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Weight Loss For Idiots – Lose Weight Fast

Weight Loss For Idiots – Lose Weight Fast
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When you get home after a long day at work, it can be so tempting to grab takeout or heat up a frozen meal instead of making dinner completely from scratch.

After all, you might feel like you don’t have time or the energy!

Losing weight and keeping the pounds off isn’t a quick or easy process, but a few simple diet tricks can be a big help along the way.

The secret is to eat foods that boost your metabolism and keep you feeling full all day long.

The simple and delicious recipes inside the Weight Loss Recipes guide will help you lose weight fast and you’ll never feel hungry while doing it.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to eat delicious desserts without gaining any weight?

With these healthy dessert recipes you can eat tasty muffins, donuts and so much more.

Not only will these desserts help you burn fat, they’ll also boost your energy.

Inside the Fat-Burning Desserts guide you’ll discover delicious desserts you can enjoy without worrying about weight gain ever again.

Freshly made raw juices can have a remarkable effect on your body.

With juicing you’ll lose weight faster, experience higher energy levels, faster recovery from illness, a slowing of the aging process, a sharper mind, and better overall health.

If you want to have better control over your weight, the only way to do it is from the inside with freshly made juices that are naturally full of nutrients like antioxidants, enzymes, minerals and vitamins.

Find out how to get a healthier and stronger body with juicing in this amazing guide.

Have you ever noticed that some days you seem to gain more weight for no reason at all?

Did you pause to think about what you ate recently?

Many foods affect our weight, both positively and negatively, and it is important to understand which foods to avoid and which ones to consume.

This incredibly effective 3 day meal plan will help you lose weight quickly.

The 3 Day Weight Loss Meal Plan will not only help you lose weight quickly, but also provide you with more energy throughout the day.

Commit yourself for 3 days to this meal plan and effectively lose excess weight in just 3 days.

A detox bath can help bring your body back into balance.

When your body is free of toxins, it will be able to absorb and utilize nutrients better, and your metabolism will work more efficiently.

Many ingredients in detox baths are anti-inflammatory, and as inflammation may get in the way of healthy weight loss efforts, taking steps to lower it can be greatly beneficial.

Furthermore, these baths can be highly relaxing.

When you take steps to manage your stress, it can be much easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle regimen.

You may also feel more balanced, and thus less likely to engage in emotional eating.

Taking a detox bath, not only boosts your health and well-being, but it also strengthens your immune system and prevents disease.

The Detox Bath Secrets guide will help you get rid of all the unwanted toxins in your body and help you lose weight faster.

Salads make you feel great, have more energy, stabilize your mood, and help in keeping your body as healthy as possible.

Having a salad every now and then also has many advantages, so the more of them you have, the healthier you will be.

Inside the Delicious Salad Recipes guide you’ll discover over 350 delicious salad recipes to help you become healthier.

If you plan to be more fit and if a healthy life is your objective, you need to start eating more salad starting today.

Do you find it difficult to focus on your weight loss goals.

Perhaps you lack the required motivation to keep trying failure after failure?

It’s only natural that you’d lose your motivation after trying countless weight loss methods, without seeing any real results.

Discover everything you need to know to get your motivation back inside the Weight Loss Motivation Secrets guide.

Remember it all starts in the mind, learn how you can get the internal motivation required to achieve the physical changes you desire.

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Stop Weight Loss Resistance

Stop Weight Loss Resistance
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To Anyone Unable To Find A Way To Slow Their Weight Gain…

Welcome To The Frustrating And Exhausting World Of
Weight Loss Resistance.
Once You Step Inside, It Can Be Difficult To Escape. But It
IS Possible, As You Are About To Discover…

From The Desk Of Carolyn Hansen

Re: The Path To Frictionless Weight Loss…

carolyn hansen

Dear Frustrated Weight Loss Seeker……

I have heard all the promises made to those seeking surefire weight loss solutions. I know you have probably heard them too.
Promises that
never really pan out in the long term.

Chances are you have tried a good number of these approaches. Perhaps ALL of them.

But despite all your hard work, and the time you have invested into them, you find yourself back at square one…

stop weight loss resistance - quote 1

Don’t feel bad that you are where you are right now. Instead, you should feel angry.

As a fitness professional, with a background in body building, as a lifetime physical fitness coach and nutrition expert,
I can tell you that the VAST majority of the “weight loss gurus” that you have likely listened to over the years are simply
regurgitating “fat loss fairy tales” that they have picked up from some other misguided guru that they have crossed paths with.

For me, it is extremely disappointing to see that after all the years I have been coaching people I still hear the same hard
luck stories from people who come into my gym.

These are people whose lives have been thrown into disarray, all because they followed poor advice about nutrition and exercise
that was handed to them from people who simply don’t know what the heck they are talking about.

But now that you are here, if you feel like that may have happened to you, let’s take a moment to try to correct the problem…

Are You Facing Any Of These Problems?

Let’s take a closer look some of the symptoms of weight loss resistance. Check the following list to see if any of the following seem familiar to you:

If you have checked ‘yes’ for any of these symptoms of weight loss resistance, then there is a good chance that you are either having
a serious problem losing weight or your weight loss ‘plan’ is really ineffective.

It’s time To Stop The Insanity!

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to see a different result.

Well, it’s time to put behind you the approaches to weight loss that have not worked for you despite the repeated attempts.

Simply put, to BREAK THE CYCLE of weight loss resistance you are going to have to try something NEW. My goal is to help
you completely change the way you view the weight loss process.

I promise you that I’m not going to put you on a merry-go-round of fads and myths. That ends right now.

As I mentioned earlier, I have spent a LOT of time over the years preparing for and competing in body building competitions.
I have won many titles, including a national level championship.

This is all to say that I have explored a great number of
weight loss strategies
and after 30 years of being in the fitness business I have picked up a thing or two!

carolyn hansen in gym

The reason why I’m telling you this is not because I want to impress you but because I want to impress upon you that I did not always
know what I was doing.

Believe me… at one point in time; I had a body that I wasn’t the least bit proud of.

In fact, when I think back to those times I actually shudder when I remember the way my body used to be.

Thankfully I decided to make it my lifelong mission to get fit and stay that way.

But it certainly did not happen overnight. Along the way I have tried EVERYTHING that I thought might offer me an advantage
when it came to securing the body of my dreams.

In doing so, I am sad to say, I have wasted thousands of dollars breaking my body and wrecking my nutrition.

I’ve also lived long enough to see all kinds of diet fads come and go and it really breaks my heart to see people out
there wasting their hard earned money (and their precious time) with little to show for it all.

That is why I decided quite some time ago that I would share both my successes and my failures so that others would not
have to endure the same mistakes that I have made over the years – often because I adhered to approaches to fitness that were
just fundamentally unsound, yet are STILL being taught today!

Here is what some of those people have to say about the information I have shared with them:

I got my hands on Carolyn’s book I was like most of my friends who
wanted to lose weight but never did… We were always starting the diet

The book helped me to realize that there are no
shortcuts and easy ways to achieve my goals, there is only commitment
and motivation. Once you’re going to realize it as well you’ll see how
easy and fun it is! I’ve never experienced this level of energy and
vitality before in my lifetime! I’d give everything I have to go back
in time and start using these simple principals 10 years ago! I’d live
a different, much happier and easier life.

Trust me, this book is for everyone and it is super easy to implement
the principals shared in it! See you on the other side 😉

Bruce Woodward

* This represents an unsolicited unpaid testimonial from real customer. Results may not be typical. Click here for full disclaimer.

tried so many different diets you cannot even imagine… but then I got
it – starving and depriving  myself could never work for a
period of time! I was losing 10-20 pounds just to gain even more back
shortly after being off the diet.

With the help of the book I
finally understood the secret! Now I’m losing weight with no effort and
I’m enjoying it –and if I can do it, anyone can… For the first time in
my life I have the level of energy I always wanted all day long and I
love it! I’m never going back to my old ways…

Karen Davidson

* This represents an unsolicited unpaid testimonial from real customer. Results may not be typical. Click here for full disclaimer.

FACT – The Fitness Industry Is One Of The Most Abused Industries In The World

I have known for years that the fitness industry is possibly one of the most abused industries with misleading information
that is not only harmful, but which also pushes people further and further away from their goals.

Any Tom, Dick or Harry can offer their 2 cents about what they think a person should do to lose weight. But few are qualified to do so.

In this case, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Especially when the ‘results’ that are promised can really only be achieved
for the short term. Most people are looking for permanent change, not to look good and feel great for a few short weeks out
of every year.

Hopefully I have impressed upon you the idea that if you are going to listen to someone’s advice about how to change your body for the
better, then it should be someone who has “walked the walk” like I have.

Busting The Myths One At A Time…

Let’s take a minute to disspell some of the myths about weight loss that are still prevalent in the fitness industry, but which cause
way more problems than they solve.

myth 1Myth:
Successful weight loss requires counting calories daily and creating a deficit. To lose weight, simply exercise and burn more calories than what you eat.

Sorry, but the age old ‘myth’ of eating less and exercising more doesn’t work in the 21st century. Weight loss is very difficult when
you are nutritionally starved.

Think of it this way – which is ‘better’… 500 calories of healthy grass fed beef steak and spinach
or 500 calories of ice cream? I think you know the answer… Calorie counting alone will never be sufficient.

myth 2Myth: You need to do lots and lots of fat burning cardio to simulate your metabolism to burn fat.

Low intensity cardio workouts are POOR metabolic stimulators. They actually work in the opposite way and slow down your metabolism by
encouraging your body to give up the fat-burning muscle it requires for peak metablic efficiency.

Strength training is WAY better for you and will boost your body’s fat-burning activity.

myth 3Myth: You need to exercise 6 times a week and sometimes twice a day if you want to see any serious changes in your body.

Someone once said this about gym training – “You can train long or you can train hard but you can’t do both.”

It’s true! Exercising is good, but you want to make sure you are also exercising ‘smart’. You have to focus on quality instead of quantity.

Plus it saves time as well!

myth 4Myth: To lose weight you need to eat a LOT of health foods.

There are lots of foods out there that are labeled as health foods but in actual fact, they are nutritionally deficient.

Eating them is like eating ’empty calories’. A good example is the type of ‘salads’ served in a restaurant. Their chicken salad might
not have good nutrition and it may be drenched in unhealthy oil or a sugar-laden dressing. Those salads will actually make you fat.
They’re almost equivalent to eating a cheeseburger.

myth 5Myth: Effective fat loss strategies require you to cut down on your fat intake.

Fats are NOT your enemy. It is eating unhealthy fats that cause you to put on weight.

But if you eat the right kind of fats (like a nice, healthy avocado), I guarantee that you will lose weight much faster.

These are just some of the myths about weight loss that are still widely believed by people today yet are NOT true and should
be recognized as such if you want to get ahead in your own weight loss efforts.

There are dozens more that you might not know, and not knowing them is detrimental to your health and your weight loss future.

The Key Is To ‘Heal’ Your Body So It Starts Losing Weight And Burning Fats On Its Own

No one deserves to be fat and unhealthy if they are consciously attempting to live a healthy life.

This was perhaps the chief motivating factor for me when I decided to sit down and create what I consider to be the ultimate solution
to the weight loss resistance problem
. It has been designed to help put an END to the fitness facades once and for all.

I am absolutely convinced that I’m about to share with you can be used to turn your health around and help your body get back on track.

How would you like to have:

If you are ready to make the physical changes to your life that will help usher in these benefits, then let me help you to get started right away.

Stop Weight Loss Resistance

You Can’t Lose Weight And What To Do To Fix It

Get ready to go beyond the diet…

This book will tear away all of the bad foundations of poor health you may have built your weight loss mindset from, and replace them with solid strategies that will help transform your body from within.

The content found inside this book will help you to:

Perform a quick self-assessment to
determine whether you are really weight loss resistant (Page 6)

Discover the factors that determine whether you are truly weight loss
resistant. If you recognize some of the symptoms because they affect
you directly, you almost surely have an issue with weight loss resistance.

Get healthly first – so losing weight
can follow (Page 9)

Learn how to reverse the damage and repair your metabolism. This process requires a change in
lifestyle habits to achieve good body composition (muscle/fat ratio)
and optimum health.

Recognize that slim people think differently
than overweight people (Page 13)

The way you think and feel about yourself, about your body and its
weight, and how you think about food, exercise and an overall healthy
lifestyle are all the root cause of your weight/food issues. This is how you learn
to change it.


Overcome body toxicity to demolish weight loss resistance (Page 18)

Fat accumulates on your body for many reasons. Yet, most weight loss diets
and programs focus just on calories and completely ignore the
other important causes of weight gain. One of those causes is toxins.
You will learn what to do to fix this issue.

Recognize that weight loss is not about eating less, but
better (Page 26)

Nutrient-dense foods are critical if you hope to combat weight loss resistance. The are the key
to obtaining optimal health, and provide many other health benefits.
You will learn exactly what this means for you.

How to Identify REAL Food (Page

With all the sneaky tricks being employed by the food suppliers, how can you tell the
difference between healthy and unhealthy foods? I will give you the tools to know how.

Employ my secret weapon (Page 43)

I am going to share with you a secret weapon that will kill your
food cravings and set you on the right path for weight loss.

Incorporate proper meal timing (Page 51)

This is what you have been waiting for, the exact details on how to
eat to combat weight loss resistance. One you get started you will see
how easy it really is to turn this weight gain/inability to lose weight
problem on its head. Your only regret will be that you did not know about
this sooner.

Appreciate the true importance of healthy toned
muscles (Page 58)

To crank up your fat burning machinery you need to adopt the correct weekly exercise
sessions – one or two interval (short burst) sessions supported by as much natural whole food as you can eat. You will learn all about
the best way to do this.

This companion audio series is designed by master trainer Dr. Patrick K. Porter (PhD), to help integrate the lessons that I
have found to work to resolve the biggest blocks to true weight loss. In other words, what we refer to as “Weight Loss Resistance”.

