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Old School Body Hacks

Old School Body Hacks
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Over 35 and can’t help but notice you’re getting “thicker”? There’s good reason. Scientists discover…

Discover The Incredible 10-Minute a Day

“Metabolic Youth-Enhancer” That…

Backed By Scientific Research...

  • RESETS Slow or Stalled Metabolism2
  • RE-SCULPTS Lean Muscle Mass (for Those Over Age 35)3
  • CRANKS OUT Youth Hormones4
  • BUILDS Heart Strength5
  • RATCHETS UP Energy Production6
  • INCREASES Blood Flow7
  • MULTIPLIES Antioxidant Production8
  • Best of all: REVERSES METABOLIC AGING even for those in their 40s, 50s and 60+

All this and more for up to 48 HOURS AFTERWARDS!…

From: John Rowley, Personal Trainer

Did you know EVERY CELL in

your body has a clock in it?

What’s interesting is medical science has proved normal aging actually causes these tiny internal clocks to speed up12. Once you hit a certain age, THEY ACCELERATE. You’re actually getting older faster and faster, day by day and month by month.

You’ve probably experienced this yourself at some point.

As you get older, you may have noticed…

  • Certain things (like your skin) don’t bounce back like they used to…
  • As you look in the mirror each day, you’re getting “thicker”, fatter, bigger overall…
  • You don’t seem to heal from infections or recover from injuries as well or as fast as before…
  • You’ve lost your “get up and go”…
  • You seem to be losing strength, not gaining it. Lean muscle mass isn’t quite so lean anymore—some, maybe a lot of that sexy muscle, has been replaced by stubborn fat deposits in the most unflattering of places…
  • For some reason, you wake up in the morning sluggish, struggling to get out of bed—even though you may have gotten got a full 8 hours sleep the night before…

“What the heck is going on?” you may ask yourself.

“John, isn’t this simply an unavoidable

side-effect of getting old?”

Could be. Could be, even if you think you’re doing everything right.

Left unchecked, this is what we all can anticipate.

The question becomes:

Could there be a way to slow down

(or even reverse) the inevitable aging process?

Answer? A Metabolic “Reset” Is The Secret To A Leaner,

Fitter, Energetic, And More Youthful Body…

Hi my name’s John Rowley.  Perhaps you’ve heard of me.

I’m a celebrity nutrition, personal trainer and fitness expert, best selling author and popular TV personality.

They call me “old school” for good reason.

Mine was the Brooklyn-based gym that gained international fame and attention when it was featured in the movie Pumping Iron, featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno back in the 80’s.

So when it comes to knowing what it takes to sculpt lean, strong bodies, let’s just say I know what I’m talking about.

However, to be totally candid with you, I haven’t been totally healthy, I haven’t been totally fit throughout my career.

Nowhere near. I made a crucial mistake… one you can learn from today.

Assuming you learn from my mistake, I can promise you…

  • SIGNIFICANT weight loss and a regaining of prized lean muscle mass…
  • Improved healing
  • Quicker recoveries…
  • Better, deeper sleep…
  • A brighter mind…
  • And maybe best of all…

Reclaiming The Youth, Body

And Energy You Had In Your Twenties…

Let’s be clear, today I have all those things and more. And I want you to have them, too.

If you’ve ever wondered how ageless movie stars and celebrities such as…

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Rob Lowe
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson
  • Christie Brinkley
  • Jason Statham
  • Pierce Brosnan
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Kate Beckinsale

…are able to stay so vibrant and youthful, defying the laws of aging, then read on.

You’re about to discover the secrets ONLY A SELECT FEW in the fitness community know.

The Secret to an

Ageless Body Revealed

My story is pretty simple. I’ve been involved with health, fitness and nutrition all my adult life.

I’ve coached and trained people you would know very well, including other popular Internet personal trainers.

However, and it’s a BIG however.

I’m not perfect.

There was a time… ok, I admit it… when I was overweight. Fat. Call it whatever you want, but let’s just say I was not in the best of shape.

And for the life of me, I couldn’t figure it out.

I mean, I was 40 at the time and I had an inner tube around me that wouldn’t budge. No matter what I did.

As a celebrity fitness trainer, it was incredibly embarrassing. I tried everything to reverse the process.

Searching for answers, I started poring over medical journals. Fortunately, I tripped over a major gem of an insight in one journal called Metabolism.

It discussed in precise scientific detail HOW a person’s metabolism naturally slows down at the age of 3515.

I can’t tell you how many times I read that article—because it contained the secrets I’m about to share with you.

Now for you to appreciate what I am about to reveal, you should understand what your metabolism is and what it does.

Why Your Metabolism is

THE KEY to Unlocking

Anti-Aging Hormones

(and Overall Fat Loss)

Most people don’t understand metabolism. It’s ok, I didn’t either, until I went on my quest to solve my problem.

So for you to get the greatest benefit out of what I have to share with you next, you need to understand what metabolism is.

Simply put, metabolism is HOW

your body creates energy.

Your body’s energy is created in little cellular power plants called mitochondria.

This energy, called ATP, is used for all sorts of functions in your body. Everything from muscle activation to thinking to healing.

Now, when you’re a child, your body is bursting with mitochondria. I’m sure you’ve been amazed at kids’ energy. They’re bouncing off the walls, aren’t they?

Yet here’s what happened to me and it’s probably why you’re looking for answers as well.

Sometime in your mid-thirties your body goes through a change. A shift. Your metabolism starts slowing down.

Your body starts producing LESS ENERGY.

You’re biologically getting older. (But as you’ll discover, you don’t have to look it.) There are 3 reasons…

1You’re not creating new mitochondria efficiently…

2They’re not generating as much energy as they used to…

3Your mitochondria actually start dying off quicker…

That makes living difficult for your body. A struggle. (Now you know why you may be tired all the time.)

Don’t worry. It’s NOT your fault, but there IS something you can do about it…

Now, here’s what was happening to me. I was exercising like I did in my twenties.

You have to understand, I was crushing it in my 20’s and well into my 30’s. However…

As I hit my late 30s, I started to gain weight. Not a lot at first, just enough to notice. I started getting what I call “thicker.”

I also started to get tired much more easily.

So what did I do?

Nothing at first. I figured it was just a phase my body was going through. Thought I’d snap out of it if I kept training as I was used to.

Then one day, I looked in the mirror and it was clear to me.

I had an obvious paunch! Jiggly fat

protruded over my beltline…

As I stared at my belly, I got pi**ed off. “Now things are getting out of hand.” I thought to myself.

So what did I do? I trained harder and harder. And longer and longer.

More and more crunches. Something’s gotta give. Right….?

Now when I looked in the mirror I was thinking…

“Damn, I REALLY don’t want

to see myself naked anymore!”

You need to know I’m embarrassed writing that. But it’s true.

I was dead tired most of the time. Instead of building lean muscle like I used to, I looked big and FAT… and sweaty.

“Portly” is the word they use. (“Fatass” is the word I used when I looked the mirror.)

I was stumped. It was a mystery to me…

Work out and you get fat. Don’t work out and you get even fatter.

That’s when I went on my quest

to discover what was wrong…

For a while I thought I had some sort of disease. I thought I had some sort of thyroid or liver condition. I had all sorts of tests done. Read all sorts of medical journals.

I was a maniac on a mission.

At that point in my journey, three things became crystal clear:

  1. Training, the way I did in my 20s, was OVER. (Paradoxically, it was probably the reason I packed on weight…)
  2. I DID have something ‘wrong’ with me — and it was called MIDDLE AGE.
  3. I had to find A NEW WAY to train if I wanted to lose the embarrassing fat. And that way had to stimulate the production, efficiency and longevity of mitochondria.

I believe (and my later results validated) my metabolism… my mitochondria held the key to looking and feeling like I had in my 20s.

And as you’ll soon discover, they hold the keys for you, too.

