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Auto-coaching : Overcome Your Premature_ejaculation

Auto-coaching : Overcome Your Premature_ejaculation
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You think your life will change if you overcome your problem? True! But do not forget that it’s your problem which seems more likely to disappear if you change your life.

You have to introduce some fundamental changes into your daily life and habits, into your couple and environment, into your spirit and even your nutrition.

But don’t think it’s complicated until you try it! Premature ejaculation is in your head and to overcome it you need to fix what’s in your head.

In order to proceed efficiently against the problem, you need to tackle it from the best corner without spoiling any time or effort. This way, you will be able to achieve efficient and lasting results.

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Penis Enlargement Exercise Program

Penis Enlargement Exercise Program
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World-Renowned Penis Enlargement Expert Unveils the Fastest Way to
PERMANENTLY Increase Your Penis Size!

Discover the 2-Phase “P.C.” Sequence that FORCES Your Penis to Grow Up to 2” In Length &
1” In Girth In Just 91 DaysBacked by Our 67-Day, 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee!

Over 2,315 men used these techniques to naturally and permanently enlarge their penis
WITHOUT useless pumps, painful surgeries or dangerous weights.

You’re about to see how they did it, and how you can do it too!

From the desk of AJ Alfaro-Monday 5th June, 2020

Dear Friend,

I’m excited to show you how you could permanently increase your penis size up to 2” in length and 1” girth in just 91 days or less.

I’ve done it myself.

And over the past 22 years I’ve helped thousands of clients do the same:

“I went from 5” erect length and 4” erect girth to
7.5” length and 5.5! girth!


“I went from 5.75” inches erect length to
7.9” inches of erect length.”


“The difference is far more than I expected.
Over a 4 inch jump in length when it’s soft, and over two inches hard. I highly recommend this!”


“It has come the point where my
growth is
too much for my girlfriend


(Results not typical.)

And you’re about to see how you can naturally enlarge your penis…

WITHOUT strenuously “milking” or “jelqing” …

WITHOUT worthless pumps …

WITHOUT costly surgeries … &

WITHOUT any scary weights !

And best of all …

You Could See Measurable

Results In Just 2 Weeks!

The simple techniques you’re about to learn have succeeded in helping many men rapidly increase their penis size, safely and naturally.

There’s no surgery involved.

And you could start seeing permanent results in as little as 2 weeks!

“Two months of hanging did not produce any increased length, but following your program has in less than two weeks


“I added one inch in less than three weeks!


With 2 to 3 weeks I went from an erect girth of 5.5 to a full 6 and erect length of 6 to 6.5


“She noticed right away … my flaccid length has
gained ¼ inches in less than a week!


Now you’re about to see WHY the 2-Phase “P.C.” Sequence is so effective and how it works.

The 2-Phase “P.C.” Sequence

FORCES Your Penis to Grow Naturally

The 2-Phase “P.C.” Sequence is a unique combination of successful techniques for natural and RAPID penis enlargement.

And in just 91 days you could permanently increase your penis size up to 2” in length and 1” in girth.

But before I show you all the details, allow me to quickly introduce myself.

My name is AJ and I’m a male enlargement coach.

I help men naturally increase their penis size using effective techniques that safely FORCE penis growth.

And over the span of +18 years I’ve helped over 2,315 men grow up to 2” in length and 1” inch girth.

But you see, I didn’t start out as an enlargement coach.

In fact, back in 1996, I started out as a bodybuilding coach looking for ways to enlarge my own penis.

And although the internet was in its infancy, I still spent countless hours researching forums, news groups, and bulletin boards devouring ANY information I could get my hands on.

Featured in Popular Magazines and Scientific Journals

AJ “Big Al” Alfaro has been featured in a growing selection of journals and popular

periodicals such as

Men’s Health, Playboy, MSNBC.

Eventually, I came to the realization…

All of the PROVEN penis enlargement techniques were VERY similar to the bodybuilding principles I was already teaching my clients.

So I combined what I knew about muscle building with the various penis enlargement techniques I had discovered in my research.

Then I spent well over a year experimenting on myself.

Countless hours testing, experimenting and then documenting my results.

Some of the techniques didn’t work at all.

Some hurt like hell.

And some were downright dangerous.

But eventually, through a combination of techniques & movements I had discovered, combined and tested, my penis began to grow.

And after gaining 2” in length and 1” in girth, the results spoke for themselves!

I Never Intended To Be A

“Penis Enlargement Expert”

To be completely honest, when I started my research, I had never intended to share my results with anyone.

