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Our entire shoe collection is here!!! we are doing a lot of decluttering, so we thought lets film this quick video and show you every single pair of shoes that we own!😆 We didn’t want to talk in depth about each shoe because there is just too many! we did leave few old dirty ones out though! 😅 Hope you enjoy it anyway!

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698 thoughts on “OUR ENTIRE SHOE COLLECTION – 112 PAIRS!!!

  1. This is good

  2. i really love how you guys show yours shoes + you guys are so cute

  3. Can I be a loveslave doormat for both of you to walk all over

  4. Those blue sandals on the right side

  5. wooh love it

  6. For every men you slept with.. one pair of shoe. What a life!! I hate it when people brag what they have by selling your own body and shit. If you’re going to replay don’t lie because I know you girls very well. My friend Dom slept with you both for an LV bag

  7. Que voces mas monotonas y sin gracia!

  8. Fill my eyes with that double vision. Gorgeous absolutely gorgeous. Shoes are nice too

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  12. good legs, the nails combine the colors confuse me


  14. i love last black hill shoes…..

  15. 😍 dream collection. What style of Louboutins are the first ones and what heel size?

  16. Google Mortons Toe syndrome.

  17. Nice C F M heels

  18. Wow! I want all.

  19. Wao nice shoes collaction and very nice colour soo l am exicted too see new video

  20. Hi… I m gud and both of u. Nice to see u I’m new here …. All are gorgeous

  21. Hai i am Michel from the netherlands nice to meet i am new on your channel you are both the queens of shoes awesome.

  22. 4:16 this is my favorite one

  23. Whats the name of the loubs in 2:58

  24. What a lovely shoe collection! Your high heels are so pretty ❤ thank you so much for this, my favourite shoe collection video ever!

  25. Very fast….slowmotion please ❤❤❤❤

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  27. It’s got to be the shoes!

  28. ap k joote kahan se milen g

  29. very nice review video

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  31. Very sexy Heels

  32. do a house tour omg

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  34. the two of you are incredibly disgusting
    whatever it is that you think you have
    if anyone just looks beyond the large
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  35. 1:35 WoW😍😍

  36. I have at least 150 pairs,iam going to do a vi deo too ,lol,god bless you all.

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  38. Why you bought much Pensil hell

  39. Can u share us, some more details about ur sugar daddy!

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    Есть не красивые ноги

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  48. AWESOME _SEXY_ 10/10

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  50. 3:09 Stuart Weitzman and 4:05
    A man’s point of view…. Would catch me staring

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    1. Yeah you are right

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  69. I had each and every slippers which they two showed

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    I’ve been following you. I Wish i could have one of your collection shoes 😘 love you both

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  76. Oh my god i frisking love your shoe collection yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas

  77. this is my first time watching y’all you guys are amazing and btw where are y’all from , with that accent!

  78. My wife would like to ask a few questions how can she contact?

  79. r u do any social responsibility?

  80. I love Badura twins! Thoes heels! I’m jealous!!!

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  84. Wow,the last black Boots from Steve Madden is very very very ………HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please more Videos with this Boots……

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  100. Ascent on gay for you

  101. 7:06 Steve Madden! That was too hot!

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  103. There voice bothers me alot

    1. Your grammar bothers me a lot

  104. I have never been more jealous in my life 😟

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  107. this is literally the most aesthetically pleasing thing i have seen in a long time. wish i had a shoe collection like this

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  113. 1:09 left – 1:56 right – 2:10 right – 4:07 left – 4:14 left – 4:55 right – 5:22 both – All were amazing but these are the ones I want now!

  114. Модадан калмыш 👎

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  128. Zubair

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  130. Lesbian foot fetish 🤮

  131. And I thought 20 pairs of Heels was alot lol.👠👠

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  143. Heels wete awesome and shoes were good

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    I wish u both r the same size then u can literally have 2ble the shoes u have exchange and wear it might be so fun

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    Beautiful collection though.

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  361. Смотреть с 6:50

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  364. Don’t know why youtube suggested this tone deaf vacuous waste of data- but this is your idea of making use of rising out the COVID-19 pandemic? Have you not an ounce of compassion, empathy or humanity? Do you know how many people are losing their livelihoods, homes, loved ones and potentially their lives??? You are disgraceful.

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