What I discovered next blew my mind and changed everything I knew about health, fitness and working out…

Amazingly, inside each of our mitochondria are little clocks that can be speeded up… and even slowed down!12

Now here’s what’s fascinating…

Do you know the most effective way to

adjust your internal clocks in your mitochondria?

There are lots of ways actually, like caffeine and other stimulants.  Even prescribed drugs can speed up your thyroid.

But the most effective and ultimately, healthy way?

Answer: Amazingly, WORKING OUT is absolutely the fastest, most effective way to controlling your body’s internal clocks.

Working out is the key to slowing aging as well as combatting all the maladies of middle age—BUT you have to do it right.

NOT working out like you did in your 20s and early 30s.

If you work out like that? You’ll do what I did: “get thicker.” Plus eventually you’ll add tons of extra “padding” on your belly, butt and thighs.

Maybe you’ve already experienced this.

Let me prove my point:

Ever see old football players,

retired boxers or WWE wrestlers?

Their once intimidating muscle has been replaced with flab. They don’t know how to work out—even though they may be spending hours a week in the gym! They’re still working out like they were 21!

Instead, what you need is to train with a focus on adjusting your internal clocks THE RIGHT WAY.

THE SECRET? To focus on

your metabolic clocks, not your fat!

Trust me, it may not make sense right now, but it will.

Look at it this way:

When you do it right, you’re focusing on the cause (your mitochondria and energy production) and NOT the symptom (your fat.)

But how?

I started testing and experimenting. A man on a mission. Newfound drive and ambition.

I was committed to coming up with an all-around “recipe” for getting your body and your youth back. One anybody over 35 could use .

I was a sponge for all things related to controlling your metabolism.

I kept eating diaries, I kept workout logs. I kept adjusting, measuring and documenting.

All in all, I discovered 5 overall training strategies

with 37 interchangeable tactics, I call…

Old School Body Hacks™

The only program in existence to actually turn back the clock on your metabolism—burning off troublesome fat, building lean, fat-burning muscle and wiping away years—even decades—off your appearance.

Packed full of short, snappy little body hacks you can put to work in JUST MINUTES each week.

Old School Body Hacks™  pours everything I’ve learned about burning fat, boosting energy and slowing aging from a life spent training and coaching celebrities and regular, hard working people just like you.

“The best shape in minimal time…”

“As a busy mom, business owner and fitness professional time is very valuable to me. I’ve been training the “old school” way for decades. I am so thrilled that John finally came out with this program. It takes away all the fluff and what is left will get you into top shape in a minimal amount of time. It is really the foundational concepts that should be the focus and John has captured this in an easy to follow way.”

Kim Shackleford, NTP, CGP, RWP

“John’s workouts make me look

and feel younger than my years!”

As a full time marketing executive, mom and soon to be grandmother time is of a premium and taking care of my health and fitness is extremely important to me. I’ve been doing Pilates workouts for over 20 years and love everything about it! In fact I am a Pilates coach and simply can’t get enough.

But with Old School Body Hacks I was able to target certain muscles in an extremely efficient way and boy oh boy did I ever hit those muscles and two days later could barely walk. John’s workouts took YEARS off the way I look!

Jill Grainer, Mom, marketing executive, Pilates instructor

“Saved my sanity!”

As a wife, mom and business owner I have little time to waste, which is why I started the Old School Body Hacks program. I got it to save time but it has really saved my sanity. I have gotten into the best shape of my life in a minimum amount of time.

Kristi Frank, star of Donald Trump’s Apprentice, as seen on Oprah.

Unlike so many other fat-burning programs, with Old School Body Hacks™  you get bite-size techniques that just plain WORK. That means…

  • NO starving yourself…
  • NO needing the willpower of a Marine to make it through the program…
  • NO need to count calories…
  • NO “boomerang” weight gain where any fat you lose flies back onto your body (and this time brings friends!)
  • And NO ‘skinny fat’ where the weight you lose leaves behind saggy, flappy, loose skin…

Here’s everything you get when you claim your copy of Old School Body Hacks™ today…

If you’ve seen any of my other bestselling books, you know my style. Straight to the point. No fluff. And packed full of real life results from real people.

Inside Old School Body Hacks, you’ll discover…

  • The King TUT Method for packing on lean, mitochondria-loaded, fat-burning muscle—in the simplest, quickest and easiest way possible…
  • The Old School Body Hacks™ System. An unconventional and defiantly ‘old school’ 10-minute metabolic method for building youth-enhancing muscle without damaging your joints or turning yourself blue in the face…
  • The HGH Golden Key. How to unlock your body’s reserves of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) in JUST 40 seconds…
  • Repair And Regenerate At Rest! How to trigger your body’s repair and regeneration abilities for hours AFTER you finish working out! That’s right you’ll burn more fat recovering from this set of movements than you ever will running on the treadmill in the gym…
  • The Cardio Solution: Why most gym rats have it all wrong. Here’s how you SHOULD do cardio to maintain a strong, healthy heart for the rest of your life…
  • And so much more…

These Old School Body Hacks™

will work for you EVEN IF:

  • You’ve already tried fad or crash diets with no success…
  • You’ve spent hours busting a gut in the gym with no results to show for it, except maybe that skinny fat look…
  • Your life is so busy, you only have MINUTES to spare for exercise or working out…
  • And, it will work for you even if the THOUGHT of working out makes you shiver with fear…

Because what you’re about discover is so fast, so easy, yet so unconventional you’re going to wish you knew about this years ago.

Plus, you’ll feel the benefit of a lasting post-workout “after effect” that burns fat even while you’re kicking back in front of the TV. However…

WARNING: This is not a ‘one size fits all’ program… That’s why I’ve given you a variety of hacks to get the job done—all designed to do a metabolic reset

Nothing bothers me more than seeing so-called fitness professionals proclaiming THEIR way is the ONLY way.

Look. Old School Body Hacks™ is YOUR program and it can be customized to suit you. No matter if…

  • You’re 35 and just starting to notice things are changing, and not for the better…
  • You’ve plateaued in your workouts…
  • You’re definitely overweight and committed to getting back to your true self
  • You’re “middle age” and when you look in the mirror, you don’t like what you see…
  • You’re retired or an empty nester and still want to be active
  • You need a fitness therapy that will rejuvenate your body and mind

See, I believe it’s vitally important you enjoy your time body-hacking the old school way. Otherwise you’re just not going to see results.

However, people still ask me which workout is the best. And because of that I’ve included something that will stop middle-age bloat dead in its tracks:

The Perfect Routine:

A.K.A. Getting the BEST results in

the LEAST amount of time

It’s yours FREE as part of the system.

Old School Body Hacks™ turbocharges the fat-burning HORMONAL aspects of your metabolism for long term fat loss after your workout ends. Not just burning calories the short time you’re working out.

After each results-based, 10-minute Old School Body Hacks™ session…

  • According to the 2001 European Journal of Applied Physiology13, your metabolism is elevated 21% within the first 24 hours. And even a full 48 hours after a session, your metabolism continues to be 19% elevated above normal
  • And according to researchers in the same study, you continue to burn as much as 773 calories of pure fat13.
  • This is all without harmful drugs or stimulants making you feel anxious or jittery.
  • It gets better. According to the 1994 Journal of Metabolism15, this type of training burns as much as 9 TIMES more fat than aerobic exercise, even though sessions are far shorter.
  • And the American College of Sports Medicine, the premier organization in the study of exercise science, advocates short, high-intensity, quick rest training over long stretches of conventional exercise.

So, how is all this possible?

There are 3 simple, straightforward keys to Old School Body Hacks™:

  • Each movement sequence is a lightning-fast 45 seconds
  • You MUST rest when you feel the need
  • The ENTIRE routine takes ONLY 15 minutes, 3 times a week. It’s over BEFORE you know it.

The breakthrough idea is to burn exclusively sugar during your quick 15-minute workout. Then for up to 72 hours afterwards, you’re effortlessly burning FAT for calories!

No exercise required!