Heck, what guy wants to tell his grandma he’s a “Penis Enlargement Expert”!

But after successfully enlarging MY penis I started noticing more and more advertisements for expensive penis enlargement surgeries and other bizarre contraptions in my favorite men’s magazines.

And companies don’t spend a fortune on magazine ads over and over unless people are interested.

So I decided it was time to share my penis enlargement methods.

I started with my current bodybuilding clients.

But I was still too shy to straight up ask them if they wanted a bigger penis.

So to start, I put together a simple ebook outlining the techniques I had used myself and subtly offered it as a free bonus with a bodybuilding book I was selling at the time.

And then something interesting happened …

Then I found that lots of guys were buying my bodybuilding ebook JUST to get the free Penis Enlargement Bonus eBook.

And before you know it, everyday I’m getting emails from guys that start with…

“I heard you’re the guy to go to if I want a bigger penis!”

The writing was on the wall 🙂

Whether I had intended to or not, I was a penis enlargement expert!

So I continued to further my education and research.

And in 2003 I officially started my professional male enlargement coaching practice.

Since then, I’ve helped over 2,315 men naturally increase their penis size up to 2” in length and 1” in girth.

And that’s why I GUARANTEE you can do it too – with the new

2-Phase “P.C.” System.

Increase Your Penis Size Naturally

Up to 2” in Length & 1” in Girth GUARANTEED!

So here’s the deal…

The 2-Phase “P.C.” Sequence is a radical new Progressive Compound Sequence that

FORCES natural penis growth.

This special sequence could help grow your penis up to 2” in length and 1” in girth in just 91 days.

It’s a unique combination using 7 enlargement techniques based on 61 of my clients who experienced the GREATEST size gains in the SHORTEST amount of time.

The sequence is simple and my clients have found it to be safe.

It ONLY takes 20 minutes from start to finish.

And requires only your hands, some lube and a small towel.

You only have to do it 3 to 4 times a week to grow your penis naturally.

And there’s no pumps or weights required.

Best of all, you could start seeing measurable results in just 2 weeks …

backed by our risk-free, 100% money-back, 67-day refund guarantee!

Get Instant Access When You Claim Your

Lifetime Membership to the PE Method Today!

With a lifetime PE Method membership you’ll have unlimited access to ALL of my most successful exercises, routines and custom sequences through an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly platform.

Each course is readily available on high-quality, professionally filmed videos.

And when you sign up for the PE Method today, you’ll get instant access to the 2-Phase “P.C.” Sequence.

So you can start growing your penis up to 2” in length and 1” in girth in the next 91 days.

And you could start showing-off measurable results in just 2 weeks…

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED … or I’ll refund 100% of your money-back for up to 67 Days!

The PE Method is the Ultimate Male

Enhancement Training Platform

Let me be clear…

The PE Method is NOT a list of random penis exercises you can find on the internet.

The PE Method is NOT an old, out-dated “enlargement” book with no new information.

The PE Method is NOT just about penis enlargement.

You sete, when I first started coaching, most guys just wanted a larger penis.

But today, many of my personal clients are seeking help with other sexual problems

Sexual problems like erectile dysfunction … premature ejaculation … sexual anxiety and more.

So after helping my clients achieve their size goals (both length & girth), I help them overcome these other sexual issues too.

I do this by creating custom routines similar to the 2-Phase “P.C.” Sequence, but each of these routines addresses a specific problem.

And I’ve included the MOST-EFFECTIVE routines on the PE Method training platform at no extra cost.

These specialized routines are designed to help you dramatically improve your …

  • Improve Your Erection Quality
  • Improve Your Ejaculatory Timing
  • Improve Your Overall Sexual Performance

Just take a look at the success my

clients have enjoyed…

“Your exercises have given me a rock-hard erection (which my wife has appreciated) and total control of ejaculation timing


“My EQ (Erection Quality) has gone up higher
than ever!”


Unbelievable stamina. ..I decide when I come or not”


“Sex last night was the
best I ever had


And you can get the same results by following the simple, short and effective routines…

  • WITHOUT “jelqing” …
  • WITHOUT worthless pumps …
  • WITHOUT costly surgeries … &
  • WITHOUT hanging any weights !

And it’s ONLY available with a Lifetime PE Method subscription!

You Get My Most Time-Tested SECRETS for Rapidly
Enlarging Your Penis, Boosting Performance &

SKY-ROCKETING Your Sexual Confidence!

Are you ready to rapidly grow your penis naturally and permanently?

With your Lifetime PE Method membership, you get unlimited access to the radical new 2-Phase “P.C.” Sequence.