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Are You Still On The Weight Loss Fad Treadmill Or Are You Ready For Lasting Change?

stop weight loss resistance - quote 2

Please do not under estimate the power of the information in this book. For the price of a small fee, you could be:

Ask yourself if you can look in the mirror and say that you are proud of the body you have and what you have achieved with it so far…

Remember what I said about the definition of insanity? Are you ready to stop the insanity and get off the treadmill
of result-deficient weight loss fads so that you can do something different and see some REAL RESULTS?

I think you know the answer to that and that is why you must get started right away with Stop Weight Loss Resistance.

This is how you go from being in a constant state of war with your body to a state in which you enjoy catching sight of yourself
in the mirror. This is because the person looking back at you will be beaming with health, and once again will have achieved the
pleasing body proportions that came so easily in youth.

Just look what others have had to say about the program:

Charolette BridgesTruly Opened My Eyes


I absolutely love “Stop Weight Loss Resistance”! You have truly opened my eyes when it comes to my body. I’ve always been a little overweight.
It wasn’t like I snacked a lot growing up, I was just a little chunky, and I never could understand why I couldn’t shake it.

Growing up with three older and much skinnier sisters was tough. It was bad enough that I was getting teased in school, but come home
and get verbally-abused by my own family was a living nightmare. When I graduated high school, I decided to put college off for a year
or two until I got my weight issues under control. I tried just about everything to lose weight. I exercised at least four times a day,
I watched what I ate, and I drank plenty of water. The results were horrible.

After pushing myself for several months, I only lost a few pounds. I nearly gave up all together. I actually went through a brief period
of depression because of my weight. I didn’t snap out of it until I had a long heart-to-heart talk with my mom, and she told me to look
for a solution and find out the causes for my poor results. After searching the internet, I found your ebook, and I’m so happy I did.
It explained all the symptoms I’ve been having and explained the reasons why. I definitely wouldn’t have guessed the reason for my body’s resistance.

Thank you so much for helping me get a better understanding about my issues. I’m now on the right track to losing this excessive weight.
I’m actually feeling confident enough to enroll in college this fall. Thanks a lot!


Charolette Bridges

* This represents an unsolicited unpaid testimonial from real customer.
Results may not be typical. Click here for full disclaimer.

Lauren JohnstoneChanging My Life One Day At A Time


There are so many ebooks that cover weight loss and most of them are written by people who haven’t a clue to what’s really going on.
But you really know a thing or two about health. I really enjoyed reading her insights about weight loss, hormones, and metabolism.

It all makes perfect sense to me now. I’ve managed the same weight range for the past 11 years, but this is the biggest I’ve ever been.
I’m not miserable, but I’m not happy either.

When I was in my teen years, I was healthy and active with a ton of energy, but now I barely feel like getting out of the bed some days.
A friend of mine told me a story about a former athlete who gave up eating meat in order to live a healthier lifestyle. One thing you
should know about me is, I LOVED MEAT! But there was something about the story that made me quit almost cold-turkey. I was told meat
makes the body sluggish, so I figured that was my problem. I’ve been a semi-vegetarian for a few months now, and I still lack the
energy I think I should have.

I stumbled across your book and figured it was worth the read (which it most definitely was). Reading your book has helped me get
to the root of the problem. It’s amazing how most diet plans and programs only cover a small portion of what needs to be done to
lose weight. Your book was the missing piece of the puzzle I needed to actually start seeing some much needed results. I appreciate
you taking the time to write “Stop Weight Loss Resistance”, because it’s changing my life one day at a time. Thanks!

Lauren Johnstone

* This represents an unsolicited unpaid testimonial from real customer.
Results may not be typical. Click here for full disclaimer.

Susan RichardsI’m So Glad I Found You


OMG! Carolyn, you are my FAVORITE health expert! Someone needs to give you your own television talk show, because you know all
the right fundamentals about health.

Stop Weight loss Resistance answered a lot of questions I was having. Ever since I had my first child, I haven’t been able to lose
this baby weight. I’ve purchased at least five other weight-loss related books from other authors in the past. They mostly discussed
different foods to eat and what exercises to do, but none of them broke down the mental issues behind it all.

That’s why I love your writing style because you don’t sugarcoat the truth. You lay it all out, and I appreciate that. After reading
“Stop Weight Loss Resistance”, I also bought “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible” for my Kindle, and I love it as well. I’m so glad I found you.
I will not buy another health book unless it’s written by you. Two thumbs up for creating this! Thank you! You are the voice of reason I needed.

Susan Richards

* This represents an unsolicited unpaid testimonial from real customer.
Results may not be typical. Click here for full disclaimer.

Rose BlakeStarting To Shred Off A Few Pounds


This is the first time I’ve ever written a testimonial, so please bear with me. I am writing on behalf of me and my husband. Since he’s
pretty much computer illiterate, I decided to take it upon myself to tell you how happy we both are with your book. We’ve been married
over 33 years and his health hasn’t been that good over the past five years.

Even though I cut out a lot of unhealthy foods in our household, he still wasn’t losing the recommended weight his doctor told him to lose.
We both have gained quite a bit of weight over the last few decades, so his urgent need for weight loss motivated me to start taking better care of myself as well.

Our oldest daughter started slimming down and recommended one of your books. It helped her, so I figured it would help us as well.
Long story short, my husband and I are both starting to shred off a few pounds. It’s unbelievable how changing your mindset can change
your life. Thanks for a great read!

Forever Grateful,

Rose Blake

* This represents an unsolicited unpaid testimonial from real customer.
Results may not be typical. Click here for full disclaimer.

Khai NgHuge Paradigm Shift For Me!


While I was on holiday recently, I was reading and re-reading “Stop Weight Loss Resistance” word by word to try and understand
everything and all I can say is that it was a huge paradigm shift for me!

Everything that I ever knew about fitness is really turned upside down now and it is a very good thing.

Here’s what I thought before and after reading your book:


My mindset before reading your book


– Spent the majority of my workouts 6 days a week doing cardio

– Tried cutting down my calories on a daily basis

– Eating all the wrong foods and even tried starving myself of carbs

– Kept exercising but somehow had the self limiting belief that I can never get 6 packs

– Nutritionally starved and low energy

– My stomach feels extremely bloated after every meal

– Extremely exhausted after workouts and taking afternoon naps

– Tried eating multiple small meals unsuccessfully

– Slept really late and unrested sleep

– Constantly craving for sweet food

– Feeling easily stressed out or lots of anxiety (especially when getting on the scale)

– Really hungry at night


My mindset after reading your book


– Focus on building and increasing my health versus losing weight fast

– Shifting my focus to strength training and building muscle to burn fat

– Belief that I can lose weight more as a by-product of a healthy lifestyle

– I’m looking for healthier foods with dense nutrients

– No longer looking forward to cutting calories but to increase healthy calories

– Aiming to eat a full (nutrition dense) meal every 4-5 hours

– Looking to structure my exercise programs not for 60 or 90 day ‘sprints’ but long term development

In short, the biggest change in me is I’m no longer going to ‘eat less’ but eat right.

I’ll look into creating more nutrition/proper weight loss/health foods PLR into the future releases thanks to your ideas.
There’s so much misleading information in the fitness and weight loss industry and I’ve been misled for years. I’m going to start
publishing more PLR with the right information and help more people to know the truth.

Khai Ng

* This represents an unsolicited unpaid testimonial from real customer.
Results may not be typical. Click here for full disclaimer.

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When you have succeeded in putting weight loss resistance behind you, you will discover that losing excess body weight follows naturally.

But that’s not all…

You’ll Also Get The Following Bonuses!

21 Days To Healthy Eating

Realizing Your Fat Loss Goals One Meal At A Time

21 Days To Healthy Eating

In 21 Days To Healthy Eating you will find recipes to guide you in the kitchen and in the supermarket. You will learn which foods
to embrace, and which to avoid. But more importantly, you will understand the reasons behind the decision to put one food type
into your trolley, and leave others on the shelf.

In the war with junk food, you are a combatant, whether you know it or not, as are all the members of your family. It is time
for all of us to equip ourselves with the knowledge we need to fight that war. With this bonus, you will be ready to fight those
battles, and claim daily victories that stack up not only as extra days that leave you feeling energized and vibrant, but which add to your lifespan.

I want you to experience the same satisfaction and well-being that I enjoy everyday, in large part due to simple decisions I make each time I sit down to eat.

Fitness For You

SIX Fitness Titles Rolled Into ONE Convenient Package

Fitness For You

Confused about how to get into shape in the shortest amount of time? Well, here’s SIX fitness titles rolled into ONE convenient package
to get you started.

Fitness For You is a 6-volume fitness training package that covers a full spectrum of physical activities, from yoga and exercise for
children and older people to cardio and strength training exercise.

So What Is This Going To Cost Me Carolyn?

Truly, the more profound question might be, if you do not pick up a copy of Stop Weight Loss Resistance today,
“What is the REAL cost of NOT learning how to achieve a healthier life? Of not being able achieve
your ideal body weight and finally inhabit the body you have been dreaming of?”

Because you are here, reading this page right at this very moment, I know you are looking for answers. I know that you want
the better life that you deserve, and which weight loss resistance may be keeping from you.

Because I want you to succeed, I couldn’t possibly price it out of reach. And this is why I am offering the valuable information
in this package for not even the low price of $97.00,
but the amazingly low price of

Order Button

Are You Still Stuck In Gear Or Are You Ready For Lasting Change?

Take another look at what awaits you in the Stop Weight Loss Resistance package…

Included in Stop Weight Loss Resistance Retail Value
“Stop Weight Loss Resistance” Ebook as the primary course material $97.00
Audio CD 1) Developing A Naturally Thin Mindset $47.00
Audio CD 2) Feeding The Body Developing Healthy Choices $47.00
Audio CD 3) Eating To Combat Weight Loss Resistance – Beyond A Diet $47.00
Audio CD 4) Unlock Your Secret Weapon That Will Bring You Personal Success $47.00
Audio CD 5) Enjoy Nutrient-Dense Foods and Stay Healthy For Life $47.00
Audio CD 6) Develop Exercise as a Daily Habit $47.00
Bonus: 21 Days To Healthy Eating $37.00
Bonus: Fitness For You $17.00
Total Value

I could easily charge so much more for this powerful, life changing information…

But I want YOU to get started immediately, in the comfort of your own home and I have faith that you will begin to live
a healthier life and take steps today to start breaking through weight loss resistance, just as so many others have.

I’m Going To Remove All The Risk From Your Investment Because I Want You To Succeed!


– Carolyn, I’m READY

to transform my life today!


  • I understand I’ll be instantly downloading the entire Stop Weight Loss Resistance, package and all of the “Bonuses” you’ve
    assembled for me for only $97.00,

    today, and today only.

  • On top of that, I understand my investment is backed by your risk free, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

Order Button

You will get INSTANT ACCESS right now

— Even if it’s 3.00 A.M.!

*NOTE: These are digital downloads in Adobe PDF and MP3 Format and you will be taken directly to the
download page upon successful completion of checkout. Should you experience any problems being returned to the proper page, please
simply email:


(Click the Order Button Above to Download.)

I hope that by now you recognise that this package contains everything you need to finally break through the barrier you are having
with your weight loss efforts.

So don’t hesitate to begin changing your life by grabbing your copy right now and getting started.

To a long and healthy life!

Carolyn Hansen

P.S. Remember that this is YOUR LIFE and

your body

we are talking about.
Is it worth it to keep fighting with your health and weight issues by not investing in this information?

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If you’re
a man who has ever had a bad sexual experience, had
a woman leave him for another man, and find yourself
stck in a boring, sex-less relationship, then
this may be the most important message you ever read!

I’m about
to reveal something to you that you’re not going to
believe. But know this: It’s all TRUE…

Are 4 UNDENIABLE And Disturbing Facts About

: 60% of Married Women will cheat
on their husbands, and more disturbingly, the
will feel absolutely NO GUILT about it whatsoever
because they feel entitled to the good feelings
sex with another man will give them.

A whopping 90% of women will LIE
to their lover about experiencing orgasms during
lovemaking to spare their lover’s feelings.
However, these same women are more prone to
have affairs outside their relationship to be
sexually satisfied and break their lover’s heart
in the process.

70% of men report that after being
married, sex with their wives goes down dramatically
and sometimes even stops completely. This is
usually because sex becomes “boring”
or “routine” for the woman, and the
man doesn’t know how to re-kindle that flame
with his same bog-of-tricks in bed.

85% of relationships end because
the woman is sexually unsatisfied with her partner
and is looking for a man who can fullfill her
needs in the bedroom. What’s more, most men
will never know this, and continue to suffer
one break-up after another because they don’t
bother to improve their sexual prowess.

Let’s face
the facts:


It’s important
to men, but even more so, it’s important to women

There is
a big myth in this world that women don’t enjoy sex
as much as men do. That is a FLAT OUT LIE!
In most cases, women enjoy sex even MORE than men

But that
myth exists because: 75%
of men don’t know how to give women orgasms!!!!

but true.

Too often,
men will chaulk up their failures with women to issues
they have no control over. Things like penis size,
premature ejaculation, looks, build, money — whatever.


The only
thing that matters is your ability to give a woman
not just one, but MULTIPLE orgasms in bed!
(more on this later)

But the
really scary thing is…

Knowing How To Give A Woman An Orgasm Will Actually
Put Your Life At Risk!

talk about why sex techniques are so important.

Right now,
there are approximately 16,222,181 people in the world
with full blown AIDS!

56,122,303 are HIV Positive.

On a worldwide
basis, most of these people did not become HIV Positive
because they were drug addicts sharing needles…
or… because they received it in a blood transfusion…
or… because they were having gay sex.

it or not, 81% of worldwide cases of HIV and AIDS
are caused by the simple act of a straight man having
sex with a straight woman.

why, if you are in a monogamous relationship or if
you are married, it is more important than ever NOT
to go outside your relationship for sex!

Can you
guess the biggest reason people cheat on their partners
or commit adultery? It’s very simple…

Because They Are Bored With The Sex Life They Have
At Home!

Let’s face reality here: If you can’t give a woman
what she wants, she will go someplace (and to someone)
else to get it. And while she’s sneaking around behind
your back trying desperately to get a simple little
orgasm, she will be EXPOSING YOU to the possibility
of contracting an STD.