Now, you may be thinking, “I bet any program that can give me all of THAT would cost an arm and a leg”…

And, in all honesty? It really should…

After all, my methodology has already helped THOUSANDS of People over Age 35 achieve their dream body faster and easier than ever. YET:

Right now my publisher has a greatly *reduced* price for you today.

The regular price of Old School Body Hacks™ is $127.

And it’s a screaming bargain at that price. Especially when you don’t “just” get the core program…

Because just for reading this far, I’m going to also include 3 kick-butt bonuses free of charge, helping you get that attractive, youthful body shape even faster:


24 Hacks That Have Stood the Test Of Time

The fact is, I look and feel better now in my mid 50’s than I did in my 30’s.

And one of the reasons for that is because I’m not just a student of fitness… but a guinea pig.

A walking laboratory.

And what you’ll find among these 24 Hacks That Stand the Test Of Time is PROOF of just that.

These hacks have been handed down through generations. They are proven and tested to work time and time again.

These 24 super-simple strategies are divided into 3 categories….

  • Advanced Training Hacks…
  • Program Design Hacks…
  • Intensity Hacks…

…. and they are the foundation of every program I put together.

As you move forward, as you strip away stubborn fat and replace it with lean, strong muscle, I strongly suggest you implement them into your workouts too.


HabitFit™: The Ultimate Secret To Youth Enhancement

This is my secret sauce. If I had to give you ONE thing that would make the difference to success in ANY area, it would be this simple method I’ve perfected over the last few years.

You’ll discover…

  • What ultimately separates highly successful people from the rest of the pack…
  • Why most people spend all day reacting to what happens to them. Here’s how to create a day that EMPOWERS you…
  • How to engineer a lifestyle that helps you get the most out of your day. Why do some people have time to change the world while others barely have time to change their socks?

Now the core program, The Metabolic Recharge Eating Plan™ and HabitFit™ are worth an easy $77… so even at $97, Old School Body Hacks™ is an absolute steal…

But I’m also throwing in something Old School Body Hacks™ members have been demanding for a long time.

And it’s yours FREE when you enroll in the program…


Old School Body Hacks™ Workout Plan For Every Shape, Size And Schedule

Remember, you already get what I think i THE BEST workout in The Old School New Body core program. However…

Every year or so I test out new workouts and these are the cream of the crop. Working out is a personal thing and that’s why I wanted to include a variety of routines for you. All 20 minutes, all fat-burning, youth-enhancing powerhouses…

… and all FREE when you claim your copy of Old School Body Hacks™  today.

Now you can see why Old School Body Hacks™ is worth at LEAST $97. And, when you add in the bonuses, the retail value of the program is an easy $247…

Yet, that price is NOT for you…

Right now, I’m building a huge tribe of like-minded Old School Body Hacks™ members dedicated to slowing aging… regaining the energy, the body, the appearance of your youth.

That’s a kickass, worthy goal, don’t you think? I want to help you, like I wish to God someone would have helped me when I needed it.

So I’m not going even going to try to get rich off this. It’s just my way of giving back and wanting to help people who are going through perhaps what I went through.

Maybe a little less, maybe a little more.

Here’s the deal:

You’re not gonna be paying the retail value of $247 for Old School Body Hacks™ plus all of the bonuses today…

It’s not even gonna be $200, or $100 or even $50.

Your total investment today, including the Old School Body Hacks™ program, PLUS all the bonuses I’ve described is the price you see below…

Click on the button below to lock in this price today:

Check Below to See If The

89% Discount is Still Available…

Old School Body Hacks

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89% Pre-Sale Discount…

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Act fast! Your discount expires

when the timer runs out…


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ONLY $10

Click The “Buy Now” Button To

Receive Your Pre-Sale Price Of Just $10…

Act fast! Your discount expires

when the timer runs out…


Buy Now

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Buy Now

You just have to promise me one thing…

The only thing I want is when you see results, when you start to see lean, sexy muscle, when people notice your new, more youthful appearance…

Shoot me an email and a picture, ok?

That’s what’ll keep me inspired to give more…

That’s what keeps me adding and improving and upgrading the system for you and all the other Old School Body Hacks™ members…

And the cool part is… you don’t even have to decide right now…

Go ahead and take Old School Body Hacks™ for a 60-day test drive…

The Old School Body Hacks™

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try it all out for 2 full months. WATCH the weight fly off and your lean and sculpted body reveal itself…

And only THEN decide if you want to keep the program…

And if you don’t? Not a problem. Just drop me a line for a full, no hassles refund…

There’s zero risk for you today when you hit the button below…

Go ahead and click the button below now!


Buy Now

Sure, you could just walk away, chance it, and keep going down the road you’re on now.

You do know where that leads to, right?

Honestly, I don’t even want to speak it, lest put that out in the universe.

Let’s just say it’s NOT what I want for you and truth be told, I don’t think it’s not what you want either.

I want you to have… and you know by now you DESERVE… that lean, fit, healthy body.

A body you can be proud of—a look that turns heads so fast, they’re gonna get WHIPLASH!

Just listen to what Shari said about the Old School Body Hacks™

“Old School Body Hacks has kind of given me a second lease on life. I’m a 47 year old wife and mom and amazed at how terrific life is!

And Mitch Meyer had this to say…

“When your doctor asks what are you doing to stay in shape, you know you’re doing something right, especially at 66 years old.”

Take a look at the results men and women are enjoying inside the Old School Body Hacks community (now you can join them)…

Now you can see the same, if not better results…


Buy Now

For INSTANT ACCESS to everything, Click on the button below… You’ll be granted immediate access to everything:

  • The Old School Body Hacks™ core program…
  • The Metabolic Recharge™ eating plan…
  • The HabitFit™ program to guarantee your success…
  • The Old School Body Hacks™ Workout Plan For Every Shape, Size And Schedule…
  • PLUS: Your FREE 60-Day Day Trial to The Old School Body Hacks™ Inner Circle….

Remember, I don’t know what your particular situation is. But my educated guess is you’ve been struggling with your metabolism, getting your body back, your life back, for FAR too long…

I know what it feels like. Frustration. Resentment. Anger.

You feel like hitting something, don’t you?

It feels like life is slipping away.

Out in public, you hide it. The low self-confidence keeps you from fully living.

You don’t take chances. You play it safe.

But if you can get a big win? With something that’s totally in your power to change?

You’re golden. You’re on your way.

You’d be amazed at what changing your body can do for you.

Here’s the next step:

Click below and choose the metabolism-surging, fat-burning principles inside the Old School Body Hacks™ program and experience what it’s like to be in control again.

  • You look in the mirror, loving what you see…
  • You feel ALIVE, bursting with confidence and certainty…
  • These feelings floods every area of your life…
  • Your relationships, your job, your success in life ALL gets a positive boost because you cracked the code to the one thing holding you back…

I felt it. I experienced it. YOU CAN TOO! Tons of other guys and girls who invest in Old School Body Hacks™ have.

Now, you’re living the confident lifestyle you always wanted… and enjoying every second of it…

And you’ve regained that tight, lean, strong, sexy body you deserve.

Today is your day to CLAIM your power and take control:

You do it by taking action… doing what you know you MUST DO in order to see REAL fat loss results with a unique program that JUST PLAIN WORKS!

Here’s the GOOD NEWS: unlike all those pathetic weight loss gimmicks you see out there, I’m personally guaranteeing this will work for you.

You have 60 full days, that’s two solid months to try Old School Body Hacks™ ON ME – risk-free – and if you’re not looking totally hot… if you’re not totally blown away by how quickly the fat melts away from your body leaving the lean, toned body underneath…

You pay nothing!


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Remember, having a healthy, fit, lean kickass body doesn’t just reward you physically…


Once you’ve transformed your body, what happens to you on a mental, emotional, social and even spiritual level is even MORE Exciting! You’ll:

  • Feel more confident in shorts, a tank top or a bikini (or naked!)
  • Feel better about yourself and even reduce depression
  • Look more attractive (and attract someone attractive!)
  • Increase your energy and vitality
  • Be more social, enjoying pool parties or time at the beach
  • Be more active with your family

And re-ignite your passion for LIFE!

