tetszett egy videó. Ötletesek egy variációk.

    1. Nagyon köszönöm 🙂 Van egy nagyszerű hét kedves x

  67. Great ideas thanks Jess ….I adore that dress on you ! Xx

    1. Thanks lovely, so pleased you liked it:) Have a great week lovely xx

  68. Love that belt Jess

    1. Thanks lovely:) xx

  69. Well done darling. Looking forward to Glasto!! xx

    1. Thanks hun:) Not sure how well this dress will fair if it rains tho:/ Come on sunshine!!!! xx

  70. I am very thankful for the good advices you gave me.
    I’ ll start to use shirts of my father.
    Great video!
    Thank you

    1. So pleased you liked this video and the ways to I styled 1 dress:) xx

  71. Loved this Jess! Especially your festival look. Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Yay thanks lovely:) I do love the odd festival too, just need to hope
      for sunshine now xx

  72. Lovely style <3

  73. Maxi dress is for tall skinny women

    1. I disagree. All you need is the right dress and a good tailor to take it up a touch if needed:) x

  74. Very beautiful! I particularly love the belted black blazer over top the dress….so simple and elegant. You have given me ideas to wear with my maxi skirts…. I am still searching for the perfect maxi dress. Thank you, again 🙂

    1. My pleasure lovely, so pleased you liked it. Take a look at an Independent brand called Wiggy Kit. The tiered maxi dress is top of my wish list!! xx

  75. Super sexy style wear

  76. I haven’t watched this yet but … go back to bed!

    1. I’ve finally watched this whilst sitting in my country garden watching my newly hatched goslings! They hatched yesterday and I’m very proud. Anyway, love love love your ideas. I’m wearing an ancient dress with a crisp white shirt but have to head back to London this afternoon so will have a rethink. Back to Glos on Saturday! Keep shopping!

    2. Haha sleep well:) Hope you like it when you wake:) xx

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