How To Give A Woman Orgasms Is The Most Important
Skill Every Man NEEDS To Know!

Do you
remember taking Sex Education in High School?

You know,
when they showed you those cheesy videos about the
birds and the bees?

Do you
even remember what those videos were about?

Let me
refresh your memory: Teenage pregnancy. Sexually Transmitted
Diseases. Ruining your life by having sex. Common
questions and insecurities about sex.

Most of
these teachings are meant to SCARE YOU into not having

In fact,
most of society tries to hide any knowledge about
sex from you!

Sex has
become the biggest Taboo in the world. Think about
it… how often are men chastised for wanting to have
sex with a woman? For thinking about sex? For displaying
their own God-given sexuality?


Just watch
any TV show with a guy who’s out looking to pick up
a woman. He’s instantly labled as a “sleaze bag”
because he just wants to have sex.

But it’s
not just a problem with men. Women have it too.

From a
young age, women are taught that it’s WRONG to have

If they
have sex, they’re labled a slut and ostricised. They’re
told they’re going to get pregnant if they have sex
and their lives will be ruined. They’re told virginity
is something to be cherished and held onto at all

Most women
are even afraid to look at their genitals because
they’re told they are “dirty.”

And because
of this training, most people grow up not knowing
how to experience the joys of sex! In fact, finding
a partner who’s actually GOOD at sex is so rare, that
most women will cling to him like the only life preserver
left in the ocean!

Why It’s Important To Learn How To Give A Woman Orgasms…

Look, women
are STARVED for good lovers.

Just because
a woman agrees to be your girlfriend or your wife
DOES NOT MEAN you satisfy her in the bedroom.

Women enter
into relationships for many reasons. Things like security
or emotional connection can play a big role in these

But the
biggest factor in a successful relationship is the
elephant in the room that everyone’s trying to ignore:


Here is
what being a skilled lover will do for you…

  • It
    will ensure your woman will never cheat on you.

  • It will
    strengthen your relationship and make sure she won’t
    leave or break up with you.

  • It
    will make your woman want to have sex more often.

  • It will
    make her want to try harder to please YOU in the

  • It
    will open your woman up to trying new adventures
    and fantasies in bed.

  • She
    will brag to all her friends about you, and you
    will become known as a great lover.

  • All
    this and more is possible, if you only know how
    to please a woman in bed.

Now are
you starting to see why this stuff is so importnat?

A Woman (Multiple) Orgasms Isn’t Hard. In Fact, It’s
Quite Easy…

What those
sex ed videos from High School should have been teaching
you is how to please a woman instead of how to ignore
her (and your own) sexuality.

So many
men have no idea how a woman’s body works, or what
it responds to. In fact, I’d even go so far as to
say that 95% of men are completely CLUELESS when it
comes to female anatomy.

They just
know that “the penis goes in the vagina”
and that’s that.


a lot more too it than that. But so many guys look
at a woman’s body like blueprints for a thermo-electric
nuclear fusion generator… WAY too complicated!

But the
secret that almost no man knows is: It’s actually
very easy to give a woman an orgasm!

just need to know WHAT to do!

And once
you know how to give a woman ONE orgasm, you can give
her MULTIPLE orgasms with no problem at all.

Secret Orgasm Tips!

If you
are interested in having an incredible sex life, there
is a new course that has some of the most exciting
secrets you will ever read.

This is
the course they should have given you in school.

You see,
not too long ago, I was in the same situation you
are. I did not know a SINGLE THING about how to please
a woman in the bedroom. (in fact, it was a topic of
much trepidation for me).

But then,
something strange happened…

I was at
a trendy nightclub in Los Angeles one night looking
to meet a woman I could take home and try to pleasure.
And that’s when I saw him…

There was
a short, pasty-white man with a pot-belly and thinning
hair walking through the club with no less than FOUR
drop-dead gorgeous women hanging all over him. Seriously,
these girls were trying their hardest to get his attention
– even though they were already with him!

My first
thought was “this guy must be rich.” Because
no man who looked like that could ever get four women
that hot to compete for his affections any other way.

So figuring
he had more women than he knew what to do with, I
approached one of the women he was with, thinking
I could steal her away…

she flat-out REJECTED me right there!

When I
asked her what made this guy so special, her answer
shocked me. She said:

the greatest lover I’ve ever had, and no man could
ever do to me the things he can!”

At this
point, I was hooked. I HAD to find out what this man
knew that was driving these women so crazy.

So I walked
up to him and introduced myself. He greeted me enthusiastically,
seemingly relieved to have a break from the four women
buzzing around him, and we got to talking.

It turns
out that not only was he pretty average looking, but
he was also almost COMPLETELY broke! He was attending
graduate school and living off of student loans.

This meant
that each woman was there because they were OBSESSED
with him!

So I cut
to the chase.

I begged
him to tell me his secret.

That’s When He Dropped The Bomb On Me…

He told
me one (just ONE) technique he uses called “The
Secret Twitch.” He told me to go out and use
just that one trick, and I’ll be able to give any
woman multiple orgasms for hours on end!

to say, I didn’t believe him. Just one technique couldn’t
do that! I’d studied every book on the subject, and
nowhere did I find ANYTHING remotely like it.

But then,
while I was on a business trip to Europe, I met a
beautiful Russian woman who I ended up taking back
to my hotel room. And as we were taking off our clothes,
I decided to use the “Secret Twitch” on

To my surprise,
I was able to give her FIVE screaming

done that before!

And then,
as we were lying in my bed in each other’s arms, she
looked up at me and said something I will never forget…

man has ever been able to please me like that before!”

right. With just that one simple technique, it didn’t
matter how big my penis was or how long I was able
to go before climaxing… I was suddenly a better
lover than 99.9% of the other men out there!

Now that
I had a taste for being the greatest lover a woman
ever had, I was obsessed with learning more!

It was like HEROIN.

If just
ONE of this guy’s techniques was that incredible,
I needed to learn ALL of his secrets!

As soon
as I got back to Los Angeles, I called him up and
told him about my success with his technique.

I then
begged him to teach me more.

It took
a while for him to trust me enough to share his nuclear
arsenal of sex secrets with me, but my hard work and
perseverance really paid off (for both you and me).

what I mean.

I got
him to go on tape revealing some of his most powerful
and mind-blowing sex secrets!

I put this
special recording under lock-and-key in a special
fireproof safe that I keep in my home to protect my
most valuable possessions. I’m also looking into getting
it insured — I consider it that valuable.


in all my studies, I have not found the information
this guy shared with me that night in ANY books, videos,
or audio courses — anywhere.

This was
all stuff he discovered and developed on his own,
and I was the only one he’d ever shared it with!

Until now.

What You Need To Know To Become The Best Lover She’s
Ever Had…

The man
I met is David Van Arrick.

He’s a
certified hypnotist, master martial artist, and a
doctor skilled in Eastern Medical Practices. And he
was able to combine his knowledge of the human mind
and body to discover every last dirty little secret
about the female body!

And after
delving into the swinger scene and having sex with,
literally, 2,377 women — he was
able to perfect his techniques beyond even his wildest

Here is
what he’s agreed to reveal in this special interview:

  • How
    to kiss a woman so passionately, her knees will
    buckle at the touch of your lips.
  • The
    secret to “sexual mirroring” to take your
    partner to a deep sexual level where she’s willing
    to do anything in bed.
  • How
    to tell when your partner is into you and ready
    to be kissed (no more guess work)
  • How
    to open your partner up to ENDLESS possibilities
    in the bedroom (and have them think it was their
  • How
    to manage the emotional states a woman goes through
    during the lovemaking process to make sure she experiences
    unbridaled sexual extacy.
  • Methods
    of stimulating the clitoris that produce such amazing
    results, they SHOULD be in the Kama Sutra (but they
  • The
    “indirect method” method that will build
    up and tease a woman to climax — at almost no effort
    on your part!
  • The
    art of “sexual fractionation” that will
    have your partner writhing in extacy before you
    even DO anything!
  • The
    “secret twitch” method that will help
    you give a woman earth-shattering orgasms MULTIPLE
  • The
    “Golden Rule” of lovemaking that will
    have any woman beating down your door to sleep with
    you again and again.
  • The
    ultra-powerful “Coup Des Gras” technique
    that is guaranteed to produce the one orgasm women
    can’t fake! (no more worrying about whether you’re
    actually pleasing them in bed, fellas. Use this
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  • How
    to find the G-Spot in any woman and the secret techniques
    to stimulate it in ways she never thought possible.
  • The
    secret to overcoming premature ejaculation
  • Mind
    blowing oral sex techniques that will put you a
    cut above any lover your woman has ever had!
  • The
    “Vaginal Massage” technique that will
    keep your woman primed and ready to go for hours
    on end.
  • How
    to tell when a woman is ready for round two (and
    three, and four…)
  • The
    “sexual inhertia” method that is guaranteed
    to give women multiple, multiple orgasms.
  • The
    secret knowledge that will NUKE all insecurities
    about penis size or body image.
  • The
    special “Illusion of Control” method that
    makes anal sex safe and pleasurable for both parties.
    (and if your woman doesn’t want to do it now, she
    will after you learn this method!)
  • The
    special process of “Sexual Conditioning”
    so you can train a woman to please you in every
    way possible.
  • How
    to transform yourself into the “Romantic Hero”
    so you’ll be irresistable to any woman you meet.
  • The
    secret to making any woman become your “friend
    with benefits” should you not want to be in
    a serious relationship.
  • Forbidden
    group sex tactics that can get you threesomes, foursomes,
    and more…
  • …And
    much, much more.

And that’s
just the tip of the iceberg. David’s techniques are
so powerful, and so simple to master, I’m amazed that
no one’s been able to think of them before!

For Yourself Just How Insanely Powerful These Secret
Orgasm Tips Are:

It’s one
thing to talk about these techniques. It’s quite another
to see the results they will bring you.

Here are
REAL testimonials from REAL people
who will give you REAL proof about the effectiveness
of these secrets…

your course is simply amazing. I wish I had found
David’s teachings 15 years ago. I used the Secret
Twitch on my wife and gave her more orgasms in
one night than I did over the course of our entire
marriage. Our bond has never been stronger. Thanks!”

Aaron C., Pennsylvania

needs to give Van Arrick a f**kin’ medal! I
used one of David’s oral techniques on this
girl I was dating to give her multiple orgasms.
She goes and tells all her friends how great
I am in the sack, next thing I know, I’ve got
three women THROWING themselves at me! I’m having
so much sex now I can barely walk!”

T., New York

I just wanted to write to thank you for your
course! I’d been suffering in quiet desperation
with my husband’s poor lovemaking skills for
years. When I came across your secret orgasm
tips, it was like a godsend. After showing it
to my husband, we tried it that night, and I
had not one, not two, but THREE orgasms (finally!).
Now I can’t get enough, and both my husband
and I are happier than ever.”

S., Colorado

Joe and David,

three relationships that ended with the girl
leaving me for another man, I knew something
was wrong. I just didn’t know what. When I got
my new girlfriend, I didn’t want it to end like
the others. I took a chance on your course,
and boy, am I glad I did! Your stuff doesn’t
just work – it blows everything elseout of the
way! Not only do I now have the strongest relationship
in the world, I know she’ll never cheat on me
with another man! Thanks!”

K., Ohio

your fingering techniques alone were worth the
cost of admission. I never thought I’d be able
to have a woman orgasm with just my fingers.

H., United Kingdom

your tactics saved my marriage. My wife and
I were on our way to break-up-central because
she wasn’t giving me the sex I wanted. Little
did I know, she craved it just as much as me,
but I couldn’t please her! After trying out
your course, the flood gates opened (in more
ways than one), and it feels like we’re teenagers
again! I can’t thank you enough.”

B., Australia

always been insecure about a woman faking her
orgasms with me, wondering if I was actually
a good lover. After using your one orgasms that
women can’t fake technique, I now finally know
for CERTAIN that I’m delivering what I need

F., Texas

used to be really scared about taking women
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my d*ck. I’d think they’d laugh at me. I tried
all sorts of pills and pumps to make it bigger,
and nothing worked. I took a shot at your course,
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What a great feeling.”

G., California

You can’t
make-up praise like that! Each and every person listed
above is real and got that result after listening
to this ground-breaking new course.

Talking About Sex Is Creepy. I’d Feel Wierd Listening
To This Course.”

Let’s be

Sex is
a natural function of human beings, and villifying
the act is WRONG.

Human beings
thrive on sex, and it’s an essential factor in ANY
serious relationship you have with the opposite sex.

To ignore
that is to deny your true nature as a Man.

thing you can do is give into this myth that sex is
a bad thing, and you should go on being ignorant about

learn about sex if you want to have true happiness
in life – despite what the mainstream puritan media
tells you.

Wanting To Learn More About Sex Make Me A Pervert?”


It makes
you HUMAN.

We can
only go so long denying our urges before something
bad happens to us. You wanting to learn more about
sex is really an extension of you wanting to learn
about your happiness.

It is NOT
a bad thing!

the reality: Women rely on men to take the lead. They
desperately want a knight in shining armor to sweep
them away into a world of romance and sexual bliss.

Why do
you think romance novels are so popular? Have you
ever read any of those books? They’re almost straight-up

But that’s
what women want. Remember, they’re just as clueless
about sex most of the time as you are! So if you’re
not able to take control and give them the experience
they desire, they’re going to keep looking until they
find a man who CAN give them what they want!

I can’t
stress enough how important knowing what you’re doing
in bed is. So what’s worse? Feeling a little bit uncomfortable
learning how to pleasure a woman? Or suffering the
heartbreak and possible health problems that come
with a cheating lover?

You decide.

I A Loser If I Don’t Know How To Give A Woman An Orgasm?”


not alone in not knowing how to give women orgasms.
Most of the male population on this planet don’t know
how to do that!

But this
gives you an amazing opportunity.

This gives
you the chance to stand out and be better that 99%
of the other potential mates your woman has out there!

Think about
it. 50% of men don’t know how to give a woman 1 orgasm.
About 40% can give a woman a single orgasm in one
lovemaking session. 10% are able to give their lovers
more than one orgasm.