Listen, I couldn’t say it if it didn’t happen to me.

But I did. That’s what this program did for me.

I got my life back and more. And that’s what it can do for you.

If you want to change your body, if you want to change your life, 20 measly minutes a 2 to 3 times a week isn’t much of a commitment at all to make it happen, is it?

It ain’t hard, it doesn’t take long, but the results can be truly amazing.

You deserve this,

this *IS* your moment.

With the body of a 20 year old and the mind of someone with a lifetime of experience… there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

Take it from someone who knows.

Join me and thousands of others, by hitting the button below right now, and let’s get you started today!


Buy Now


John Rowley, Personal Trainer

P.S. Old School Body Hacks™ is perfect for those who: have demanding jobs; have to juggle work, family time and personal time; have jam-packed schedules; don’t have time to go to the gym; feel uncomfortable working out at the gym; or just want to see results fast!


Buy Now













13. Schuenke, et. al. Effect of an acute period of resistance exercise on excess post‐exercise oxygen consumption: Implicationsfor body mass management European Journal of Applied Physiology. 2002;86:411‐417.

14. Schuenke, et. al. Effect of an acute period of resistance exercise on excess post‐exercise oxygen consumption: Implicationsfor body mass management European Journal of Applied Physiology. 2002;86:411‐417.

15. Tremblay, et. al. Impact of exercise intensity on body fatness and skeletal muscle metabolism. Metabolism. 1994;43:814‐818


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will often resist change at an energetic level – you’ll also be guided

through powerful tapping rounds to support these positive changes.

If you have been struggling with losing weight, emotional eating,

sugar cravings and food addiction and feel like you have to give

up all of your favorite foods or go on some new improved crazy

diet to get it all under control… you won’t want to miss these calls!

In this class you will learn:

* The biggest secrets about weight loss and food obsession we


* Why hyper-vigilance with food is not the answer but just a

symptom of the problem

* How being obsessed about weight will make you GAIN weight

and how to STOP doing it

* How to stop self-sabotage with weight loss

* The way to stop emotional eating and sugar cravings almost

overnight for many

* A very simple way to tap into your own spirituality or higher

power fast and feel connected, inspired and guided in your life

so you can heal this issue or any other faster and with more ease

* What the biggest obstacles to craving control and weight loss

are for so many people and how to remove them

The fee for this program is only $37…!

Come join us and release weight and cravings now!

Please note: While you will receive great benefits from tapping,

purchase and use of any of the EFT programs on this site signifies

that you have read and understood the disclaimer, and have agreed

to its terms.

Your credit card statement will show a charge from CLKBANK*COM.

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The 20 Minute Body

The 20 Minute Body
 Buy Now

  • The Trilogy
  • Program I
  • Program II
  • Program III


No more worrying about finding time to go to the gym or even finding 30 minutes in your hectic day. With his approach, you’ll sweat, you’ll get excited, and you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll see with just 20 minutes a day. That’s the same time it takes to read one chapter of your favorite book.

20 Minute Body is more than just workouts, but mind over body and finding your fitness from within. Learn more about all the workouts included in the 20 Minute Body.

  • HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training workouts are shorter, more challenging, and unleash a host of fat burning hormonal changes from the inside out that allows you to cut your training time in half.
  • Zero to 60: By combining HIIT workouts with Functional Training (FT) and Cardio-Strength Training (CST) exercises, your body can safely progress from zero to 60 without injury or too much muscle soreness which are two of the main reasons why people quit training.
  • The “Afterburn” Effect: The more you push your nervous system in short, timed intervals, the more energy or calories your body has to burn to come back to a normal state of equilibrium and rest. The scientific principle behind this concept is called EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), which creates an Afterburn effect where your body and metabolism are literally burning more calories for hours after a workout to return to a state of rest.
  • Go Lean, Go Green, Go Clean: Proper nutrition that you actually enjoy and will cook, is more than half the challenge when getting in-shape. The program includes delicious 20 minute recipes and healthy nutrition tips that will help you go lean, green and clean.
  • No Gym Necessary: With either your own bodyweight or minimal equipment, you can do the workouts at home or on the road…no gym, no excuses.
  • Five Moves To Fit: Each workout has an average of five Big-Bang exercises, which use multiple muscles and burn the most amount of calories. These exercises are divided into Strength, Cardio or Core and Brett has also added a little Brazilian flare by adding some moves from the Brazilian martial art/dance capoeira. The moves are easy to learn, fun and sequenced in a specific order to optimize fat loss.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: 13 workouts on 11 DVDs (or a set of digital downloads) 3 for every 20 day cycle (Yellow, Orange, Blue) along with 2 bonus discs, a Downloadable Nutrition Guide* and Workout Calendar*.

Plus these special Download Bonuses!

booty-by-brett-bonusBooty by Brett Video Series

It’s all about the booty baby! Learn how to sculpt your booty using workouts and techniques Brett’s developed helping some of the most demanding professionals in the world in this 6 part video series.

booty-by-brett-bonusWillpower E-Book

Where the rubber meets the road is where willpower comes in. Learn how to master it in this exclusive e-book developed by Brett.

food-replacement-guide-bonusFood Replacement Guide

To change your body, it starts from within, including what you put in your body. Includes easy to read lists and swaps that you can start using today.

*Digital delivery. Downloadable after purchase.

20MB Trilogy Product Image

Program I

The Yellow Program is the first 20 days of your 20 Minute Body workout. The Yellow Program focuses on building your fitness foundation. By training regularly you will develop and improve upon your fitness foundation. From your form, your technique, your strength, and your stamina..

  • 4X4 Fat Loss – 4X4 Fat Loss workout focuses on 4 exercises, performed for 4 rounds, in a 4-foot x 4-foot space. This 20 minute interval-based workout was designed for fast fat loss using mainly your bodyweight to get the job done…think strength meets endurance for 4 rounds in a row. 4X4 Fat Loss is challenging, but with options for every exercise, all fitness levels can do it and you WILL see results.
  • Primal Movements – This is a full-body conditioning and core-strengthening workout that combines the 7 Primal Movements we do as humans: squat, lunge, push, pull, bend, twist, and walk. All advanced exercises are just a combination of one or more of these fundamental moves. It’s vital to master them before progressing to more complicated routines so that you minimize injuries and maximize calories burned. Master these moves and master your workouts… come get Primal with PRIMAL MOVEMENTS!
  • HIIT MAX – HIIT MAX is metabolic conditioning and fat burning workout where you perform every exercise for 30 seconds at a high intensity, then take a 30 second low intensity active rest. The exercises are divided into specialized categories like Explosive Cardio, Kickboxing, Capoeira, Explosive Upperbody and Integrated Core, and are arranged in specific order to maximize this High Intensity 20 minute workout. No equipment necessary… only your bodyweight is needed to rev up your metabolism! You’re going to rev high, you’re going to rev low… get ready for HIIT MAX!
  • BONUS: Cardio-Capoeira – takes basic moves from the Brazilian martial art/dance Capoeira and turns them into a fun fat burning and body toning workout. Enjoy sweating to these unique, Brazilian, bodyweight moves!!

20MB Program I Spread v1r1


The next 20 days is the Orange Program. It’s all about progression. Taking that fitness foundation from the Yellow Program and taking it up a notch, with increased intensity, and increased results. No more judgments, it’s time to step outside of your comfort zone on a daily basis and push harder, inside and out.

