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Simmi Shoe High Heel Haul | My gosh these shoes. | Keeping it real for you

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Hi my lovelies,

Thank you for watching yet again. My channel uploads every Monday PM.

Hope to see you there♥️


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Join one of the best paying affiliate programs in the industry and make commission from every referral or sale.
>>> Join Dar-us-Salam affiliate program and you will never regret doing so. This is your chance to earn a lot of good deeds and cash!
"Whoever guides [another] to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it." [Sahih Muslim].
Your commission - 5% of every Sale made through your affiliate link - If no sale then you still get 3 cents per referral (introductory offer).
Second tier commission - 2% of every sale (introductory offer).
You can get second tier commission by referring another affiliate to join the affiliate program. Such affiliates will become your sub-affiliates, and YOU will earn 2% commission of their sales while they themselves earn 5%.
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426 thoughts on “Simmi Shoe High Heel Haul | My gosh these shoes. | Keeping it real for you

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  2. mi amor me gustan tus tacones y tu te amo

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    1. @simon Smith honestly whatever you would, as it would be hugely appreciated! x

    2. @MyaLoryn so what would
      you like Me to buyn you then?😊

    3. I couldn’t like, I would probably still want more even if I had 10 million pairs

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      I feel like upon viewing my wishlist you Will get to know me more aha xx

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    Anything that you try-on looks Beautiful on you !
    Your Devoted Friend, Donald

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    තරඟ ඔයා දිනනවා නම් හොඳයි

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    1. @MyaLoryn Is that some kind of British slang for thanks?

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  151. Hi MyaLoryn that is such a beautiful name and you are a really beautiful woman I really like your content you do an amazing job I really love the silver heels and the zebra print ones but I’m sure anything would look great on you you have very nice any sexy feet and hands I wanted to let you know , I think hands can be just as sexy as feet if they are nice enough in case you didn’t know and yours are incredible I just kinda stumbled onto your videos they popped up in my feed and I’m glad they did because I think you are amazing I even subscribed but also where are you from exactly I really love your accent? And I also love your tattoo it’s very sexy and looks great on you I really love your look I read through your comments and people are mentioning your eyebrows but don’t listen they are beautiful you have such a uniquely beautiful look I really like you thanks for taking the time to make such great videos.

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    1. @MyaLoryn 😂🙂

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    1. javad javaheri ASMR is totally annoying and nasty to listen to

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    1. انا بعشق وبموت برجلين واقدام البنات والصنادل يالي بيلبسوها خصوصا بالدقيقةً5:23 وكمان الكعب العالي والفلات والروماني وكمان بموت بالطريقة يالي بيقعدوا وبيجلسوا فيها البنات وكعاب رجليون بموت فيها واصابع رجليون كمان ، وبعشق هالمسبة من تمون لما بيسبوا حدا وبيقولو العمى فعيونك العمى والعمى بعيونك العمى حتى ريحة أصابع رجليون بعشقها

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    1. @MyaLoryn I subscribe your Chanel beauty queen

    2. @MyaLoryn You are so beautiful mam your look like princess MashaAllah

    3. @MyaLoryn thank you for the quick reply going to follow right now

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