I can teach
you how to be in that elite 10 percent. And once there,
you will most likely be a better lover than ANY other
man your woman has ever been with.

Once you’ve
achieved that, are you going to feel like a loser?

think so.

Interested, But What Do You Do To Ensure My Privacy?”

I understand
how important privacy can be.

When you
get your copy of the course, your credit card will
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No one
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My payment
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And the
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No one
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I Want This Course! How Much Does It Cost?”

the thing…

you get your own copy of this course, this is what
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  • The
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If you’re
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  • How
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  • How much is it worth to you to know with absolute
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I’m willing
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Let’s make
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These techniques will make your life better FOREVER.
It will make sex more enjoyable, your relationship
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How Much
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Over the
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damn right it is.

Literally Got NOTHING To Lose, And Everything
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Look, this
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It’s an
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why I’m going to make you this Personal

She Doesn’t Cum, I Don’t Want Your Mon.”

you try out the techniques revealed in the Secret
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have a whopping 60 days to try the techniques
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And you
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Time For You To Get Serious About
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The Entire Secret Orgasm Tips Course 5 CD
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Penis Enlargement Exercise Program
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Dear Friend,

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But after successfully enlarging MY penis I started noticing more and more advertisements for expensive penis enlargement surgeries and other bizarre contraptions in my favorite men’s magazines.

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Claim Your Six Pack Abs

Claim Your Six Pack Abs
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Not Just Any Plan, Mind You. We Think We Have THE Plan.
The One To Rid You Of The Annoying Belly Fat Which Constantly
Reminds You That, Somewhere Along The Way, You Lost
Control Of Your Body
. Yes, We Know How Much That Sucks.
We Know – And We’re Making It Our Job To Put You BACK in
Control. And We’re Good At That!

From The Desk Of Carolyn Hansen (Certified Fitness Instructor)

Hello, my name is Carolyn Hansen and my book Claim Your Six Pack Abs is the culmination of a great deal of thought on my part as to why it is that people seem to have such difficulty today maintaining that athletic look that youth normally provides us with, but which age slowly robs from us as the years pass.

I don’t think it needs to be that way. In fact, I KNOW that it does not have to be that way, and this page of mine is dedicated to explaining why I believe that to be the case. I will also be pointing out what it is that you need to do so that you too can rid yourself of belly fat for good, the way I have done.

I have been a fitness professional now for more than three decades, and I have read probably every piece of advice there is out there on how to slim down and strip away the annoying layer of fat around the midsection that separates the average-looking Joe (or Josephine) from the show stopper with the body that has the opposite sex unable to take their eyes off them when they enter a room.

The truth is, you don’t need six pack abs to take over a social scene this way, or to improve your health to such an extent that your risk for chronic health conditions falls away dramatically. But in Claim Your Six Pack Abs I am going to show you how to go about getting that body anyway.

If you really want that body there is nothing stopping you from having it. All you need is a proper fat loss blueprint to guide you, and that’s something I can provide you with.

But before we get into all that, there is something I want to address about the nature of this product, just so that you will know exactly what it is that I am putting into your hands, which is a very powerful tool to realize a flat tummy, or even those highly desired washboard abdominals for those willing to put in the extra effort to achieve this.

Here Is What This Waistline Reduction System Is NOT

I want to take a moment before I tell you what Claim Your Six Pack Abs is about to impress upon you what it is not. I feel I need to do this because one of the main goals for the book is to teach you how to burn fat more efficiently by modifying your eating habits and to increase your metabolism through exercise, which will cause you to burn more calories over a greater part of the day than you are currently doing now. So, regardless of what else it might be said to be, the book IS a fat loss instrument.

Because of this I think it is necessary to point out that there are a great many bogus weight loss sites online today, but this is not one of them. It is unfortunate, but these sites make it really difficult for the consumer to form an objective judgement about what is realistic and what is not when it comes to expectations about what a weight loss product can do for them.

ftc redflag bogus weight loss sites
The problem is so rampant that the Federal Trade Commission dedicates time and resources to alerting the public on what to look out for with these sites. They even have a highly detailed and useful downloadable PDF document entitled Red Flag Bogus Weight Loss Claims that I encourage you to check out. In a nutshell, be on the lookout for sites that claim you can easily reduce your body weight by more than about a pound a day, and keep it off for good, without embarking on a strenuous physical activity program and cutting calories from your diet.

By the way, you will find no such claims on this page. I can help you to lose weight, and the only thing I rely on to get the job done is my knowledge of how the human body responds to nutrition and exercise.

My feeling is that the majority of these bogus weight loss sites are very likely run by people who have never seen the inside of a gym, let alone spent any real time trying to figure out what works when it comes to trying to lose weight effectively. Well, I am of a different cut entirely.

carolyn hansen in gym

A snapshot of me in one of my gyms.

No. I walk the talk, as they say. I currently run a highly successful Anytime Fitness center and I see five hundred clients stream into my gymnasium every day.

These clients of mine get the same advice from me that I am about to give you, and many of them are happy to pay me $150 per hour for a one-on-one consultation, because they know that when it comes to getting their weight under control I always deliver the kind of results they were hoping for. In fact, many of them pay between $2,000 to $3,000 to receive the kind of information that I have outlined for you in Claim Your Six Pack Abs.

It is my business to know what works and what does not when it comes to improving your health by increasing the quality of the food you eat and the effectiveness of your workout routines. In fact, I have earned a reputation as a no-nonsense health and fitness practitioner, and even garnered a little fame for myself by picking up a national level bodybuilding championship title along the way. In short, when it comes to the human body, and our pursuit of better health and a more perfect form, I have made it my job to know what I am talking about.

Can I Really Have Washboard Abs?

You absolutely CAN have that impressive set of washboard ripples on your midesction, if that’s what you want. Not all of those wonderful physiques you see on the late night infomercials are airbrushed onto the screen. Real people do possess those tight midsections!

woman with washboard abdominals
Not many, granted, but then very few people understand just what it takes to hone your body into a fat burning machine that automatically trims itself into the shape you want. The good news is that by the time you have finished reading Claim Your Six Pack Abs you will understand exactly what is required to get you to that point.

Of course, not everyone has a burning desire to be able to turn heads whenever they go out in public.

Most people I have interacted with over the years are perfectly happy just to be able to simply flatten their tummy and reclaim the body that was theirs just ten years earlier. You see, with every decade that passes as we advance beyond the age of about thirty, we lose around 10 percent of our muscle mass – mainly due to inactivity. We just get lazy.

The problem with this is that muscle is the primary fat-burning tissue in our body. As we lose it, we lose the capacity to convert calories into instantly usable forms of energy, and instead those same calories end up around our midsection as that annoying layer of fat that has you increasingly wondering where it all went wrong.

Luckily, this state of affairs has very little in general to do with genetics or any other form of influence over your body that may be out of your control. Instead, it mostly boils down to the nutrition you select each day, and the physical habits. (or lack of them) that you have established. You would be surprised at just how mis-informed most people are about how their body works and the reasons why their physical state has deteriorated so rapidly…

What Happens If I Ignore My Belly Fat?

Oh, the one thing you do not want to do is ignore your belly fat. When you do, bad things like this can happen:

obese man in profile

Fat around your midsection is one of the first indicators that you have let your health slip. In fact, physicians acknowledge that there is a very high correlation between long-held belly fat and the incidence of chronic health conditions in later life, like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and hardening of the arteries.

Belly fat is actually quite insidious. It will wrap itself around organs and release toxic chemicals which can damage the heart and blood vessels. Anyone who has been sedentary for long enough most likely has this fat deep inside them and they will not even know it as it does not show on the bathroom scales and only an MRI can detect it. You cannot see that fat directly, but the tell tale bulge at the midsection is a dead giveaway as to the problems that may be lurking beneath…

So there is a very good reason why the opposite sex instinctively shuns a potential partner who displays an accumulation of fat around the midsection. It is a behavior that has been programmed into our genes by countless generations of sexual selection, which is the favoring of physical and behavioral traits in our partners that maximize the likelihood that we will produce healthy children whose parents will be around long enough to ensure they survive to adulthood.

simulated prehistoric valentines symbols
Now, it is true that real accumulation of fat around the midsection is likely a development that has only truly taken hold in our species in the last few hundred years.

But evolution has never lacked unfit individuals upon whom to work its cruel math of selection, better known as “survival of the fittest”. We are programmed to respond favorably to members of the opposite sex who are fit to reproduce, and that generally means they are fit in the physical sense as well.

You Can Resist Nature’s Programmed Obsolescence (Of You!)

Nature actually gives us a break, and does its best to ensure that during the years when we are at the peak of our sexual desires and sexual performance that we are also in the best physical shape of our lives. But as we move away from the “preferred” age of reproduction, which is around 20 or so years of age, and move into our thirties and beyond, our bodies have effectively “served their reproductive purpose” and nature begins to turn its back on us – especially as we pass the age of about forty, the time when our children have grown into adulthood and no longer rely upon us for their survival.

It is from this point on that, if we want to stick around for as long as possible, we need to take actions into our own hands and do everything we can to ward off the debilitating effects of aging – our built-in program for obsolescence. Seeing your total muscle mass decline, only to be replaced with fatty tissue around the midsection, well this is just the beginning of a long slide into a state of physical atrophy that all of us should logically want to postpone for as long as humanly possible.

I know I want to avoid this, and I am pretty darn sure you do too.

This is why Claim Your Six Pack Abs has been designed to help you fight the war against bodily attrition, by teaching you how to put into effect a plan of action that has the potential to deliver the kind of physique that really is highly prized by all, and whose physical signature is characterized by a flat stomach that retains it’s taut appearance even as you move into middle age and beyond.

I think this is a more than worthy goal, and it is why I am proud to present to you the book that captures everything I know about this subject:

So, What’s Inside Claim Your Six Pack Abs?

Listen, I know that getting yourself into the kind of shape that is required to flatten your tummy, and bring out the muscularity that truly showcases your midsection is hard work. But it is a heck of a lot harder if you simply do not understand what it is that you are trying to do, nor how to go about getting the kind of results you are really looking to achieve. That is why I have put this guide together.

I want to fast-track you for fat-loss success, and get you doing ONLY the things you need to do. I do not want to see you waste your time and then give up a few weeks into the program because it all just seems so hopeless. You’ve probably been down that road before. You don’t need to repeat it.

So I have worked hard to ensure that you will understand the core principles relating to fat loss and its application to thinning out your midsection. Much of the advice revolves around the idea of elevating your metabolism, so that your body will burn more calories over the course of a day than it currently does now. In the end you will realize that the basic ideas are very easy to understand, but due to the large amount of misinformation that it out there on fat loss it is hard not to become confused by it all.

All up, Claim Your Six Pack Abs contains a little more than 100 pages of content. You will not find any extraneous material in the book placed there to simply get the page number up. I run my material past several trusted aquaintances before my books ever go before the public, and believe me, if I add anything that isn’t directly related to the subject of the book, or which begins to put them to sleep they tell me in no uncertain terms! So you will find that everything you need to know about this subject has been adequately covered by the time you reach the final page.

In other words, you’ll find what you need to know in Claim Your Six Pack Abs, and nothing more.

The content of the book has been broken into 4 core chapters as follows:

Claim Your Six Pack Abs


the truth about six pack abs

Truths You Must Understand If You Are

Ever Going To Lose Your Belly Fat

And Acquire Six Pack Abs

Everyone seems to have their own ideas about how to go about carving out that highly desirable set
of six pack abs. The trouble is, much of what passes for fact on this subject is just plain wrong.

So in the first chapter of Claim Your Six Pack Abs I am going to bust the biggest
out there about how to carve your own set of washboard abdominals. In the process I will teach you
what the truth is and what it is that YOU need to be doing to secure your own shapely physique
that sports a six pack at its center.

One thing is for sure, belly fat is the most stubborn type of fat to get rid of, and if you don’t
understand why it is that you are taking one action rather than another to destroy that
belly fat, then you


be able to do it – no matter how hard you try.

The 10 Greatest Myths about Fat Loss

and Abdominal Shaping

So here is a sneak peak at the ten myths for which I will be exposing the truth so that you can
stop wasting your time and dial into strategies for abdominal shaping that work.

  • Myth #1 – If I lose weight my abdominals will reappear

    Not necessarily. Go about your weight loss the wrong way you’ll be in for
    a big disappointment. This is the one thing that almost everyone
    gets wrong
    , and when they do, it is guaranteed to doom their results
    before they even begin. I’ll make sure you avoid making this critical mistake.

  • Myth #2 – I just need the right ab cruncher to carve my six pack

    There is no shortage of “six pack ab devices” on the market that promise to
    strip the fat from your midsection in just minutes a day. You might even
    have one of these devices tucked away in your closet. I’ll tell you why you can

    switch off the television

    and never bother with another infomercial again.

  • Myth #3 – To lose belly fat requires doing tons of crunches and sit ups

    Really? This idea is so ingrained in the mind of the public that it is no
    wonder people get sidetracked and embark on exactly the wrong exercises to
    trim away belly fat. I’ll explain why your evolutionary history gives this
    form of exercise the thumbs down when it comes to reducing you waistline.

  • Myth #4 – You cannot get lean because of your genetics

    People love excuses. Particularly when it comes time to get to work losing fat,
    which is never easy. But is the “I have a fat gene” excuse at all valid? Or is
    it the case that anyone can learn to burn more fat and slim down, no matter
    what their genetics? Hint: this story has a good ending!

  • Myth #5 – Abdominal muscle is different from regular muscle

    Many people think that abdominal muscle needs to be treated differently
    in the gym, and that the techniques used to grow other muscles on your body
    simply do not apply to the thin sheets of muscle that cover your
    abdomen. I’ll tell you why a routine of high-rep abdominal exercise workouts
    practiced daily are the wrong way to go about building your six pack.

  • Myth #6 – If you have a bad back, training abdominals will worsen it

    Again, not neceassarily. In fact, it may be that the absence of
    abdominal work
    in your training routines is the cause of your
    back pain
    to begin with. I’ll explain why you may want to remedy
    this immediately to ease back pain suffering.