  • The HIITMAN – The most effective ways to burn fat fast because of the “After-Burn” effect where your metabolism continues to burn calories even after you stop working out! There are three 6-minute rounds in this unforgiving 20 minute workout. The first exercise focuses on the lower body, the 2nd targets your cardio, the third hits your the upper body, the fourth gets your cardio again, and the fifth move works your core. With only a set of dumbbells and your bodyweight, get ready to sweat…get ready for the HIITMAN!
  • 4X4 Fat Loss – 4X4 Fat Loss workout focuses on 4 exercises, performed for 4 rounds, in a 4-foot x 4-foot space. This 20 minute interval-based workout was designed for fast fat loss using mainly your bodyweight to get the job done…think strength meets endurance for 4 rounds in a row. 4X4 Fat Loss is challenging, but with options for every exercise, all fitness levels can do it and you WILL see results.
  • HIIT MAX – HIIT MAX is metabolic conditioning and fat burning workout where you perform every exercise for 30 seconds at a high intensity, then take a 30 second low intensity active rest. The exercises are divided into specialized categories like Explosive Cardio, Kickboxing, Capoeira, Explosive Upperbody and Integrated Core, and are arranged in specific order to maximize this High Intensity 20 minute workout. No equipment necessary… only your bodyweight is needed to rev up your metabolism! You’re going to rev high, you’re going to rev low… get ready for HIIT MAX!

20MB Program III Spread v1r1


The Blue Program is about delivering the body that you want. With all the lessons you’ve learned from the first two programs. You are going to take it through the roof! It is about “burn baby, burn”. This is no joke. There’s no plateau, there’s no slowing down the results are going to keep improving.

  • Power Pyramid – Power Pyramid is a “stacking” workout where each round a new exercise is stacked on top of the other to create a powerful, fat burning sweat session. Round 1 starts with one exercise, round 2 adds a 2nd exercise, round 3 adds a 3rd… by the end of round 6 you will be at the top of Power Pyramid and the top of your game! Get ready to burn… get ready for Power Pyramid!
  • The HIITMAN – The most effective ways to burn fat fast because of the “After-Burn” effect where your metabolism continues to burn calories even after you stop working out! There are three 6-minute rounds in this unforgiving 20 minute workout. The first exercise focuses on the lower body, the 2nd targets your cardio, the third hits your the upper body, the fourth gets your cardio again, and the fifth move works your core. With only a set of dumbbells and your bodyweight, get ready to sweat…get ready for the HIITMAN!
  • HIIT MAX – HIIT MAX is metabolic conditioning and fat burning workout where you perform every exercise for 30 seconds at a high intensity, then take a 30 second low intensity active rest. The exercises are divided into specialized categories like Explosive Cardio, Kickboxing, Capoeira, Explosive Upperbody and Integrated Core, and are arranged in specific order to maximize this High Intensity 20 minute workout. No equipment necessary… only your bodyweight is needed to rev up your metabolism! You’re going to rev high, you’re going to rev low… get ready for HIIT MAX!
  • BONUS: Abs & Booty, Abs & Chest, Stretch & Recovery – Abs & Booty, Abs & Chest, Stretch & Recovery focuses on Body Part Specific workouts to tighten and tone the most coveted body parts… a flat stomach and firm, tight booty for women, and a sexy-six pack and the Gun Show for guys. The other workouts in the 20 Minute Body program aim to burn fat, while Abs & Booty, Abs & Chest, Stretch & Recovery delivers the tone and definition to get you ready for swimsuit season!

20MB Program III Spread v1r1

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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No Excuses Body Makeover Membership

No Excuses Body Makeover Membership
 Buy Now

woman on scales

Are You Tired Of Waking Up To A Body That Now
Robs You Daily Of The VITALITY And SENSE OF
WELL-BEING That Once Came Without Effort?

I’m About To Reveal To You The

REAL Reason That
Getting Into Shape Is Near Impossible For Most Of

Us – And Then Offer To Show You How To
Reliably RESHAPE Your Body, RECLAIM Your Health,
And Finally Take Back The Life You DESERVE.


no excuses fat loss program

For 5 months of the year we are volunteer lifeguards so we need to keep in shape
and ready to go at a moments notice, but as the years have progressed we have got
lazier and noticed the extra kilos stacking on.

Every year we have to pass a refresher exam and we both noticed that this was
becoming harder and harder to achieve.

Now that we are both nearly into our 50’s we needed something to keep us going.
Step in the No Excuses Body Makeover program. Along with the healthy eating plan and the
exercise plan we have both been able to lose those extra kilos. (John 12kg, Paula 8kg).

Thanks to Carolyn’s plan we now have the strength to be motivated to still able
to do this worth while service.

Thanks Carolyn

John & Paula Kearney – 48-50

Losing weight is easy when you know how, but knowing how is the secret.
I’ve tried every crash diet known to man, and prior to discovering the No Excuses Body Makeover
program I was ready to resign myself to the fact I’d be a fat chick for life.

Thankfully a friend found me at my lowest and encouraged me to read the
“The Best Way To Lose Weight” report. That really was the turning point for me,
a light switched on in the far recesses of my brain and I realised I did have the
power to be who I wanted to be, I just had to believe and be prepared to study
to understand the principles of weight loss and the mechanics of fat burning.

I knuckled down and am delighted to report that I’ve lost 76 pounds and
I’m leaner and healthier than ever before.

Molly Davis – 29

From The Desk Of Carolyn Hansen (Certified Fitness Instructor)

Hello, my name is Carolyn Hansen and with this site I have gone
and done something I never dreamed I would do. All of my products, all of my
experience as a health professional, former body builder title-holder, and personal
fitness coach – I have poured it all into ONE all-encompassing membership site.

I am making it ALL available to anyone whose goal it is to CHANGE their body shape
and gain both a renewed sense of well-being and the total satisfaction that comes
from knowing you have turned a corner in your life for the better.

Much better in fact. And you can get there simply by implementing an approach to
your health unlike any other health membership program out there.

My “No Excuses” Program Is Literally The Last

Fat Loss Membership You Will Ever Need

How can I be sure? Because I built my program from scratch to ensure
that every aspect of a successful and long term fat loss plan would be fully covered.

no excuses weight loss program
But more importantly, I had to first learn from the mistakes of my clients
as they went about their lives adopting the kind of unhealthy habits that you too have likely been
practicing for years, quite oblivious to the toll they have been taking on
your overall state of physical and mental health.

I had to see for myself the hardship people inflict on their bodies –
purely as a result of ignorance of the way they work –
before I could successfully devise a plan of action that was able to repair the
and get them back on track for a life unburdened by the chronic health
that have beset so many of their friends, family, and others around them
who cling to a common but devastatingly destructive misconception about their
health – one that I am about to share with you now.

The truth is, every one of us is literally predisposed from birth to suffer poor health
because of an evolutionary quirk of fate that is now causing massive disruption to the lives
of everyone born within the last one hundred years. What is this quirk that is silently
undoing the lives of so many people today?

Simply this…

We Are Blinded By Genetic Hardwiring That Has Us

See Our Future Through “Rose Colored Glasses”

Recent scientific studies have shown that we are programmed to be WILDLY OPTIMISTIC about
how things will pan out for us.

no wishful thinking fat loss
This is a survival mechanism that grew out of a need to
be able to ignore information that suggests failure, rather than success, is the much more
likely outcome for any venture that offers a significant payoff. We have a built-in bias
for pure optimism

It is the same mechanism that erases memories of the pain of child birth, and has a woman looking
forward to repeating an experience she swore she would never endure again.

It is the mechanism that allows men to don battle fatigues and head to the front line
while promising to their family – and believing it – that they will return.

In these cases, optimism proves to be hugely beneficial by helping us to face the future.

But it can also be the cause of serious miscalculation, making us less likely to bother
with medical checkups. We absolutely fail when it comes to accurately assessing the
state of our own health. As an example, we are 500 times more likely to believe that
we will live to the age of 100 years than our ancestral and personal medical history would

By any measure, this is a stunning miscalculation of the reality of our personal situation.

In Fact, Our Inability To Recognize Our Health Failings

Is Speeding Many Of Us To An Early Demise

shortened longevity from poor health

True, from an evolutionary point of view, being born with a brain that tilts
overwhelmingly toward the positive has been really useful.