That’s where you’ll learn how to:

FORCE your penis to grow naturally (up to 2” length and 1” girth) in just 91 days
Start seeing measurable results in just 2 weeks

You’ll also discover other effective enlargement secrets like:

What to do BEFORE every training session to maximize penis growth
Learn the RIGHT way to measure your penis (Most guys are clueless and THIS is one reason guys “don’t see” any gains)
Learn how to permanently “Cement” your gains to keep your new size for a lifetime
Discover how to continue growing your penis naturally until you’ve reached your desired shape and size!

But your Lifetime PE Method membership just keeps getting better!

Once you’re happy with your penis size, continue advancing your sexual performance.

Because you’ll have access to many more ways to increase your erection quality, improve bedroom performance and explode your sexual confidence.

Easy, fun and practical male-enhancement secrets like:

A sneaky little “trick” you can do DURING SEX that helps you last longer and perform better in bed!
An ancient technique originally used to help WOMEN with bladder issues that could RAPIDLY accelerates natural penis growth!
The most effective exercise for improving your erection hardness and stamina
How to easily have much better control over your ejaculations simply by strengthening THIS muscle … it’s not only FUN to do … it FEELS GREAT too!
And MANY more little-known SECRETS for growing your penis, improving your performance and SKY-ROCKETING your sexual confidence!
How to rapidly improve your erection quality without creams, devices or drugs
EXPLODE your sexual confidence
And much, MUCH more!

You don’t risk a penny when you claim your Lifetime PE Method membership today.

I want you to explore this dynamic male enhancement training platform for yourself, before deciding if the PE Method is right for you.

Once you register, you’ll have a FULL 67 days to view exclusive content not available anywhere else online.

You could start growing your penis with the 2-Phase “P.C.” sequence and see measurable results in just 2 weeks.

Get Unlimited LIFETIME Access to the PE Method

WITHOUT Paying the Annual Subscription Fee

Just to recap, everything that you get with your PE Method membership today…

The Ultimate Male Enhancement Training Platform

With Your Lifetime PEMethod Membership you get instant, 24-hour access to…

Big Al’s Brand-New Enlargement Course
The 2-Phase “P.C.” Sequence

Grow up to 2” in Length & 1” in Girth

In Just 91 Days!

  • Exclusive Progressive Compound Sequence
  • 2 Phases for Two Stages of Penis Growth
  • 7 Rapid Enlargement Techniques
  • Results in as little as 2 weeks!





Grow Your Penis to Your Desired Shape & Size!

ULTRA Advanced Enlargement Routine





MAXIMUM Erection

Quality Training




Enjoy More Pleasurable Multiple Orgasms

MASTER Multiple Male Orgasm Training




Stopping this ONE Habit can


Penis Growth

Dealing with

Porn Addiction




Enhance Your Gains & Sexual Performance with Proven Natural Formulas from VigRX

$25 Gift Card to VigRX






*Upon completion of your order you will be emailed a step by step by step process to establish your unique and private account with PEMethod.

The PE Method is usually an annual subscription.

It costs $197 every year to be a member.

But today, to celebrate the revealing of the 2-Phase “P.C.” Sequence I want to offer you a $100 discount.

That would make your total membership cost only $97!

But it’s been my mission since day one to help as many people as I can with the knowledge have.

So I want to make you a VERY special offer.

If you subscribe within the next 24-hours, I’ll give you a LIFETIME Membership to the PE Method for ONLY $97!

I hope you can see why I’m only making it available for the next 24 hours.

You’re getting access to ALL of my best routines, techniques and secrets I’ve honed and perfected over the past +18 years.

Get Your LIFETIME Membership to

The PE Method for Only 1 Small Payment of $97!

If you subscribe to the PE Method in the next 24-hours you’ll NEVER make another payment again.


Once this timer reaches ZERO you’ll have to pay full price.

And you’ll have to pay full price every year after that.

Don’t let this amazing opportunity slip away!

HURRY! Time Is Limited


*Upon completion of your order you will be emailed a step by step by step process to establish your unique and private account with PEMethod.

Remember, growing your penis naturally with the PE Method is fun and effective.

You can try the PE Method RISK free for a full 67 days.

Once you log-in to your personal account, you’ll have instant access to the radical new 2-Phase “P.C.” Sequence that forces your penis to grow naturally up to 2” in length and 1” in girth in just 91 days.

And you could start seeing results in just 2 weeks.

But I encourage you to continue training for up to 67 days to decide whether the PE Method is right for you.

