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Fat Loss Blueprint

Fat Loss Blueprint
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Attention Men Over 35: Now You Can Torch Embarrassing Globs Of Body

Fat FASTER Than Guys Half Your Age – With One Simple Trick!

Groundbreaking Research Confirms This ‘Easy As Pie’ Eating Hack Will Transform
Every Meal Into A Fat-Burning Fiesta [1]…

Groundbreaking Research Confirms This ‘Easy As Pie’ Eating Hack Will Transform
Every Meal Into A Fat-Burning Fiesta [1]…

If you’ve “put on some weight” with age then it’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT you read every word on this page…

Because minutes from now you’ll discover a simple switch in your body that ALL men have… yet very few know about… that’ll get you ripped around the clock even if you’ve never dieted, or trained a day in your life…

And not only will you torch fat 24/7…

You’ll revive your testosterone levels, even if they’ve been low for years…

Plus, boost your energy, ignite your sex drive, and have more confidence than a star high school football player with the hottest cheerleader wrapped around your arm…

You can enjoy all of this after using the ONE SIMPLE SOLUTION I’ll reveal below. So keep reading…

Because until this point you’ve been force-fed lies about what you ‘should’ and ‘should not’ eat…

Lies which have tricked millions of men like you and me… resulting in obesity, heart disease, diabetes and daunting medical bills that keep the government’s hand in your wallet at all times… Here’s the problem…

The ‘Food Guide Pyramid’ Recommended By The United States Department Of Agriculture Is Making Men Fatter Than They’ve Ever Been
At Any Other Time In History… [2]

This misleading pyramid is packing globs of fat onto your frame…

Throwing your testosterone levels out of whack. And sucking your energy levels dry.

Basically, “expert recommended diets” have led you down a path of danger… like a dark alley on the wrong side of town at 2 am. You may walk away unharmed… But it’s more likely you’re coming out of the alley with a black eye, bloody nose and missing wallet…

Which is why I’m going to shed some light on how DANGEROUS the ‘Food Pyramid’ really is… RIGHT NOW…



The foundation of any pyramid is its base. And if the base is weak, you can expect the entire building to come crumbling down…

Cue, the ‘Food Guide Pyramid’…

The ground floor of the Food Pyramid is carbohydrates – bread, pasta, rice, cereal, oatmeal – hinting that your daily diet should build on carbohydrates

Carbohydrates that convert into sugar and skyrocket your insulin levels. Turning your body into a storage unit for flab… [3]

To make matters worse, Food Pyramid “experts” don’t restrict carbohydrates to the ground floor of your diet… Instead, they also suggest you pack in piles of sugary fruits that’ll send your blood sugar levels through the roof…

And as a result, you’ll be subject to heart disease, reduced insulin sensitivity, diabetes, embarrassing weight gain and obesity [4]… All because you’ve been force-fed a lie for decades

Now I’m not saying eating lots of carbs are bad… In fact, carbohydrates are key for men who want to maintain a fast metabolism and high and healthy testosterone levels. Yet if you’re not eating specific carbs at a specific time of day or you’re consuming too much based on your specific needs… you’ll only pack on fat…

And in a minute I’ll show you how you can still eat lots of carbs… and actually USE THEM to help you BURN FAT, build lean muscle, and raise your testosterone levels in a snap…

The peak is the smallest part of any pyramid…

And at the peak of the ‘Food Guide Pyramid’ you’ll find a dangerously stingy suggestion for how much fat you should eat per day… 30% of your daily calories AT MOST…

In reality this “professional advice” is lethal to men who want to burn fat, build muscle, load up on energy, and have a great sex life because…

Fat is the #1 contributor to testosterone levels in men…

In fact, one shocking study, published in the Journal of Steroid Biochemistry discovered that low-fat diets cause testosterone levels to plummet at an alarming rate [5]… And the lower your testosterone levels are, the MORE BODY FAT you’ll hang onto…

Another disturbing study published in Scientific Reports, found that low testosterone levels leads to accelerated muscle atrophy… A condition that’ll slow down your metabolism and make fat-loss nearly impossible [6].

Plus what they don’t tell you is when you eat a specific amount of fat and carbs during the same meal you actually store fat… I call this the “Flab Factor.”

Basically, even when you consume a healthy fat like an avocado and pair it up with a natural carb source like fruit… your fat burning switch is flipped OFF… And you INSTANTLY begin storing fat… But I’ll show you how to avoid this further down the page…

But first, I have one more secret to expose…


Every doctor that has ever told you to stay away from cholesterol has been DEAD WRONG… Especially if you want to torch fat once and for all…

Dietary cholesterol is present in most animal food sources – bacon, eggs, beef, steak – and is proven to accelerate and multiply testosterone production in men…

One groundbreaking study compared the levels of HDL cholesterol and testosterone in 4,000 men and discovered that men with higher HDL cholesterol also had higher testosterone. In fact, there was a 1:1 correlation between the two [7].

And according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, high testosterone levels have been proven to kick fat-loss into hyper-drive, electrify your ability to build muscle and light the spark back into your sex life again [8]. However…

‘Food Guide’ mumbo-jumbo recommends that you limit cholesterol intake to ‘micro portions…’ which will drag your testosterone levels to the slaughterhouse kicking and screaming… All because greedy doctors and insurance companies have wrongly demonized cholesterol as a risk for heart disease…

So that they can prescribe ‘statins’… A flimsy and dangerous “cardiovascular medication” that’s been passed out to patients like candy but has been responsible for ruining the lives of thousands of people because of its harmful long-term side-effects [9]. But even though cholesterol’s reputation has been ruined over the years…

Recent studies have confirmed cholesterol’s ‘not-guilty’ plea by disclosing that a diet with generous amounts of HDL cholesterol will actually improve both your testosterone levels and your heart health… [10] [11]

The data is in and it’s been…

THE ‘Food PyramidSCANDAL…

…Recommended By The United States
Department Of Agriculture Is Ruining Your
Testosterone Levels, Putting A Lid On Your ‘Fountain of Youth
Hormones And Leaving You At Risk Of Diabetes And Heart Disease…

While Making Your Ability To Burn Stubborn Body Fat Nearly Impossible…

But it was NEVER meant to be this way…

See, throughout history entire villages of women and children have looked to men as the “superheroes” of their communities…

Hunting, killing, and dragging home massive beasts loaded with fat and protein that would keep them fueled and ‘fired-up’ for days on end…

And even after all their work, these men still had enough energy to “get it on” with their lady and keep our species multiplying across the globe…

Plus, they had ultimate fitness abilities in a time when dumbbells, treadmills and diets…


  • have little energy to play with your kids…

  • have trouble “getting it up” for your partner from time to time…

  • get overcome with brain fog once 3pm rolls around…

Or maybe you HATE catching a glimpse of your body in the mirrorbecause it’s a constant reminder you’re a fraction of the man you used to be…

You were once young and full of energy… You had the world at your fingertips and NOTHING could stop you from achieving your dreams (and looking good while doing it).

Your metabolism was fast, your physique was tough, and no one could deny the ‘air of confidence’ you carried everywhere you went…

But now, you struggle with humiliating man-boobs or have a belly that won’t stop growing.

Your pant sizes keep going up and up…

You’ve be forced to loosen your belt notches again and again… As a result you’re constantly trying to “cover up” instead of “show off.”

You’ve been paralyzed by insecurity… hesitant to hit the town with your lady because she’s ‘way out of your league’. Cautious to coach your son’s football team because of how fit all the other dads are. 

Afraid to try new adventures like rock climbing because you’re worried the wall can’t hold your weight…

I bet you hate when ANYTHING holds you back from living the life you want to live… But you especially hate that your weight is the culprit…

I mean, of all the lurking attackers that threaten to steal your prosperity…

Your body shouldn’t be one of them…

It should by your ally. Not your enemy…

But hanging onto excess body fat while trying to soak up life for all it’s worth is like shooting yourself in the foot and then trying to run a half-marathon… Impossible…


In a minute, I’ll disclose a simple fat-burning trick that’ll make you the “alpha-male” you were meant to be – even if you’re well into your 40’s, 50’s 60’s and beyond… Plus, this trick will turbo-charge your testosterone and kick your energy levels into overdrive so you look and feel like “the man” from sunup to sundown. But first…

You May Be Wondering Who I Am And Why You Should Listen To Me

a husband, father and businessman… And I’m going to be completely honest here…

I’m just an ordinary guy who stumbled across a simple solution to scorching off pounds of stubborn body fat in a ridiculously short amount of time…

  • A medical doctor

  • A health professional

  • A registered dietician

  • A personal trainer

  • A fitness model

But if experience makes me an expert, then I’ll go toe-to-toe with any “expert” on the planet…

I know the frustration that you’re feeling

The fears that you have… The insecurity that plagues

your life

The bouts of “hopelessness” that you’ve fallen victim to…

I’ve been in the exact same position you’re in right now. I know what it feels like to…

  • Try every diet plan under the sun only to add more flab to your physique as a result…

  • Be paralyzed with the crippling fear that if you keep getting fatter your wife will lose interest in you and even give another guy “the wink”…

  • Walk into the office Monday morning convinced that all of your colleagues are whispering about your weight or making fun of your body behind your back…

  • Buy new pants and shirts every other week because you keep putting on globs and globs of fat no matter how much you diet or exercise…

  • Catch yourself panting and gasping for air after walking up the stairs or five minutes into a light jog…

  • Struggle to find your “mojo” in the bedroom because of how insecure you feel, even to the point of leaving your shirt on during sex… I know all this because…

Being Fat Nearly Ripped My Family Apart, Ruined My
Confidence And Wrecked My ‘Go-Getter’ Mindset…

See, not too long ago I was fat… the fattest I’d ever been…

And I found out in the most embarrassing way imaginable…

My family and I were at the airport about to go on vacation…

And I felt great…

I was confident with the way my body looked. My career was going according to plan. All my ‘ducks were in a row’. And we were set to have the time of our lives…

So to capture the moment, my wife took a “family photo” on her phone and posted the picture on the internet…

And that’s when our “relaxing” vacation took a turn for the worst…

Because before I knew it, my family members started contacting my wife asking if I was okay… They saw the picture of me and were FREAKED-OUT

They wanted to know how much weight I had gained…

They questioned if our marriage was “doing alright.” My brother in-law (who was already hard enough to impress) became skeptical about what his sister had gotten herself into…

And after glancing at the picture myself, I was SHOCKED… I hardly even recognized the guy in the photo…

I looked fatter than I ever had in my life… 

I had a humiliating bulge in my belly, saggy “man boobs” that showed through my shirt, love handles pouring over my belt, and my pants looked like they were about to bust at the seams…

I was disgusted with what I saw in that picture… And somehow, I felt even worse than I looked…

And to make matters worse, I was the only one in the family that “worked out.”

I was always excited to chat about fitness and training… At work, I was known as the guy who ‘had a good body!’

I always made sure to stay in hotels that had a gym so I could work out before meetings.

Everyone thought I was “all talk” and no game…

In utter embarrassment, I begged my wife to delete the photo…

But no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get the picture out of my head…

Instead of enjoying the trip of a lifetime, I was more depressed than I’d ever been…

I tried to turn my attitude around so I didn’t spoil the vacation for my wife and kids, too…

But I couldn’t…

I imagined the topic of every phone call between my family and friends…Humiliated. Ashamed. Insecure… I even had nightmares about my weight

I was fat And everyone knew it…

During the entire trip I felt self-conscious about my body…

I kept my shirt on in the pool. Hid in the hotel room as often as possible. And I could hardly look my kids in the eyes… They even created a ‘game’ where they would run into the room, poke my belly and run away laughing…

When my wife wanted to make ‘romantic moments’ with me, I was so embarrassed about my weight that I refused to even cuddle with her….

Whenever it was time to put on my pajamas for bed I would take them into the bathroom and change there so she couldn’t see the naked body I was so ashamed of… 

And in those moments I remembered all of her subtle hints about how out-of-shape I was getting… hints that I ignored and didn’t want to accept…

I Couldnt Believe This was hapenning to me

I never wanted a vacation to end so badly in my life…

And the moment I got home, I was determined to get rid of all the fat I had put on over the years…

I bought book after book, listened to talk-show after talk-show, read article after article… All about how to get rid of fat as fast as possible…

And I put every piece of advice into practice immediately…

I spent countless hours cycling through ‘expert advice’ hoping that I was going to find that one ‘golden nugget’ that would fix-me… But instead of fixing me, every effort failed me…

I was completely overwhelmed with anxiety…


dangerous weight loss methods…

  • Crash dieting…

  • Running hours of cardio at the gym…

  • Sleeping less so I could spend more time at the gym…

But that’s when my weight went from bad to “out of control”…

I Tried Every Diet Known To Man And Only Got More Fat And Depressed…

It Wasn’t Long Before I Was Ready To Accept The
Cruel Reality That I Would Be Fat Forever…

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me…

Nothing I tried worked…

And to make matters worse, my wife and children were “fed-up” with how much time I spent researching fat-loss…

I was so obsessed with getting rid of my fat exterior that I completely neglected my family… And I’m sure they would have at least ‘given me a pass’ if they saw some results from my studies… But I had nothing to show for it…


I started to wonder if I had a secret medical condition that was keeping me from losing weight…

After all, I was eating Less calories than I ever had before in my adult life…

  • Was I diabetic…

  • Was my metabolism broken…

  • Was this age-related fat gain…

And the most horrifying question of them all… Was I going to stay fat forever?

I had never been so confused in my life. My world was crumbling down around me…

I hit rock bottom and there was no way up…

But that’s when I stumbled across the fat-loss gem that rocked my world…

THAT Instantly Kicks Your Fat-Burning Hormones Into Full-Gear

…And Melts Every Embarrassing Ounce Of
Body Fat Off Your Physique For Good

See, when you’re eating the WRONG foods at the WRONG time you won’t stand a chance to burn fat…

And when you eat the RIGHT foods at the WRONG time, you’re still screwed. However…

If you eat the RIGHT foods at the RIGHT time, you’ll force stubborn body fat into the guillotine…

Stimulating your body’s natural fat-burning process, restoring your vitality and slicing off chunks of flab at break-neck speed…

The dynamic duo of RIGHT FOOD and RIGHT TIME will help you lose as much weight as you want…



Carbs First Thing In The Morning

Most health and fitness experts will tell you to “frontload” your carbohydrate intake at the beginning of the day – primarily during breakfast. This misconception is built on the idea that if you eat carbs in the morning, you’ll have more opportunities to “burn them off” throughout the day…

However, this one conclusion has caused men everywhere to pack on unprecedented amounts of fat… Because most men pair carbs and dietary fat for breakfast… spelling out a recipe for disaster…

Carb and dietary fat breakfast combinations – such as bacon and toast – unlock fat-storing hormones, insatiable cravings, and frequent hunger pangs which will leave you frustrated, tempted and at risk of packing on even more flab…

Even worse, you’ll begin the day by crushing your testosterone levels like an empty soda can struck by a baseball bat…

And as a result, you’ll self-destruct any ability to burn fat throughout the day ahead…


Eat Salad Before Exercise

When you hit the gym, your goal is to burn fat and to build lean muscle mass… So it only makes sense to eat something “light” beforehand doesn’t it?

Well… NO…. Thousands of men have made shipwreck of their potential muscle gains because of this thinking…

They’ve chosen to eat Chicken Ceasar Salads, Mediterranean Tuna Salads or some other leafy green/protein combination before exercise and as a result they’ve been left “spinning their wheels” in the gym…

See, leafy greens and other vegetables are full of fiber – a nutrient that requires a lot of effort from your body to digest… And as a result, your body re-directs blood flow away from a sleeve-splitting pump, and pushes it towards your stomach to help digest the fiber itself…

Essentially leaving your muscles “high and dry”… Thanks to your salad you miss out on an impressive pump with streams of vascularity flowing throughout your body all because your stomach is still trying to digest fiber…

There’s a better time and place to eat leafy greens… One that’ll actually help you torch fat and build lean muscle mass while sending a firestorm of anabolic nutrients through your veins… But before I get there…


Load Up On Fat Post-Workout

If you’ve ever cooked up a massive steak right after a workout, you’ve done your physique a MASSIVE disservice…

Dietary fat stunts your body’s ability to digest protein and carbohydrates fast and get mass-building nutrients into your muscles A.S.A.P…. Because instead of torching fat and chiseling out lean muscle mass, your body needs to focus all of its efforts on breaking down the fats…

In other words, by packing your post-workout meal with fat, you won’t build as much muscle as you could if you were to eat carbohydrates and protein ONLY…

As a result, you’re putting a massive stick in the spoke of your fat-burning wheel because the more muscle you have the more fat you’ll burn…

According to an important study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, every pound of muscle you add to your frame will cause you to burn an average of 50 more calories at rest [12]…

But if you load up on fat post-workout, you can forget about packing on muscle that’ll kickstart your metabolism and turn your body into a fat-burning machine…

But I have good news for you…

By Simply Tweaking Nutrient Timing You Can Drastically REVAMP Your Body’s Ability To Torch Fat 24/7 While Skyrocketing Your Sex Hormones And Unlocking Surges Of Energy You’ve Been Missing For Years…

  • Miss out on any of the foods you love…

  • Starve yourself for hours every day…

  • Spend countless hours in the gym…

  • Run endless amounts of cardio…

  • Miss out on life because of your health…

  • Feel trapped in a body you hate ANYMORE…

Instead, you can safely and naturally singe off stubborn body fat at HYPER-SPEED by eating the RIGHT balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats at the RIGHT time…

Traditional diet plans tell you WHAT you should eat without telling you WHEN you should eat…

And sure, you may see some results from a conventional diet… However, you’ll still miss out on maximal fat burning… Because if your timing is off, you’ll hang on to fat that you should’ve torched a long time ago. Not to mention you’ll leave tons of testosterone on the table while you’re at it…

But that’s all about to change because…

YOU’RE ONLY SECONDS AWAY from discovering the powerful fat-loss plan that enhances your fat burning potential by organizing each meal around your unique schedule… Ensuring that you get THE RIGHT balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats with every single meal…

As a result, you’ll achieve optimal hormonal balance that’ll increase your testosterone levels and keep them elevated day and night so that your body becomes a 24/7 fat-burning machine…

once your dynamic sex hormones are set into orbit…

You’ll re-discover bouts of energy that went missing ages ago…

And because you’re fueled with a seemingly endless flux of energy, and are loaded with a brand new “air of confidence” you’ll never miss out on another one of life’s adventures again…

The transformation opportunity of a lifetime is at your fingertips…

Inside The Fat Loss Blueprint You WILL Discover…


The “quick-fix” timing trick that’ll transform your physique from chubby to chiseled in no time… By using this simple “eating hack” you’ll show off your most impressive physique in years…


The “special sauce” you can add to any meal if you want to fire-up your fat-burning hormones INSTANTLY and keep them elevated for hours… Found on page 64.

Burn Booster

How to kick your metabolism into overdrive before you hit the sack… Burn uncanny amounts of fat while you sleep by eating THIS MEAL before bed….


Why you can eat MORE of the foods you love and burn MORE FAT than ever before… Found on page 5.


Your unique macronutrient profile that’ll springboard you lightyears ahead on your fat loss goals… You’ll chisel out a body you’re proud of faster than you ever thought possible…


The “5 Pillars of Rapid Fat-Loss”… By setting your sights on these 5 pillars, you’ll singe off even your most stubborn fat spots…


The perfect time of day to indulge on chocolate donuts, buttery mashed potatoes and spaghetti and meatballs without gaining an ounce of weight or feeling a shred of guilt… By stuffing your favorite treats into this “window of opportunity” you’ll burn even more fat than if you were to eat a salad or chicken breast…


How to stop hidden fat storing hormones in their tracks, why your life doesn’t need to revolve around your diet if you want to lose fat, the Fat Loss Blueprint quick-start guide to get you started off on the right foot, why you don’t need to waste time counting calories every day in order to get ripped how you can burn crazy amounts of fat while you sleep, the simple supplement guide for sure-fire fat loss, and so much more!


The electrifying “Fountain of Youth” hormone that’ll invigorate your body and mind with a surge of energy that you’ve left untapped for years… By filling your bloodstream with more of this hormone, you’ll feel an almost endless supply of vitality from morning to evening…


What you can add to your trail-mix RIGHT NOW singe off stubborn body fat in a jiffy… By adding this secret ingredient to every meal, snack, or shake you’ll become a fat-burning machine 24/7…


Why the experts who claim calorie restriction is the end-all be-all answer to fat loss are WRONG… You’ll discover the untapped trick for getting stored fat up and off your body for good…


How to get rid of pesky “sweet tooth” cravings for good… You won’t fall victim to late night binges, unwarranted “cheat days” or hunger pangs from this moment forward…


The “controversial food” that’ll supercharge your testosterone levels morning, noon and night… HINT: Medical professionals have wrongly demonized this high-powered food for years and as a result, have sent men’s testosterone levels to an all-time low…


How to get a ripped six-pack without touching a weight, running a sprint or performing a single sit-up… By lighting up an electric current of anabolic hormones you’ll chisel out a head-turning physique in no time flat…


How to turn your most explosive fat-burning hormones on auto-pilot and torch fat around the clock as a result… This T.N.T. tactic will obliterate jiggly “love handles”, slice off unsightly back fat, and slim your waste in seconds…


Why eating more steak and eggs will make you ‘happier’… Plus, the one food you should eat every morning to get an unbeatable night of sleep…


“3 Fat Loss Myths” that you need to AVOID… Discover the real reason why you’re holding onto embarrassing “man boobs” and how to get rid of them A.S.A.P….


The “excess fat eliminator” that’ll ensure you never store fat again… Plus, the “fat-destroyer” your body releases every time you eat a chicken breast, burger patty, or 3-egg omelet…

Now I Really Want To Make This Decision A No-Brainer So You Can Experience Loads Of Success Over The Coming Weeks And Beyond…

Which Is Why I’ve Decided To Include $339 Of Free Value-Added Bonuses Today

Bonus #1: Hotel Room Workout ($39.99 Value FREE)

Too many guys make business trips an excuse to let their physique fall by the wayside… And then there are well-meaning guys who want to exercise while bouncing from hotel room to hotel room. But they don’t know how. NOT ANYMORE…

With this Hotel Room Workouts bonus, you don’t have to miss another workout again… Whether you’re on business, enjoying vacation with your family, or you find yourself in any other occasion that requires a night or two in a hotel, these workouts guarantee you’ll have an electrifying workout that torches fat, builds muscle and leaves you with a head-turning pump that “wow’s” every other vacationer on your floor…

These short and explosive workouts will make you look forward to going out of town from now on…

Inside The Hotel Room Workouts You’ll Receive:

  • The 4-minute fat-loss workout that’ll fire up your most powerful fat-burning hormones in seconds… This workout is such a sure-fire fix for hotel room fat-loss that you can set your watch by it…

  • The simple full-body circuit that’ll give you a massive pump all over… You’ll be filled with anabolic juice from head to toe after this one…

  • The easy-to-use resistance band workout that’ll give you explosive muscle growth while scorching uncanny amounts of body fat… Found on page 5.