  • Myth #7 – You must eat a low carbohydrate diet

    Carbohydrates are like the body’s source of jet fuel. You need them to
    supply energy for your workouts. And yet carbs are also the primary source of
    the calories your body readily converts into belly fat. Seems like a
    Catch-22… But is it? Maybe, just maybe, you can have your carbohydrates and
    still manage to lose fat…

  • Myth #8 – Hours of “cardio” activity strips the fat like nothing else

    Would you be surprised to learn that all of those people on treadmills at
    your gym are simply spinning their wheels when it comes to fat loss?
    I’ll reveal why cardio is probably the biggest time waster you have
    ever engaged in, and what you should be doing instead to burn more
    calories 24/7

  • Myth #9 – Anyone sporting a six pack has strong abdominal muscles

    The truth is, you don’t need to build abdominal strength if all you
    want to do is show off that impressive-looking ripple of muscle across
    the midsection
    . But building strength in your core has real benefits
    and I’ll explain why it is worth your time…

  • Myth #10 – Crash dieting will reveal your abdominal muscles

    Unfortunately, any drastic reduction in the number of calories you consume
    daily can have the exact opposite effect to the one you are trying to achieve.
    So forget the dieting. I’ll explain why you should never allow yourself
    to go hungry
    if your goal is to peel off those excess pounds of fat.
    In fact, you really want to do the exact opposite

When you have finished this chapter, and you fully appreciate the difference between the myth
and the reality when it comes to shedding fat from your midesction and developing the muscle
that gives it its form, you will be well-prepared for the fat loss tips and the mindset ideas
presented in the chapter that follows.

Claim Your Six Pack Abs


develop your own six pack abs

The Midsection Matters

It would be one thing if adding some weight around the midsection simply meant that your social life might be impaired and you would have to allocate extra money for clothing expenses as your continued to outgrow your jeans. But the potential damage to your health can be quite serious in the long run.

In this chapter I am going to bring you up to speed on the health consequences of carrying around excess belly fat. This is an important motivating factor which a great many people overlook when it comes to embarking on a program of weight loss. It is a big mistake to look into the mirror and judge your need to take action based on the unsightliness of the bulge at your midsection. The real damage is taking place much deeper inside your body, where you cannot see it, and you may never realize it until the day your physician delivers some unwelcome and potentially life-threatening news.

I am also going to show you how to monitor your fat loss progress, so that you can accurately determine how well the plans of action presented in Claim Your Six Pack Abs are working for you. This is also important, because if you cannot see results then the odds are high of you giving up before you have formed healthy eating and exercise habits. Then you are back to square one.

Finally, we are going to look closely at some practical fat loss advice, presented in the form of 5 very detailed tips, each covering several pages of material.

  • Tip #1 – Nutrition Is King

    It is simply not enough to lay into your abdominal crunch routines and expect to see results in 90 days. Building a visible “six pack” is actually critically dependent on the type of nutrition that you are putting into your body. Not surprisingly this is a complex subject, and in this tip I’ll provide you with the bird’s eye view and deliver the most important information you need to be aware of before you set foot again in your kitchen.

  • Tip #2 – Strength Training Workouts Make The Best Fat Burners

    I have already hinted at the idea that you can hang up your aerobics workout footwear if you are really serious about building abdominals that make the opposite sex swoon. The real fat burning exercises are strength training movements that force your body to build muscle. Most people looking to burn fat off their bodies go about it entirely the wrong way in the gym. I’ll show you how to replace the time wasting activities you are doing now with movements that stimulate your body to burn fat even when you are not exercising.

  • Tip #3 – You WILL Be Required To Put Some Effort Into It

    Can you name any rewarding achievement in your life that you strolled into without some effort on your behalf? I cannot – and that is why I feel it is vitally important to understand at the outset that the same holds true for any plan of action you devise to flatten your tummy and bring out the muscularity. But once you get the mindset right, the rest is simply a matter of putting one foot in front of the other to reach your goal. All you need to do is follow my lead…

  • Tip #4 – You Will Be In It For The Long Haul

    Nobody glides on by when it comes to aging. Nature will try to take back your gains over time, which is why you must commit to a sustainable plan to maintain your physique for the long haul. The good news is this is not all that hard to do once you understand the consequences of your eating and exercise habits. Building a long term plan of action is exactly what you’ll have done by the time you have finished reading Claim Your Six Pack Abs.

  • Tip #5 – Do Not Buy Useless Supplements

    Hopefully you already understand that the road to six pack abs is not lined with diet pills or supplements of any kind. Sure, supplements have their place in a well balanced nutritional plan. But they are never going to help you burn excess fat, or do your workouts for you. Instead, I remind you what the essential factors are when it comes to honing your midsection and what your real goals are here.

Claim Your Six Pack Abs


abdominal workouts

Abdominal Exercise Routines

In an earlier chapter you will find that I have covered the topic of full body exercises that are excellent metabolic simulators that help to ensure you burn fat at all hours of the day, and not just while you are exercising. This is a key ingredient to getting your level of body fat down to the level that reveals the muscles and brings out that washborad effect that is the envy of everyone that lays eyes on you.

But in this third chapter of the book I show you how to isolate the abdominals for direct muscle building. In addition, some of the questions we will answer include the following:

  • What do our abdominal muscles really do?
  • How do I strengthen my body core?
  • How do I protect myself from a back injury?
  • How do I work my abdominal muscles indirectly?

After this we will take a careful look at some of the most effective abdominal exercises you can perform to build core muscle. These include:

  • Abdominal crunch – and variations
  • Planck – and variations
  • Vee-sit and hold
  • Abdominal bracing

You will be pleased to learn that you do not have to throw yourself into endless abdominal workouts to show off a tightly defined midsection that ripples with muscle. Many competitive bodybuilders do not do any direct abdominal work, or they do very little, year round. Then just before a competition they will add some of the exercises covered in this chapter to their routine to ensure they squeeze every bit of definition from their “six pack”.

Claim Your Six Pack Abs


fat burner meal

fat burner meal

fat burner meal

fat burner meal

The Fat Burner Eating Plan

You probably do not need to be told that the root cause of your belly fat is that over time you have consumed more food than you needed strictly for energy requirements. So it should be no surprise to discover that you are going to have to modify your eating habits if you hope to trim off those excess pounds of fat.

But unlike a “traditional” diet, where you deprive yourself of the food you love, the Fat Burner Eating Plan that you will learn about in Chapter Four is a more practical approach to weight loss – one that allows you to use food to lose fat.

This chapter of Claim Your Six Pack Abs is probably the most important one in the book, and is by far the largest. In addition to getting specific recipes for fat burner meals, topics covered in this chapter on nutrition include the following:

  • Why the Fat Burner Eating Plan works

    This actually involves two strategies designed to naturally speed up your metabolism and reduce your calorie intake at every meal, usually without eating significantly less than you may be eating right now.

  • The nutritional roles of protein, carbohydrates, and fats

    Once you understand how your body responds to protein, carbohydrates, and fats you will have a much easier time following the guidelines to eating found in the pages of Claim Your Six Pack Abs.

  • Understanding Fast Carbs and Slow Carbs

    People tend to have the idea that carbohydrates make you fat. Some definitely do. But not all carbs are created equal. When you learn the difference between Fast Carbs (bad for you) and Slow Carbs (good for you) your battle with food will be half won. I’ll explain the three factors you need to take into account when selecting carbohydrates for your meals.

  • Understand fiber in your food and how it can help you lose body fat

    We have all heard that fiber is good for us. But why? When it comes to fat loss, the more fiber in your diet, the better. You’ll discover why this is the case and which foods are fiber rich.

  • How you can eat Fast Carbs and still lose weight

    Yes Fast Carbs are responsible for most of the medical problems that plague the developed world. But that doesn’t mean we can’t eat them and avoid the weight gain that usually follows. You just have to know how to go about it.

  • How to make a Fat Burner Meal

    The trick to knowing how to make a meal that promotes fat burning is knowledge of the correct combination of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Not a magic formula, but close!

  • Adding Fat to the Fat Burner Meal

    It is hard to resist the taste that added fat brings to a plate of food. But what are the implications of including it in your meals? I reveal the do’s and the don’t’s of eating fatty foods.

  • Vegetarian Fat Loss Meals

    The principles for making a Fat Burner Meal are fundamentally the same for vegetarians as for anyone else. But there are three factors that vegetarians and vegans need to pay special attention to, and I’ll let you know exactly what they are.

You will find over 50 pages in this chapter devoted to how to put together the Fat Burner Meal and the reasons for doing it this way. What you will discover is that eating for fat loss does not mean you need to eat boring foods or foods that have no taste because you are avoiding fatty foods or those which contain some form of sweetener. Provided you add the right combination of protein, carbohydrates, and fats in most meals you prepare, you will not be giving up too much of the foods you enjoy.

You will even be able to eat the “forbidden” foods on occasion, so that you never need to feel deprived of the enjoyment that comes of eating something truly delicious. But moderation is the key, and once you have mastered the principles of nutrition outlined in Claim Your Six Pack Abs you will never need to go hungry again simply to burn more fat and keep your body lean.

You’ll Also Receive The Following Bonus

If you were to use ALL of the information provided in the Claim Your Six Pack Abs program and implemented its key ideas you would be well on
your way to stripping unwanted fat from your body.

Ultimately you would be able to chisel down to that set of six pack abs that truly distinguishes those who possess optimal health
from those who do not. There is no faking this distinction!

But to help accelerate your results I am going to provide you with the following highly useful bonus
product at NO extra cost to you…

Quadruple Your Workout Efficiency With…

100 healthy raw snacks and treats

Would You Like To Know The

Smallest Exercise Instruction Set

That Still Delivers Stellar Results?

Well, Here It Is!

Many people invest years into working out but get next to NO benefit from doing so. To help you avoid this tragic waste of time and effort so that you can dial in on what really matters when it comes to sculpting the body you deserve I have created The Minimalist Exercise Program. You’ll learn the exercises that allow you to get DOUBLE the workout in HALF the time – effectively quadrupling your results.

Valued At $19 – Included As A Bonus For You

Ready To Begin Reasserting CONTROL Of Your Midsection?

OK, so now you have a pretty good idea of what my Claim Your Six Pack Abs approach
is all about. The next part is up to you. If you want to rediscover your abdominals by mastering
the art of eating right and performing the most efficient workouts for sustainable fat loss,
you know what to do next…

Risk-Free Acceptance Form

claim your six pack abs ebook

green yes icon

YES, Carolyn. I’m ready to for you to show me how to begin stripping
away the fat on my body so that I (and everyone else!) can see my abdominals again.
I want to learn how to approach eating and working out in a way that I can
enjoy, but at the same time see the kind of fat loss results that are going
to have me looking better than ever before and bring me long-term health
benefits. Yup, I am ready for you to show me the way!

Send me my copy of Claim Your Six Pack Abs, an ebook
in PDF format which can be read by any PDF reader such as Adobe Reader, for…

Just $37

Instant Download – Even it It’s 2 A.M.

Order online safely and securely.

100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used.

128 byte encryption

Note: The secure order form on the next page will look like this:

ClickBank order form

guarantee icon

P.S. While I try as hard as possible NOT to make promises on this page,
here’s one you can take to the bank!

If after reading Claim Your Six Pack Abs you still don’t think my book lives
up to the promise, or you are dissatisfied for any reason you can simply
email me to request a prompt refund.

Seriously. If you turn out to be one of the few for whom
“Claim Your Six Pack Abs” just doesn’t strike a cord, then I don’t want your money.

Of course, I have tried hard to over deliver on this product, and I think
when it’s in your hands you’ll agree that I’m almost fanatical in my
dedication to quality, because I know that’s what it takes to
make my clients happy.

Either way, because I use ClickBank to process orders, and because it is their
policy, the refund guarantee is good for a full 60 days.

To Your Lifelong Maintenance Of A Trim Physique,

carolyn hansen signature

Author, Fitness Centre Owner

& National Champion Bodybuilder

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Green Smoothie 7 Day Detox Diet Plan: Lose Weight And Feel Better

Green Smoothie 7 Day Detox Diet Plan: Lose Weight And Feel Better
 Buy Now

7 Day Diet Plan by Green Thickies

My new 7 DAY DIET PLAN will help you reach your ideal weight, dramatically improve your health and gain energy naturally. This diet plan is different to any other diet you have ever done.

Why?  Because it incorporates my invention the Green Thickie which is a full meal Green Smoothie.

Have you heard how green smoothies help you to easily eat more fruit and leafy green goodness?  They do wonders for your health.  I’ve been drinking them for years and they are my secret weapon to sustained weight loss and vibrant health.

Katherine Kyle drinking a Green ThickieThe Green Thickie is a meal replacement green smoothie which ensures you get enough energy to keep you going until your next meal.

And since I started sharing my recipes with you, people keep asking me to help them figure out what else to eat for their other meals so they can lose weight too.

I created the Green Thickie to help me lose my baby weight.  And it worked.

I wanted a healthy breakfast that was quick to make, and quick to eat as I was too busy to sit down for a proper breakfast after I had kids.  The Green Thickie is the perfect healthy meal for extremely busy people who are always on the go.

So, now I have incorporated Green Thickies into a full diet plan to provide everything you need so you can also lose weight and improve your health while limiting the amount of time you spend in the kitchen.



Green Thickies 7 DAY DIET PLAN

I am giving you a calorie counted healthy meal plan with full recipes, essential information, shopping lists and everything you need for the entire week.

You don’t have to buy any supplements, products or speciality foods.  This meal plan is all based around normal ingredients that you can buy at your local store.

My diet is not only delicious, but it will also meet all your nutritional needs from easy to find foods.

But I didn’t stop there.

I made it better than anything else out there by providing you with my secrets for losing weight – and keeping the weight off after you have completed the diet.

I give you easy templates for creating your own healthy meals that will help you to continue lose weight once the week is finished.  I also share my strategies for staying motivated to lose weight in the long term.

One of my core principles is to prepare meals in the easiest and healthiest way possible which is what makes my recipes so popular.  I have applied the same principals to all meals in this book.