But as far as our health is concerned,
the “everything will be fine” attitude has recently become our undoing.

In the past 100 years or so we have radically changed the nature of our nutrition, moving from a
high protein, high fat diet to a high carbohydrate, high fat diet. In doing so we
have dramatically altered the composition of the “fuel” our bodies have become accustomed to over
a period of 2-3 million years.

brainwashed to accept weight gain
The result? Rapidly escalating rates of obesity, high blood pressure, coronary disease, and cancer.
Our bodies are morphing for the worse under the assault of our modern-day high-calorie, low-nutrition

But our BRAINS have not changed at all.

We are still wired to think our future will be bright, and that our health will perservere.

In short, we are programmed to ignore the warning signs and continue on as though nothing has
changed, when in fact the projected outcome for the latter part of our lives has CHANGED
COMPLETELY, and not for the better!

So If You Find Yourself TOTALLY Out Of Shape, That’s

Not Your Fault. Your Brain Is NOT Designed

To Acknowledge The Problem!

I am totally serious about this.

Right now, as you read this page, you may be sitting at a chair
in front of your computer nursing layers of belly fat that you regard as unsightly, when in fact
carrying around excess abdominal fat is like harboring a corrosive battery inside you.

stubborn belly fat profile

That fat is silently leeching away at your internal organs, setting you up for massively disruptive
chronic health conditions that can strike in later life and rob you of your mobility, your freedom
of choice, your ability to simply enjoy life – and in exchange leave you dealing with pain and
suffering, mounting medical bills, and a bleak outlook on life.

Ironically, this is when your brain finally acknowledges that your prospects are not so great – when
it is too late to do anything about it!

This is why it is important that you recognize, while you still can, that all the EXCUSES you come
up with for putting off the task of attending to your health today, are just manifestations of
your inherent reluctance to accept what might befall you in the future.

Excuses and unquestioning
optimism are two sides of the same coin – one that has served you poorly and helped to delay you
from moving toward the body you NEED to see you through your remaining years in the best possible

But I can help you with that, and I am going to make a promise to you right now:

“No Excuses” Will Provide You With A Totally Unique Approach To Zeroing In On Your Ideal Body Shape

And Returning You To Optimal Health

fat versus thin

Between you and me, I have been at this game for a VERY long time, so I know what works
and what does not when it comes to retraining your body to accept the nutritional
and physical stimuli needed to rebalance your metabolism and get your body into the
fat burning zone that is vital to shedding the excess pounds of fat that seem to cling
stubbornly no matter what you do.

Dieting does not work.

You have probably heard this several times, and even discovered for yourself that your
own efforts at dieting to lose weight and keep it off never produce the results you are hoping for.

What you NEED is a plan for exercising and eating healthy that does NOT require you
to make big sacrifices to get somewhere – a plan that you can implement for the long term.

Well, I have just the blueprint you need, and I have wrapped it up in a membership
that will feed you the information you need at a rate that will never overwhelm you.

no excuses body makeover membership

You’ll Get An Amazing Series Of Motivational Emails To Keep You On Target For SIX Whole Months

I knew when I sat down to create my No Excuses Body Makeover program that I wanted to make sure
people did not drift off and forget why they signed up in the first place.

no excuses body makeover scheduled emails
It’s easy to get
distracted. I know that, which is why I locked myself in my room and did not come out again
until I had created six whole months worth of information-packed emails to help pace you on
your “No Excuses” journey.

You’ll get the first message the day you sign up, and then every few days I’ll send you new information,
sometimes with a special report attached, but never too much information for you to digest, and always
with useful tips on how to go about achieving the goals I lay out for you in the program.

You’ll Get The Very BEST Of My Products Thrown

In At No Extra Cost To You!

I am a dyed-in-the-wool fitness fanatic. That’s never going to change, and I’ll be creating products
to help people get into shape for the rest of my days. As a member of my No Excuses Body Makeover
program you’ll not only get access to all of the best material I have created in the past, you’ll
get access to my NEW products as well.

Call me crazy, but my goal is to have you stick around for the longest possible amount of time so
that you get the best results, and if I have to throw in my new products for FREE to help
convince you to keep coming back, I’ll do it!

Of course, I DO have a large incentive for wanting to be generous. I want to give you so much value that you
send me your testimonials. This way others will get to see that my No Excuses Body Makeover program
really does get results.

So here is a sample of the products you’ll be given access to in the coming months, some of them
rewritten exclusively for members of this program.

21 days to healthy eating21 Days To Healthy Eating

When I created my book 21 Days To Healthy Eating my goal was to make it easy for you
to quickly begin to experience the health benefits of eating clean unprocessed foods.

The course emphasizes a “one meal at a time” approach that makes the day-to-day decision to eat
for health something that is easy to stick with for the long haul.

I have been so happy with the way this product turned out that I have brought it over into the
No Excuses program, unchanged. You can make real changes to the way you eat in just 21 days,
or implement the course entirely at your own pace.

hot metabolismHot Metabolism

While nutrition is the key to stimulating fat loss, it is exercise that will allow you to reshape,
tighten, and rejuvenate your body. I have taken the exercise plan component of my flagship product
Hot Metabolism and completely rewritten it for the No Excuses program.

You’ll discover why strength training is vital to stimulating your metabolism, so that the results
you have begun to achieve through proper eating habits are now supercharged and allow you to
burn fat not just during the hours you spend exercising at the gym, but around the clock.

claim your six pack absClaim Your Six Pack Abs

Nothing is sexier than a flat stomach.

It is the mark of true health in an individual and it sets
you apart from the pack. So if you have been wondering what it takes to peel back the layer of
fat on your midsection, and start drawing eyes wherever you go, Claim Your Six Pack Abs
is your ticket to the high life.

Sure, this is not for everyone. But if you have been afraid to break out the swimsuit and
summer is just around the corner, well, you have probably left it too late to be showing up
sporting your own six pack this summer. But next year? Watch out!

hot legs workoutHot Legs Workout

Next to a flat stomach, which you’ll rarely ever get to show off anyway, hot shapely legs
attract so much attention on a woman that you may not dare to implement the strategies I
have laid out in this workout manual for the ladies.

You get the same workout plans I used to develop legs that not only captured the attention
of men everywhere I went, but helped me take home titles from physique contests on many occasions.
Whatever level of development you want for your legs, I have it covered.

100 healthy raw snacks and treats100 Healthy Raw Snacks And Treats

This has proved to be one of my most popular books. Perhaps not all that surprising when you
consider that we all love to eat – especially the kind of mouth-watering treats that I provide
recipes for in 100 Healthy Raw Snacks And Treats.

These are not low carb snacks, but they ARE good for you – completely devoid as they are of
unhealthy processed ingredients, like sugar and flour, which form the backbone of so much
of the tasty treats we indulge in today. I’ll show you how to make healthy treats in your
own kitchen, and without having to do a lick of cooking.

a whey of lifeA Whey Of Life

You’ll quickly learn in the No Excuses Body Makeover program that one of the primary
mistakes people make today with the foods they eat is that they undervalue PROTEIN
and eat far too little of it.

In A Whey Of Life I show you not only how to
utilize whey protein for putting together healthy smoothies, but you’ll get recipes
for HIGH PROTEIN SNACKS that you can feel good about eating.

I am talking about making cookies and bars that you can use to replace all of the
sweet snacks you thought you would never be able to give up. Trust me, this is the
way to conquer your cravings!

best way to lose weightThe Best Way To Lose Weight

This is actually a FREE report that I have made available to everyone whether you become
a member or not (there should be an opt in box somewhere over to the right of this page).
Inside The Best Way To Lose Weight I outline the principles of fat loss that I
have refined over the years.

I teach the very same ideas to my personal clients and as a member of my No Excuses Body
program you will be exposed to these concepts again and again, until they
become second nature. Of all my special reports, this one is my personal favorite!