  • The ab-blaster workout that’ll shred-up your stomach for a night of showing off by the pool… You’ll carve out a set of rippling washboard abs that make jaws drop when you’re “toweling” off after your swim…

  • The “under-10” fat-torching workout that you can squeeze into your business trip no matter how strapped your schedule is, the complete library of indoor cardio workouts that’ll send your metabolism into hyperdrive, 2 “easy-as-pie” exercises that’ll instantly turn on your sex hormones and establish hours of dominance afterward, and much so much more!

Bonus #2: “Cheat Day” Six-Pack Abs ($199.99 Value FREE)

FINALLY! You don’t need to feel guilty after a well deserved cheat day, holiday meal, or family celebration anymore because…

WIth “Cheat Day” Six-Pack you won’t only minimize the damage the cheat meal does to hundreds of thousands of dieters each year… But you’ll also melt off slabs of body fat while you’re at it… Even after a plate of cupcakes, popcorn and candy on date night, or Thanksgiving lunch (and dinner)…

Inside “Cheat Day Six-Pack” You’ll Get:

  • How to plan for a “binge” so you can enjoy every bite of your cheat meal without feeling an ounce of guilt… This 24-hour trick will actually make your cheat meal an ally for achieving your dream physique…

  • “Hush-hush” natural supplements that’ll increase insulin sensitivity and put your body in a constant state of fat-burning… BONUS: The citrus fruit squeeze that’ll turn any ol’ glass of water into a recipe for fat-loss…

  • Why coffee and dark chocolate will make your cheat meal disappear like magic… This little-known “hack” will make bloating, discomfort and “food comas” a non-factor…

  • This 30-second exercise secret that you can do before and after your cheat meal to send calories straight into your muscles… Found on page 3.

  • The simple sponge technique that’ll set the stage for massive muscle growth, the training circuit that you should complete 24-hours before you binge for a shame-free night out with the boys, The “IN the muscle or OUT of the body” strategy that’ll maximize fat-loss even during your cheat meal, what NOT TO EAT before a night of fun, and so much more!

Bonus #3: “Eat Out” Six-Pack Abs ($99.99 Value FREE)

One of the most frustrating aspects of trying to burn fat and achieve your dream physique is the fact that you’re GOING to find yourself at a restaurant at some point… And you’ll be faced with a large menu, packed with tons of meal choices…

But you won’t have a clue about what’s going to make or break your physique efforts.


From now on you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to eat during a night on the town with your partner, when you’re out with the boys, or when you take your daughters on daddy-daughter dates… Because…

With the “Eat Out” Six-Pack Abs bonus, you’ll have all the tips and tricks you need to stay lean while eating out and having the time of your life…

Inside the “Eat Out” Six-Pack Abs bonus you’ll receive:

  • 7 successful strategies for torching body fat while still hitting up your favorite food joints… Plus the 10% rule that’ll change the way you look at “eating right” forever…

  • The micro-bite hack that’ll make you enjoy every savory moment of your favorite foods more than ever before… AND FOR LONGER… Found on page 6.

  • The ONE beverage you need to drink before every meal to make it taste better… BONUS: The “lemon trick” that’ll make it easy to manage your physique while indulging on all the meals you love…

  • Why wine and dessert are ALWAYS on the table when you enjoy a romantic evening out… I’m sure your partner will be extra thankful that you’re “breaking your diet” just for her…

  • Why you should fork over a little extra cash for a fine-dining restaurant instead of settling for a fast-food joint the next time you eat out, why compliance is the skeleton key that unlocks every physique goal you’ll ever have, how eating trains your brain to burn more fat around the clock, the “pre-game” method that’ll keep you from emptying your wallet every time you “go somewhere fancy” to eat, and so much more!

Like I said earlier… I want to make this decision a no-brainer for you…

You’re only seconds away from claiming the complete done-for-you fat loss guide that’ll help you finally get out of the bottomless hole of flab and frustration… Plus 3 high-powered bonuses that’ll make fat-loss come even faster – ABSOLUTELY FREE…

And in just moments you’ll have the opportunity to breathe a much-needed sigh of relief, because YOU’VE FOUND IT…

The ONLY fat loss blueprint you’ll ever use again… Because this one WORKS. And it works because it’s designed specifically FOR YOU…

This Blueprint is your surefire solution for torching unwanted body fat, boosting your metabolism and skyrocketing your testosterone levels from this day forward. As a result, you’ll discover a load of benefits that have been hidden behind lock and key for years…

Listen… Because you’re still reading this letter, I know you’re seriously thinking about committing yourself to the Fat Loss Blueprint.

Now initially I was planning on selling this entire program for $249…

After all, I’ve spent hundreds of hours developing this unique Blueprint just for you because I want you to experience a life-changing transformation that’ll greatly enhance your quality of life.

However, my mission isn’t money… It’s to help discouraged and frustrated men around the world reach their dream physique and feel confident in their bodies again – or even, for the first time… And doing it all without stealing you away from you family, your friends or your work…

Because at the end of the day…

You Want Your Fat Loss Transformation To Make You A Better Man In Every Area Of Life… And The Fat Loss Blueprint Will Give You The
Transformative Power To Make That Happen Faster…

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Price is listed in USD / American, you can use your credit/debit card regardless of your location in the world and it will convert it for you. You can also pay via Paypal, the most secure payment system in the world.

The program is provided instantly in downloadable PDFs / Ebooks (just like an ebook from Amazon). It can be accessed worldwide, regardless of location, including USA, UK, Australia etc. All plans/ebooks are easily viewable on mobiles, tablets, laptops etc. All plans/ebooks can also be printed out very easily, just like a word document.

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I’m so confident you’ll see unbeatable results that I’ll put ALL the risk on me with my 100% unconditional money back triple-guarantee…

100% TRIPLE MONEY-BACK Guarantee

Shed Body Fat, Ignite Your Metabolism And Feel More Confident In Weeks
Or Your Money Back – GUARANTEED!

The Fat Loss Blueprint comes with a 100% unconditional triple-guarantee. You’ll notice your belly shrink while looking more defined and ripped within your first week of completing this program…

And your friends, family and coworkers will admire the fat you’ve managed to lose in so little time… Relatives and acquaintances will beg you to share your secret with them and ask how they can get started on the same plan…

And you’ve made this dramatic progress naturally, while balancing your high-powered male sex hormones and looking and feeling younger than you have in years… All WITHOUT missing out on life…

You’ll be excited with the results from just one week on this program or I’ll make it right…

Of course, don’t expect to fit into your pair of high-school jeans in just one day… Not even the world’s strongest steroid could make that kind of change. However, when you implement the methods I’ve given you in the Fat Loss Blueprint, you’ll be thrilled with the results, no matter what age or body-type you are.

Believe me when I say that I take your results very seriously and you have my personal promise that I will not rest until I’ve helped you achieve a ripped and energetic physique that you feel great showing off. I believe in this program because I’ve experienced the life changing results for myself…

Which is why I’m going to give you my 365-Day 100% Money Back Triple Guarantee. I understand you’re a busy guy, so I wanted to give you a full 365-days to get started. And at any time, if you decide the Fat Loss Blueprint hasn’t given you head-turning results, I’ll give you a full refund – Sound good?

When you tally everything up, the cost of this program is less than:


  • A 24-PACK OF BEER…


For far less than the cost of two hours at the movie theater, you can transform your life FOR GOOD…

Only days after cracking open the Fat Loss Blueprint you’ll notice your midsection getting tighter. Your clothes fitting better. And your energy levels take off…

You’ll ditch your man boobs and start regaining the strong pecs you once had… And as a result you’ll “puff out your chest” with a greater air of confidence everywhere you go…

Plus, you’ll revitalize the sex-drive that’s been stale for years and be primed to please your partner in the bedroom… And look great while doing it…

You’re so close to transforming your life by utilizing the “easy as pie” blueprint that’ll simplify the way you eat FROM NOW ON… While maximizing all of the foods you love for supercharged fat-loss. So here’s the truth…

You Have Three Options Of Where
To Go From Here…


Continue down the same path you were on before you opened this page, hoping that somehow, someway you’ll turn things around. You’ll walk slowly down that road knowing deep down that you chose a long road of uncertainty –

you don’t even know if it’ll take you to your desired destination of building a ripped and strong physique that you can thrive in every area of life with…

You’ll stumble across some diets that make plenty of promises but can’t deliver on them. You’ll go back to a diet you’ve tried before, but you’ll promise to “stick to it” this time… But you won’t. You’ll opt to try out a Hollywood diet that gets you more tangled up than a 4-year old’s first try at a yo-yo…

You’ll potentially jeopardize your health to dangerous proportions, slowing down your metabolism even further, gaining more fat, and before long, your spouse, your kids, and worst of all, you won’t even recognize the man in the mirror anymore…

It wouldn’t be your fault if you were to stumble down this path out of ignorance…

But to choose it when you know what lies ahead… That’s not a decision I’d be okay with seeing any man making.

Especially not you…

But there’s another option at this junction…


You can take everything you’ve learned from this page and try to go at it alone… You can say, “Eh, seems easy enough. I’ll figure it out.” And honestly, I wouldn’t be bitter about it in the least bit… Because I want you to experience the same kind of life transformation I did when I adopted this very program for myself…

However, let me be honest about why you should hesitate on this option…

The sad truth is 9 out of 10 men who read this page will attempt to “figure it out” on their own. And they may get some results… But they won’t get the best and fastest results.

In fact, “results” will probably happen so slowly that these men will “Peter out” and quit on their goals in a month (if they even make it that long). And when they hit a fat-loss wall they can’t get over, they’ll end up hopeless, wishing that they only had the right plan that could lift them over those hurdles no problem…

Do you really want to take your chances on this road? In my opinion, it’s only slightly less bleak than the first option… But the good news is that there’s one more option for you…


For less than a small jug of whey protein you can have access to a simple, life-changing program designed to help you resurrect your metabolism, shed stubborn body fat, optimize your male sex hormones and get in ridiculously great shape… Without becoming subject to a pesky diet plan that has you sitting in a corner nibbling on celery sticks while all of your buddies chow down on delicious meals…

Plus, you’ll notice a nice boost in your sex drive and enjoy a fresh surge of energy that you’ve been missing out on since your youth. Now, don’t get me wrong. This isn’t some magic pill or potion that only requires you to plug your nose, tilt your head back, and swallow.

The Fat Loss Blueprint is a speedy and sustainable fat-loss solution as long as you put in the effort to make it happen… But you’re used to that. Because you’ve had to work for everything you have. Nothing’s been handed to you on a silver platter… But I’ll be honest, this program is about as close as getting anything handed to you on a silver platter as you can imagine… It’s affordable. It’s easy. It’s at your fingertips.

You’re just a click away from an exciting future… In a few short weeks you’ll look in the mirror and notice muscle definition that you haven’t seen in years. The fat surrounding your belly will deflate and lumps of flubber that used to hang off your lower back will shrink every single day…

You’ll discover a whole new confidence that you’ve been missing out on… You’ll play on the beach with your kids shirtless, work in the yard while getting a tan on your chest, and have sex with your wife without feeling so ashamed about your body that you think about leaving your shirt on…

Seriously, this feeling of confidence and new perspective on life is something you can’t put a price on. To feel invincible, energetic, jacked, and more capable than ever before. You can change your life today… Don’t settle for a body you weren’t meant to live in any longer…


Click The “Add To Cart” Button Below To Receive Your Pre-Sale Price


(Worth Over $339 For Free!!)

Ignite Your Metabolism, Shed Body Fat And Feel More Confident In Weeks Or Your Money Back – GUARANTEED!

Price is listed in USD / American, you can use your credit/debit card regardless of your location in the world and it will convert it for you. You can also pay via Paypal, the most secure payment system in the world.

The program is provided instantly in downloadable PDFs / Ebooks (just like an ebook from Amazon). It can be accessed worldwide, regardless of location, including USA, UK, Australia etc. All plans/ebooks are easily viewable on mobiles, tablets, laptops etc. All plans/ebooks can also be printed out very easily, just like a word document.

This price is a one-off fee with absolutely no recurring payments. You will get access to every ebook above forever.

I’ am so excited for you to try this revolutionary program…

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I’ve made this entire program easy to follow. Practically holding your hand and leading you to your best body in years – maybe even ever. You can’t get lost or confused. And if you do, I’m just an email away to get you back on the right path. Click the “add to cart” button above NOW and you’ll instantly be on your way to a lean and ripped physique that you can feel proud of.

P.P.S. Don’t forget, you have nothing to lose when you take action and pick up the Fat Loss Blueprint. Remember, you’re backed up and protected by my 365-day unconditional 100% money back triple guarantee. Go through the blueprint and give me your best effort. That’s all I ask.

You Have Questions?

I Have Answers…

Yes. The Fat Loss Blueprint is a solution for men of all ages, whether you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or beyond. The focus of the program is to establish hormonal balance for optimal fat-burning and muscle-building results 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Both of these factors are achieved through the unique macronutrient profiles I’ve laid out for you in the Fat Loss Blueprint. 

As a result, any man at any age will notice major, life-changing benefits because, with compliance to the program, you won’t become subject to spikes and crashes in your male sex hormones. Consistency over time will force results… So what are you waiting for? There’s no better time to start than right now…

I’d like to say that this program is for everyone. But the truth is, it’s not. Just because the Fat Loss Blueprint is the most simple and sustainable eating protocol on the planet, doesn’t mean that you can go at it half-way and still see great results. And unlike other “diet plans” out there, the Fat Loss Program is more of a lifestyle adjustment than anything else. 

It’s not a “hit-it, quit-it” kind of diet where you’re committed one week and gone the next. It’s built to last for the long-haul. But listen, maybe you’ve had a hard time following a fat-loss program in the past. Don’t let that stop you from giving this one a try. I want you to know that I’ve specifically designed The Fat Loss Blueprint to be straightforward and satisfying. It won’t feel like a “diet”. Because isn’t one. It’s a simple and sustainable eating solution that’ll fit neatly into your current routine… All you have to do is click “Add To Life,” I mean, “Add To Cart.”

Great! You’ve come to the right place! Because the Fat Loss Blueprint is created to tailor to your unique starting point and lifestyle, you won’t have to worry about opening another program that isn’t directly for you.

As someone who has been overweight your entire life, you naturally have a slower metabolism than other men and you accumulate fat faster than others. But that’s okay! Because The Blueprint is specifically geared towards helping you lose fat fast, considering every factor that may have stood in your way in the past and giving you the tools to overcome them.

Really, it depends on your consistency with the program. 

If you follow everything as I’ve laid out for you in the Fat Loss Blueprint, you’ll begin to notice improvements in your physique in as little as a week, along with the extra benefits that come along with achieving optimal hormonal balance.

One of the reasons why the Fat Loss Blueprint is so effective is because your body won’t adapt to it and cease to make changes.

Naturally, you’ll lose more weight faster at the beginning of this program than say, a year from now, because you have more body fat to lose at this point. However, by sticking to this program you can expect to see improvements in your physique from this day forward – especially if you implement my workout bonuses to your weekly routine.

About 10 seconds to a few minutes. After you purchase, you’ll get instant access to the entire the Fat Loss Blueprint. You can download it to your computer and start shedding off body fat right away. Nothing is shipped in the mail so you don’t have to wait through any long fulfillment process for your program.

Plus, doing it this way allows me to offer you the entire system at a reduced price, which means bonus points for you!

Absolutely. When you click the “add to cart” button you’ll be taken to ClickBank’s 100% secure payment form. Your credit card and personal information is electronically processed without compromise.

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Clickbank’s stern approval process ensures only high-quality products and valid information is given to all customers.

Yes. You can securely purchase the Fat Loss Blueprint using your PayPal account or any major debit or credit card.

No. The Fat Loss Blueprint is a one-time secure payment and you’ll be an owner of the program forever.


Click The “Add To Cart” Button Below To Receive Your Pre-Sale Price


(Worth Over $339 For Free!!)

Ignite Your Metabolism, Shed Body Fat And Feel More Confident In Weeks Or Your Money Back – GUARANTEED!

Price is listed in USD / American, you can use your credit/debit card regardless of your location in the world and it will convert it for you. You can also pay via Paypal, the most secure payment system in the world.

The program is provided instantly in downloadable PDFs / Ebooks (just like an ebook from Amazon). It can be accessed worldwide, regardless of location, including USA, UK, Australia etc. All plans/ebooks are easily viewable on mobiles, tablets, laptops etc. All plans/ebooks can also be printed out very easily, just like a word document.

This price is a one-off fee with absolutely no recurring payments. You will get access to every ebook above forever.


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The Underground Fat Loss Manual

The Underground Fat Loss Manual
 Buy Now

Banned from mainstream news and social websites…

Yet a growing number of men and women of all ages swear this is the only thing that’s ever worked for them

Did you know taking a baby aspirin 3x a day can actually increase your metabolism?

Or that chewing just one piece of nicotine gum forces your body to incinerate stored body fat?

Author photo

The author lost 13 pounds of fat in a month.

So why did his method get banned?

Those are just a couple of the tips revealed inside a controversial fat loss manual.

Some brave souls used this plan to quickly drop 10, 20, even 30 pounds of fat in just a few short weeks.

In fact, the author of this book wrote his manual after dropping 13 pounds and getting down to single-digit body fat in less than a month.

If you can get your hands on a copy of this book, you’ll immediately see why it’s so effective. Unfortunately tracking down this book is no easy task. That’s because this book is now…


Due to the controversial nature of this program, it is no longer available on Amazon.

You cannot find this book at your local book store. Facebook even banned the author’s personal page! I should know, I am the author.

Matt Marshall

Picture of the author

My name is Matt Marshall. I’m a certified personal trainer, but you’ve probably never heard of me. That’s intentional – I keep a low profile. I don’t work with celebrities or athletes.

I don’t write articles.

I don’t blog.

I don’t tweet. I have no Instagram, no snap chat or anything like that.

For the most part, I just want to be left alone.

But I’ve developed a reputation as the guy to talk to if you want to get lean FAST. I knew things were starting to get weird when…

Strangers Started Showing Up At My Door


I arrived home one day and there’s a big black dude at my house. Never seen him before in my life. Turns out he had been struggling to lose weight for years. So he heard about me and weaseled my address from a friend of a friend of a friend. Then he promptly drove over to my house and parked on my doorstep until I got home.

I was a little stunned at first.

But to be honest this stuff is happening more and more often. Last year a 68-year old man who I’ve never met before mailed me a $1,000 check. “Your book changed my life. Please accept this as a token of my appreciation.”


Anyway, John – the big black dude on my porch – told me what his trainer had him doing. All the usual stuff — lifting weights 3x times a week, cardio in the morning, measuring out all his carbs and macros, keeping protein high and of course avoiding stuff like doughnuts and beer.

“Well, if you believe all that I’ve got some swamp land in Florida…” I told him.

He looked at me side-eyed.

“I mean first of all there’s actually a way to use alcohol to speed up fat loss.”

He’s starting to think I’m crazy.

“Here, just read this and leave me alone.”

I shove a copy of my book in his hands and shoe him away. A few weeks go by. I’ve completely forgot about John.

Until he emails me out of the blue…

“I’m down 50 pounds. Practically every single person that comes into my shop (I’m a barber) wants to know what I’ve been doing. THANK YOU!”

I wrote back…

“John, nobody is going to believe me if I tell ’em this story. Send me a video please.”

So he did…

See, I put my private email address in the book just in case anyone needed it.

Jessica text

Yes, this plan works

for women too.

But it’s not all bad.

Some woman got my book, followed the instructions and transformed herself into a super attractive housewife.

She emailed me this jaw-dropping after pic. —>

I didn’t hate seeing that picture first thing in the morning. (Can’t say my wife was pleased though. Whoops!)

Anyway, the reason I even wrote this book in the first place is because…

Nearly Everything You’ve Been Told About Fat Loss Is 180 Degrees Wrong

That sounds hype-y, right? Well, strap in cuz I’m about to drop some knowledge on ya…

When it comes to losing fat, you’ve probably heard that you need to cut carbs if you wanna lose weight? Maybe you’ve even tried a low-carb diet over the years. If you did, I bet ya doughnut I can guess what happened:

First two weeks went great – you dropped a bunch of weight. Mostly water, but some fat too. And then…. Nada. Weight loss came to a screeching stop. And… oddly enough. You were cold all the time. Especially your hands and your feet.

Am I in the right neighborhood? Maybe you already know why this happened – without adequate carbohydrates, your body produces less T3. T3 – or triiodothyronine for you science geeks – is a hormone that controls metabolism AND rate of fat burning.

“But if I eat carbs I’ll just get fat!” – says you.

“Shhhhh, shut your mouth” – says me.

There’s a way to eat a boatload (technical term) of carbs without getting fat. Want proof?

Peep this medical research study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition…

Medical study

Researchers found a bunch of volunteers and basically crammed bagels down their throat for a week. I’m not even kidding – they overfed these volunteers 1,000 EXTRA calories (mostly from carbs) on day 1.

Just one problem. All these extra carbs actually…

Increased Metabolism By 37%!

This totally messed with the experiment.

So on day 2 researchers upped the ante. They overfed participants an extra 1500 calories on day 2. But again, each volunteers’ metabolism increased again, this time burning an extra 470 calories. By the end of the week researchers were begging the volunteers to cram down bagels and despite 5 days of massive over-eating none of the participants gained any appreciable amount of body fat.

“So… I can have carbs?” – says you.

“Yes, but only certain kinds.” – says me.

“Oh, you mean I gotta eat healthy carbs like brown rice and sweet potatoes?” – says you (probably all mopey-like.)