I don’t know about you, but if you’re anything like me you’ll have tried every diet system out there trying to either lose a lot of weight, or the last few annoying pounds.

The problem with traditional diets:

  • They are faddy.  They don’t tell you how to eat when you finish the diet so you pile back on any weight you’ve lost and more
  • You often feel hungry during the diets as you just eat fewer processed sugary foods that don’t sustain you
  • They are more focused on weight loss often at the expense of your health leading to nutritional deficiencies and health problems
  • Meals take too long to prepare
  • Special food or pre-packaged meals have to be bought which makes the diet very expensive and leads to dependencies on being able to get hold of these products

What the 7 DAY DIET PLAN can do for you:

  • Kick-start your weight loss

  • Improve your health, with immediately noticeable health benefits
  • Reduce your hunger which helps you stick to the diet
  • Save you time preparing and eating food while still eating unprocessed food

  • Cost saving options helping you to reduce your weekly food bill



Here’s what people are saying about my 7 Day Diet Plan

“The Green Thickies Plan is fantastic. I cannot say enough good things about this. It has changed the way my meat loving husband views whole food smoothies and meals. I am forever grateful. This has changed my life!” Melissa, USA

I thought the book was easy to follow, sensibly laid out and well-illustrated. There was lots of information, plus useful links to other websites and guidance. I think if you were working away from home the idea of being able to take the morning smoothie to work for your lunch is brilliant.” Andrea, UK

“I am impressed by the results. It has been the catalyst to help me return to a vegan diet. I know from past experience that this is very healthy.” James, Northern Ireland

“I didn’t realize how much I blindly reached for snacks until I did this plan! I learned to stop and ask myself if I was actually hungry or just eating out of habit. I got into the habit of drinking water or tea first, and usually that’s all my body actually wanted. And now I dropped 3.5 pounds in a week just from being more aware! I really liked eating greens three meals per day – it made me feel awesome! – and am now going to make that a daily goal. One Thickie divides perfectly into two mason jars: morning and afternoon snack! I’m going to peruse your website for favorites and start incorporating them more regularly into my diet. As an athlete, I have a really hard time finding smoothies that are sustaining for longer than an hour, but the Thickies almost always kept me full until lunch! A sweet potato and a salad make for a very easy lunch.  I’ll definitely go back to this plan whenever I’m feeling off-kilter. It’ll be a great way to get back on track – and in just a week!Maggie, USA



Health Benefits after following the 7 Day Diet Plan

After my testers had finished the 7 DAY DIET PLAN they reported the following benefits:

  • Average weight loss of 3.5lbs  – and one person lost 11lbs!
  • A third of all testers reported increased energy
  • A third of all testers reported reduced cravings
  • A third of all testers reported better sleep
  • Testers reported a variety of other benefits such as reduced hunger, less bloating and reduced insulin intake

What Testers liked most about the diet plan:

  • Convenient layout and having a plan to follow
  • Simple, tasty dinner recipes
  • Delicious Green Thickie recipes



The 7 DAY DIET PLAN includes:

  • Full-colour 90 page ebook diet plan in PDF format
  • Recipes for every meal for 7 days
  • All recipes include a colour photo
  • Suitable for special diets including gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, meat-free, dairy-free, egg-free, oil-free, whole foods, real food, refined sugar-free, unprocessed
  • Options to make everything from scratch or choose faster healthy choices for your recipes
  • Options to choose different types of lunches and pick and mix from evening meals
  • Each recipe serves just one so you can easily start the diet on your own

GreenTHICKIES 7 Day Diet Plan Day 1 Green Thickie

  • Ingredients are all easy to find in most local shops saving you time and money not having to find unusual or expensive food
  • Nutritionally balanced to maximise your vitamin and mineral intake for the week
  • Options for those who want to improve their health but not needing to lose weight
  • Each meal incorporates a high proportion of raw food which has been shown to significantly improve your health and increase your weight loss
  • Explanations on how to use the diet for longer than 7 days which will maximise your weight loss and eliminate more of your health problems
  • Help with avoiding detox symptoms and the difference between detox symptoms and food intolerances
  • Advice for those on a budget to lower the cost of the weekly shop
  • The most important ingredients are explained in more detail so you know how to shop
  • Complete shopping list for the full week to save you time writing out separate lists

GreenTHICKIES 7 Day Diet Plan Shopping List

  • Accessible diet plan for everyone with the most basic food equipment even the cheapest of blenders can create the meals on this diet
  • Travel meal options for those on the go
  • Time saving options for those with little time to cook absolutely everything from scratch but still want to be healthy
  • Full substitutions list for ingredients you can’t eat

GreenTHICKIES 7 Day Diet Plan How to make a Green Thickie

The week’s worth of meals have been calculated to ensure they give you enough calories to sustain you in a healthy way but not too many calories which would stop you losing any weight.

When you complete this diet plan you will be well on your way to creating a leaner, healthier and stronger body in a very short space of time.  This is why you are getting so much value for money when you buy this ebook.

I’m selling this book at such a reasonable price so that I can help as many people as possible to reach their ideal weight and regain their health.

The price of this ebook is just $29

Get it today because there is never a better time to lose weight.  Why put it off any longer than you absolutely have to.  Every pound that you lose will give you more confidence and make you feel much better about reaching your goals.

I am offering this ebook at a reduced rate for a limited time only.  So hurry and get your copy before I put the price back to the original price of $39


This ebook will take the guess work out of losing weight for you.  Now you can incorporate filling green smoothies into a diet plan that is proven to help you lose weight and make an immediate improvement on your health.

If you buy the 7 DAY DIET PLAN today I will give you it at a reduced rate of $29

How much money have you spent eating out in the past?  You’ve paid a lot of money to put the weight on and now for a fraction of the cost of gaining the weight, you can follow the 7 DAY DIET PLAN and learn the secrets to consistent, healthy and convenient weight loss.  Get a copy of this ebook, make some quick healthy meals, lose weight, gain energy and feel so much better about yourself TODAY.

Note: Please remember that this is a paper saving full colour, beautifully designed 90 Page PDF E-book and NOT a Physical Book. It is designed to be used on your electronic devices such as PC, Laptop, Tablet, and Smart Phone.  Printer friendly documents with the important information have been provided to save your paper.  You can view this PDF on any PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat.  This ebook is available for immediate direct download via a link once you buy the product. 

I want to make it as easy for you to lose weight as possible so I have included the following BONUSES:


1. How to get support and avoid failure on your new diet

2. The secret of accountability for weight loss success

3. Secrets for weight loss and weight maintenance in the long term

4. Meal plan templates for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you can continue to lose weight with your favourite foods

5. Printable shopping list

6. Printable recipes to save your paper


The Green Thickies 7 DAY DIET PLAN is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t like smoothies
  • You can’t live without your meat and dairy for a week
  • You want to spend hours preparing complicated and expensive meals
  • You like to sit down for a big breakfast every day
  • You prefer to try the latest faddy diets which leave you feeling hungry and weak

The Green Thickies 7 DAY DIET PLAN IS for you if:

  • You love healthy smoothies which give you more energy and reduce your cravings
  • You want to feel lighter and detox your body by having a break from your existing diet
  • You want to spend less time preparing meals
  • You want to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch quickly or on the go
  • You want to easily lose weight without going hungry

Buy now and begin the 7 DAY DIET PLAN that will start you on the road to recovery and wellness.



Katherine Kyle

Katherine Kyle is the founder of and has turned her life around with the use of filling green smoothies and cleaner eating.

Katherine lost 56 pounds on a green smoothie diet, then lost her excess pregnancy weight after the birth of each of her children by following a Green Thickie diet.

She overcame chronic fatigue syndrome and many other health problems and now leads a full life.

Katherine is so passionate about the changes in her life that she wants to help you have the same success.

Are you willing to make that change?

Before and after photos on the 7 day diet plan for weight loss

Buy the Green Thickie 7 DAY DIET PLAN now for instant results.



If you have any questions about Green Thickies 7 Day Diet Plan, please email Katherine at 

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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The Metabolic Reboot

The Metabolic Reboot
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And that wasn’t just water weight – my waist actually decreased by 1 INCH as well.

The best part?

I’ve kept it off.


It was simple really. After some trial and error on my part, I developed a cycle – this New Way of Eating I’ve been telling you about.

And now that I’ve actually done it – I can’t believe how easy it is.

I simply came up with a Rapid Fat Loss Protocol and combined it with Intermittent Dieting and Voila!…

I’m in total control of my weight!

Of course, I still use exercise as part of that equation.

That’s because the right exercises at the right times in the right doses accelerate your fat loss – kind of like pouring firestarter on your grill. Plus they’re REALLY good for your health – to keep you living longer and doing more of the things you love!

So now I still play basketball – harder than ever – have plenty of energy, and have a smaller waist then I did 20 years ago.

Honestly, I feel great.

Would you like to feel the same way too? 

If so, I’ll tell you more about how you can do that…

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Penis Enlargement Bible #1 Pe Offer On CB – Awesome Epc’s

Penis Enlargement Bible #1 Pe Offer On CB – Awesome Epc’s
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The Penis Enlargement Bible is your guide to the most effective natural penis growth techniques on the planet. If you want to learn how to get MASSIVE growth using only your hands and some readily available natural supplements then read on…

From: John Collins

Hello and welcome! I want to start off by telling you how I discovered these amazing techniques, so you can understand the frustration I had with all the “crap” on the internet.

I went through years of blowing cash. I pissed it away. Not on holidays or a new TV… I blew it on get-a-bigger-YOU-KNOW-WHAT products… Over and over again… I bought one scam after another. I was like a prizefighter getting punched HARD, but being too stupid to hit the deck. SLAP! No growth. SMACK! Money wasted. SLAM! As small as I always was… I felt lost.

I was sick of being ‘had’ by these offers that were to good to be true.

I decided to carve my own path. The last few years of my life have been dedicated to figuring out how to grow the RIGHT WAY. Forget about expensive products that don’t work such as pumps, weights (yikes!) and pills. The methods I developed are producing REAL results, as reported by the over 15,600 men who have purchased the PE Bible.

After I developed and refined these methods I made a promise to help every man who wants to get bigger. To show them how to grow. That’s why I’m here. And that’s why you’re here. We’re at the start of an exciting journey. Stick with it and the results are LIFE-CHANGING.

I’m going to reveal all my secrets. Every single one. And YOU are going to get bigger… A LOT BIGGER.

I am going to teach you the MOST EFFECTIVE ways to increase the size of your penis by 2-4″ in length1, giving you the size and confidence you have always wanted!

Not only am I going to help you get bigger but I’m going to give you the POWER to take a *super-lucky* woman to the bedroom and to make her orgasm. Again… And again. And AHHHHH-gain! 😉 You’ll be a SUPER-STAR lover in 2 MONTHS1… You’ll be Mr. Multiple Orgasm… Duke of Delivering Incredible Sex… King of the Bedroom… If you follow my system, you’ll be a LOVE-MACHINE with a BIG PENIS in virtually no time at all.

I have documented my entire penis enlargement journey in a 94 page eBook that I call, “The Penis Enlargement Bible”. Not to be sacrilegious but my Bible might just have more of an impact on your life than the “good book” ever did! With the help of my PE Bible and the accessory book, The Penis Exercise Guide I am going to walk you through my two-step method to grow between 2 and 4 inches and length and up to 1 inch in girth within just two short months.1

The techniques I am going to teach you are simple but effective.

You can achieve BIG growth from the comfort of your own home using only your hands and some simple natural supplements which will effectively restart the same growth you experienced during puberty.

The techniques outlined in my system have been used by over 5000 men around the world, giving them life changing results that are easy to achieve. You can experience the same growth and the same results – starting today!

You Will Not Find This Program Anywhere Else Online. It Was Created Exclusively By Me Using Proprietary Techniques That Have Been Tested And Refined.

I don’t like liars. Don’t be fooled like I was.

I hate liars in all walks of life. But, pill makers in this industry make my blood boil. (I’ve wasted so much money on devices, cocktails of things, pills, extenders. You name it, I’ve tried it.) The result: No growth. They duped me. They may have duped you too. I wasted a load of money. Never got a cent back. But how did they dupe me?

They told me things that were impossible. “In 4 weeks you can have as many inches of growth.” LIE. Photoshopped photos. LIE. Scammy tales of pills and something else. LIE. They are totally full of you know what.

I now know 4 inches in 4 weeks is impossible. I’ve grown to 9.1″ since using my techniques. I want to help guys. That’s why I do this. I want to turn underdogs like I was, into the best men they can be. I want you to be the best man you can be. I want guys like you and me to grow. I want you to grow too. But here’s the thing:

Growth takes time, but it WILL happen.

Some people just get it. Growth takes time. My system makes biological changes which cause growth again. It’s the exact same process as what happened during puberty. 100% the same. And that’s why it works. I’m very honest about how long it takes. Expect it to take anywhere between 5 and 8 weeks to see real growth.1

Two months is the average. ‘Two months is an age,’ you may think. Two months will be over in the blink of an eye. Ask any of my clients. They’ve had incredible success. Maybe you’ll spend money on ‘quicker’ methods. Fake methods. Methods that will never, in your whole life, cause growth. So, those people who can’t wait two short months for growth should do something now -> LEAVE. Yep, I said it. I can’t help you if you just don’t get it. But, sadly, you’ll probably never grow either. I hope I’m wrong, but I fear you’ll always be the underdog.

I have helped over 15,600 men see REAL results without the use of expensive pills, penis weights, stupid pumps or risky surgery. Natural enlargement is possible and you can start today!

I am so confident in my techniques that I’m offering a 60 Day RISK FREE, 100% money back guarantee!

I’m going to show you actual video testimonials from real users.

I expect this isn’t your first time around the bend looking for a penis enlargement solution. I don’t expect you to take my written word for it. That’s why I have a bunch of case studies of men who have actually used my system… not just written paragraphs from “actual users” like all of the SCAMS on the net. I mean “hear the words straight from their mouth” videos.

Forget about photoshopped pics that have been tampered with. I’m not a fool and I’m certainly not taking you for a fool… I insist on video and audio testimonials so you experience the results with your own eyes and ears. Hell, the only way you’ll see it more clearly is when you see growth on yourself!