Plus I Have A Lot More Waiting Inside…

Now food and meals are no longer an issue for me. I achieved exactly what I wanted,
I could stop going to Weight Watchers, yet still manage my weight and I steadily
gained the insight and tools to stay in control when I am surrounded by food.

Diabetes, Obesity and High Blood Pressure all run in my family and are just a few
of the avoidable health problems I’ve now saved myself from.

Regular exercise and good nutrition can help prevent your body from acquiring
these conditions. I highly recommend a “No Excuses” lifestyle.

It feels great to do and it is easy to stick with.

Monty Duke – 64

I discovered Carolyn’s Healthy Eating plan last year, when I noticed a friend
successfully losing weight, I asked her her secret and she told me about the “No Excuses” plan.

Feeling really low about myself I decided to give it a go and I haven’t looked back. It’s really
easy to get into, I feel energised each day and I am having so much more fun outdoors with my kids.
Now that I have a clear understanding of these principles of weight loss (through fat burning)
I can’t believe I didn’t see it before and I have no wish to go back to being that unhealthy
person I was a year ago, with low self esteem and constantly grumpy.

To reach my perfect weight I still have a few pounds to go, but I know I can do it. One of the
best things about this is how happy I feel each day. Life is great again! I have made the
commitment to do this for myself and I feel that I will be very successful.

Stacey Patrick – 35

No Risk To You – Just $4.95 To Get Started Today With Your No Excuses Body Makeover Membership

There is absolutely NO RISK to joining me today and finding out what it takes to put behind you
the hardships of living with a body that is simply incapable of making you happy. My goal is
to change that and have you start to feel the way you did years ago.

It doesn’t matter your age or your gender. It is NEVER too late to begin getting into shape.
We are all given just one body to get us through this wonderfully complex journey we call
life, and how you treat your body today will determine how long you can hold onto it and how much
enjoyment it can provide both yourself and your family members who depend on you so

Here’s a quick reminder of everything you will get as a member:

  • Fat loss strategies that work – Everything I have learned over the last 30+ years,
    including hard-won secrets that helped me take national body building titles.
  • Access to my products – You get ALL of my best content, delivered to you when you
    need it and not a moment before. I’ll even be including NEW titles yet to be released.
  • Motivational emails – People seem to love these precisely times message that are designed
    to keep you on target for your body makeover. These are the kinds of emails you’ll look FORWARD to receiving!

Thanks agin for stopping by and checking out the site. I am looking forward to meeting you
and helping you in any way I can. You’ll find the sign up button below. See you soon!

carolyn hansen signature


When you sign up below you will receive a trial membership and be charged just 4.95
for 7 days access to the No Excuses Body Makeover program. Unless you cancel your
membership by the end of the trial period you will then be billed $27 monthly, in advance,
from that point on for as long as you continue to remain a member. You can cancel at any time.

order no excuses body makeover program

Instant Download – Even it It’s 2 A.M.

Order online safely and securely.

100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used.

128 byte encryption

Note: The secure order form on the next page will look like this:

ClickBank order form

Are You Still Sitting There Wondering Whether Your Health Is Really Worth The Effort Of Signing Up Today?

Listen, everyone takes their good health for granted until it is suddenly gone and there is little
they can do about it.

time to decide
It’s that Optimism thing kicking in again. I’ve done my best to show you how destructive
this kind of thinking can be, but I know it exerts a powerful influence over all of us. Plus if you click away
now you can save a few dollars, right?

Well, that’s actually a perfect example of the truest kind of false economy, because for every dollar
you might save today buying cheap convenience foods, rather than the slightly more expensive but nutritious
foods you know are out there, and crossing your fingers rather than implementing a solid plan to get your
health back on track – well, it is all going to cost you a LOT of dollars in the future when the medical
bills start coming in.

If you like, think of my No Excuses Body Makeover program as a VERY CHEAP form of health insurance.

Sadly, you probably have family members right now who are paying the price because of all the BAD
information (or NO information) they received over the years about what to do to prepare themselves
for a longer, fuller, and more enjoyable life, free of the suffering they may have brought upon
themselves simply out of pure ignorance.

Well, that doesn’t have to be YOU. Not if you come join me today.

Also, don’t forget that you can simply take the trial offer and check out my membership program for
7 days for just $4.95

If at the end of that time, if you don’t think this is for you, then simply cancel and you will get
your money back in full.

PLUS – If you secure your place today you won’t have to worry about coming back to this page tomorrow
or next week only to find that I have “closed membership until further notice”.

If that should happen, you’ll still be able to put yourself on my waiting list, but you’ll be happier
if you never have to wait – especially as I am not able to say for how long the doors might
be closed. Members will need to leave before I can re-open the doors again to fill their spots.

Informational material found at the No Excuses Body Makeover website is provided for educational and informational purposes
only and is not intended as medical advice. The information contained within this website should not be used to diagnose or
treat any illness, metabolic disorder, disease or health problems. Always consult your physician or health care provider
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Bikini Body Workouts

Bikini Body Workouts
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If you’re frustrated or disappointed with your current results, body, workouts, and diet….

Fret no more, because you’re about to discover how to…


Want To Wear Your Bikini with Confidence?

Tanis-ParenteauYou Need Bikini Body Workouts.

Losing fat and transforming your body couldn’t be simpler – or faster.

Uncover an entirely new version of YOU. Never hide a single part of your body every again – especially your mid section.

Bikini Body Workouts gives you a better body…that you’ll be proud to show everyone.

This program lets you…

  • Break hearts & break rules
  • Set the standard for fit, healthy, & happy
  • Redefine feminine
  • Become strong & sexy
  • Unleash the lethal lady inside of you

After all, you’re not just a woman.

You’re a femme fatale of a female.


Wearing your bikini isn’t just about feeling fit….

…it’s about feeling free.

Free from insecurities about your appearance weighing you down.

Free to build a self-esteem that grows every time you see yourself.

At Bikini Body Workouts, we know how much you want to have a more attractive and beautiful body.

That’s why this one-of-a-kind program was created to make sure you don’t waste a bit of your precious time or energy. It was carefully designed, over several years, to help you do what’s best for your body every day.

Know why most weight loss, fitness, & diet programs don’t work?

Because at the end of the day, beauty and a bikini-ready body don’t come from calorie counts and cardio.

It comes from living.

With the Bikini Body Workout Program, before you know it, you will find yourself leading a new lifestyle. A fit and fabulous lifestyle free of the burden of traditional fitness rules…and any insecurities.

Browse the awesome results of these ladies.

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99 Problems But a Beach Ain’t 1

  • Stop putting in hours at the gym with only mediocre or no results
  • Burn off that last layer of fat hiding your sleek mid-section and toned legs
  • Save yourself countless, wasted hours on boring cardio machines
  • Overcome the overwhelming and paralyzing feeling of not knowing where to start because of so much conflicting advice out there
  • Look in the mirror and feel proud of the woman you see

The Bikini Body Workout Program lets you achieve all of that…and much more.


Why The Bikini Body System Works.


It’s not your typical workout program.

And it’s not a diet.

It gives you the most effective, comprehensive, and enjoyable transformation you can imagine.

Whether you’ve never picked up a weight, or are a long-time fitness fanatic, you get everything you need to start making changes right now.

No matter what level you are at, our time-tested, easy-to-follow system delivers astonishing results. Bikini Body Workouts let you…

  • Eat your favorite foods, guilt-free…instead of feeling hungry all the time
  • Enjoy a workout that’s fun…and effective
  • Get a tone, firm, and lean physique…without losing your feminine shape
  • And much more

From the workouts, to the nutrition plan, you will never second-guess your diet and exercise program ever again.

So, rest easy knowing you are just weeks away from feeling proud as you strut that down the beach with your new Bikini Body.

You know her when you see her.

She gives off a glowing energy that lights up the room.

With a body to match her beauty, she carries herself with a confidence.

She represents strength and self-esteem.

And with our proven training and cutting-edge nutrition program, you will be that woman…in only a matter of weeks.

How can you do it?