“Nope. Two words: Red Licorice.” – says me, probably sticking two pieces of licorice in my mouth and doing my best walrus impression.

I talk more about using red licorice to get ripped in my book but first let me give you my number one tip for losing fat.

Here it is:

Tip: If You Wanna Get Lean,

Do It Like A Band-Aid

Best way to take off a band-aid? Fast. One rip and it’s gone. Sure, hurts for a second but it beats the alternative.

Well, the exact same principle applies to losing fat. You’ve probably heard that it’s better to lose fat slowly right? Maybe you’ve been told that if you lose fat too quickly it will somehow “crash your metabolism”, melt away all your muscle mass… and maybe even cause you to gain it all back?

Any of that sound familiar?

Well guess what? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Trying to lose fat slowly is a terrible idea. In fact, you should strip away all your unwanted body fat the same way you’d remove a band-aid – get it done quick and be done with it forever.

In fact, the research proves when it comes to fat loss, faster is better. Check it out:

Why “Slow & Steady” Fat Loss Is A Terrible Idea – Here’s The Science…

FACT #1: Losing Fat Slowly Is Murder On Your Metabolism

Scientists from Newcastle University tested this. They took 3 groups of overweight men and put them on a diet.

The first group had it the toughest. They followed an extreme diet just for six days.

The 2nd group followed a slightly easier low diet for 3 weeks.

The 3rd group followed an even easier re-reduced calorie diet for 6 weeks.

All groups ended up losing approximately 5% of their bodyweight. (About 10 pounds). The difference is how long it took. Group 1 lost the 10 pounds in just did 6 days! Group two did it in 3 weeks. Group 3 did it in 6 weeks.

No surprise there. But what IS surprising is that resting metabolism dropped the MOST in the six week diet group. The 3 week diet group saw the 2nd biggest drop in resting metabolism. And the 6-day “extreme diet group” saw the SMALLEST drop in resting metabolism! So the research is clear. Losing fat slowly is HORRIBLE for your metabolism.

Source: Siervo, Mario, et al. “Imposed rate and extent of weight loss in obese men and adaptive changes in resting and total energy expenditure.” Metabolism (2015): Accepted Article.

Hold on because it gets even worse…

Fact #2: Trying To Lose Weight Slowly Kills Your Chances Of Losing Pure FAT

Check it out: Researchers took a group of mice and put them on a 5% caloric restricted diet. This means they ate 5% fewer calories than usual. This is the very definition of a “slow & steady” diet. The opposite of a crash diet.

So we’d expect good results, right?


In just 3 weeks of this “slow & steady” diet, here’s what happened to these rats:

  • Fat Mass went UP. (They gained fat.)
  • Lean mass DECREASED. (They LOST lean mass.)
  • There was a decrease in their total energy expenditure (they became less active)
  • There was a decrease in their resting energy expenditure (metabolism slowed down.)

So clearly trying to lose weight with a mild (5%) caloric deficit is a recipe for disaster if you are a rat. But humans are different right? Not so fast, check out fact #3 to see why slow and steady fat loss is a bad idea for us humans too…

Source: Li X, Cope MB, Johnson MS, Smith DL Jr, Nagy TR. Mild calorie restriction induces fat accumulation in female C57BL/6J mice. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2010 Mar;18(3):456-62.

Yeah, I know this flies in the face of what most personal trainers will tell you. But honestly, most personal trainers are clueless. Scientists – actual smart people – conduct actual double-blind experiments and here’s what they’ve found…

Fact #3: Losing Fat Slowly Is Horrible For Your Hormones

Ever heard the idea that you should lose fat slowly because if you lose fat too fast it will mess with your hormones? Turns out that’s nothing more than an old wives’ tale.

Here’s the truth:

A human study examining the effects of long-term mild-caloric deficit dieting in humans found that long-term dieters suffered from 78% lower testosterone levels and 28% lower VO2Max levels!

The research is clear: Slow & steady dieting is HORRIBLE for your hormones and your testosterone levels.

Source: Fontana L, Klein S, Holloszy JO. Effects of long-term calorie restriction and endurance exercise on glucose tolerance, insulin action, and adipokine production. Age (Dordr). 2010 Mar;32(1):97-108.

Here’s the final kick in the teeth…

Fact #4: If You Lose Fat Slowly You’re MORE Likely To Gain It All Back!

I know this is surprising because we’ve always been told that “crash” dieting leads to “yo-yo” weight gain. But science paints a different picture:

A long-term analysis of European dieters showed that dieters who lost the most weight during an initial 8-week diet phase were the most successful at KEEPING the weight off six months later.

This principle held true even when the dieters were using a very low-calorie approach (less than 800 calories a day) during their initial weight loss phase.

Scientifically-validated research proves that if you want to lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF, you should lose the weight FAST.

Source: Wong MHT, Holst C, Astrup A, Handjieva-Darlenska T, Jebb SA. Caloric Restriction Induces Changes in Insulin and Body Weight Measurements That Are Inversely Associated with Subsequent Weight Regain. PLoS ONE. 2012; 7(8): e42858.

I could go on all day shattering popular fat loss myths but I think you’re starting to get the picture: If you want to get lean, do it fast. Like ripping off a band-aid.

Underground Fat Loss Manual

For those willing to pull out all the stops and get lean as fast as humanly possible, I wrote a book called “The Underground Fat Loss Manual.”

Hands down, it’s the best freakin’ fat loss book in the history of the freakin’ universe – my mom says so. (“It’s a lovely book son… but I wish you wouldn’t use such language!”)

It was going to sell a bazillion copies on Amazon but…

They Banned It

Facebook booted me too. And Google kicked me out too. What got them all riled up?


Well, a few things I’m guessing:

#1) My book contains strong language. Me likey the swear words, knowwhatimean?

#2) My book contains a LOT of controversial (but proven) fat loss tips. Like using nicotine gum to melt fat. Nothing in my book is illegal. I do NOT recommend steroids or any illegal drugs. But a few of the tips push the envelope a bit and are explicitly reserved for those looking to get lean as soon as possible.

#3) Lastly, my results are TOO good. Somewhere along the line some bureaucrats decided that “2 pounds per week” was the most anyone could lose. To that I say…

Talk to the Hand!

I used this program to strip off 13 pounds in 4 weeks.

Some of my clients have done even better. Check it out…

47 year old man wins Halloween costume party

You're all muscle now!

Down 4 pounds in 10 days

Been letting loose on the weekends

Look, 2 pounds a week is too slow. I’ll be honest. Dieting is a pain. Fat loss isn’t easy. In fact, I’ll come right out and say it – getting lean is hard! But you know what?

Staying lean is RIDICULOUSLY EASY.

Seriously. Once you get lean you can actually have 3 cheat meals PER WEEK and still stay ripped. So doesn’t it makes sense to suck it up, get ripped as fast as possible and then just enjoy staying lean?

I think so.

And if you agree, then you might want to check out The Underground Fat Loss manual.

Here’s a short list of what’s inside this book…

  • The 44-Hour jump start – how to lose up to 8.8 pounds in your first 44 hours thanks to an unusual experiment
  • An all-natural method for boosting growth hormone by 512%
  • How to use alcohol (if you choose) to accelerate overnight fat burning

This tip alone is worth the price of admission for most people. It sounds crazy if you’ve ever been told that you must swear off alcohol to get lean. But the truth is there’s one simple twist you can use to still drink alcohol and get a lean & hard midsection.

  • Why some of the world’s most ripped fitness models chew nicotine gum (this is optional, you do NOT need to attempt this controversial technique to get lean)
  • How to smash through the little-known “cycle of sadness” that keeps most people fat and unhappy
  • Why chewing up a baby aspirin before your next workout can actually boost your metabolism
  • How a reclusive multi-millionaire figured out a strange “hack” that allows you to avoid the dreaded weight-loss plateau, and how you can copy this trick for free.

Please note: I’m going to share every last one of my most controversial tips this guide. But you need NOT use any of the tips that make you uncomfortable.

  • How to use “dirty dreams” for faster fat loss
  • Eat The Whole Pint: My strange “ice cream hack” that actually lets you eat an entire pint of ice cream… and wake up leaner the next day
  • My “beast-mode/binge-mode” strategy for getting lean and INCREASING your metabolism every time you cheat. (Yes, you MUST cheat.)

That last point is non-negotiable. You must cheat on this plan. You may have heard about cheat days in the past, but the truth is cheat days will just make you fat UNLESS you follow the strategy I outline on page 57.

  • How “evil” foods like white potatoes, red licorice and even beer can give you eye-popping abs
  • Why most exercise just teaches your body how to hang on to fat… and how to “trick” your body into burning fat faster WITHOUT excessive exercise
  • Lean for life: My highly-unusual strategy for “coming off” this diet that ensure you don’t regain the weight… without being forced to live on diet for the rest of your days
  • The usual reason why eating too much protein – yes, even lean protein – makes it almost impossible for regular people to get lean.

Most of my clients actually end up SAVING money thanks to the tip on page 42. So even if you had to pay a fortune for my book today, you’d actually save money in the long run. But here’s the thing…

You Cannot Buy This Book

Anywhere But Right Here

As I’ve mentioned, this controversial book has already been banned on Google, Facebook and Amazon.

If you’re lucky, you can pick up an old “paper-and-ink” version of this manual on Ebay. Last I checked some chucklehead was trying to sell illegal copies of this book on Ebay for $450.00 bucks. (Side note: It was an outdated version anyway.)

But don’t worry. First of all, I wouldn’t dream of asking you to buy a paper-and-ink version of this book. We are in the digital age.

And second, you won’t have to pay anywhere near $450.00 for this manual – even though it would totally be worth it to get and stay lean once and for all. (After all, without this manual chances are most people will just struggle and “yo-yo” for years, never achieving their ultimate goal of getting a lean & ripped physique.)

So I’m going to make this easy-peasy for you…

Right here on this website only, you can gain instant access to the digital version of The Underground Fat Loss Manual at a substantial discount. Here’s why…

This Book Has A Serious Flaw…

The Underground Fat Loss Manual contains my A-to-Z system for getting ripped fast. Every tip and every trick you need to know about burning off body fat as fast as humanly possible is revealed in this controversial book.

But here’s the thing:

This book does NOT contain any workout programs. That might disappoint some people but the fact is I set out to write the world’s most brutally effective fat loss book. Not some cheap ebook with a bunch of slapped together workout plans.

Besides, if you follow my plan you’ll discover you can DRAMATICALLY scale back on exercise and still get ripped. Yeah, I just said that.

But don’t worry – I’m still going to hook you up.

12 Minutes Per Week Workout Plan

Yours Free

I have a separate workout manual that I’ve sold in the past for about $50.

It’s called The 12 Minutes Per WEEK Workout Plan and I created this workout guide exclusively for anyone who wants to get ripped fast AND build lean, rock-hard muscle. You can follow this workout program at the gym or in the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment.

You cannot buy this workout program anywhere. But when you order The Underground Fat Loss Manual today I’ll give you The 12 Minutes Per WEEK Workout Plan…


Hold on because I’m feeling generous so I’m going to gift you a few more free bonuses just for getting started today. Check these out…

Free: The Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

I want to help you get started as fast as possible because on my plan you can start transforming your body in your first 21 days!

So for that reason, I’m giving you instant access to my “Quick Start Guide.” This special bonus report is perfect for busy people because it teaches you everything you need to know to get started in…

Less Than 5 Minutes!

I’ll give you a digital copy of this report FREE with your order today.

Hold on, I’ve got another sweet bonus for you…

Free: Done For You Cheatsheets & Tracking Sheets

To make it as easy as possible for you to get started, I’ve even created done-for-you cheat sheets and tracking sheets.

Tracking sheets

Tracking Sheets & Cheat Sheets

Plus I’ve even got daily checklists to guide you through the first 21 days of your transformation.

Just print out your daily checklists, cross off all the action items each day and BOOM – you’ll find yourself at LEAST 10 pounds lighter after 21 days. (Bigger individuals can lose much, much more.)

This bonus is easily worth hundreds of dollars because it’s the next best thing to having me as your live-in personal trainer, coaching you each day. But it’s yours FREE with your order today.

I’m STILL not finished. I also want to give you…

Free: Access To The Private Member’s Only Facebook Group

Let’s face it – losing weight can be hard if you’re trying to do it on your own.

Free private Facebook group

Private Facebook Group

That’s why I’ve giving you free access to my private member’s only Facebook group. This closed Facebook group is reserved exclusively for Underground Fat Loss Manual readers.

Here you can ask questions, chat with me, celebrate successes and share tips with other Underground Fat Loss Manual readers!

You simply can’t put a price on this kind of community and support. This bonus is 100% optional – you don’t have to join the group if you don’t want to. But for those that want to, it can be an extremely valuable bonus.

This too is included FREE with your order today.

I got one more for ya…

FREE: My 10x “I Double-Dog Dare You” Cash Reward

Here’s how that works – order my book today. Read it over and put the plan into action. Be sure to record your starting stats and snap a “before” pic too for good measure. Then in 21 days, record your new stats, snap your “after” picture and show me your progress.

10X Double Dog Dare You Cash Reward

Each month I’ll receive all the submissions and if yours is the best of the bunch, I’ll write you a check for $100 cash.

Why? I’ll tell ya why.

Right now somebody is reading this and they want to order, they WANT to make a change and get lean. But some part of their brain is probably telling them to wait. Some part of their brain is scared of investing a few bucks in this program.

Well, I’m turning it around. If you don’t order today, you are ROBBING YOURSELF of the chance to make $100… not to mention robbing yourself of a shortcut to getting a lean & cut physique.

“Just Tell Me How Much

The Dang Thing Costs!!!”

Okay, okay! I’m giving you everything – The Underground Fat Loss Manual – and all the bonuses listed above for just a single, one-time payment of…



If you don’t think it’s worth it to trade a few measly bucks to get in the absolute best shape of your life in just weeks… then this isn’t right for you. Seriously, go away.

Still here? Ok then you must be interested. And just to let you know that I’ve got your back from start to finish on this I’m giving you my ridiculous guarantee…

Here’s The “Oh Heck Yes” Guarantee…

Here’s my guarantee to you – read this carefully as it’s unusual.

Get the book and read it over. Don’t worry, it’s a quick read. Then decide if you’re brave enough to attempt this plan. Most people aren’t. That’s fine… but I don’t want to deal with you if you’re not on board 100%.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

So if after reading this guide over you decide it’s not for you, just shoot me a quick email and I’ll give you a full refund. Every cent right back to you within 3 days. And yeah, it’s a downloadable ebook so there’s no way I can make you return it. So basically it’s yours for free, if that’s how you wanna play it. (Don’t be a jerk.)

On the other hand, if you’re one of the few brave enough to actually try the plan I’ll make you this guarantee: Put the plan into action and within the first week you’ll have an “Oh Heck Yes” moment. That’s when you look in the mirror or step on the scale and realize it’s working. You’ll have your very own “Oh Heck Yes” moment.

You get access to my private Facebook group (reserved for customers only) and I answer questions daily inside the group.

Remember, You’re Getting Instant Access To Everything In The Next 2 Minutes

Underground Fitness Manual 2nd Edition and Bonuses

Let’s do a quick recap because you’re getting so much stuff today. First, for just a single payment of $37, I’m giving you instant access to my banned book, The Underground Fat Loss Manual. Using the techniques in this book you can get lean with a quickness.

But I’m also giving all of the bonuses shown here, all FREE. Plus you get a full 60 days to look everything over and if this isn’t right for you for any reason, boom – you get a quick & easy refund.

And you get it all for less than you’d pay for an hour at the gym with some wet-behind-the-ears personal trainer. I mean come on… that’s a no-brainer!

1 Last Thing…

(I Probably Shouldn’t Even Be Saying This)

Look – order The Underground Fat Loss Manual today for just $37… or don’t. It won’t change my life one way or other. I honestly don’t need the extra pocket change.

So if you leave this page without ordering, my life doesn’t change a bit.

But this ain’t about me… it’s about you.

Listen, I could go on all day about how awesome it is to be lean. How great it is to have women at the beach walk up to you and ask if they can touch your abs. (If you’re a woman, I don’t even need to tell you what happens when you get fit. Let’s just say it’s doubtful you’ll ever pay for a drink again…)

Or how once you get lean, your entire life changes – people start to treat you with more respect and most people actually end up making more money and achieving more success in all other endeavors once they get lean.

I could tell you all of that… but honestly I don’t want to. I want you to EXPERIENCE IT FOR YOURSELF. I don’t wanna sound cheesy but this is an absolute fact jack…

21 Days From Today, You Can Be Nothing More Than 21 Days Older… Or You Can Be Lean & Fit. You Decide. Click The Button Below For Instant Access.

Thanks for reading.

Matt signature

Matt Marshall

Matt Marshall

Author of The Underground Fat Loss Manual

Wait? What Are You Still Doing Here?

Still here? Ok, maybe you’ve got an unanswered question. Let me tackle the ones I usually get…

Q: Will this work for ME? I’m old!

A: Yes, it will work for you. I’ve got success stories from 40 year olds, 50-somethings, grandparents and even guys in their 80s. So yeah, it will work. And don’t worry, I even used a big font in the book. 🙂

Q: Will this work for ME? I’m a woman!

A: It will, but not for all women. See, most woman want to talk about losing weight… but they don’t actually want to do anything. But if you’re a “just tell me what to do and I’ll get it done” kind of woman, then yes, the plan will work for you.

Q: Will this work for ME? I’m a vegetarian!

A: Yes, this plan will work for vegetarians as well.

Q: Will this work for ME? I’m very overweight!

A: I’ll be honest: When I wrote this book I mainly wrote it for people who were already in decent shape and wanted help getting extra lean. But over the years, I started getting success stories from people who lost 50, 60, 80… even 100 pounds or more with the strategy in this book.

Q: Will this work for ME? I have a specific medical condition.

A: I can’t answer that. You gotta check with your doctor.

Q: What if my computer gets struck by lightning right after I order?

A: After your order is complete, you’ll get a receipt emailed to you. If your computer gets struck by lightning or anything like that, you’ll still have that receipt in your email and you can always use that to contact me.

Q: How do I know your money-back guarantee is legit?

A: It’s legit because I’m not in charge of it. We use Clickbank to process our orders. And Clickbank gives you 60 full days to decide if this right for you. Even if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, you can always contact Clickbank directly and get a refund.

Get ripped fast with this unconventional plan


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Pontzer, Reichlen, et al. 2012. “Hunter-Gatherer Energetics and Human Obesity.” PLOS July 25th, 2012

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The Fat Loss Troubleshoot – Best Selling Fat Loss Product!

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot – Best Selling Fat Loss Product!
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The original and #1 guide to solving your fat loss problems.

188 pages of applicable and actionable lessons sure to teach you more about fat loss than most mainstream books can ever hope to teach. No agenda. No special foods. No dogma. No special cardio. No methods found useless years from now. This book still holds the test of time since it’s release and continues to improve as the years go past.

Topics Covered In The Book

Below are just a few topics and research points I cover in the book. If in doubt, download the free preview below.


Studies & Anecdote

While you get tons of research and data used in this book, you also get free-living advice and anecdote that can aid you getting what you want.



Combining the latest nutritional research and real-time monitors so you’ll have hard data to apply to your situation.


Phone/Tablet Access

You can access this media on your phone or tablet on Android or iPhone. Access is also instant.


18 Chapters

This book covers calories, energy expenditure, training, cardio, mindset, lifestyle, and more. If you apply the tips and things in this book, fat loss will happen.



Fat loss isn’t just cold hard data, it’s our approach. I’ve found in my years of working with clients that fat loss is small part data and large part strategy. Having that gives you a genuine chance.



No one hates poor customer service more than me. Since 2006, I’ve been part of online business. I have no hesitation in saying I have one of the best customer service records that exist. If you’re not happy, you get a refund, period.


& Thousands More Helped

What Our Readers Are Saying

“After I found Leigh and read The Fat Loss Troubleshoot, I lost 38 pounds in 10 months and have now kept 100% of the weight off for 2 years and counting. I’m a member and plan to be for life, because every week I gain more knowledge on the forums or through Leigh’s podcasts. Thank you, Leigh, for changing my life!”>




1. Her integrity is second to none. 2. She is the consummate professional. 3. She has the breadth and depth of knowledge of an octogenarian PhD with five post-doctorates. 4. Her insight into the human psyche is borderline spooky. 5. It’s clear she values her clients’ success over her own personal gain. 6.-9. She’s compassionate, non-judgmental, straightforward, and has a great sense of humor to boot! 10. Leigh Peele is inspiring, both in fitness and in life.




I don’t recall how I came across Leigh Peele and her fat loss troubleshoot, but I ordered it. I sat and read the entire thing in one day! I realized there are no magic tricks or magic diets. I worked with Leigh through consulting and phone calls. She really showed me that accountability was the key to my success. She always told me when I was ready I would do it! She was right!

My highest weight after 3rd child is 180lbs. Started with Leigh, I am now at my lowest in years of 132.




I knew principles of nutrition, but struggled with a psychological side of dieting. I listened to all of the podcasts (multiple times) and read everything Leigh wrote because it really resonated with me. They are fantastic, just binge series alone is pure gold! I can’t believe Leigh doesn’t charge for it. Virtually all topics connected with dieting are in the podcasts.

My professors at university weren’t able to explain things in such way that I would understand like Leigh did.




Leigh spotted aspects that I hadn’t really considered properly, such as my postural and digestive problems. Dealing with these two issues has helped enormously; I am digesting food more effectively and I am moving with greater ease.

I began to eat in a more sustainable way and developed a less extreme approach to exercise.




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Starve Mode Package

For a limited time, you can grab the critically acclaimed and highly refrenced book, “Starve Mode.” It’s the ultiamte guide to refeeding, metabolism, and more.

This package includes:

  1. “Starve Mode” Book (200+ PDF pages)
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Pricing And Plans

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  • Fat Loss Troubleshoot PDF
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About Author


Leigh Peele

My name is Leigh Peele. I am a trainer, author, and layman researcher. My work can be found in Women’s Health, The Guardian, and Livestrong, to name a few notable resources. I truly believe one of my purposes in life, narcissistic or not, is to help people help themselves.

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot came about almost a decade ago because I was helping people answer their problems. Now, in its 4th edition, it still helps thousands of people around the world. It is a staple guide to fat loss that everyone should own.