Most don’t want to share proof. This is an embarrassing problem. I get that. But some want to share, they want to share their experiences, they want to share their growth. And maybe some want to gloat a little bit because its the first time in their lives that they have something to gloat about! Today, you hear some of those stories in the video below:

The nuts and bolts of penis enlargement:

You may or may not know that your penis is made up of three chambers or (columns of tissue). The two large chambers that run along the bottom are called the Corpora Spongiosus, which make up the underside of the penis and the glands. The Corpora Cavernosa are two chambers of tissue which are located next to each other on the top part of the penis.

An erection is where the large chambers in your penis fill with blood which lead to rapid expansion. The size of your penis is dictated by how much blood the two chambers can hold.

To enlarge your penis there is one thing that we must achieve – to get these chambers to take more blood. The more blood they take, the bigger your penis becomes!

The ‘Two-Step’ method of the Penis Enlargement Bible works on a principle where biochemical’s react with receptors in the penis which were put there so that during puberty your penis would grow. The second step is making the enlargement happen faster by using exercises. Growth happens and your penis can take more blood and the result is a bigger, thicker and more powerful penis. This is explained and demonstrated in detail in the video below.

Our competitors claim that you can grow with exercises alone. That’s a lie. There is another vital component missing from many of the other so called “penis enlargement systems” out there…

Exercising alone can do far more damage than good. Perhaps you have tried exercises before and have seen little or no results. That’s because your body has not been ready to repair itself. What the Penis Enlargement Bible offers is a way for your body to start penis re-growth, like how your penis grew during puberty. The penis exercises included within are supplementary and will help with your growth immensely.

The main aim of the Penis Enlargement Bible is to get as much nutrient-rich blood and oxygen into your penis as possible. This nutrient rich blood will support the cells in your penis to expand and repair as quickly as possible. And just like during puberty, new cells will be created.

Watch this video to discover some of the secrets behind this incredible system:

The Penis Enlargement Bible Will Not Only Increase The Size Of Your Penis, But Improve Your Sexual Performance And Stamina, Giving Your Rock Hard Erections That Last!

Here Are Some Scary Facts For You…

The Average Penis Length Is 6.5 Inches – Are You That Size? If It Is, Are You Happy Being Average?

82% Of Women Say They Wish Their Partner Had A Bigger Penis – Proving Size Really Does Matter!

96.3% of women who are in a relationship with a man they describe as, “The best lover I’ve ever had,” NEVER consider cheating on the partner.

83% of women consider that sex is the MAIN reason for cheating on their spouse.

On average a man ejaculates 2-3 minutes after entering his partner – it takes a women on average 12-14 minutes to orgasm.

Over 46% of women in America have cheated on a partner who they claimed to love.

Over 96% of women admit to having faked an orgasm… Does that make you uncomfortable? Unless you’re 100% certain she’s reaching orgasm, it should make you worried.

Impotence and erectile dysfunction affects 76% of men in their lifetime!

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed With Our Risk Free 100% Money Back 60 Day Refund Policy.

If you’ve ever felt that having a small penis makes you feel like less of a man, then you need to give my system a try.

We have 60 day money back guarantee. Simply request a refund for any reason within 60 days of purchase and you get your money back.

You have nothing to lose and only inches to gain!

I have even MORE to offer you if you ACT NOW…

As if my 94 page “Holy Grail” of Penis Enlargement wasn’t enough, I am going to go ahead and throw in these FREE bonuses to the next 50 34 customers. Act fast because I only have a limited number of bonus books to give away before the authors want me to pull them!

BONUS 1 : The Ultimate Penis Exercise Guide

The Larger Than Life Penis Exercise Guide is a supplement to the PE Bible that will show you, using pictures and words how to perform the required exercises.

Remember, the PE Bible is a two step system that uses biological enhancement and penis exercises together to achieve MASSIVE growth.

Not all exercises are created equal! We recommend the top methods to make sure you succeed on your penis enlargement journey.

BONUS 2 : “What Not To Do” Better Sex Guide

Many men I speak to haven’t had a lot of experience in the bedroom, partly due to their low self confidence or tiny member. The PE Bible is going to change all that.

However, there are many things that “less experienced” men do in bed that might be pleasurable for them, but hated by their female partner.

You don’t want to be labeled as a “bad lay with a big dick” do you? Read this guide and you won’t make these easy mistakes!

So, what is this all going to cost?

Look, I know in this economy money is tight, and I’m going to be truthful with you, I don’t do this for the money. When I first started selling the PE Bible, the first 5,000 or so men paid $97 for it.

I have made it my number one MISSION IN LIFE to spread my penis enlargement techniques to as many unhappy men as I can. Which means I needed to make it as affordable as possible.

I was once in the exact same position you are in right now, looking for a solution to help me grow. It was a rough time in my life that I would rather soon forget, but that experience has allowed me to collect a wealth of knowledge to pass onto men like you!

Just to re-cap, this is what you get:

The Penis Enlargement Bible eBook- $97 Value

The Ultimate Penis Exercise eBook – $25 Value

“What Not To Do” Better Sex eBook – $34 Value

Buy The PE Bible Now For Just $97

Order Before Midnight Tonight And Get Instant Access To The PE Bible Plus Both Bonus Guides For $47, A Savings Of 51% Off Of The Regular Price

That’s right, just $47! But only if you order before midnight tonight.

I want to get as many Penis Enlargement Bibles out to as many men as I can. I have made it my mission in life to spread happiness and joy through male enlargement. Trust me, if you follow my guide you are going to be smiling ear to ear in less than three months from now!

Imagine In Just 2 Months From Now You Can Have A Longer And Fuller Penis And The “Big Man” Confidence To Back It Up

WARNING: This Program Is Only For Men Who Are Serious About Enlarging Their Penis!

If you expect some miraculous growth within a few days of implementing my techniques I recommend that you LEAVE NOW. However, if you are serious about real growth and are willing to follow my guide you will see amazing results within just a couple of months1. The Penis Enlargement Bible is going to make you a bedroom rock star with a big member, but you need to be prepared to put a small amount of time and effort into it.

I’ve put my entire heart and soul into this program, spending years testing, refining and documenting my techniques to help men like you that have a small penis find a natural and affordable solution. I want to help you!

Furthermore, with each purchase, you get my personal email address for support. I am always just an e-mail message away!

I am currently running a special promotional discount on The Penis Enlargement Bible, and have never priced our guide this low and given out so many bonuses, this price won’t stay at $47 for much longer.

All orders guaranteed for 60 days. No questions asked. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

I Guarantee This System Works, Or Your Get Your Money Back! There Is Nothing To Lose And Only Inches To Gain.

I am so confident in my techniques that if you don’t see any results after 60 days (that’s 2 WHOLE MONTHS), I’ll give you every dollar back and you get to keep the Penis Enlargement Bible plus the exclusive bonuses!

After 2 full months, in case you are not satisfied for any reason, you just have to send me an e-mail and I will take care of your refund.

You Have Nothing To Lose And Only Inches To Gain!

This program WILL WORK for you. Unlike many penis enlargement or growth programs available on the internet I back my claims up with real user video testimonials, a 60 day guarantee and a proprietary two step system.

The PE Bible is jam-packed with years of research and helpful information on understanding how to make your penis grow by 2-4 inches in length, up to 1 inch in girth and how to get powerful long lasting erections and sexual stamina to turn you into a bedroom rock star1. My two step system is a simple, practical, and easy-to-do natural program that actually works!

95% Of Men Who Try The Penis Enlargement Bible Are Satisfied With The Results : You Will Be Too, Or Your Money Back.

I can easily sell ‘The Penis Enlargement Bible’ and the bonuses for much more than the price I am asking. However, thanks to the reduced costs involved with doing business on the Internet and my sincere wish to HELP as many men with small penises as I can – I have decided to offer it to you for the small one time fee of $47.

Look at it this way – that cash is a drop in the bucket to be able to boost your self confidence and beat out younger, richer and even more attractive men once the women find out what you are packing!

It’s easy to get started with the enlargement program right away.

The Penis Enlargement Bible Is A Digital eBook which will become available to you INSTANTLY after purchasing the program, even if it’s 1:00 AM! You get immediate online access to the eBook, no waiting and no shipping fees.

The eBook is 100% compatible with all devices and can be viewed on a PC, Mac, Smartphone, iPad or other tablet.

If you have any questions or need tech support after purchasing, simply send me an e-mail and I will respond within 24 hours.

Discreet billing: Your billing statement will show a charge from CLKBANK*COM. No one other than you will know what you’ve purchased.

Every order is 100% confidential & anonymous. There is nothing to ship to your door because all materials are delivered electronically. Your privacy is important to us!

Don’t you owe it to yourself to try the PE Bible today?

You can get start your penis growth journey within a few minutes from now. Just click the “Buy Now” button below…

I’m waiting to help you!

John Collins,

[Contact Me]

P.S. Don’t forget, I’m taking all the risk… If after trying my penis growth methods, you don’t get the same earth shattering results that I did, I’ll refund every penny. What have you got to lose? Try it now!

*1: Increase in penis size data, and duration to achieve such growth has been collected from user feedback from 2009-2012. The top 50% of results were averaged, to determine a growth of 2-4″ of length, 1″ of girth, and a mean time to result of 60 days. These results or the duration to attain them can not be guaranteed, and are only based on prior user experience.

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Cure Erectile Dysfunction – Blue Heron Health News

Cure Erectile Dysfunction – Blue Heron Health News
 Buy Now

…Success 100% Guaranteed!

The simple erectile dysfunction exercises you’re about to discover are so effective almost everyone who uses them regains complete stamina.

…no matter how hopeless your ED may seem at the moment, and even if you’ve tried everything in the past (including prescription medications).

They’re so easy, anyone can use them

It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80, weigh 50 pounds or 500 pounds, you’ll become the sexual marathon man that you deserve to be.

What’s more, everything is so convenient you can practice most of the exercises anywhere, anytime.

Honestly, work on your ED while…

  • Watching TV
  • Surfing the Internet
  • Stopped at a red light
  • Before going to sleep
  • At a meeting
  • On the bus or train
  • Even during sex

…and nobody will ever know what you’re up to, not even your spouse!

Don’t live your life in embarrassment…

Having to beg a doctor for medication every time you want to have sex and plan your love life around a pill is both shameful and humiliating.

The worst part is that prescription medications like VIAGRA®, LEVITRA®, and CIALIS® help less than half of their users.

And, the side effects are horrendous…they even lead to worse erectile dysfunction down the road.

Plus, even in the cases where medications work for awhile, they don’t cure Erectile Dysfunction; they merely deal with the symptom (till they stop working).

On the other hand, the simple erectile dysfunction exercises deal with the underlying causes and therefore help almost everyone who uses them and permanently fix your problem.

In fact, I’m so confident that I claim:

Success 100% Guaranteed!

But I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself. At this moment you’re probably thinking:

How in the world do these exercises work?

I’ll explain that in details in a few moments.

But first, so that you may understand exactly how to do the exercises and how they work, let me tell you who I am and how I discovered this amazing treasure.

My name is Christian Goodman.

Before my semi-retirement, I ran a successful couples therapy practice. I saved more marriages than I can count.

My schedule was so full I had to turn down new clients every day.

Making a long story short, early in my career, I noticed that one of the main issues couples brought up were sexual issues – most often Erectile Dysfunction.

That’s why I know exactly what you’re feeling

Never in my life have I witnessed as many strong, skilled men who were completely broken down emotionally as I did then.

Like I imagine you right now, their self-confidence was shattered in pieces. They were full of shame and hopelessness and felt completely isolated and alone.

Oftentimes, this had been going on for a long while and at this point they were avoiding sex altogether because they knew it wasn’t going to work.

The men were unhappy, the women unsatisfied and divorce was on the table.

More than 41.6% of men over 40 suffer some level of Erectile Dysfunction. And the problem grows worse the older you get.

Most people (and doctors) think that medications are the only solution. This is, however, far from the truth.

Only 1/3rd can be helped using prescription medication.

The side effects of all these Erectile Dysfunction medications are horrendous. Maybe the worst side effect is permanent impotence that can’t be treated in any way.

If you don’t believe me, listen carefully next time you see a VIAGRA® advertisement on TV. They’re obligated to list all the side effects at the end of the ad (and still leave some out).

You can’t imagine the number of men seeking my help who have in the past (often with the support of their doctor) used prescription Erectile Dysfunction medications, which made their cases much worse in the long haul.

Fortunately, I’m most often able to help them!

This is because Erectile Dysfunction isn’t really as complicated a condition as the greedy drug-makers want you to think.

Here is how erection works:

  1. Your penis gets hard when more blood flows into it than out of it!
  2. The blood is pumped into the penis through small arteries and leaks out of it through veins.
  3. All Erectile Dysfunction drugs are based on increasing blood flow into the genital area or decreasing the drain out.

This is exactly what the simple Erectile Dysfunction exercises I’m about to teach you do.

These are the exact exercises I successfully tested and tried to perfection with the help hundreds of in-office clients throughout years.

Clients who today, confidently enjoy

passionate lovemaking without complications…

…and so can you!

Because after thousands of feedbacks from my clients on what worked best and how to make things more practical and easier, and changing and tweaking the exercises accordingly, I can honestly say that almost everyone who uses these exercises gains 100% of their old stamina back.

Just think how thrilled you’ll be when you bring old flack’s rock-hard-power back.

Your erection becomes stronger, bigger and lasting for longer than you’ve experienced for years… maybe ever!

The pride your newfound stamina brings you boosts your self-confidence and makes you feel young and full of life and energy again.

Nothing Can Stop You Now!

And it doesn’t take much effort to bring you back to your previous glory (although it does, of course, depend a little on how far you’re gone).

You see, the main reason for lack of blood flow into the penis is caused by tension in small muscles (called PC muscles) surrounding the genital area. This tension restricts the blood flow into the genital area.

If you’re at early or middle stages of Erectile Dysfunction, doing special PC muscle exercises that I’ve successfully developed and taught hundreds of clients should be enough to regain the strong stamina you once had.