You can have a beautiful, head-turning bikini body if you…

  • Ditch starvation diets
  • Say good-bye to the stair master
  • Abandon boring workouts
  • Dive headfirst into the Bikini Body Workouts
  • Use Bikini Body’s far more time efficient techniques created specifically for women
  • Adopt Bikini Body’s fat-blasting circuits
  • Nourish your body with the wholesome foods and healthy indulgences…in our nutrition guide

Let’s be real. A Sexy, Lean Body is the New Skinny.

Gone are the days of toothpick arms and stick-thin thighs.

Gone are the days of being soft or skinny fat.

You want to look sexy.

You want to be lean and mean with a feminine flare that keeps you feeling like a lady.

And that’s what Bikini Body Workouts give you.

This new, revolutionary workout system flies in the face of “conventional wisdom” and outdated fitness methods. In fact, Bikini Body Workouts give you better results than any other fitness system.


What Do You Get With The Bikini Body System?


EVERYTHING you need to achieve a mind-blowing transformation. Simply. Quickly. With no guesswork.

  • BIKINI BODY Online Instructional Exercise Videos

    Ready for a major fat burn that melts away 3 times the fat in only 1/3 the time? Incinerate that unwanted fat and extra pooch in minimal time… without trudging your life away on the treadmill.

    Plus Jen Ferruggia, the woman behind the Bikini Body Workouts, provides you expert instruction in each video. So, you’ll know how to perfectly perform each exercise for maximum results.

  • BIKINI BODY Workout Guide

    Get a bikini-body without the guesswork. This step-by-step workout guide lays out every exercise, set, rep, and rest period.
  • BIKINI BODY Nutrition Guide

    Enjoy healthy, delicious foods. Avoid calorie counting. Burn fat all-day long. And watch the pounds drop off with this simple nutrition guide. Now, knowing what to eat and when is easy.
  • BIKINI BODY Supplement List

    Get the inside scoop on the actual supplements that make a huge difference in how you look and feel. And say good-bye to wasting another dollar on ineffective and useless supplements.
  • BIKINI BODY Comprehensive Shopping List

    Make the BEST choices every time you go shopping. Stock up on wholesome, nutritious foods. This list helps you make the most out of every trip to the grocery store.
  • BIKINI BODY 21-Day Booty Blast

    Make sure your butt looks as good as your chiseled stomach. This special program gives you 10-minute workouts for glorious glutes.

Take It From The Woman Who Knows How To Get A Bikini Body

As a former outstanding softball player with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Movement, I have always cared about staying in good shape.

But much to my dismay, a little too much partying led to unwanted weight gain and caused me to pack on the dreaded “freshman 15” in college. And that’s what flipped the switch for me.

It triggered what has become my lifelong obsession with developing a lifestyle that allows me to look and feel amazing…every day of the year.

The techniques detailed in the Bikini Body Workout System are the exact same workouts and meal plans that I used to get into the best shape of my life.

This system let me maintain a fit, feminine physique ever since. It’s a simple, sustainable approach to a year-round bikini body.

In the ten years since my graduation, I have refined these methods to help women from all walks of life transform their bodies, regain their confidence, and find new levels of happiness. Simply follow my Bikini Body Workout System, and you will get results. I promise – or your money back.

~ Jen Ferruggia

Real Women. Real Results.

Plenty of women have achieved excellent results with Bikini Body Workouts.

These ladies are just like you. Check out these AMAZING transformations.

(We’re happy to put you in touch with any of these people, and more.)

Now i’m healthy and strong!

Jen gave me exactly every tool I needed to help recover my motivation and health. Thanks to her experience and guidance, I’m healthy and strong. I don’t ever want to feel like that again and won’t, because I’ll always know precisely how to eat and train to feel wonderful!

Margo Harris

Now I feel empowered!

While on the program for over 3 months, I was finally able to learn how to take control of my nutrition and really create big changes in my physique. I am really grateful for all the effort and knowledge that was given to me! Jen made me feel empowered and taught me to make the changes I had always wanted to see.

Brittany Hoffman

I lost a total of 18 inches!

As a 32 yr old mom of 3, I was in the worst shape of my life, and just felt horrible. Once I started working with Jen, my life was changed forever! After only 8 weeks on the program I lost a total of 8.8 pounds, 3” on my chest, 6.5” on my waist, 3.5” on my belly, 3.25” on my hips, 1.5” on my thigh and .25” on my arm. Total overall I lost 18 inches!

Alison Liddic

I was amazed with my results!

I started with Jen & Bikini Body Workouts, I was amazed with my results given such a short period! I will never forget the moment I could see abdominal definition! My digestive health & well-being improved in as little as 2 weeks. Recovery time improved & I sleep better, not to mention my sex life improved dramatically as well. I can’t thank Jen enough!

Bianca Joubert

I lost 20lbs on BBW!

Having learned so much about nutrition and weight training, I stepped on the scale 20lbs lighter than I had been at the beginning of this plan!  This program worked so well that after my fitness competition I actually worked to put weight back on. The program takes all of the planning and confusion out of the process.

Tara Walker

I got stronger every week!

This program came at a time in my life where I knew I needed to make changes, but I didn’t know where to start.  BBW provided me with the jump start I needed and the tools to make permanent changes in my health and fitness. The workouts were challenging but awesome. I knew I was getting stronger each week!

Christine Biondo

This was life changing!

I have never felt as fit and happy with my physical appearance and performance. Within the first week, my skin was clearer, I felt more energized, and I noticed a significant change and progress in my digestive system. After 90 days, I had visible abs for the first time in my life! This program isn’t just a fad or a quick fix to getting a sick figure. It’s life changing!

Alexis Deagle

I feel like a new person!

Only 2 weeks into the Bikini Body Program I felt like a whole new person. My energy levels were high, my skin was clear, and I was already starting to see the results from my hard work in the gym and from my kitchen! By the end of the program I was in love with my body. It’s been a game changer for me. I will stick to this for life!

Kimberly Hibbert

These women were ready for a better body. And they made AMAZING transformations. With Bikini Body Workouts, You Will Too.

Got a Question? We’ve Got Answers…

Is it hard to do?

Not at all. Like all things in life, you will have to work for results. But Bikini Body’s simple workouts and easy-to-follow nutrition plan fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

How long is the workout?

Each workout takes no longer than 45 minutes. And in total, you invest less than 3 hours each week. So, you will have tons of time to enjoy life…while getting the body you desire and deserve.

Can I do it at home?

Definitely. Some women don’t have the time or desire to go to the gym. That’s why the Bikini Body package comes with a home gym option. And you can do it with minimal equipment. All you will need is a set of dumbbells, resistance bands, foam roller and a box or a bench.

Can I do it with a job and kids?

Absolutely. All the women you see on this page had a career. Many had a family to care for as well. With Bikini Body’s short and sweet workouts, these ladies were all able to find the time to transform their bodies. And so will you.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your results, you will get 100% of your money back. Guaranteed. No questions asked. No risk. So go ahead and try it for yourself.

Is this only for women who are already somewhat in shape?

Nope. Women from all levels of fitness get phenomenal results with Bikini Body Workouts. And even if you’re a complete beginner, there is an introductory program for beginners like you to follow. Regardless of your shape or experience level, Bikini Body Workouts will help you get into the best shape of your life.

100% Satisfaction

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked

Still not certain if it’s going to work for you?

With our 100% satisfaction no-hassles guarantee, there’s nothing left to chance. Nothing to risk. Your total satisfaction is ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED for a full 60 days. We’re going to let you try the complete Bikini Body Workout System – THE FULL 60 DAYS – and if you don’t get the bikini body you want, simply let me know. I’ll gladly refund every penny. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

If you don’t get the results you want from all that Bikini Body has to offer…well, you should not have to pay for it. That’s how I see it, anyway. And that’s how certain I am that you’re going to love it…and get results. The only thing you have to lose is the insecurity that comes with not having the body you want. So go ahead and try it for yourself.


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