Lastly, sometimes the book isn’t enough no matter how much we want it to be. If you need more one-on-one help, join the group, send me a message, or sign-up on a waitlist to work with me.

I’m looking forward to helping you on your journey.

  • Address

    PO Box 4413 Greensboro, NC 27404 USA

  • FB Contact

  • Email

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4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution

4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution
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Do you think your carb addiction is making you fatter? Here’s how you can lose 7-11 pounds of PURE fat in the next 7 days by eating MORE carbs…

Discover the World’s First & Only Carb Cycling Diet That INSTANTLY Flips ON Your Body’s Fat-Burning Switch, Helping You Lose 7-11 Pounds in the First 7 Days— WITHOUT Sacrificing Your Favorite High Carb Meals…

Now You Can Eat Lots of Your Favorite Carbs and NEVER Store Them as Fat—All While Reprogramming Your Metabolism to STOP Burning Sugars and START Burning Fat in LESS Than 7 Days From Now

Why Carb-Cycling Is The Most Sensible Nutrition Solution to Permanent Weight Management…

  • Feel “Healthy”, NOT Hungry All The Time—with LIMITLESS Food Options.

  • “Outsmart” Your Metabolism and Become Adapted to Burning Fat in LESS Than 7 Days.

  • Conquer the DREADED Diet “Plateau”—for continuous weight loss once and for all.

  • END Your Body’s “Addiction” To Burning Nothing But Sugars and REPROGRAM YOUR BODY—to burn the fat FIRST, not LAST (and keep it off for good).

  • Learn How To Eat LOTS Of Your Favorite Carbs And NEVER Store Them As Fat.

  • “Crack the Fat Loss Code” once and for all with the EASIEST Scientific Way to Lose Fat.

WARNING: This article is highly controversial, so most crash dieters and newbies will dismiss this because they have been mindlessly misled to follow the same ole’ baloney misinformation and outright lies packed inside diet books making you think you can’t eat carbs without getting fat.


The “Ancient Japanese Secret” You DON’T Know About That’s STOPPING Your Body From Burning More Stubborn Fat

Did you know that the Japanese are the LEANEST and HEALTHIEST people on the planet?

They are more likely to reach 100 years old than anyone else in the world, a fact that most researchers attribute to their diet.

In fact, many call their home “The Land of Immortals”.

In addition to their high life expectancy, they are known for their unusually low mortality from cardiovascular disease and even certain types of cancers.

THE NUMBERS DON’T LIE: They are 8 times LESS likely to die from coronary heart disease, 7 times LESS likely to die from prostate cancer, 6.5 times LESS likely to die from breast cancer, and 2.5 times LESS likely to die from colon cancer than an average American of the same age.

And get THIS: the Japanese have the LOWEST rates of obesity (only 2.9%) in the world, versus 11% for the French and 32% for Americans, according to the International Obesity TaskForce.

So evidence clearly proves they live LEANER and age SLOWER than the rest of the world.

So what exactly is this Mysterious and FORGOTTEN

Fat Burning Nutrition Secret
of the Japanese?

A strategic diet that contains MORE carbs… instead of LESS.

YES, you heard it right!

The traditional Japanese diet consists of 85% carbohydrates, 9% protein, and only 6% fat…

I’m not advocating you eat like this – NO WAY! You still have to be “smart” about it by using the Carb Cycling solution found below.

But it proves once and for all, that despite all the bad press over the years, many high carb foods like potatoes and rice do NOT make you fat.

Make no mistake about it. The Japanese diet staples are high carb foods like white rice and Samurais were even known for eating up to 24 different varieties of potatoes!

Ironically, to this very day they’re STILL the leanest and healthiest people in the whole world.

Eating carbs like this would be considered CRAZY by today’s low carb diet standards.

But the Japanese continue to break all the rules and eat carbs. LOTS of them.

How do the Japanese continue to eat a HIGH carb diet, while keeping the fat off their body to stay leaner and healthier than the rest of the world year after year?

Let me tell you the real truth about the Japanese from the story above that keeps them leaner and healthier than everybody else…

Many of the “forbidden” High Carb foods you THINK you need to avoid actually help you burn WAY MORE fat than popular Low Carb Diet Foods you eat everyday

Do you really think lean and healthy people, like the Japanese, obsess over choosing low glycemic foods, counting calories and carb grams?

Absolutely not: It’s been a part of their culture for hundreds of years.

You might think it’s all in their genes, but when Japanese people adopt a western-style diet, they put on weight quickly and gain fat rapidly just like we do.

That’s because the Japanese were raised differently than you so they unknowingly have access to a diet secret that doctors and researchers have been missing out on for years…

ANY Person At ANY Age Can REPROGRAM Their Metabolism To Burn MORE Fat By Strategically Eating MORE Carbs…

But that’s not all. The most important piece of the fat loss puzzle is what’s been known since the days of the caveman.

MOST of these foods are NOT what you think they are.

As you’ll discover below, most of the lower carb diet foods you think help you burn fat could actually be making you fatter with every bite, while eating many of the high carb foods you try to avoid can actually help you burn MORE fat.

You just have to be smart about it.


Even though BOTH of these ladies have the EXACT same size 2 body, the physique on the right is comprised mostly of dense, shapely, tone muscle, while the image on the left…isn’t.

The unfortunate reality is that 99% of Low Carb Diets result in a significant amount of muscle loss. Although the girl on the left looks “ok”… the girl on the right looks smokin’ HOT.

The Real Difference?

Everything you’ve been told about eating carbs for fat loss is DEAD WRONG.

In fact, LACK of healthy carb intake is the primary reason 86% of today’s exercisers and dieters look and feel terrible because it robs you of energy, SLOWS down your metabolism, and STOPS your body from burning fat.

Once you understand the REAL truth about carbs and YOUR body…

  • You don’t have to adhere to a strict, complicated diet all the time…
  • There will be NO more struggling to always keep your carbs low…
  • You’ll never have to obsess over counting calories or carb grams again…

  • And you won’t have to deprive yourself at social events and parties in fear of gaining ugly belly fat…

Here’s Just a Small Taste of What Will Happen

When You Reprogram Your Body Using My

Carb Cycling Solution Below…

As you’ll soon discover below, Carb Cycling is something that ANYBODY at ANY age can use to ERASE stubborn fat faster, while still eating LOTS of your favorite carbs.

That’s the Carb Cycling advantage. It PROTECTS your metabolism and KEEPS your body burning fat for the long haul. See for yourself…

Get Results FAST In Less Than 7 Days (Stop burning sugars, Start burning fat)

Fat Adapted

  • END Your Body’s “Addiction” To Burning Nothing But Sugars and REPROGRAM YOUR BODY—to burn the fat FIRST, not LAST (and keep it off for good) in only one week’s time.
  • Become “fat adapted” and lose up to 11 pounds in the first 7 days.
  • Break your dependence and addiction to the WRONG carbs in the very first week.
  • Use carb-cycling to lose fat FASTER, while making your diet FUN!
  • Get Results FAST In Less Than 7 Days (Stop burning sugars, Start burning fat)


PROGRAM Your Body to NEVER Store Carbs as Fat (STOP carb based “fat spillover”)


  • Learn how to eat carbs the RIGHT way to increase insulin sensitivity, while you fight against diabetes and insulin resistance
  • Confidently know that EACH and EVERY time you eat carbs you’re increasing your body’s fat burning power AND metabolic health
  • MAXIMIZE your genetic fat burning potential WITHOUT diet plateaus or extreme dieting


DOUBLE Your Rate of Fat Burning EVERY Time You Exercise

(2 minute fat burning shortcut)

2 Minutes

  • Discover a 2 minute shortcut you can use in conjunction with carb-cycling to DOUBLE your rate of fat burning (No extra workout time required).
  • Stimulate Anti-Aging hormones to keep you looking younger and shedding more unwanted weight.
  • Increase Oxygen and Blood Flow to increase your fat burning efficiency TEN FOLD. [3]

    [3]Davis, et. al. Concurrent training enhances athletes’ strength, muscle endurance, and other measures. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. September 2008;22(5):1487–1502.



SPIKE Your Fat Burning Hormones For Faster and More Consistent Fat Loss (increase thyroid and leptin sensitivity)

  • STOP the hormonal damage of “low carb dieting”, which suppresses your thyroid and leptin levels significantly.
  • RESET the fat-burning hormones that keep your metabolism and body healthy.
  • Increase leptin sensitivity and help your thyroid convert T4 to T3 more efficiently.


Build MORE Lean Muscle, for a Sexy and Attractive Body Shape (avoid the “skinny fat” syndrome)

Size 2

  • Discover why eating MORE carbs is the BEST way for you to get a lean, sexy, attractive body shape.
  • “SPARK” and REVIVE Your Dead Metabolism, While You Prevent the Breakdown and Loss of Lean Muscle.
  • AVOID the muscle loss that accompanies 99% of all low carb diets.
  • Be 100% PROUD OF YOUR BODY again!


SKYROCKET Your Energy Levels “Naturally” (increase your brain power and make yourself SMARTER)  

Skyrocket your energy

  • Automatically produce more neurotransmitters to help your body AND mind stay sharp during prolonged periods of work, sleep deprivation, and other stressful situations…like everyday life.
  • Discover foods that your body was genetically designed to run on, so you can instantly increase your energy levels and brain power to GET MORE DONE on a daily basis.
  • Get an extra pep in your step, while fueling exercise and other every day activities.


It fits PERFECTLY Into Your Busy Lifestyle

Busy Lifestyle

  • Do you hate having to go out of your way to try and find healthy diet foods every time you eat out or go to lunch? No problemo! We gotcha covered.
  • No need to avoid carbs when you’re living the ULTRA-CONVENIENT carb-cycling lifestyle! You just have to be a little strategic about it. 
  • The perfect nutrition solution for anybody who travels, as well as busy moms, and ANYBODY in between. 


So what in the world is this sensible nutrition solution that can help you “outsmart” your metabolism and conquer weight loss plateaus once and for all? Introducing


The Carb-Cycling Nutrition Solution For Every Person Who’s Frustrated With Strict, Complicated Diets That Constantly RESTRICT Carbs But Deliver ZERO Results…

Why is Macro-Patterning™ The Most Sensible Solution to FASTER Fat Loss and Permanent Weight Management?

It OVERCOMES the 5 biggest dieting adaptations your body goes through… all of which create weight loss plateaus, stop your fat loss, slow down your metabolism, zapping your body of energy, and suppressing critical hormones.

Here they are…

Carb Cycling Advantage #1:

Manipulate Fat and Energy Stores

Discover how to effectively use all your excess fat and the food you eat everyday MUCH more efficiently as IMMEDIATE energy, instead of storing it as fat.

Macro-Patterning™ allows you to manipulate stored energy in your muscles and liver (i.e. glycogen), which means FASTER more efficient fat loss and healthier metabolism.

When you crack the fat loss code with carb cycling, you’ll take a few days of the week to lower glycogen levels just enough for your body to grab and burn fat.

When you learn the simple science behind the fat loss code and break it forever, you approach nutrition and fat loss with a logic of knowledge (coming from a place of POWER)… NOT the “emotional” attachment to the latest diet of the week.

Carb Cycling Advantage #2:

Protect and Support Muscle

The very FIRST thing your body wants to do when you diet is shed precious muscle. But it can’t do so if it’s PROTECTED. The only way to get YOUR body to burn fat, instead of muscle, is to make it easier to do so.

And when you have more muscle, you can get away with eating LOTS more of your favorite foods because you burn more calories and your energy tank becomes largely EXPANDED.

More muscle means a healthier metabolism that loves to burn MORE fat—all while boosting your metabolism and keeping you YOUNGER looking.

That’s what makes Macro-Patterning™ so effective. It protects and supports your muscle to help you AVOID the “skinny fat” look.

Carb Cycling Advantage #3:

Stabilize Blood Sugar and CONTROL Insulin

The third adaptive response that you need to overcome is managing insulin and controlling blood sugar levels.

Chronically increased insulin levels and elevated blood sugar promote fat storage, ages you at an accelerated rate, while stable blood sugar and insulin levels make it much EASIER for your body to use stored fat as fuel.

You may think this is accomplished by just using LOW carb foods, but quite the contrary. You can still eat many of your favorite HIGH carb foods, while keeping blood sugar and insulin at bay. It’s all about managing 3 simple things: Portion Sizes, Timing, and Combinations.

Besides, most of us just abandon these low carb types of plans anyway. They’re not realistic for our way of life.

Don’t worry; we leave NOTHING to chance. Once you learn how easy it is to carb cycle, it truly takes all the guesswork out of blood sugar and insulin.

Carb Cycling Advantage #4:

Produce More Heat

The fourth adaptive dieting response to overcome is the body’s needs for consistent energy. 

To use fat more consistently as fuel, you’ll need to naturally “heat up” the body. This is done by using carb cycling to balance your calorie intake and regulating your thyroid and leptin levels (fat burning hormones).

When you heat up your body by Macro-Patterning™, more energy is used, and your body fat becomes a DIRECT SOURCE OF FUEL.

Carb Cycling Advantage #5:

Create a “Fat Burning” Energy Deficit

The fifth and final step to MAXIMIZE your fat burning efficiency and give you optimal health is creating a “fat burning energy deficit”, which sends a powerful “signal” for your body to use excess fat you have stored.

There are two simple ways to create a “fat burning energy deficit”:

1) Manipulate Calories

2) Exercise and Move More

With Macro-Patterning™, we show you how to use BOTH of these strategies simultaneously so your body knows how to “go get the fat” FIRST.  When we create a healthy “fat burning energy deficit”, the body automatically uses more fat for an energy source.

YOUR body will now be on fat burning Autopilot!

Here’s How “Carb Cycling” Can Help You CONTROL Your Fat Burning Hormones for FASTER Fat Loss…

How Hormones WorkDid You Know? Whenever you lower carbs in your diet for more than 5 to 7 days at a time, it can lead to a downward spiral of metabolic problems including:

– Suppressed thyroid (inefficient conversion of T4 to T3)

Decreased testosterone production (women need this to burn fat too!)

– Compromised immune system function

SLOWER metabolism and adrenal fatigue

– Muscle loss

– Halted fat burning and weight loss plateaus

– Leptin resistance (50% LESS fat burning hormone production)  

Ya, pretty much everything you want to avoid.

So even though lowering carbs can be a lethal weapon in your fight against fat, you have to be careful and use low carb diets in the “smartest” way possible.

This is when Carb Cycling comes in handy.

By increasing your carbs strategically, after day 7, you can have:

More efficient thyroid output (increased conversion of T4 to T3)

Increased testosterone production

Improved immune system function

Elevated metabolism and healthier adrenal glands

Gains in lean muscle

Faster fat burning

Better leptin sensitivity (increased levels of fat burning hormones)  

This is the “magic” of Macro-Patterning™.

It allows you to indulge in your most intense cravings for carbs and purposefully abandon traditional dieting to offset the adaptations of short term extreme dieting.

How In The World Did An Ugly Custody Battle Over My 6 Year Old Daughter Jordan Help Me Discover

The EASIEST Way To Lose Fat —

WITHOUT avoiding carbs

My name is Shaun Hadsall and I grew up in a little farm town in Northern Michigan called Birch Run.

After I escaped the backwoods of that small town back in 1996, I went on to become a 3 time on-line best-selling nutrition author and stubborn fat specialist who has been coaching clients from all over the world for 16+ years now.

But it wasn’t always this way… not even close!

I exercised EVERY day, while avoiding carbs for over 8 years straight… and my body NEVER changed.

Here was my end result after 8 years of busting my butt.

I know I don’t necessarily look bad or overly “fat” in this picture… but keep in mind; this was after EIGHT years of exercising consistently 1-3 hours EVERY day trying to get rid of stomach fat.

And I was STILL stuck at nearly 20% body fat!

I was desperate.

Then one day it all changed when I picked up a magazine called Muscle Media and learned about the Body-for-Life™ body transformation contest.

It was a very emotional moment to say the least, because I had some very deep personal reasons for wanting to change my body and life. It was primarily a custody battle of my 6 year old little daughter.

This inspired me to change my philosophy about fat loss and life, and sent me on a relentless pursuit of helping others learn the REAL TRUTH about eating carbs and staying lean.

By the end of the contest, my whole life had transformed.

I had a BRAND NEW body. I had joint custody rights of my daughter. I paid off all my bad debts. I even mended several broken relationships.

But most importantly, this is how I discovered how ANYBODY can use Carb-Cycling to break the chains that make traditional dieting such a MISERABLE experience.

Now you can probably start to see why I feel like it’s my DUTY and OBLIGATION to get you started on the Macro-Patterning™ solution.

It’s personal for me and I take your results VERY seriously.

I’ve also spent the last 19 years meticulously perfecting this system to maximize its results so it can be used by ANYBODY, as you’ll soon discover below.

But that’s not the only reason I’m so passionate about this solution…

Even My 55 Year Old Wife Used
Macro-Patterning™ to

Defeat Menopause After Battling Cancer…

Shaun & Karen Hadsall

Even though my wife Karen and I were even lucky enough to run one of the world’s Top 10 personal training studio franchises in Ann Arbor, Michigan, while helping hundreds of local residents, from EVERY age, gender, and limitation known to man transform their aging bodies to help them look and feel years younger… it was a LONG, TOUGH JOURNEY.

Just when I thought I had this whole carb-cycling and exercise thing mastered, that’s when I met Karen, who just happened to be 11 years older than me.

Shortly after we met, Karen was diagnosed with stage one Colo-Rectal cancer.

Unfortunately, this involved harmful chemo and painful radiation treatments that literally turned her ovaries into raisins—FORCING her straight into menopause.

Needless to say, the age difference quickly taught me some VERY big lessons about the role hormones play in fat loss and nutrition.

Hormones are EVERYTHING when it comes to shedding unwanted pounds and keeping your body looking younger—especially as you get older.

That’s why immediately after Karen’s recovery, she started the very first week of Macro-Patterning™ (Cycle #1 that you’ll learn all about below).

And in the first 7 days she lost 8 pounds! I knew then we were onto something BIG. Eight weeks later, she was 22 pounds lighter.

As you can clearly see from her pictures, Macro-Patterning™ works.

If my wife can lose 22 pounds AFTER battling Colo-Rectal Cancer, while radiation treatments “zapped” her straight into menopause

Isn’t it blatantly obvious it can work for YOU too?

It doesn’t matter if you’re an old fart, and it doesn’t matter if you’re in your late 20s or 30s… or well into your 40s, 50s or 60s–ANYBODY can use carb cycling for a flatter belly.

That’s because Macro-Patterning™ helps you control your hormones to help you make quick, and continuous, progress with your diet and exercise plan so it works for anybody.

Carb Cycling Works for EVERYONE…

Even if You Don’t Like to Exercise

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Paleo follower, a fitness buff, an aspiring bodybuilder, or a

60 year old grandma, ANYBODY can strip off stubborn fat faster using carb cycling.

No matter WHAT your age, gender, or current condition you’re in, YOUR body has been designed to run on the glucose found in high carb foods since the days of the caveman.

HOWEVER, our lifestyles have changed dramatically over the years. The quality of food and our need to grab the WRONG carbs can make you FATTER and FATTER with EVERY bite.

But once you know how easy it can be to eat your favorite carbs based on YOUR activity

level and metabolic needs, your diet and your fat loss can automatically be put on Cruise Control.

For example, if you’re sedentary and don’t like to exercise, your body does NOT need as

many white starches and ripe fruits as somebody who exercises intensely
on a consistent basis.

Macro-Patterning™ Shows You How To SUPERCHARGE Your Fat Loss and Your Metabolism by Eating

the RIGHT Carb Choices Based on YOUR Lifestyle to KEEP Your Body Burning Fat.

Here’s how it works…

 Sedentary People (no exercise or activity):

Limit intake of starches and ripe fruits. Stick with smaller amounts of starchy carbs like squash, quinoa, and slow cook oatmeal unless it’s your cheat day. Moderate amounts of fruits like berries and cherries are great carb choices as well.

We’ll show you how to combine Carb Down days with Carb UP days below so you can still enjoy many of your favorite carbs WIHOUT fat storage even though you don’t like to exercise.

 Active (moderate exercise 3-4x per week):

Consume moderate amounts of starchy carbs like sweet potatoes, brown and black rice, lentils, and slow cook oats.Fruits are great choices too, but try to consume your ripe fruits and starches on exercise days to enhance all the benefits listed above.

 Exerciser or Endurance Athlete (active 5-7 days of the week):

Most people who fall into this category (weight lifters, high intensity exercisers, and endurance athletes) are severely carb depleted and need MORE white starches and ripe fruits in their diets.

Potatoes, white rice, and ripe bananas are 3 of the best choices you can use if you fall into this category. Feel free to eat any of the carbs listed above from groups 1 and 2 as well.

These are some of the BEST carb choices you can make to get all the fat-burning benefits of carbs, WITHOUT fat storage from your carb intake. 

Simply put, if you eat carbs with the wrong foods – at the wrong times, you’ll STORE fat. If you eat carbs with the right foods at the right times, you’ll BURN fat.

It May Sound Hard to Believe, But Eating MORE Carbs is The Key to Regulating Your Hormones and Helping You Make Continuous Progress with Your Diet and Exercise

Here’s why so many people get “hooked” on carb cycling and why ANYBODY can use it:



Introducing The 4 CYCLE SOLUTION…

The EASIEST Step-By-Step Scientific Solution to

QUICKLY Strip Off Stubborn Fat—Without Losing

Muscle OR Sacrificing Your Favorite High Carb Meals

4 Cycle Solution

Special Bonus

Metabolic Side Effect

Even though all 4 cycles are set up in a specific order to get you’re the FASTEST, most strategic results possible…

Each cycle can also be used individually as a “stand alone” diet you can use ANYTIME!

But as you’ll soon discover below, Cycle 1 is the
PERFECT cycle to use the week before
or after your favorite social event or vacation…

I can’t wait to get you started on the 4 Cycle Solution. It’s so simple to follow because it uses four Macro-Patterning™ cycles that work together, in a strategic sequence, to help you QUICKLY strip off stubborn fat.

You’ll start out by first becoming “adapted” to burning PURE fat with 7 days of your fastest fat loss EVER. Then you’ll progressively move through the other three cycles.

As you’ll see below, the 4 Cycle Solution is specifically designed to “prime” your metabolism and hormones for continuous progress to KEEP you motivated, while getting rapid results as you move through all 4 cycles.