The PC exercises are completely invisible and can be practiced literally anywhere, anytime without anyone around you noticing.

Not even your spouse has to know.

5 Minutes/Day of Invisible PC Muscle Exercises

and You’ll Feel an Amazing Change in Your Erection in a Week

But once you experience the amazing affects of the first set of exercises, you’ll probably want to take things to an even higher level.

That’s why I’ll also teach you shockingly powerful pelvic release exercises. These exercises loosen up the hip and pelvic area, which often squeeze the arteries leading to the legs and genitals.

You’ll literally feel the blood rush down into the previously deadened genital area. It’s quite a thrill when you experience this area coming to life again.

In addition to that, I’ll teach you old, secret Lama exercises designed to increase the blood circulation throughout the whole body (more on them in a bit).

All in all, these exercises take around 20 minutes and will completely cure any kind of physical Erectile Dysfunction.

But How About If Your Erectile Dysfunction

Is More Emotional Than Physical?

Most men experience some level of emotional Erectile Dysfunction.

The rule of thumb is that if you wake up frequently with a full erection (3-5 times/week) but still can’t gain full erection during intercourse, the problem is more emotional than physical.

This often happens for a short period of time when you’re under a lot of stress or experiencing a traumatic situation. It’s normal and usually nothing to worry about.

However, it becomes a serious issue if your problem continues after the stressful period ends. In that case, the emotional Erectile Dysfunction has become chronic.

Most cases of Erectile Dysfunction are blend of both physical and emotional.

No Worries, Because Emotional Erectile Dysfunction Is Even Easier to Deal With Than Physical

Easy, you ask!

Yes, companies that make billions every year on magical sex pills don’t want you to know how easy erection problems are to overcome. It’s their business to blindfold you.

But it is easy and I’m letting the pussycat out on this one.

Because in the Erectile Mastery Program, I’ve included directions for three types of easy, simple emotional release Erection Dysfunction exercises:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Mental exercises
  • Awareness exercises

These exercises have, just like the physical exercises, been tested, tweaked, improved and proven throughout the years, by hundreds of clients to completely reverse emotional caused Erectile Dysfunction.

So no matter what the main underlying cause for your problem is, you can rest assured that your tool will yet again work as well as a tractor-trailer within days.

Can you imagine how self-confident you’ll be once you have your sexual performance back? All doors will open up for you.

So What Exactly Will You Receive?

The only program in the world designed to completely overcome Erectile Dysfunction using nothing but simple, easy exercises.

All together you’ll receive direction for 31 of the most powerful Erectile Dysfunction exercises ever created.

This includes:

– Four PC muscle exercises – specifically designed to increase the blood flow into the penis and prevent leaking out. There are other PC exercises out there but none have been developed for this specific purpose. The best part is you can practice these exercises anywhere, anytime. Nobody will ever have to know you’re doing them, not even your spouse.

– Four pelvic release exercises. Because the tension around the pelvis and hip always restrains blood flow to the genital area. You’ll feel the rush of energy running there again.

– Five secret Lama exercises only taught in a special secret society in the beginning of the 19th century, and believed to hold the key to eternal youth. The fact is, they’re extremely powerful to improve whole body blood circulation. This doesn’t just heal your erectile dysfunction; you’ll experience new surges of energy you didn’t think you had any more.

– Three powerful breathing exercises. Breathing effectively is the most powerful way to release stress and tension. These specific breathing exercises are, however, the only ones ever developed specifically for stress causing Erectile Dysfunction. Feel lighter, happier and harder within a few minutes.

– Six mental and emotional release exercises. These are the exact exercises I taught my in-office clients when I diagnosed emotional tension the main cause for their erectile dysfunction. Many men told me they felt immediate difference after doing these exercises only once. And so will you.

– Nine mystical awareness exercises. These are exercises that can be done alone or with your partner. They make you last longer and eventually you have complete control of how long time you make love. Finally, you’re in the cockpit of your love life.

All these exercises are extremely easy and simple to practice. None of them requires you to be in any kind of physical shape.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80, weigh 50 or 500 pounds, you’ll benefit just as much.

Of course, I’ll lead you step-by-step in how to choose the exact exercises you need based on your personal case, and how much time you want to invest. So you’ll get the results you want as quickly as possible.

Most men only have to put aside 5-10 minutes a day for these exercises and you can do most of them while involved in other activities.

So you can rest assured that you’ll be banging your lady like you did when you were 25, ASAP.

Think of her eyes popping out as she asks you: “What in the world happened?”

And all this won’t break your bank!

So How Much Does All This Cost?

Remember that I’m giving you my life’s work. Thousands of hours of analyzing and testing the exercises went into it, working with hundreds of couples who participated.

Each session in my office used to go for $150.00 – and most couples came in for ten sessions or more.

Even worse… I simply didn’t have the time in the day to help everyone who wanted it.

That’s why I finally developed this guide because it’s just as easy for you to learn it from a guide instead of shamefully going to a clinical office.

And you can do it from the privacy of your home.

For the Fraction of the Price

What’s more…

You’re completely curing your Erectile Dysfunction. The only real alternative is taking prescription medications like VIAGRA®, LEVITRA®, AND CIALIS®.

These prescriptions go for $100-500/pack and most insurance won’t cover it.

But that’s not the worst part. Unlike my exercises that are guaranteed to work for you, prescription medications only help around 1/3 of the users.

Just think about it. Why take drugs that probably won’t help? They always cause serious side effects and sometimes even make problems worse down the road.

Plus, even if they work for awhile, they don’t CURE you like the Erectile Mastery exercises do. You’re dependant on these pills for the rest of your life.

Not to mention that having to beg a doctor for medication every time you want to have sex and plan your love life around a pill is both shameful and humiliating.

My advisors, therefore, tell me that I shouldn’t give this program away for less than $250.00.

But that’s not what you’ll have to pay.

Not even $200, $150 or $100

I sincerely want you to have this program, to cure your erectile dysfunction and to regain the happy love life you and your partner deserve.

That’s why if you click the order link today and secure your copy of the Erectile Mastery, I’ll guarantee you the one price of only $49.

That’s all you’ll ever pay. No repeated or backend cost. But hurry, because I can’t promise this price will last.

Because you’re not just getting a guide, program or a good deal. No, you’re getting a guarantee that you’ll succeed in gaining back the old feeling you used to have.

Because I’m backing you up with:

No Question Asked

– 100% Success –

Money Back Guarantee!

What this means is that if at any point you are not completely thrilled with the program, just send us ONE email through our contact form (contact us here…) and the highly trained support team at Blue Heron Health News will issue you an immediate, full refund.

You don’t even have to tell us why you want the refund.

I know some people will take advantage of this generous offer. They’ll buy the program and then immediately ask for their money back.

Because I want YOU to feel completely confident to purchase the Erectile Mastery Program and again get the rock-hard-erection that you used to have.

Just imagine how you’re going to feel when after only a few days of using the exercises (or even as soon as tonight) you’ll again be rock hard inside of her… and stay hard till the end!

Think about the love and surprise in her face when she realizes that her man is back.

I’ve worked with some of the most hopeless possible cases of Erectile Dysfunction you could imagine. And I know if they could do it, so can you.

Click the order link below and immediately upon completing your order, you’ll be redirected to the Member’s area where you download the program in PDF format.

There is no waiting for things in the mail or receiving an embarrassing package, so you can begin working on your powerful erection within minutes from now.

You may even feel a major difference immediately today!

There is nothing to lose because everything is 100% money back-guaranteed. And if you have any questions or need help, the qualified support team of Blue Heron Health News and I are here to answer your emails 24/7.

Warm regards,


P.S. , You can practice the exercises anytime, anywhere. Most of them are completely invisible so nobody has to know what you’re doing… not even your spouse.

And you download them in PDF immediately after completing your order. You can download to your computer or tablet, learn them online or print them out. So there is no waiting for shipping or receiving an embarrassing package. And you can experience a boost in erection as soon as today.

P.P.S. , You’re not taking any risk because everything is 100% full success money back-guaranteed. If you, at any time, are not completely thrilled about your order, just send us ONE email and we’ll refund you in full.

P.P.P.S. , Remember that the only realistic alternative to these exercises are prescription medications such as VIAGRA®, LEVITRA®, and CIALIS® that only work for 1/3 of males and carry loads of side effects (sometimes worsening Erectile Dysfunction down the road). These medications only mask the symptoms for a while but do not permanently heal erectile dysfunction like the Erectile Mastery exercises do.

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Carb Cycling For Weight Loss

Carb Cycling For Weight Loss
 Buy Now

Discover How To Eat Carbs and Still Lose Weight – FAST!

Dear friend,

If you are looking for the most effective diet plan to lose
weight FAST, so you could look great and fit into your old
favorite pair of jeans that are 2 sizes down WITHOUT sacrificing
your favorite carbohydrate-rich food… then, this is the most
important news for you today!

Yes… I know how good ketogenic and paleo diets are…

But are you 100% prepared to eliminate all the carb-rich food
such as rice, potatoes…even your favourite ice-cream and
french-fries from your diet?

What if you don’t have to put on full-restrictions on your diet?

What if you can still enjoy your favourite carb-rich meals and
still lose weight at the same time?

Would you be interested?

Truth is… It’s all about ‘Timing’

But before I share the secrets with you, you probably heard
that in order to lose weight:

You need to go on a strict diet or an extreme exercise routine

Well, it’s true that you need to go on a diet and commit to
an exercise routine to lose weight. But, not everyone has the
willpower and determination to undergo a “strict” dieting
system. Some may be able to do it 1-2 weeks. But, when they
slack, they could easily go back to their old eating habits
and even put on more weight than before! – Like a rubber-band

Secondly, not everyone could follow a hard-core exercise
program either. Maybe because they’re too busy, their body
weight is taking too much toll on them, or they’re under
specific conditions where they can’t really sweat much (e.g.
serious case of eczema).

The good news is, there’s a way for you to lose weight fast —
without having to undergo a strict diet or crazy exercise
routine. Now you can finally lose weight and get your dream
body without killing yourself.

Mark your calendar today…

That’s because today is going to be the important turning point
in your life. You’re about to discover the “Secret Weapon” of
the world’s top athletes or bodybuilders use to achieve their
best physique in the fastest & safest way possible… all
without compromising their athletic capabilities.

…and you don’t even have to train at that level to reap the same

You’re about to learn one of the best diet strategies to help
you achieve your dream physique as quickly as possible (and it
doesn’t have to be years!).

These strategies helped me to be in my best shape, lose weight
fast, and help me break through multiple weight loss plateaus.

Your frustration ends here.


How To Start Living A Legendary Life

“Carb Cycling For Weight Loss” is the ultimate diet guide for
those who want to lose weight fast, boost athletic performance,
or break through their weight loss plateau. Carb Cycling is not
just another fad diet. It is known as the “Secret Weapon” by a
number of the world’s top athletes & bodybuilders to get in
their best physical condition FAST. On top of that, carb cycling
comes with other crucial health benefits such as preventing
diabetes, controlling a balanced hormonal level, improving
energy levels…and more!

This diet blueprint reveals everything you need to know about
Carb Cycling: How to get started with carb cycling, core
benefits & implementation strategies, carb cycling protocols
to follow, sample 7 day carb cycling meal plan… and all the tips
& tricks to get the best results out of this diet!

If you’re looking for the fastest way to lose weight, get in
your best shape ever and overcome the fat loss plateau… then
this blueprint is what you have been searching for.

Here are the things you will discover in this transformational

What is carb cycling and how can it get you in shape.

How to use carb cycling to burn fat & build muscle.

Who can benefit from carb cycling.

The basics of embarking on a carb cycling regime.

The differences between keto and carb cycling.

What you can and can’t eat on a carb cycling diet.

How to change your attitude for the better.

How carb cycling can promote weight loss.

The other benefits of carb cycling beyond weight loss.

The important things to remember when trying out carb

Top tips for getting started with a carb cycling eating plan.

This is the Golden Key for those who want to:

Lose weight in the safest & controlled manner

Burn stubborn belly fats

Break the weight-loss plateau

Improve overall athletic performance

Build lean muscles effectively without gaining too much fat

Improve muscle recovery in order to train longer with higher

Optimize physical performance

Live a longer & healthier life

Look good, feel good with the dream body!

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What is The Carb Cycling for Weight Loss?
“Carb Cycling For Weight Loss” is the
ultimate diet guide for those who want to lose weight fast,
boost athletic performance, or break through their weight loss
plateau. Carb Cycling is not just another fad diet. It is known
as the “Secret Weapon” by a number of the world’s top athletes
& bodybuilders to get in their best physical condition FAST.
On top of that, carb cycling comes with other crucial health
benefits such as preventing diabetes, controlling a balanced
hormonal level, improving energy levels…and more!

This diet blueprint reveals everything you need to know about
Carb Cycling: How to get started with carb cycling, core
benefits & implementation strategies, carb cycling protocols
to follow, sample 7 day carb cycling meal plan… and all the tips
& tricks to get the best results out of this diet!

If you’re looking for the fastest way to lose weight, get in
your best shape ever and overcome the fat loss plateau… then
this blueprint is what you have been searching for.

What is included inside Carb Cycling for Weight Loss?
You will get everything you need to know to
get started on Carb Cycling:

●What is carb cycling and how can it get you in shape.

● How to use carb cycling to burn fat & build muscle.

● Who can benefit from carb cycling.

● The basics of embarking on a carb cycling regime.

● The differences between keto and carb cycling.

● What you can and can’t eat on a carb cycling diet.

● How to change your attitude for the better.

● How carb cycling can promote weight loss.

● The other benefits of carb cycling beyond weight loss.

● The important things to remember when trying out carb cycling.

● Top tips for getting started with a carb cycling eating plan.

Who is The Carb Cycling for Weight Loss for?
This guide is for people who want to:

● Burn stubborn belly fats

● Break the weight-loss plateau

● Improve overall athletic performance

● Build lean muscles effectively without gaining too much fat

● Improve muscle recovery in order to train longer with higher

● Optimize physical performance

● Live a longer & healthier life

● Look good, feel good with the dream body!

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