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Bronze Pleaser High Heel Stiletto Sandals

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These Pleaser barley there high heels come out of hiding.


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9 thoughts on “Bronze Pleaser High Heel Stiletto Sandals

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  2. Incredible boney and veiny feet, almost a masculine feel to it, and in the same time very thin and great arches… Not much into longer big toe and veiny usually, but they do have something special… Pure beauty, beyond one’s own preferences. Thanks for the quality vid, and keep up the good work ! We need longer videos, and SOLES ! 😉

  3. Sexy sandals…can I kiss your feet? 🙂

    1. 👌🏽😘

  4. loved it

    1. Thanks Stevens

  5. Great video, thank you for sharing.

  6. Very nice veiny feet. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Bisikal ❤️

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