And that’s what makes Macro-Patterning™ different than the rest.

No more suffering through restriction and calorie deprivation. Your diet will no longer cause you to miss out on the fun things in your life.

Now you can QUICKLY melt ugly fat off your body WITHOUT having to give up your social life—or depriving yourself of your favorite foods…

That’s the real carb cycling advantage – Sanity.

All you have to do is simply follow ONE cycle at a time…

Here’s exactly how they work…

The 4 Cycle Solution

Cycle 1: 7 Day Carb Depletion

(STOP burning sugars, START burning fat)

Cycle #1

Special Bonus

Metabolic Side Effect

Cycle 1 is the PERFECT 7-day cycle to use when you fall off the diet wagon because it RESETS your body’s fat burning switch by turning OFF your addiction to burning sugars, while reprogramming your body to use fat FIRST every time you eat and move.

How would it feel to drop 5, 6, 7, all the way up to 10 pounds of PURE fat in just one short week WITHOUT rebound weight gain or messing up your metabolism?

That’s exactly what can happen with during Cycle #1.

This is by far the most powerful strategy of the 4 Cycle Solution because it reprograms and fixes your broken metabolism to teach it where fat stores are available for immediate and long term energy needs.

So before you can flood your body with all the fat-burning and metabolic enhancing benefits of your favorite carbs – we have to first, “shut off”, your body’s “addiction” to sugars and TURN ON your fat burning pathways.

This is known as becoming “FAT ADAPTED”. And once you make the switch, they’ll be no turning back.

The 7 Day Depletion Cycle serves several essential metabolic purposes that will reprogram your metabolism for long term fat loss:

  • First, you’ll reprogram your metabolism to make fat your “go to” energy source.

  • Second, it’s the quickest and easiest way for you to drain the body of carbohydrate stores and/or muscle glycogen to get instant results and achieve the fastest fat loss possible.

  • Third, it shuts off your body’s dependence on burning nothing but sugars, which further accelerates the break down of ugly fat.

  • Fourth, it helps you aggressively control and stabilize blood sugar for even more rapid fat loss.

Additionally – and most importantly – Cycle 1 “sets up” your metabolism for the carb cycling lifestyle and creates the “perfect metabolic storm” for aggressive and sustained fat loss.

Expect to lose anywhere between 5 and 15 pounds during this first 7 days.

Warning: Do not skip this cycle.

This jumpstart is essential for your success because it serves as the springboard that will move you through the next three cycles. You’ll automatically look and feel leaner while you visually SEE your belly get flatter in just the first few days.

Cycle 2: Macro-Patterning™

(Eat LOTS of your favorite carbs and NEVER store them as fat)

Cycle #2

Special Bonus

Metabolic Side Effect

Cycle 2 incorporates Carb DOWN and Carb UP days, which allow you to easily plan ahead so you NEVER store your favorite high carb foods as fat this year.

The best part is that if you fall off track because of our super hectic lives, you can just pick up where you left off!

Now that you’ve become “fat adapted” we have to make sure to KEEP you that way.

The first cycle is designed as a catalyst to make sure your metabolism is programmed and ready to go grab fat when we ask it to. And now that your body is already experiencing rapid fat loss, it’s time to accelerate your fat loss even further with Macro-Patterning™.

This is when you start eating all your favorite carbs and NEVER store them as fat. By strategically adding back in your favorite carbs you’ll STOP metabolic slowdown and avoid going into a catabolic state, which will prevent the loss of precious muscle tissue.

So not only will this cycle “spark” your metabolism and keep you in a fat-burning environment – you’ll NEVER feel deprived or have to worry about the extra carbs being stored as fat on your body.

There’s also specific exercise instructions provided that work in synergy with your carb intake to SPEED up metabolic rate even further while creating even faster fat loss.

Cycle 2 is BRILLIANT in its simplicity because it will program your metabolism to LOVE burning fat and carbs as fuel sources on a daily basis, while enhancing your fat burning efficiency through HIGHER carb intake.

You’ll finally crack the fat loss code once and for all. No more plateaus. No more metabolic slow down. No more suffering from diet adaptation.

You’ll follow a simple “turn-key” system to manipulate macronutrients (food) so you can automatically maintain a fat burning environment round the clock.

Cycle 3: Accelerated Fat Loss

(Overcome ANY and EVERY type diet adaptation or weight loss plateau)

Cycle #3

Special Bonus

Metabolic Side Effect

ANYTIME you start a diet or exercise plan it’s ALWAYS EASY to lose the first few pounds… but your body quickly adapts and FIGHTS against your fat loss efforts.

Although it can be used any time you want… Cycle 3 is the ULTIMATE two week cycle to use after a layoff or a food binge.

But it works BEST whenever your fat loss SLOWS down or you hit a “sticking” point… learn more below!

Now that you’ve made the leap to the other side and you understand how easy it is to Macro-Pattern, it’s time to pick up the pace a little and manipulate your metabolism even further with the Accelerated Fat Loss Cycle.

Even though this may be your first time Macro-Patterning™, remember that your body is smart. SUPER smart – so it’s very good at adapting.

The Accelerated Fat Loss Cycle is the first nutrition cycle ever that’s specifically designed to overcome ANY and EVERY type of adaptive response the body has to stop you from losing weight.

This tried and true meal plan is only two short weeks, but it will teach you how to easily control energy stores and manipulate your hormones so you can stay on the fat loss fast track.

Cycle 4: The Diet Break

(KEEP your metabolism “healthy” and consistently burning fat)

Cycle #4

Special Bonus

Metabolic Side Effect

The “Diet Break” cycle is specifically designed to create a NEW metabolic set point for your body that allows you to eat MORE to burn MORE, while still being able to lose fat.

EVERYBODY wants to take a break from dieting, but NOT if it makes you FATTER. That’s why you LOVE cycle 4!

It gives you a HUGE physical and psychological advantage that ensures you’ll MAXIMIZE results when using the other three cycles. It all starts with Cycle #1 below…

Now it’s time to put your fat loss on cruise control.

By this point you’ll have “overcame” every adaptive response related to burning stubborn body fat and you’ll know how easy it can be to force your body to use fat as your primary energy source.

Once you’ve moved through the first 3 cycles you’ll have a completely different relationship with food and the way you approach eating for health and fat loss will be changed forever.

This is when it starts to get REALLY fun and what makes the 4 Cycle Solution the ultimate rapid fat loss system. During the Cycle 4 Diet Break, you’ll intentionally increase carbs and calories even further to create a new metabolic set point that KEEPS your metabolism healthy and burning fat.

Enjoy happy hour every Friday and uncover how to cheat your way through the weekend while maintaining (and sometimes even accelerating) the fat loss process.

Just think how awesome it would feel to wake up every Monday morning with zero guilt or extra scale weight from your weekend feasts.

Karen and I love taking a break from our nutrition plan, but NOT if it makes us fat. That’s why we LOVE the Diet Break. 

Cycle 4 gives you a huge physical AND psychological advantage and ensures you’ll be able to stick to your plan day after day, year after year.

Get Lean FAST and STAY Lean Forever

Finally: A Sensible Food Solution That Puts

You In TOTAL Control of Your Fat Loss—

Your Hormones—and Your Metabolism!

It’s a simple decision once you really think about it: AVOIDING carbs for the rest of your life is NOT realistic.

That’s the beauty of Macro-Patterning™. You don’t have to be perfect. It’s all about consistency NOT perfection.

Did you fall off track for a day or two? Maybe a few weeks? NO worries.

Just continue where you left off and you’ll have your body burning fat again in just a day or two.

It’s incredibly simple, once you get started below.

Even though 4 Cycle Solution delivers very extreme fat loss results, especially the first week, it’s a lifestyle—NOT a diet.

That’s why there are NO “forbidden” foods.

You’ll feel “healthy”, instead of hungry all the time—with LIMITLESS food options. It’s YOUR life. Eat what you want! Just make sure you’re strategic about it by using the system below.

Follow your biological instincts. You have to eat to survive, so why not ENJOY it! Eat to thrive, not just survive. Rid your life of the super-complicated diets and fitness plans once and for all. Use a plan that matches your lifestyle. 

Our philosophy has always been the “KISS” principle: Keep It Stupid Simple

It’s as Easy as 1 – 2 – 3 – 4

Just follow one cycle at a time step-by-step:

4 Cycle Bundle

Here’s a taste of what you’ve learned so far…

  • A simple 7 day nutrition trick that completely shuts off your body’s “addiction” to burning sugars and triggers your body to use fat FIRST for energy every time you eat or exercise…
  • How to END Your Body’s “Addiction” To Burning Nothing But Sugars and REPROGRAM YOUR BODY—to burn the fat FIRST, not LAST (and keep it off for good)
  • The easiest way to feast on LOTS of carbs and NEVER store them as fat (incorporate carbs into your nutrition plan to feel “healthy”, NOT hungry all the time—with LIMITLESS food options).
  • The 4 PROVEN cycles of Macro-PatterningTM Nutrition where you use a strategic sequence of Deplete Days along with higher Carb UP days and Carb DOWN days to “outsmart” your metabolism and legitimately FORCE stubborn fat to be your “go to” energy source while STILL enjoying all your favorite foods.
  • An optional 12 minute exercise protocol perfectly laid out to synergistically work with Cycle 1 to create the fastest fat loss possible in ONLY 7 short days, while unleashing a powerful hormone cocktail to make you look and feel YOUNGER.
  • The only times you really need to AVOID carbs and EXACTLY when you should gorge on carbs for faster fat burning and a healthier metabolism.
  • How to master and take complete control of your body’s fat-burning hormones through higher carb intake and heal ANY damage you’ve done to your metabolism from previous bouts of crash dieting.
  • The easiest way to “Outsmart” Your Metabolism and Become Adapted to Burning Fat in LESS Than 7 Days.

It’s easy to see why the 4 Cycle Solution Is The Most Sensible Nutrition Solution to Permanent Weight Management… but it’s not available anywhere else.

Macro-Patterning™ is Protected Intellectual Property

You Simply Can’t Find It ANYWHERE Else

Even though I own the global proprietary license for the Macro-Patterning™ approach… and I’ve refined, tweaked, and perfected 4 Cycle Solution over the last few years, I really can’t take all the credit.

There are over 31 published studies backing up the science behind Macro-Patterning™, so it was actually discovered through many years of trial and error.

The original framework was created by a NY Times Best Selling author and former professional bodybuilder. Before we met, she had already used it on hundreds of fitness models, professional athletes, and natural bodybuilders to help them STAY lean 365 days of the year using this type of approach.

I’ve also had the rare opportunity to take these methods and apply them on hundreds of local clients and myself to PROVE and validate their efficacy. But without the help of other fitness professionals paving the way, NONE of this would be possible.

I’m sure you’ve heard that, “knowledge is power.” But it’s only accurate if that knowledge is actually APPLIED.

Well, hundreds of professional athletes, natural bodybuilders, and fitness models… along with thousands of real world people have used and applied this strategy to prove it works. They’re the ones who deserve most of the credit.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to acquire a global license for this proprietary nutrition method over 6 years ago, and that’s why it’s impossible for you to find the 4 Cycle Solution anywhere else.

Forget About “Willpower”…

Of course you COULD use, yet another, “diet of the week” or try to convince yourself that your willpower will be strong enough to resist the temptation of carbs and cheat foods — leaving you frustrated and disappointed.

But why waste your time?

Instead, just follow the proven path of the hundreds of other professionals who have “walked the talk” for years and years. People like Karen and I—she’s 55 and I’m 44, and we both Macro-Patterning™ ALL YEAR long to help us stay lean and healthy! 

Just follow ONE cycle at a time and do exactly what we’ve done—and in less that one week from now you’ll be sporting a flatter belly and feeling amazing.  

There are four “turn key” cycles laid out—step-by-step—in a strategic sequence for you to achieve the most RAPID results possible.

In just a few short days from now your metabolism will be “adapted” to burning fat for the rest of your life, and you’ll be in TOTAL control of your body.  

And if for some reason you decide this approach is not for you, you’ll be MISSING OUT on the free bonuses we’re GIVING away below (this week ONLY), during our new release special promotion–but not if you act fast.

Here’s The Complete 4 Cycle Solution Package

PLUS These Free Bonuses

You’ll Receive Today

4 Cycle Bundle

Exercise and Training ManualCycle 1: The 7 Day Carb Depletion Diet

Get ready to experience some serious jaw dropping weight loss results in only seven short days. This is where you’ll teach your body to “go get the fat” and use it first, not last. You will be the teacher, and the body will be your student.

Following this simple nutrition manual is crucial for both your short term and long term success because it’s the momentum that will keep you moving forward – just like being on auto-pilot.

You’ll get precise details on how to prime your body for the carb cycling lifestyle. The exact food choices, precise combinations, proper timing, and even portion control guidelines are laid out step-by-step along with detailed descriptions to keep you on the fast track.

Nothing is left out.

Exercise and Training ManualCycle 2: Macro-Patterning™

This nutrition manual is where the plan starts to get really fun because we add many of your favorite foods strategically back into your plan. You’ll discover exactly how to eat your favorite carbs to spark your metabolism and elevate your fat-burning hormones to KEEP your body burning fat day in and day out.

You’ll have easy to monitor food codes and simple follow along rules and guidelines for every meal on every day of the plan.

We even provide substitution lists to replace the foods you hate with foods you love. Everything is laid out for you day by day including the infamous cheat day.

I charge $249 here at my office in Michigan just to sit down and go over this information in person, so when I say this is a huge bargain, I truly mean it.

Exercise and Training ManualCycle 3: Accelerated Fat Loss

We all want comfort and security and the body is no different. To keep your body on its toes, we have to shock it and manipulate it even further. That’s what the Accelerated Fat Loss Cycle is all about.

You’ll discover exactly how to overcome any and every type of diet adaptation your body will use to try and stop you from losing more fat.

This nutrition manual will show you exactly how to protect and support muscle tissue, control insulin and blood sugar, manipulate energy stores, produce heat, and create a massive energy deficit to keep you burning fat.

These are the “keys” to unlocking your true fat burning potential and that’s what the Accelerated Fat Loss cycle brings to the table.

Exercise and Training ManualCycle 4: “The Diet Break”

Welcome to the rest of your life.

Cycle 4 will give you an arsenal of important metabolic factors to keep your body responding. First, it creates a brand new set point for your body to maintain the new lighter you. Second, you’ll teach your body how to reset itself back to a higher nutrient profile in favor of more carbs and fats.

Third, you’ll discover how to use this cycle to take a “diet break” so you maintain a healthy metabolism that wants to burn fat for the long haul.

NO more dieting.


Three KILLER Rapid Fat Loss Bonuses To Ensure NOTHING Is Left Out!

Free Bonus #1:

“Start Burning More Stubborn Fat as FAST as Possible”

($147 Value)

Learn How to Carb Cycle Fast Start Video Lessons

The ENTIRE 4 Cycle Solution course on video, which includes all 4 proven Macro-Patterning™ Cycles, to ensure you get a lightning fast start.

Fat Burning Shortcut SolutionFree Bonus #2:

“Discover a SUPERIOR Way to Achieve FASTER Fat Loss” ($97 Value)

The Fat Burning Shortcut Solution

  • DOUBLE your rate of Fat Burning in just 2 minutes!
  • Get fitter, faster with NO extra workout time required
  • Discover an exercise secret physique competitors, fitness models, and athletes from all over the world have used to stay ripped for well over 20 years now

Macro-Patterning(TM) Nutrition ManualFree Bonus #3:

“Carb Cycling Tricks For a FLATTER Belly & Lifetime of Leanness” ($97 Value)

The Carb-Cycling Nutrition Manual

I know this an old cliché, but if you fail to plan — then you plan to fail.

You’ll never follow through and achieve your goals unless you have a step-by-step checklist to prepare everything ahead of time before the big start day. The Macro-PatterningTM Nutrition Manual will guarantee that everything is perfectly in place for you to stay on track right out of the gate, while giving you the long term carb cycling principles you need to sustain your results.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. It would be easy just to hand you over all 4 cycles and say “good luck”! But that wouldn’t serve your fat loss for a lifetime goals, and we want to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need today to use carb cycling for a lifetime.

Once you read through this guide, you’ll fully comprehend the carb cycling lifestyle for short-term aggressive fat loss AND long-term leanness… and you’ll have everything planned and prepared to ensure you stay on track.

Now You Can Use the SAME Carb Cycling Secrets

My Clients Pay $199 for EVERY Single Month…

But for a Fraction of the Cost

The first thing Karen and I wanted to do as the creators of this program was to make sure that everybody could use and afford this system.

Of course, you could try to hire us privately, but Karen and I charge $199 MONTHLY just to set up a private client with a weekly carb cycling nutrition plan.


And since our typical client is required to stay with us for at LEAST 12 weeks, this can add up REALLY quick. Of course, it’s guaranteed to work, so this investment is typically a no-brainer. But not everybody can afford it… and we have a waiting list.

Instead of paying all that money to us, or somebody else, why not get instant access to everything you need in one easy-to-use spot – at one super low price – so you can get started right now… for a FRACTION of the cost of personal coaching??

You don’t need to pop another diet pill. And it’s not necessary for you to hire a personal trainer or dietician, because EVERY step of our system has you covered.

The 4 Cycle Solution contains FOUR guides PLUS FREE Rapid Fat Loss Bonuses that are—at the very LEAST worth—$199.

But for a VERY LIMITED time we’ve discounted the price substantially to make sure we eliminate any risk or skepticism you may have about using the 4 Cycle Solution.

So for the first time EVER we’re offering our lowest price.
And to sweeten the pot, we’ll make sure ALL the risk is on us…


You Have ZERO Risk With Our Triple Promise 4 Cycle Solution 60-Day
100% Money Back Guarantee…

Here’s the deal: I’ve been studying and applying carb cycling strategies on my body—and thousands of others since 1998—so I KNOW the 4 Cycle Solution delivers rapid results.

Karen and I believe in 4 Cycle Solution SO much if you’re not BLOWN AWAY by the quality (and your results) that we’ll take ALL the risk by make you a deal you can’t resist with our 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

Bottom Line: If you don’t’ get GREAT results, you get all your money back—period.

CARB CYCLING PROMISE #1: ANYBODY Can Use Macro-Patterning™

Although men and women in their 20s and 30s see great results from carb cycling, the BEST results come from people in their 40s, 50s, 60s… and even 70s! We promise you’ll see fast results no matter what your age, gender, or current condition is.

Without exception, Macro-Patterning™ works for everybody.

CARB CYCLING PROMISE #2: Guaranteed FAST (and lasting) Results

You’ll experience FAST results—like losing between 7 and 11 pounds your FIRST week. But the best part is how you’ll feel after your body is adapted to burning PURE fat in less than 7 days. Your energy will soar. Your brain and body will be working together. And you’ll be in total control of your hormones.

But the best part is how the health of your metabolism, your blood sugar, and your heart will skyrocket. 

CARB CYCLING PROMISE #3: The BEST Customer Service in the Industry.

HANDS DOWN we have the BEST customer service in the industry, and that’s our promise!  Our team will answer ANY and EVERY question you have within 24 to 48 hours.

In fact, we care so much that my wife Karen even takes time out of her busy day to personally reply to your emails and questions. When you join the 4 Cycle Solution “family”, you’ll NEVER be alone. We’ll always be here for you or you get your money back.

If for ANY reason the 4 Cycle Fat Loss Plan doesn’t live up to these three promises, it’s as simple as sending an email to support[at] within 60 days of your purchase and we’ll give you a full, no-questions asked refund.

This means you can actually use and apply ALL 4 cycles… so you can wait until AFTER you start transforming your body and still get your money back. If you’re not blown away AFTER you take action and get results, you get a prompt, courteous, and FAST refund.  


To celebrate the release of the newest 4 Cycle Fat Loss Macro-Patterning™ System we’re going to POP THE CORK for the first 5 days by giving you a LIMITED time discount below.

I’m going to offer an INSANELY low price for the first few days, but as much as we pride ourselves on taking care of EVERY customer, I know my team will be overwhelmed in less than a week… that’s why I will have no choice but to RAISE THE PRICE.

So make sure you order now and lock in the Special Discount now before we raise the price!

Normal Retail Price

Your Price Today – Aug. 8, 2020

$60 OFF Limited Time Discount

Karen and I have been in the fat loss game a LONG time… since the early 90s, so we’ve learned a thing or two. That’s why we are so proud of the fact that we’re handing you the safest, fastest, most effective, and sustainable nutrition system ever developed.

But we always make sure to over-deliver by going above and beyond. That’s why when you claim your copy today, we’ll also GIVE you these FREE gifts below to help you get the FASTEST start possible.

Click The “Add To Cart” Button To
Receive Your Special Price Of Only $10…
PLUS Your Free Bonuses (Worth Well Over $244!)

Aug. 8, 2020

Add To Cart


Here’s to eating LOTS of your favorite carbs WITHOUT getting fat!

Your friends and Carb Cycling Coaches,

Shaun and Karen

Shaun & Karen Hadsall

Shaun and Karen Hadsall

Best Selling Exercise & Nutrition Authors

Stubborn Fat Specialists

Creators: The 4 Cycle Solution

Still Skeptical or Have Doubts?

Time To Put An END To All Your Excuses

What if I hate dieting and can't stay motivated?

It’s really NOT your fault if you feel this way. The very nature of traditional crash diets destroys your motivation because they don’t deliver both quick, and lasting, results. Not to mention your energy and motivation TANK because your hormones get altered.

But since you start 4 Cycle Solution by losing up to 11 pounds in the first 7 days with Cycle #1, your motivation with be at an ALL TIME high. Not to mention you’ll be 100% “fat adapted” so you can eat more carbs than normal dieters without getting fat—all while taking full advantage of the increase in energy levels from healthy carb intake.

What if I'm OLD?

The 4 Cycle Solution is backed by over 31 published scientific studies validating its efficacy, which is why it works for everybody… so it’s completely safe for those in their 40s, 50s, 60s and even 70s. Believe it or not, the majority of our success stories come from men and women between the ages of 50 and 70.

What If I have gluten intolerant or have celiac disease?

The 4 Cycle Solution is user friendly for anybody who has gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. You’ll have several gluten free, allergy friendly (and Paleo approved) grocery and food lists to choose from for each cycle so there will be ZERO guesswork when it comes to avoiding gluten and inflammatory carbs.

We even show you how you can eat lots of gluten free pastas and breads!

What if I'm diabetic?

If you’re a Type 1 diabetic we would never recommend you start any diet or nutrition plan without talking with your doctor first. However, 4 Cycle Solution is VERY blood sugar and insulin friendly for those who are concerned about fighting against diabetes.

We’ve had many Type 2 diabetics see remarkable improvements in their blood sugar levels after starting the program. You just have to use our easy-to-follow guidelines.

What if I don't have the time to exercise?

Although it’s not mandatory to exercise when using 4 Cycle Solution, it’s highly recommend considering it can potentially double your results.

But time will NEVER be an obstacle when you.  You’ll get instant access to a few special gifts I created for you that include a 2 minute fat burning shortcut and a 12 minute protocol that’s specifically designed to help you:

1) Create an “all-natural” SURGE of fat burning hormones

2) Program your body to burn 142% MORE overall calories

3) Increase Growth Hormone levels to help you look and feel years younger

4) Access fat as a fuel source up to 300% faster than normal exercise

5) Get fitter, FASTER

It’s all part of the special package that I put together for you that includes several free exercise gifts.

Add To Cart

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Customized Fat Loss

Customized Fat Loss
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Fat Loss Activation

Fat Loss Activation
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Now You Too Can Torch Stubborn Fat For Up To 72 Hours Using A Simple 24-Second Muscle Activation Trick That Burns Away More Belly Flab Than If You Ran 33 Hours Per Week!

Thursday July 23, 2020

Dear friend,

Are you trying to get back in shape but not seeing the results you deserve? It’s not your fault…

According to the CDC— millions of Americans are exercising more than ever… but the obesity rate is climbing.

And the problem isn’t the type of workouts you’re doing. Or that you’re performing the wrong exercises. Or not moving enough…

The REAL Problem To Your Stubborn Fat Loss Is Buried Deep Inside Your Muscles…

And unless you make this little known fix that I’ll share with you today… you’ll continue to struggle no matter how hard you try to lose weight. So read every word on this page…

Because the simple method you can steal to ignite your body’s fat burning ability is one used by physical therapists and secretly stolen by professional athletes when they want to get lean…

And according to Australian Researchers… melts more stubborn fat than if you were to run 33 hours per week!

Plus… this little-known technique will energize every cell in your body… loosen up your muscles and joints… and prime your physique for faster fat loss WITHOUT exercising harder… moving more… or any of the other weight loss advice doctors give you.

First, let me introduce myself…

My name is Mike Westerdal. Founder of the internet’s longest-standing health & strength site I’m also a national best-selling fitness author, sports nutrition specialist and personal trainer.

Although I’m at the top of my game at 42 years old, it wasn’t always like this…

I know what it’s like to bust my butt at the gym… follow my diet to the “t”… and still not fit better in my clothes… or see the changes in the mirror that I worked so hard for…

I used to think getting in shape is as simple as being more active or doing intense workouts…

And if I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted, I’d just exercise longer and harder…

Even then, I’d still struggle with stubborn fat. Especially around my belly and lower back.

I spent years stuck in the same trap… exercising more and more only to make a little bit of progress.

Until I met a trainer named Ryan Faehnle who told me…

“You’ll Always Struggle To Get Lean Until

You DESTROY Your Exercise Resistant Fat Cells…”

Which was something completely new that I’d never heard of before…

He told me that if you sit for more than 4 hours a day, your body’s cells automatically become more resistant to exercise

You see we spend more hours sitting than our bodies were ever designed to do. And it’s destroying our muscles, posture and wellbeing…

Even worse— sitting for prolonged periods increases risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and death…

One international study says the risk can be reduced by doing 1 hour of physical activity every day… But who seriously has time?

Plus the more sitting you do, the more your body becomes resistant to exercise…

Which is why more movement… or working out harder is NOT effective for the millions of men and women struggling to get back in shape. So…

If you sit more than four hours a day,

lean in and read every word of this letter…

Because on this page I’ll show you how to finally reprogram your body to burn fat like you did when you were younger…

Using a gentle metabolic sequence… that will flip on the master fat loss switch inside your cells— so you can burn up to two-times more fat throughout the day and during exercise without any extra effort…

And finally fit better in your clothes and take the mystery out of getting fit once and for all regardless of your age…

The best part?

You won’t have to eat less than you are right now…

Or exercise harder or longer to see a night and day difference in the mirror…

In fact— Coach Ryan told me that no-one trying to lose fat should be killing themselves in the gym. Instead…

Simply awaken your sleeping fat loss cells and you’ll instantly get more results from your routine… even from low intensity movements like walking or stretching.

This unique method is so powerful…

You’ll Even Burn Fat

While You Sleep!

To explain, here’s pro-trainer Ryan Faehnle – AKA “The Fat Loss Activation Guy”…

Hi. I’m Coach Ryan Faehnle.

As a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), I’ve trained athletes in 21 different sports at levels from high school to professional…

I’ve coached NFL Super Bowl Champions as well as ordinary men and women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s who want to get better results from their workouts and feel great in their bodies

I’ve used the exact activation strategies I’m about to share with you to help my clients lose fat and get in top shape FAST

And I’m proud to say that I’ve built my reputation on results, not theory. Now…

Looking at me you may think the whole fitness and health thing comes naturally. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Because I wasn’t always the lean guy I am today…

I Know What It’s Like To Feel Stuck

And Hopeless Trying To Lose Weight…

And after almost five years of burying myself in the science-based research… and consulting with dozens of cutting edge physical therapists and athletic trainers…

I was able to finally crack the code on getting lean and gain my confidence back… and you don’t have to be an athlete… or even in shape… to experience the same kind of benefits.

It all clicked when I discovered the impact of muscle activation on your stubborn fat cells…

And how simply “exercising”… is NOT the answer to get a lean and sculpted body.

Here’s The REAL Reason You’re

Struggling With Stubborn Fat Loss

(And Why It’s NOT Your Fault)…

Problem #1: Exercise-Resistant Fat Cells

A study at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden found that your body stops creating fat cells in your mid-20s. But these fat cells get more resistant to exercise and diets over time (cite)…

Because the longer they live, the more “alpha receptors” they grow…

Once your fat cells get packed with alpha receptors they become stubborn and hard to lose no matter how intense your workouts or how many salads you eat…

Yet new studies show you can switch these alpha receptors into “beta receptors”… which are a lot easier to burn

In fact, “beta receptors” are what make up a lot of your fat cells when you were a teenager…

So it’s no surprise you were able to eat whatever you wanted and still not gain any weight. Or spend ten minutes going for a jog or doing crunches and instantly look more lean and fit the next day.

Again, it all comes down to what receptors are making up your fat cells…

And there’s a simple solution you can use starting today to RESET your stubborn fat “alpha” receptors… to the easy to burn “beta” receptors that you had when you were younger.

Solution: Beta Activation Movements

To destroy exercise-resistant fat, you first need to block pesky alpha receptors from growing and spreading and re-activate your beta receptors…

This will immediately help you lose weight faster and with less effort too.

All you need is a simple trick that has not been made available to “every day” people like you and me until now

Physical therapists and high-paid trainers inside the locker rooms of elite athletes like Olympians, Super Bowl champions, and title-holding boxers and martial arts know all about this method… because there’s a lot of times these athletes need to cut weight fast for the performance benefits.

And it only takes minutes, sometimes seconds to do.

See, what most people don’t know is you already have a lot of fat burning nutrients inside of your body like nitric oxide, oxygen… and other chemicals with big sciency names that are proven in numerous studies to burn stubborn fat cells.

I call them “metabolic nutrients”…

And these are key for turning your “alpha receptors” into “beta receptors” for easy weight loss.

Now it won’t change all of them. Like I mentioned above. Some of these alpha receptors spawn as we get older…

However, you can limit the amount of alpha receptors invading your cells when you perform specific movements that unlock these metabolic nutrients blocked up inside your body.

Which can happen starting today. And it doesn’t require you to “move more”, run sprints, eat less or anything like that…

Instead, on this page you’ll learn the exact Beta Activation Movements you can add to your day in only 10-15 minutes that will make burning stubborn belly fat easier than it’s been in a long time.

Problem #2: Broken Muscle Satellite Cells

When you lose muscle it’s hard to lose fat…

And if you’re over 30 years old, your body experiences something called “sarcopenia”… which is just a fancy way of saying, age-related muscle loss.

So not only do your muscles become weak if you’re not exercising them… they also become thinner and more squishy.

As a result, fat has more room to grow and take space on your body. So it has a double-whammy effect that makes fat gain twice as speedy as you get older…

But don’t worry. I’ll show you how to reverse this process in just a minute.

See… a 1961 study from Rockefeller University found each muscle fiber has “satellite cells.”

And it turns out these “satellite cells” are the only cells in your body that can repair muscle that’s been lost to age related muscle loss.

The problem is… these satellite cells become less and less as you get older…

Meaning your muscles don’t repair like they once did. They lose their strength. And they feel like they get old and worn out…

And even though you can’t stop this from happening completely… you can slow it down.

Solution: Muscle Signal Rewiring

A 2005 study at Stanford University found a unique trick that invigorates aging muscle. So that it stays healthier and stronger for longer.

And you won’t believe how simple it is…

Because research shows you only need to move your muscles in a specific way, following a very unique muscle activation sequence to extend their lifespan…

And when you do… it sends an energy signal to your cell’s “powerhouse”… which stimulates muscle satellite cells and keeps them activated longer.

And as a bonus, keeps your muscles strong and hard. Your metabolism, firing on all cylinders. And causes a chain reaction of fat-loss throughout your entire body… including those trouble areas.

And in just a minute you’ll learn how easy this muscle activation trick is to finally burn those stubborn spots you want gone forever.

Problem #3: Stress Spike Exercise

Most training routines cause you to store fat in your “problem areas.”

I know, it sounds crazy, but shocking research from the American Journal of Physiology confirms that over time your body adapts to changes in exercise…

And learns how to be more energy efficient and preserve fat on your body as a means of survival. And this happens no matter how healthy you are.

So what do you do when the fat doesn’t come off like it used to?

Most people exercise more…

If that’s you, I don’t blame you… You were likely told that working out longer helps you burn more fat… or that you have to increase the intensity of your exercise to see results, right?


A recent study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, found the more you exercise, the more stress you place on your body

And when your stress levels are high for too long… fat begins to “settle in” to those embarrassing areas you hate…

Like around the belly, chest and legs…

So what’s the solution if more exercise will only make it worse?

Something you’d never expect… but is far more gentle, takes less effort, and sets you up for around-the-clock weight loss.

Solution: Calming Deep Tissue Exercise

A 2008 study found low-intensity exercise will reduce stress levels in the body, and boost overall fat-loss…

Which is why the muscle activation trick on this very page isn’t rigorous… or anything that’ll make you tired and achy.

Instead, it works like a spa day for your body…

Soothing and recharging your muscles every time you use it… while circulating metabolic nutrients from head to toe so you can burn stubborn fat right off those problem areas and finally start fitting in your clothes and loving the way you look in the mirror.

I promise you’ll feel good all over from the very first time you use this body-friendly hack…

And it’ll help you finally get the body you desire and deserve without exercising more…

Plus— after using this simple routine you’ll burn more fat calories with simple movements you do every day… like going for a brisk walk or taking the stairs at work.

So here’s the truth. Starting today you can…

Prevent Fat Cells From Expanding

As You Age… And Shrink Them Till They

Practically Vanish

While replacing stiffness in your tendons with flexibility and ease of movement…

And establishing a deeper connection between the brain and the body… so you function as one high-voltage unit all day long.

At the same time, you’ll restore strength and energy to your muscles… so for possibly the first time in a long time every muscle in your body will “fire on all cylinders” and have you feeling stronger while looking leaner too.

All it takes is one simple body activation system…

And you don’t have to wait any longer…

Because now—for a limited time—I’m opening up my complete done-for-you playbook to unlock faster and easier fat loss using gentle activation movements in just minutes per day…

Introducing Fat Loss Activation

Easy To Follow Muscle Activation Movements You Can

Use Today To SPARK Your Muscles And Cells For A

Leaner, Stronger, Healthier Body In Less Than

15 Minutes A Day…

Fat Loss Activation Training Manual

& Workout Logs ($97 Value)

The core of the Fat Loss Activation program are short, targeted 15 minute body part routines to transform you into a fat-sniping weapon…

I’ve welded the experience of my pro athlete clients to fit men and women of all ages and fitness levels… and have focused the program on short burst, low impact movements, a handful of times per week.

Inside you’ll receive both a detailed manual and Fat Loss Activation charts to make your 10-15 minute sessions as paint-by-numbers simple as possible.

Inside the Fat Loss Activation Training

Manual you’ll discover:

  • The ideal length of time to adapt your body and get in shape so you can avoid injury… reduce soreness… and experience new body shaping results easier than ever before. More on page 38

  • The secret weapon used by physical therapists and stolen by professional athletes when they want to get lean… that activates your muscle cells, stimulates your metabolism… and the best part? You won’t have to move a muscle. Learn more on pages 40-42.

  • The two-part combo to prime your body for resistance training so you can confidently lift weights in the gym with every muscle fiber firing on all cylinders for TOP performance. Try this before your next workout and see an INSTANT strength increase.

  • Do you know how much weight you should be lifting to see the kind of results you want? Chances are you’re lifting a lot heavier than you have to… and maybe more than your body can handle. More on pages 43-45

  • You don’t have to lift heavy weights or perform painful CrossFit workouts to get in shape and sculpt lean muscle… instead, I’ll show you a gentle way to reshape your body with weights that will skyrocket your metabolism and add attractive muscle to your body FASTER and SAFER than other methods…

  • The exact reps and sets scheme to create a powerful “afterburn” effect in your body so you can burn fat around the clock for up to 72 hours after a single workout…

  • The “golden repetition tempo” that ramps up your metabolism, builds lean muscle, and burns up to 21% more calories compared to traditional rep speeds (and how to work out yours)

  • Have you heard of “satellite” cells? These are special cells that naturally increase the lean muscle and on your body. Manipulating satellite cells to reach your ideal weight is the future of getting in shape and I’ll show you how to do it on page 51…

  • The targeted fat loss movements designed to speed up your journey to a more sculpted body… (new research shows you can target specific part on your body that you want to shape and tone. I’ll show you how. Starts on page 63)

  • My BEST abs moves you can do from your living room floor to build a strong core… strengthen your lower back… while melting belly fat and sculpting a lean midsection or six pack abs (if that’s your goal)…

  • Detailed exercise demonstrations and pictures so you know exactly how to perform every movement safely, efficiently, and to get maximum fat burn from every repetition.

  • Do you know that while you sleep is one of the prime times your body burns fat? The problem is, most people don’t have a sleep routine to properly wind them down, relax, and get deep fat burning sleep. Which is why on page 34 I’ll share the exact nighttime relaxation routine I recommend to all of my in person clients…

  • Complete fat melting and muscle sculpting routines you can use with your Fat Loss Activation exercises… to get the biggest bang for your buck everytime you workout. Simply follow the done for you program inside the Fat Loss Activation manual and watch your body change in as little as the next 3 days…

  • On pages 31-37 you’ll get an entire list of fat loss “biohacks” that will supercharge your results with almost no extra effort. Just following these tips and watch your body take new form…

  • Plus so many more amazing tips and benefits so powerful and transforming you’ll feel like you’ve been give a brand new lease on life!

While the Fat Loss Activation manual alone is a complete, done for you blueprint to reshape your body and help you achieve your ideal weight…

I really want to sweeten the pot for you to quicken your fat loss results even more…

Which is why, when you take action and invest in my Fat Loss Activation program today you’ll also receive these two fast action bonuses found on this page only…

Take ACTION and invest in Fat Loss Activation TODAY and receive these TWO fast action bonuses

Bonus #1

Metabolic Ignition Cardio Accelerators (Value $67 Yours FREE)

If you really want to up your game with the Fat Loss Activation workouts and take your results to the next level…

The Metabolic Ignition Cardio Accelerator add-on routines boost your metabolism, ramp up calorie burn and help you sculpt lean muscle on another level.

These workouts are cardio based… but don’t use any type of running or elliptical machines.

Instead, you’ll use proven strength training movements, with your own bodyweight or with weights if you have access to a gym, to crank up your heart rate and burn fat for up to 72 hours after each short session.

I’ll show you exactly how to stack the Metabolic Ignition Cardio Accelerator protocols with your Fat Loss Activation program for supreme fat torching results… and when you follow this simple formation to the T… your body will use your fat cells for energy to have an amazing workout while carving your best body.

Inside, you’ll find workouts like the:

  • Lightning Bolt Protocol… which is a fast paced fat slicing routine you can complete in ten minutes flat…

  • Naked and Unafraid Protocol… which uses your bodyweight to tone your muscles with a powerful low-impact routine…

  • Russian Nuke Protocol which is like dropping an atom bomb on your belly fat and is great if you love working out with a barbell…

  • Plus six more rapid fat loss workouts that will hyper accelerate your body sculpting results from day one…

These bonus metabolic workouts aren’t mandatory to experience amazing results from the Fat Loss Activation program…

But if you want to take your results to the next level… or want to lose weight and tone up even faster… simply tac these short routines to the end of your Fat Loss Activations and watch your body transform.

Bonus #2

Fat Loss Activation Supplement Stack (Value $47 Yours FREE)

My guess is you’ve seen your fair share of supplements claiming to burn fat effortlessly… and the results didn’t live up to the hype.

And while most supplements do very little… there are some I’ve used for myself, athletes and clients and
backed by science to get you amazing results.

And while using supplements is optional

Adding a supplement stack into your program can help fill the gaps, boost your performance, and
cut the time it takes to reach your ideal body weight.

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside The Exclusive Fat Loss Activation Supplement Stack Bonus:

  • The FLA Life Awesomeness Stack. This is the most important stack designed to optimize all the nutrients in your body to help change your body composition… skyrocket your energy levels… and improve your overall health…

  • The FLA Metabolism Booster Stack. Built to boost your metabolism and increase thyroid output so you can eat more food while building lean muscle and burning fat…

  • The FLA Testosterone Booster Stack. To balance your testosterone and lower cortisol levels to speed changes in your body composition and get your mojo back…

  • The FLA Sleep Stack. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of controlling your hunger hormones and recovering after an intense workout. This stack helps you achieve deep sleep FAST to change your body composition overnight for the better…

  • The FLA Workout Booster Stack. This powerful little stack helps you maximize your workout and get the most from every movement while burning as much fat as possible in a single session…

While the list may look overwhelming and expensive… it’s not in the least.

Simply choose the stack that best describes what you need help with most… and inside this manual you’ll get the exact supplement combination to get your the results you crave. It’s that easy.

So now that you see what’s inside my cutting-edge Fat Loss Activation program… I want to increase your belief in YOU, that YOU can do this, just like my other clients have…

So instead of just hearing from me about this game-changing fat loss protocol…

Check Out the Results of Some of

My Current Fat Loss Activation Clients:



(Results experienced are not typical. Consumer results may vary)

The Elite Fat Loss Strategies Accidentally Designed

By Physical Therapists And Borrowed By

Pro Athletes When They Want To Get Lean And Have More Energy… Are Now Yours!

I’ve done something special inside the Fat Loss Activation program by taking my knowledge and experience working with professional athletes and physical therapists…

And adapting their secret rapid fat loss methods for average people like you and me who want to be in better shape, feel good when you look in the mirror, and have a body that functions at a high level regardless of age.

So please don’t feel intimidated or think these fat loss activations will be too challenging for you…

You’ll actually be surprised by how easy they are…

And shocked when you see how quickly they work when your body begins to reshape and rebuild before your very eyes.

Now hear me out…

I’m not saying these routines won’t take any effort…

Since when has anyone gotten in great shape without breaking a sweat a few times per week?

But it doesn’t have to be overly taxing on your body to the point you can’t roll out of bed in the morning… or you have to hobble around the house the next day…

Instead, these Fat Loss Activation routines are easy to do… won’t leave you dead sore… don’t waste your time… and give you the greatest fat loss response WITHOUT high impact exercise, running sprints, or anything like that…

10-15 Minutes A Day Is All You Need

To See Amazing Body Reshaping Results.

Now I understand you may have tried everything to get in shape and it didn’t work out for you.

You’ve probably seen claims and promises of rapid weight loss and a quick fixes from shady fitness people or greedy supplement companies…

So I understand why you’d be reluctant to place your trust in anyone…

But here’s where myself and this routine is different and will work better than anything you’ve tried in the past. See…

Fat Loss Activation is a program I’ve developed and used on everyone from professional athletes to grandmothers.

It’s not based on theory or hype…

Every element of the program is designed around what I know works in the field of fat loss and is supported by scientific research.

And here’s the truth…

I Never Want You To Struggle With Stubborn Fat Again, So I’m Practically Giving Away These Gentle, Yet Powerful Fat Loss Activations To You Today…

You deserve to try these Fat Loss Activations… scorch those stubborn fat areas, and finally get the results you want. And I want to make it as easy as possible for you.

And today you’re in luck…

Because to work with me one-to-one would cost you $350 per hour or $1,000 for a full day.

Even at these rates, you’re getting a great value as I ALWAYS deliver results for my clients.

Now later on I plan on licensing this entire step-by-step system to other health professionals… complete with my unique techniques for activating your muscles for optimal strength and fat loss…

And I will likely charge several hundred dollars for that in the future…

But for right now… I want to give you a massive discount because I want to get as many testimonials and before and after pictures as I can with this program before licensing it out…

My hope is that you’ll follow the program to the “T” and in the coming weeks you will send me a kick-butt testimonial of all of the weight you’ve lost, the transformation your body has made, and the new confidence you’ve gained…

Is that fair?

So today and for a limited time I want to make these fat loss

activation secrets available to you right now for a one-time

deposit of only $19.

Just a tiny investment for less than the cost of two cups of fancy coffee from Starbucks and you’ll access my complete step-by-step playbook on fat loss for a lean, sculpted body… including these secret Fat Loss Activation routines.

I want you and as many people to get your hands on this as possible and finally experience the lean body breakthrough you’ve been hoping for.

Again, it won’t matter your age. It won’t matter your current shape. It won’t matter how much or little you exercise or if you exercise at all…

These short fat loss activations will prime your body to torch the stubborn fat cells that have been a blemish on your body, once and for all.

Seize this one time opportunity now…

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I’m So Confident You’ll Love The Way Your Body Takes

NEW Form In The Coming Days And Weeks… That I Want

To Give You A 100% Money Back Guarantee…

Ok, so now I’ve shown you exactly what you get inside my Fat Loss Activation system and the benefits you’ll gain in the next few days… weeks… and however long you continue to use this program.

Plus— I’m giving away this entire bundle for the one-time low price of only $19 so I can get these fat loss secrets into the hands of as many “average” people like you and me who want to
steal the secrets of some of the brightest minds of fat loss… and convert their techniques into something you can use to get the body and happiness you deserve.

But I’m not going to stop there.

I want to go one step further and take all of the risk off your shoulders and put it on me because I want this to be a no-pressure, easy decision for you…

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You can keep lying to yourself, hoping one day you’ll finally have a lean and healthy body. But I’m here to tell you that unless you fix your exercise-resistant fat cells, it won’t matter how hard or long you workout… or what kind of diet you follow… losing weight and getting back in shape will always be a struggle.

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Most people will…

However some people are okay with going super slow…

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Like I said, you may get lucky one day and see some progress. It may take longer. And it may be a lot harder…

But I wish you all the best and hope that eventually you catch lightning in a bottle, figure it out on your own, and see some changes in the mirror that you can be proud of.

However, if you’re someone who would rather enjoy a lean and energized body… and enjoy all of the side-effects that come with being in great shape… like glowing confidence, tons of energy, fitting better into your clothes… and getting more attention and compliments from your friends, coworkers, and loved ones, there’s a better option…

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Just imagine a few weeks from now when you look in the mirror to notice the muscles in your arms and legs get more defined. While your skin gets tighter and more firm all over…

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Is This Program Different From Other Fat Loss Programs?

These fat loss activations make losing your belly and firming up your entire body easy again. Whether you use these Fat Loss Activations before the done for you workouts inside the manual… or you combine these fat loss activations with your current fitness routine… you’re going to notice that your body will get leaner and tighter FAST. And all you need are the gentle, yet powerful 10-15 minute activate routines I’ve mapped out inside of the manual for you.

Why Are You Selling This So Cheap? What’s The Catch?

There is none. My goal is to keep the cost as low as possible, just enough to afford to host this website, so I can get as many testimonials and transformations as I can before shutting this entire system down and licensing this system to chiropractors and doctors who can use these simple routines in their offices to help “jumpstart” weight loss for their struggling patients. I have a bunch of testimonials on the page already, but eager to gather more. So please, after seeing amazing results yourself, please email your progress to us at

How Long Does The Program Take?

The program is designed to take 10-15 minutes in total to complete. If you like spending more time working out there are ways to make these Fat Loss Activations more challenging to accelerate your results.

How Long Until I See Results?

Although everyone is different and results may vary, you should see a difference in phase 1 of the program which lasts 30-days. The entire program lasts 90-days and has 3 phases.

Who Is The Program Suitable For?

It’s designed to be simple and basic so all can benefit, while at the same time there are progressions and intensifier techniques to make it more challenging if desired.

I Want To Start Right Away. Do I Have To Wait For The Fat Loss Activation Bundle To Come In The Mail?

You don’t have to wait, you can have access in just a few moments. Fat Loss Activation is a digital product so don’t worry about shipping fees or delaying results.

Are The Routines Hard To Perform?

Nope. The Fat Loss Activation manual shows you how to do everything with pictures and definitions and you’ll be given the opportunity to speak with Coach Ryan in a private Facebook group should you have any questions. There are also progressions to make the movements more challenging if you prefer.

What If The Routine Doesn’t Work For Me?

If for any reason you’re not happy you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked. We stand behind this product 110% and have no problem offering a money back guarantee and taking all the risk off your shoulders.

Do I need a gym membership or special equipment?

No. You can do this routine anywhere in a very small space. All you need is a pair of dumbbells.

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Aline just went in studio again and has recorded more workout videos, especially designed for women over 55 who are beginners.

These new workouts focus on all your body and they are created for you so that your body adjusts to working out!

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A: Most weight loss programs are very restrictive and don’t work at all on your mental transformation.  

Their diet plans are very restrictive and too low in calories, and the workouts are very boring, and that’s why you have always quit them in your past.  

The Morning Fat Melter is different than anything you have tried before because in one month you will become a new person, you will have new habits.

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Q: If I have up to 100 pounds to lose, will The Morning Fat Melter program help me?  

A: Yes, if you stay on our program and follow the plan almost every day, you can lose 20 pounds per month and lose up to 100 pounds in less than 1 year!  

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A: Yes, you get a combination between vegetarian and vegan meal plan, which is very easy to follow.  

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Burn The Fat Inner Circle Fat Loss System

Burn The Fat Inner Circle Fat Loss System
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Give Me Just 7 Days, And I’ll Teach You How To Turbo-Charge Your Metabolism, Burn Off Fat (Even In Your Mushiest Spots) And Transform Your Body Into The Shape You Always Wanted … color>size>

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tom venuto, burn the fat creator

Hi, Im Tom, and in a moment, you’ll hear the story of how I went from being a chubby kid who was humiliated in gym class, to burning every last ounce of fat off my body, and winning my first bodybuilding championship at the age of 21…

This is also the same fat-burning system I still use today to stay in shape after age 40…

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  • Why so many people actually look WORSE after they lose weight (they’re smaller and fit in smaller clothes, but they’re weaker, and even mushier than before)
  • The secret system of fitness models and body-builders that makes them the leanest athletes with the best bodies in the world (and how you can “swipe” their secret and use it to reach your own goals)
  • The common diet mistake almost everyone is making that leads to slow metabolism, hormone imbalance (including a sluggish thyroid), low energy and hunger pangs
  • The biggest diet industry lie that is literally right under your own feet
  • How some people can actually eat more and burn more fat
  • The 4 elements you MUST mix together if you want to lose fat without losing muscle or getting weaker (it’s like a “miracle formula”)
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Read this page to the end, and I’ll also give you all the details about the unusual system that hundreds of thousands of people have already used – instead of dieting – to transform their bodies forever…

And for the first time ever, I’ll unveil the new 7-Day “quick start” that gets you going faster than ever before.

Before reading on, let me point out that this fat-burning system was originally developed by the leanest, most muscular athletes in the world, but it has now been re-engineered for regular people (non-bodybuilders)…

It works whether you are a man or a women, and it works regardless of your age. In fact, if you’re over 40, this could easily take 10 years off your biological age.

It even works for people who felt like they’d tried everything and were just “destined to be overweight”…

People who thought the odds were stacked against them because they had no time

Success Story!

BURNED: 75 pounds of fat (from a size 22 to a size 6) while working two jobs and caring for her autistic son

– Audrey Eickwort

…Because they thought they were “too old”…

Success Story!

BURNED: 41 pounds of fat (from 274 pounds to 233 pounds and lost 19 inches off his waist at age 56

– Tim Amyett

… or assumed they had “too much weight to lose”…

Success Story!

BURNED: 122 pounds of fat (starting weight: 296 pounds)

– Brian Nordberg

You probably noticed that none of them look like stereotypical bodybuilders…

Yet every one of them… even formerly “photo-shy” people who told me they used to “hide” under their clothes, avoid mirrors, or secretly cringe when their photo popped up on Facebook…

… every one of them used what’s been called, “the most powerful fat burning system ever created” to achieve the same confidence in their appearance that bodybuilders feel every time they step in front of a camera.

And no matter how long they had struggled, Audrey, Tim, Brian and thousands of others achieved these startling transformations with these same “bodybuilder and fitness model” secrets.

Now, there’s one key factor that everyone who follows this system has in common with the most successful, photoshoot-ready bodybuilders and fitness models alive.

To Show You How This System Works,

First, I Need to Tell You A Story…

I have to warn you, it’s a story that’s a bit embarrassing to share…

Yet it’s a story you absolutely need to hear, because many of my clients tell me it gave them an “a-ha moment” that quickly allowed them to burn more stubborn fat than they imagined possible before…


I Was Not Always A Best-Selling Author, Fitness Expert, Personal Trainer And Nutrition Consultant…

Tom Venuto as Seen In Oprah

…and I certainly wasn’t winning bodybuilding contests or getting praised by Oprah Magazine as “honest” about what it really takes to lose weight.

Not by a long shot…

Heck, first I had to be honest with myself…

You see, I was never seriously overweight as a kid, but by the time I was a freshman in high school, I was getting pretty chubby around the waist…

Worse still, I was embarrassed to take my shirt off in public because I had what I thought was the worst affliction a warm-blooded male teenager could have: “Man boobs” – a fat saggy chest.

I Dreaded Taking My Shirt Off For Swimming Class…

…and when we played basketball in gym, I prayed I’d be called for “shirts,” not “skins” so nobody would see my “moobs” and ab flab jiggling up and down the court.

At 14, I started lifting weights (those guys in the magazines didn’t seem to have an ounce of fat on them), and by senior year, I’d packed on about 25 pounds of muscle… yet the whole “getting ripped” part kept eluding me:

I still couldn’t take my shirt off in public without wishing I would disappear… let alone see the abs trapped under my belly fat.

Perhaps you can relate to this feeling of feeling trapped inside a body that’s just not doing what you want, no matter what you try… and thinking your frustration just can’t get any worse…

Well, it got worse:

I went away to college, and quickly discovered I wanted to become a fitness major… but I also discovered beer, pizza, and cheese burgers and went hard at work on the classic “freshman 15″…

I Even Picked Up A Nickname – “Bob’s Big Boy” – You Know, After The Fast Food Restaurant

cheeseburger boy

I just laughed at myself right along with the guys who were making fun of me, even though the truth is, I was silently humiliated.

It wasn’t until my buddies at the gym made me commit to stop just “talking” about being a bodybuilder and train for a contest that I finally put down the texbooks and the magazines… and got serious about figuring out what these guys were doing right…

Because they certainly were doing something to get lean and ripped that I wasn’t – one of them had just won a “Mr Teen America” title, and had a body just as impressive as that title sounds…

Something Had To Give, Or I Was Going To Be

The Laughing-Stock Of The Gym

So I started eating and working out in a certain way – and it was pretty clear I was finally onto something…

… because this “contest training” was by far the most effective program I’d ever tried. It worked SO well, I even placed in my very first contest… and WON my second contest the very next year, at just 21 years old.

Beer belly? Gone. “Moobs?” Nowhere in sight…

It felt like redemption.

Maybe you’ve seen that old ad where the skinny kid gets sand kicked in his face by a muscle-bound bully, then gets in shape and beats the bully up? That’s kind how I felt…

Because not only was I now truly “ripped” for the first time in my life..

natural bodybuilder

My Abs Were On The Front Page Of The Sports Section In Our Small-Town Pennsylvania Newspaper!

It was like getting to tell the whole world, “Remember that kid from gym class with the manboobs? Well, have a look at this!”

Now, I’m NOT telling you this story to brag or hold myself up as some kind of “poster boy.”

There are literally thousands of my client’s stories that are more inspiring than mine…

Stories from ordinary men and women who have no interest in entering a bodybuilding contest, yet used this same “bodybuilder science” to achieve massive results…

People like Bonnie and Mike…

“My Goal Was To Be a “Hot Mom At 40,” And I’ve Achieved It. I lost 23 Kg’s and 12.5% Body Fat!”

Success Story!

“I’m a 40 year old mom of 3, ages 11, 6 and 4. Before, I was 85 kg and 36.5% body fat, size 40. I was fat and miserable. My family life and relationship were suffering. My husband knew someone who did Burn The Fat and it changed his life, so I tried it too. I lost 23 kg’s and kept it off ever since!”

– Bonnie VanNiekerk, Burn the Fat Client

“I Lost 137 Pounds! It Changed My Entire Life!”

Success Story!

“I used Tom’s BURN THE FAT program to lose 137 pounds, but it also changed my entire life and the life of my family. The goal-setting and mindset part of the program also helped me achieve emotional, physical and financial goals I never thought possible.

– Mike Ogorek, Burn the Fat Client

Notice That The People In These Photos Don’t Just Look “Skinnier”… Their Bodies Literally “Transform”

Rather than “smaller versions” of the same old body shape – their bodies take on a whole NEW shape…

And it’s because the one thing all these stories have in common with mine is the one secret hardly anybody besides natural bodybuilders and fitness models knows, or will tell you, about getting a lean, sexy body…

It’s the difference between struggling to “diet away” unwanted fat… and quickly, efficiently burning it.

That Means Stripping Away Belly Fat, “Love Handles,” Arm And Thigh Flab, You Name It – Without Accidentally Losing The Lean Muscle Hidden Underneath

Here’s why holding onto your muscle while you burn fat is so important, even if you have zero interest in looking like a bodybuilder:

Even though “diet gurus” and popular diet-industry books and magazines will never clue you in about it…

…it’s lean muscle that gives a great body its shape – a shape with all the curves and cuts where they’re supposed to be, and the stamina to do all the things you want it to do.

Just take a look at these bodies side-by-side and tell me what you see:

skinny fat vs burn the fat woman

Pretty big difference, right?

It’s the difference I see all the time between “dieters” and “burners” who might look similarly “skinny” with their clothes on:

Yet the “burners” look great in a swimsuit (I’ll get to how in just a minute, so keep reading)…

… while the “dieters” still end up hiding under their clothes because even though they “lost weight”, they look soft and mushy with their shirts off.

This is exactly what you want to avoid… working your butt off to get thin… then having no butt… or worse, a droopy butt that looks even worse than when you carried more weight.

So why do you see so many more “skinny” people who look like the guy on the left, rather than the lean and toned guy on the right?

Skinny fat vs burn the fat man

It’s not that the “lean and toned” folks pumped iron and packed on lots of extra muscle like a competitive bodybuilder would… The REAL difference is…

…Typical “Diets” Actually DESTROY A Lot Of The Shapely Lean Muscle You’ve Already Got, Before You Ever Get To See It

Yes, that means that if you burn fat the right way, you can “expose” the firm, toned-looking physique you already have, hidden beneath a layer of unwanted fat… if “dieting” doesn’t get to it first.

And this also means that if you lose fat the wrong way… the “diet industry” way… you might eventually become one of the “lucky” ones who manage to suffer through the torture and get “skinnier”…

But… to show you how bad it can get. I’ve had clients come to me for personal training who at a glance looked thin…
BUT their body fat percentage turned out to be what you’d expect to see in somebody who’s visibly overweight, even obese.

One woman I tested was about 5-foot-7 and weighed 121 pounds on the scale… sounds good so far, right?

Then we got to her body fat: It measured an astonishingly high 28% – that’s 34 pounds of pure fat!

Now, I want you to imagine for a second, an arm bone with a one-inch pad of fat surrounding it, kind of like foam insulation around a pipe. That’s what her arm felt like… only the “insulation” was pure fat!

before diet after diet

If you grabbed the back of her (very “thin”) arm… it was just one giant fat fold! Literally no palpable muscle at all, just bone and fat.

The fitness slang for this condition is “skinny fat”… and it’s gotten so common, there’s even a medical name for it:

Doctors call it “normal-weight obesity”…

and when they look at DEXA (dual energy x-ray absorpitometry) results or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans like the one above…. they’re horrified!…

… because this means we have not one epidemic…

We have TWO EPIDEMICS: The obesity epidemic and the Muscle loss epidemic!

And the older you are, the worse the effects, because the older you are, the easier it is to lose muscle. Most people don’t know this, but losing muscle is one of the fastest ways to accelerate the effects of aging.

Because diets cause muscle loss, it’s not a stretch to say that dieting ages you faster.

Here’s how it happens:

“Diets” Suck You In With Promises About All The “Weight” You’ll Lose – They Just Don’t Tell You Up To 75% Of That “Weight” Is NOT Fat!

With each new fad “diet”… you “diet away” lots of lean muscle, and just a little bit of fat. That’s the basic problem with “diets”: Every one you try is like taking one step forward and two steps back… so even if you “win” and “drop some weight”, you still lose!

And dieting danger goes beyond just looking “skinny fat”… because as bad as that sounds, ending up with the skinny-fat metabolism that goes with it is even worse.

As hyper-committed as bodybuilders are to burning fat… they avoid “diets” like the plague, and it’s not just that diets cannibalize muscle… they also damage your metabolism, making it harder and harder to burn more fat off, and keep the fat you’ve already burned from creeping back on.

That’s because typical calorie-slashing diets can’t fool your body… and the body’s response is automatic and unavoidable:

Decreased metabolism, hormone imbalance, sluggish thyroid, gnawing hunger pangs, low energy and “brain fog”… sound familiar?

Then, after a few encouraging pounds come off… just when you think all the suffering might have been worth it… you hit the dreaded, inevitable “plateau” where it just “stops working” and you end up gaining it all back just like the rest of the 95% of dieters who fail.

And It’s All Because of the BIGGEST Diet Industry Lie That’s Literally Right Under Your Feet

The biggest diet industry lie!

That’s right – if you’ve been trying to burn fat, one of your main enemies is… your very own bathroom scale.

You see the hypey claims every day: “LOSE 30 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS!” … “LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 10 DAYS!”…

These claims get people so focused on “moving the needle” on their scale… that if they don’t measure up on their daily “weigh-in”, their whole day is ruined!

Yet these “scale-watchers” never seem to manage to get rid of all their unwanted fat.

That’s because muscle weighs more than fat…

… and “diets” that pressure you to blindly “lose weight” without knowing where the loss is coming from trick you into sabotaging your figure and your metabolism.

Meanwhile, The “Burners” Who Follow The “Bodybuilder Way” Of Getting Lean, Strip Pounds Of Pure Unwanted Fat From Their Bodies… While Keeping Their Lean Muscle And Building Their Metabolisms Into Fat-Melting Machines

tom venuto creator of burn the fat body transformation program

So rather than putting your body through dangerous fads, body-wasting starvation diets, and frustrating “plateaus,” you get to look forward to a lean, firm, fit-looking body that’s strong in every way, and looks it too.

How can I promise you that? Let me properly introduce myself…

I’m Tom Venuto…

For the past 25 years, I’ve been involved in almost every aspect of fitness – personal trainer, nutrition consultant, fitness model, gym manager and best-selling author.

I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of clients in person, plus tens of thousands more online in the last 10 years alone.

In that time, my email inbox has never stopped flooding with incredibly inspiring stories from regular folks from every background, age and fitness level who have discovered the life-changing difference between “diets” that promise you’ll “lose weight”… and the way bodybuilders and fitness models burn fat.

And these same “ex-dieters” have continued to make all the Burn the Fat programs bestsellers every year, while countless “diets” and weight loss fads come and go, for no other reason than… The Burn The Fat System just plain works.

Yes, I’ve Worked With A Lot Of Bodybuilders, And I’m Still A Bodybuilder Now That I’m In My 40’s… Yet You Absolutely Do Not Need To Be A Bodybuilder To See This System Work For You…

I’ve seen men and women aged 50 and older do it…

I’ve seen busy executives and soccer-moms do it…

I’ve seen people who were 100 pounds or more overweight and convinced “fat runs in their family” do it…

I’ve seen people in the worst, harshest conditions do it…

All of them are regular people with “average” or even “worse than average” genetics, not “genetic freak” bodybuilding fanatics, or celebrities with chefs and personal trainers.

And now that you know preserving your body’s lean muscle and metabolism is the biggest success secret bodybuilders use to burn fat while “diets” fail…

You’re probably wondering exactly how the thousands of everyday “Burners” who’ve discovered this system use it to strip off ALL the unwanted fat on their bodies, and feel great doing it…

So let’s dive into the specific “how to do it” tips I have for you today….

It All Comes Down To What I Call

The “Four Elements” of Fat-Burning…

And this First Element has nothing to do with food or workout programs…

… yet if you’ve struggled to burn fat, this lesson will change your life so much that when it’s over, you’re going to want to share it with every person you love or care about.

Because the most successful bodybuilders, fitness models and athletes will tell you that the foundation of all your results comes from training your mind first.

The first element

That’s why the First Element of Burn The Fat has always been MINDSET…

I’m not talking about any kind of woo-woo “think-yourself-thin” mumbo-jumbo here… far from it.

I’m talking about “the science” of setting goals … and the psychology of achieving them.

I’m talking about reprogramming your mind for success, so that instead of fighting against cravings or forcing your self to the gym, your new healthy behaviors turn over to “auto-pilot” mode and all the healthy eating and consistent training that once seemed so hard is as effortless as tying your shoes or brushing your teeth.

self image is how you see yourself

I’m also talking about the power of visualization and re-making your self-image. You’ll never out-perform your self image. If you want to change your body on the outside, you must first change the image you hold of yourself on the inside…

Olympians, weightlifters, golfers, and other elite athletes have been hip to “mind training” since the 70’s, when the Soviets first revealed how they used these techniques to dominate in so many sports.

Bodybuilders are masters at this, and if you could get inside their thought process, you’d learn more about body transformation than you ever would by looking at their nutrition journal or training plan.

Countless clients and readers have told me that until they mastered their minds, they could never stay focused, stay motivated or stick with their program. After they mastered it, they were unstoppable!

Without fail, those who gloss over this at first and fail to get results, eventually realize the paradox that the biggest secret to physical change is mental change.

The second element

The Second Element of Burn The Fat is your right nutrition.

You might have heard the expression, “You can’t out-train a lousy diet”… and that’s 100% true.

Without the right eating plan that accounts for your individual needs and goals, everything else falls apart.

I’ll cover all the specifics and details of putting this plan together with minimum fuss in just a few minutes with you… so keep reading…

First, here’s a crucial tip about how bodybuilders and fitness models eat to get lean…

And it’s one of the most important tips I can possibly share with you, because it’s the total opposite of what every “diet” tells you:

Cutting calories is NOT the best way to burn fat.

bodybuilder eating

That’s why, if you watch bodybuilders, one thing you’ll notice about them is that they always seem to be eating.

You see, while “dieters” eat as little as they can stand trying to get thin…

“Burners” eat early and often, because they know it’s the key to restoring and ramping up your metabolism into a fat-burning machine.

They simply follow the simple formula to determine how many calories their bodies need daily to maintain their current weight (the amount they’d eat if they didn’t want to drop or gain a pound)… and then cut that number by a modest 20%.

That way, you never unintentionally over-eat and store food away as unwanted fat… and you also never trigger your body’s “starvation response” by eating too little, so you never feel hungry.

In fact, many people tell me they eat more with Burn The Fat than they’ve ever eaten… yet they get leaner than they’ve ever been before (and some who under-ate before find themselves eating up to 50% more without storing an ounce of it as fat)…

After depriving themselves on diet after diet, they’re eating without guilt and feeling full, without the hunger pangs, cravings and “brain fog” they’re used to.

Now, you might be wondering… if bodybuilders use food to fuel their metabolic fire, where does the final FAT BURN come from?

The third element

Well, that’s where the final two Elements of Burn The Fat come in as a “deadly duo” to melt fat off your waistline…

… and those are your right cardio and strength training.

You see, “diets” do get one thing right: You DO need a “calorie deficit” in order to burn fat… in other words, you still need to use up more calories than you eat.

The difference is, with Burn The Fat, the “deficit” comes from exercise rather than food alone.

Unlike the “diet” strategy that tries to starve the fat, the bodybuilder strategy is to BURN the fat with increased activity.

Think of the third element – the right cardio – as a Fat burning ACCELERATOR

happy cardio girl

But Burn the Fat is unlike any other program you’ve ever seen, because Burn The Fat Cardio doesn’t lock you into one type of exercise…

You don’t have sweat on a treadmill every day… you don’t have to jog… you don’t have to sit on a hard bicycle seat for an hour… you don’t have to do boot camps… unless you like them.

You see, the Burn The Fat way is not about what type of cardio you choose, it’s about how you do the cardio of your choice.

It’s a simple formula of duration X frequency X intensity combined with weekly micro-adjustments, that lets you dial your fat-burning UP or dial it DOWN (if you want to stop losing weight), with whatever type of cardio that makes you happy.

Couldn’t you lose fat, without cardio, with the right nutrition alone? Yes, but… that’s the long, slow, hard way, and there’s no telling how much muscle you’ll lose along with the fat if all you do is diet and you’re not using the fourth and final element…

The fourth element

The right strength training also burns calories and increases metabolism, so adding this fourth element is like getting a double boost in fat-burning, but here’s the real reasons to strength train:

Strength training is how you avoid getting “skinny fat” … or losing muscle when you’re in a fat-burning calorie deficit.

And remember – it’s lean muscle that gives a great body its shape – with all the right curves, and the strength to do everything you want your body to do.

strength training muscle guy

Don’t worry – I’m not going to make you “pump iron” like Arnold Schwarzenegger or spend half your life at the gym – remember, this is designed for ordinary people with lots of other demands on their energy and time.

That’s why I’ve built perfectly balanced routines for every goal and level of fitness into the Burn The Fat Program, based on 25 years of experience training hundreds of clients in person and thousands more online.

Don’t worry about getting “bulky” or “too big”, either – believe me, there is no way you will ever wind up looking like a competitive bodybuilder by accident. It just doesn’t happen – not even for men, and especially not for women…

Of course, just like nutrition, there’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” exercise plan, so I’ll show you exactly how to put your plan together and even adapt a workout you’re already doing if you want to, so please keep reading…

Alright, that was a lot to cover… You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed, and that’s okay. Basically, this means that..

There Are Two Paths You Can Take From Here:

path one or path two

PATH 1: Take the information I’ve given you in this fat burning tips report and try to “go it alone”…
And who knows? You may see some success from this alone if you took really careful notes…


PATH 2: It’s what the vast majority of people who read this fat-burning report until the end choose… and it’s the quickest and smartest path to the body you desire and deserve…

Path 2 is one that’s been tested and proven again and again with clients at every level of fitness… whether they had a goal of losing a stubborn “last 10”, or 100 pounds or more.

The system I teach in Burn The Fat is the system I personally use, and it’s the ONLY system I know of that doesn’t try to put everyone in the same “box”…

If You Come With Us, I Equip You With The Unbeatable Principles Of Success, And I Coach You To Apply Them To Your Unique Body

And the main reason the original Burn The Fat has stood the test of time as a 10-year-straight bestseller while dozens of “diets” have come and gone is NOT because of me…

The credit for Burn The Fat’s continued success belongs with the over 300,000 clients, members, readers and customers in 152 countries who have succeeded with it… and proven over and over that Burn The Fat just plain works…

  • No matter how old you are
  • Whether you’re a man or a woman
  • Whether you’re a competitive athlete or just want to look your best at the beach … OR…
  • If you think you’ve tried everything!

These Same Principles Work For Both Men And Women, And It Doesn’t Matter If You’re In Your 20’s Or Your 50’s

I’ve personally used it to stay as lean and “ripped” in my 30’s and 40’s as I was in my 20’s…

And many fellow “Burners” have even overcome disabilities as serious as being “handicapped with two bad hips, two canes, and bone on bone arthritis” to put these principles to work for them, like 61-year-old John Deegan…

burn the fat client success story!

BURNED: 34 pounds of fat, with two canes and bone-on-bone arthritis

– John Deegan, Burn the Fat Client

So even if your fat loss and fitness goals are nowhere near a world record… even if you’re competing with nobody except yourself… just by putting even a fraction of these hard-won secrets into action, you’ll start seeing results that will make you feel like stepping up on a stage and getting a medal.

I’ll take you inside The NEW Burn The Fat Program in some detail in just a minute, but first, I wanted to share with you…

What Other People Have Experienced On Burn the Fat…

In Their Own Words

These successful “burners” (below) followed the program during our 49-Day “Burn the Fat Challenge” contest that we run every year for our members (as a Burn the Fat member, you’ll be invited to these challenges too, if you want the extra motivation…)

“I shredded down to 4.3% body fat in 49 days”

Success Story!

“When I hit 30, I found myself with a belly for the first time in my life. I followed the Burn the Fat program and entered the 49 day Challenge; I had no idea how much it would change the whole rest of my life.

Staying in frequent contact with people in the Burn the Fat community, who were all heading in the same positive direction, made staying the course absolute. I will never have a belly again.”

– James Mauck, Burn the Fat Client

“I Achieved The Body I’ve Always Wanted! I’m Now 128 lbs At 17.7% Body Fat!”

Amanda Burn the Fat Success Story!

“I learned an AMAZING thing: I love the feeling in my muscles, I love the burn, and I love the progress. The more my muscles popped, the more addicted I became to the training.

Another thing stood out to me: Food is integral. Don’t try to starve the fat. Fuel your body properly and it will perform better. It was like my body turned into a fat-burning, muscle-building machine.”

– Amanda Andrews, Burn The Fat Client

“I burned off 8.1% body fat, dropped 23 pounds of body weight and cut 5.5 inches off my waist in 49 days”

Gary burn the fat success story!

“My advice to anyone thinking about doing Burn the Fat is to make a commitment to yourself in writing and list all the benefits you will receive as a result of reaching your goal.”

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel – the information and resources you need are right here, and the Burn the Fat community is amazing!”

– Gary Vollhoffer, Age 50, Burn the Fat Client

“Transformed my entire life!”

Success Story!

“I Lost 14 lbs, built some nice muscle, and went from a pant size 7/9 to a size 1! My husband and children can’t thank Tom enough for his healthy, natural, clear-cut program.

If a home-schooling mom of five kids all under the age of eight can do it, anyone can!”

– Cynthia Cardenas, Burn the Fat Client

I Built The Burn the Fat Program From Scratch With One Purpose – To Get Real Results For Real People With Real Lives…

The Newest Burn the Fat program that you can get today is still based on the same bodybuilder-inspired nutrition and training strategies that I developed for personal clients, who expected, no – demanded – success, and those clients have been achieving success with these principles since 1989.

Only now, it’s even better…

In the early days, the only way to learn my system was to hire me in person, to train you one-on-one, in the gym.

Next came Burn the Fat private coaching, where hundreds of people did the program with me in person or long distance by phone or email.

Then tens of thousands more found this system though my Burn The Fat Inner Circle…

… And in the last 10 years, the Burn the Fat Program exploded, with over 300,000 people reading my Burn the Fat books.

Now, There’s Something

Entirely New, Incredibly Exciting and Highly Personal…

A New, increasingly authoritative Burn the Fat Program has been fully updated and released in a never-seen-before online program.

This includes the new Burn the Fat Program together with the Burn the Fat Inner Circle, for total immersion in the community, and for online coaching from me.

The NEW Burn the Fat program delivers you the same fat-burning techniques my clients have used for years, and delivers it in 7 short and simple lessons.

Introducing… The NEW Burn The Fat 7-Day

Body Transformation Program!

Burn the Fat Quick Start

I’ll get to the price (plus a crazy set of bonuses), in just a minute…

First, take a quick look at some of the fat-burning secrets you’ll learn in each lesson.

  • On Day 1 you’ll learn the mindset secrets of permanent fat loss including goal setting and motivation tactics that program your brain for success. Follow this “mental training” formula and you’ll be practically “hypnotized” into eating right and training strong.
  • On Day 2 you’ll learn the truth about calories that the diet industry doesn’t want you to know – and how many calories you should really eat. Plus, you’ll learn about the “macronutrients” – protein, carbohydrates and fat… exactly how much of each you should eat (for your own unique body type and goals), and the exact amount of protein you need to keep the muscle you have (or build more, if you want it).
  • On Day 3 you’ll learn exactly which foods help “burn fat” and speed up your metabolism – without having to cut calories drastically (when you eat these foods, you can actually eat more, feel fuller and still lose fat!)… plus, discover which foods are most likely to turn into unattractive, mushy body fat, including “the terrible 12” fat-storing foods to avoid.
  • On Day 4 you’ll learn the “almost magical” combination of three food types that will boost your metabolism for maximum fat loss, increase lean body mass and send your energy levels skyrocketing! It’s a “template” that makes creating fat-burning meals as easy as 1-2-3. As a bonus, you’ll get the top 10 most popular (and delicious) Burn the Fat recipes of all time.
  • On Day 5 you’ll get your own personal daily meal plan. After you know the 1-2-3 meal planning formula (from day 4), it couldn’t be easier to create entire days of meal plans that burn fat and build muscle (or you can let our meal planner software do it for you). You’re in total control too – you can eat whatever you want, as long as you follow a few simple “Burn The Fat” rules for calories, macros and healthy eating.
  • On Day 6 you’ll get your training programs for burning fat and sculpting muscle. You’ll learn how to quickly begin your own custom workout plan, perfectly tailored for your unique body and goals. Start with any one of the four workout programs designed for every level from beginner to advanced, then easily “mix and match” exercises, sets, and tempos so you never hit a “plateau” or get bored.
  • On Day 7 you’ll discover the “feedback loop” system – the perpetual progress tracking “technology” that guarantees progress and breaks any plateau. This is the “success system that can’t fail.” By learning how to measure your results, chart your progress and make micro-adjustments each week, you’ll avoid time-wasting detours and achieve your goals faster and easier than ever before .

And that’s just a fraction of the step-by-step, actionable strategies included in the all-new online edition of the Burn the Fat Body Transformation Program.

When you order, you get instant access to ALL the Burn the Fat materials the moment you join, and I’ve broken the course into 7 steps in 7 days, so you’re not overwhelmed and I can walk you through each lesson, one day at a time.

I’d Also Like To Give You – Free Of Charge – $247 In Bonuses, To Make Your Burn The Fat Journey Even Better!

The Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation Program is just one piece of the total package. Now let me tell you about all the other bonuses you’ll get as well…

Burn The Fat Essentials

BONUS #1: Burn the Fat Essentials – The Fat-Burning Toolkit ($47.00 value).

All the tools you need to make the program easy to follow are available at the click of a mouse: workout trackers, meal planner sheets, calorie calculators, protein, carb and fat calculators, Burn the Fat food data base, Burn the fat shopping list, Burn the Fat Progress chart Burn the Fat Goal Planners and more.

how to measure your body fat

BONUS #2: Burn the Fat Meal Planner Software ($97 value):

Amazing push-button software creates and saves your customized meals, daily meal plans, and recipes… lets you save foods, meals, daily meal plans and recipes as favorites… lets you add your own custom foods, and you can mix and match your custom meals and recipes into an unlimited number of daily meal plans, quickly and easily.

how to measure your body fat

BONUS #3: Burn the Fat Recipes ($27 value):

Forget about bland “rabbit-food” diets. Now you can enjoy our delicious, original recipes, all created and taste-tested by me first, before they were shared with our whole community of burners. Fast to make for busy time-strapped lifestyles, and no previous cooking experience is required. Who knew that eating clean and lean could taste so good?

how to measure your body fat

BONUS #4: Burn the Fat Body Fat Testing System (e-book) ($19 value):

To be absolutely certain that you will lose pure fat and not lean muscle, you’re also getting the e-book (New 2nd edition), “How To Measure Your Body Fat in The Privacy of Your Own Home.” Discover the simple 2-minute test to measure your own body fat at home and see why your body FAT is so much more important than your body WEIGHT.

The fifth element

BONUS #5 SIX MONTHS of support in the Burn the Fat Inner Circle. ($57 value) I want you to come with me on this amazing journey. And you don’t need to spend hundreds on a private trainer because I’ll be watching you every step of the way through my Burn The Fat Inner Circle Personal Support and Motivation Community. You get 6 months unlimited membership along with your Burn the Fat Body Transformation System. This includes access to the discussion forums where you can ask me anything and I will be your personal coach. Connect with me, and thousands of other “burners”, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Spend time in this Inner Circle, and you’ll tap into the power of social support, accountability and community – a power we call “The 5th element.” It’s the one master key to success that most people are missing when they try to do it alone…

This Program Includes Dozens Of Hard-Learned And Closely-Held Tricks And Tactics You Won’t Find Anywhere Else, Online Or Off

With so much UNIQUE fat-burning truth packed into one single system, enough to shortcut years of struggle, you might think the New Burn The Fat program would be priced at a premium, and in all honesty… It really should be.

After all, when I first started teaching my system of fat-burning (and that was years ago, without all the updates and improvements you’re getting)… the only way to get your hands on it was to pay $995 for my personal coaching, and even that had a waiting list that was months long…

But my goal from the very first day I made this New Burn The Fat system available to the public online was to make it available to as many people as possible… people I knew could benefit from the rare information it contains, yet couldn’t get it from me in person.

If I priced it too high, I realized that would leave many people with body-wasting “diets,” potentially health-ruining “supplements,” and outright scams as their only refuge…

And that’s not what I want for you.

I’ve seen what this system can do for so many people in person… seen its effects in the emails and photographs sent in by people I’ve never even gotten to meet face-to-face… and I deeply believe you deserve better.

I want you to have the best, and I want you to experience it now, today…

That’s why even though the bonuses alone are valued at $247, you get the New Burn the Fat 7 Day program, PLUS all the bonuses, for just one easy payment of $57!

To get started now, just click that yellow button below that says “Add To Cart” for instant access to the program (And of course, 100% of your investment is risk-free starting today – I’ll explain in just a second).

And Here’s One Last Bonus To Help You Feel Motivated And Inspired… Over 40 Hours of Transformation Success Audios – FREE!size>

Get started now and as an extra bonus gift, I’ll include access to the entire Burn The Fat Transformation Success Secrets library.

These audios will be available in the Burn The Fat members area and you can listen to them online or download the MP3’s to your ipod or music player so you can listen in your car, while you work out, or anywhere

In these audios you’ll hear me as well as dozens of the Burn the Fat Transformation Champions – some of the men and women you saw right here on this web page – reveal their secrets to their remarkable before and after photos.

All together these audios contain more than 40 hours of motivation, education and inspiration that you can listen to any time, anywhere.

Again, this bonus gift is absolutely FREE.

Your total investment today, which includes The New Burn the Fat 7 Day Quick Start Program, 6 Months of Burn the Fat Inner Circle Support and all the bonuses listed above, is now only one payment of $57!

And like I mentioned a minute ago,

Your Investment In Burn The Fat Is 100% Guaranteed…

In just 7 days, you will know all the secrets of the leanest people in the world. Then, all I’m asking you to do is put what you’ve learned to use. Try the system for up to 60 days.

If you don’t experience everything I’ve told you about and more in those 60 short days…

If you dont see your first results in your first week, and then keep burning off fat each week after that, week after week, I’ll gladly refund every penny you paid. No questions asked, no hassles.

Look below and click on the yellow button that says “Add To Cart” to start the 7 day program and claim all your bonuses now!

To your success,

Tom Venuto


PS. Remember, the next 7 days will quickly come and go, and at the end of them, you can either be feeling just as unsatisfied with your body as you are now, or just as confused and overwhelmed about the right way to start, or…

…You Could Already Be Celebrating The Changes In Your Body!

The choice is simple. Still… I’ve noticed that nearly everyone I meet has a reason they want to put it off:

They’re waiting until New Year’s when the holidays are over, or after the kids start school, or the first day of the month, or after final exams are over, or whatever – there’s always some excuse to procrastinate. PLEASE don’t wait!

If you know you’re ready…

… if you’re at that point where you want to start the rest of your life today so that you can be a new person… leaner, healthier, full of energy, full of life, more fun, looking good, getting compliments…

… if that sounds good to you, then click the “Add To Cart” yellow button below, and let’s get you started now!

The Most Frequently Asked Questions

About The New Burn The Fat Program

Q: Do you really answer questions and give personal coaching on your site? How do you find the time?

A: Yes, I really answer your questions on the Burn the Fat private forums and I spend many hours doing it. I don’t spend much time on social media, so I have more time for our members. However, I can’t guarantee this forever. This program is new and once word spreads, and it gets super busy, I’ll either have to cap membership, raise the price, or have Burn The Fat certified coaches take over for me. So if you’re interested in getting personal advice straight from the program creator (me), now is the time to get onboard.

Q: Do I have to take any supplements?

A: No. Most supplements are scams, some can be dangerous and the few that have scientific support have such a small effect, you would get more results just by doing a better job with your eating and training. You don’t need any supplements to burn fat or build muscle and you’ll never see ads or promotions for supplements in our members area (I don’t endorse or sell supplements and never will).

Q: Do I have to join a gym or buy any equipment?

A: You DO need some kind of resistance training because that’s the key to revving up your metabolism, sculpting lean muscle and keeping the muscle you already have. But you don’t need expensive machines and you don’t have to join a gym – you can work out at home if you prefer. The beginner workouts can be done with nothing but free weights (like dumbbells) and your own body weight as resistance.

Q: I’m not a bodybuilder – will this program still work for me?

A: Yes. The program was developed BY a bodybuilder, but it’s not just FOR bodybuilders. Think of it this way: Bodybuilders are the leanest, most muscular people in the world, so if you want to get leaner or more muscular, who better to learn from? I designed the program so you can use bodybuilder and fitness model techniques to reach your own personal goals, whether that’s building muscle or just toning up, losing 100 pounds or the last 10 pounds, getting ripped or just getting leaner than you are now.

Q: Does the program work as well for women as men?

A: Yes, in fact our membership is now more female than male (53% women and 47% men in our last survey). Women have different needs and the program gives you the exact calculations for the female metabolism (there are separate calculations for men). The workout programs work equally well for men and women (women need muscle too, most women simply want muscle tone, not muscle bulk).

Q: I just turned 54. Am I too old to start this program? Please be honest Tom.

A: Honestly, you’re too old NOT to get started. The science shows that college-age kids don’t have to worry about hormone levels and muscle loss – getting in shape is easy for them. From your 30’s to 40’s and beyond, when hormones and metabolism start to change, if you don’t eat the right food and get the right exercise, your muscles (and bone density) disintegrate faster with every passing year, while fat goes on easier. Age 35-55 is our biggest member demographic and more people are joining us after 55 than ever because that age group is finally discovering how crash diets accelerate aging while training and feeding the muscle reverses aging.

Q: I can’t eat wheat or any products with gluten. Can I still follow the nutrition part of the Burn the Fat program?

A: Yes. Gluten intolerance is common and you can easily work around it. The food choices are flexible and substitutions are easy.

Q: I’m lactose intolerant. Can I still do the Burn the Fat nutrition program?

A: Yes. Lactose intolerance is even more common and it’s also easy to work around it. Dairy products are optional on this program.

Q: Will this work for vegetarians?

A: The program is very easy to adapt for semi-vegetarians who eat dairy, eggs and or fish (no meat). The program was not designed specifically for vegans but can be adapted for vegans as well, as long as you’re able to customize your own meal plans based on which foods you eat.

Q: Will this work in my country? I’m worried about not having the foods required where I live.

A: Yes. We have thousands of members in over 150 countries and you can adapt the food choices to work wherever you live.

Q: How can I be sure it’s safe to order online from your website?

A: Our checkout page is on a secure server, we are a Verisign-trusted site (confirming our identity, location and virus-free status), we’re A+ rated by the NJ Better Business Bureau and our Burn the Fat company has been trusted online since 2003 with a reputation for integrity.

Q: Tom, just one last question before I order, can you confirm that there are no other charges or “hidden” costs beyond the $57?

A: Any applicable sales tax is added in the shopping cart. There are no other charges. There are no recurring dues. Any other products or special deals you ever see from me now or in the future are optional. There is only one payment of $57.00 and that includes my personal support for 6 months.

Q: How do I log in to the member’s area and how soon will I be able to start after I order?

A: Just click the “ADD TO CART” button below. You’ll be directed to a secure order page. After you submit your payment details, you’ll be forwarded to the new member registration page on the member’s-only (Inner Circle) site, where you’ll be asked to choose your private user name and password. You can then log in to the Burn The Fat members area and start just minutes from now. You get instant access to the member’s area. Click the yellow ADD TO CART button below to get started:

HOW PRODUCTS ARE DELIVERED: This is an all-digital (internet) product. Burn The Fat Inner Circle is a private membership website that you access online with a user name and password that you’ll choose on a registration page after you sign up. All the products, services and bonuses are delivered in the member’s area. No physical products will be shipped. You get instant access to the website right after you order.

* TESTIMONIALS AND RESULTS DISCLAIMER: Results shown in our testimonials may not be typical. Photos shown on this page are among our best case studies and transformation contest winners. Typical weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds per week. In overweight individuals, weight loss of up to 1% of total bodyweight per week is more common. Faster weight loss in the first 1-2 weeks is common but is usually water weight loss, not body fat. Faster fat loss is possible, but not likely. This is NOT a fad diet or rapid weight loss program. Burn the Fat is a healthy lifestyle program and a long term approach to body fat reduction and maintenance. Permanent weight loss requires long-term lifestyle change and cannot be guaranteed. [More info about typical results and Burn the Fat challenge results]

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