And as you keep working to make your penis grow measurably bigger…

And you’re working to achieve harder, stronger, longer-lasting erections with greater control…

You’ll be happy you decided to get your LIFETIME Membership to the PE Method for just a small one-time payment.

“I am pretty dog-gone happy!

I have reached

my goal of 7 inches early!


It’s an amazing feeling of confidence to know you are well-hung”


“I have sex with my wife much more than we used to.”


“It was the greatest feeling when she buried her head in the pillow and screamed 🙂

My lack of confidence has been sexually diminished


Now it’s your turn to enjoy these results using the same time-tested techniques.

Join the PE Method and finally get the penis you’re happy and confident about.

Yes! I Want a LIFETIME Membership to the

PE Method for just 1 Small Payment of $97!

*Upon completion of your order you will be emailed a step by step by step process to establish your unique and private account with PEMethod.

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Claim Your Six Pack Abs

Claim Your Six Pack Abs
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Not Just Any Plan, Mind You. We Think We Have THE Plan.
The One To Rid You Of The Annoying Belly Fat Which Constantly
Reminds You That, Somewhere Along The Way, You Lost
Control Of Your Body
. Yes, We Know How Much That Sucks.
We Know – And We’re Making It Our Job To Put You BACK in
Control. And We’re Good At That!

From The Desk Of Carolyn Hansen (Certified Fitness Instructor)

Hello, my name is Carolyn Hansen and my book Claim Your Six Pack Abs is the culmination of a great deal of thought on my part as to why it is that people seem to have such difficulty today maintaining that athletic look that youth normally provides us with, but which age slowly robs from us as the years pass.

I don’t think it needs to be that way. In fact, I KNOW that it does not have to be that way, and this page of mine is dedicated to explaining why I believe that to be the case. I will also be pointing out what it is that you need to do so that you too can rid yourself of belly fat for good, the way I have done.

I have been a fitness professional now for more than three decades, and I have read probably every piece of advice there is out there on how to slim down and strip away the annoying layer of fat around the midsection that separates the average-looking Joe (or Josephine) from the show stopper with the body that has the opposite sex unable to take their eyes off them when they enter a room.

The truth is, you don’t need six pack abs to take over a social scene this way, or to improve your health to such an extent that your risk for chronic health conditions falls away dramatically. But in Claim Your Six Pack Abs I am going to show you how to go about getting that body anyway.

If you really want that body there is nothing stopping you from having it. All you need is a proper fat loss blueprint to guide you, and that’s something I can provide you with.

But before we get into all that, there is something I want to address about the nature of this product, just so that you will know exactly what it is that I am putting into your hands, which is a very powerful tool to realize a flat tummy, or even those highly desired washboard abdominals for those willing to put in the extra effort to achieve this.

Here Is What This Waistline Reduction System Is NOT

I want to take a moment before I tell you what Claim Your Six Pack Abs is about to impress upon you what it is not. I feel I need to do this because one of the main goals for the book is to teach you how to burn fat more efficiently by modifying your eating habits and to increase your metabolism through exercise, which will cause you to burn more calories over a greater part of the day than you are currently doing now. So, regardless of what else it might be said to be, the book IS a fat loss instrument.

Because of this I think it is necessary to point out that there are a great many bogus weight loss sites online today, but this is not one of them. It is unfortunate, but these sites make it really difficult for the consumer to form an objective judgement about what is realistic and what is not when it comes to expectations about what a weight loss product can do for them.

ftc redflag bogus weight loss sites
The problem is so rampant that the Federal Trade Commission dedicates time and resources to alerting the public on what to look out for with these sites. They even have a highly detailed and useful downloadable PDF document entitled Red Flag Bogus Weight Loss Claims that I encourage you to check out. In a nutshell, be on the lookout for sites that claim you can easily reduce your body weight by more than about a pound a day, and keep it off for good, without embarking on a strenuous physical activity program and cutting calories from your diet.

By the way, you will find no such claims on this page. I can help you to lose weight, and the only thing I rely on to get the job done is my knowledge of how the human body responds to nutrition and exercise.

My feeling is that the majority of these bogus weight loss sites are very likely run by people who have never seen the inside of a gym, let alone spent any real time trying to figure out what works when it comes to trying to lose weight effectively. Well, I am of a different cut entirely.

carolyn hansen in gym

A snapshot of me in one of my gyms.

No. I walk the talk, as they say. I currently run a highly successful Anytime Fitness center and I see five hundred clients stream into my gymnasium every day.

These clients of mine get the same advice from me that I am about to give you, and many of them are happy to pay me $150 per hour for a one-on-one consultation, because they know that when it comes to getting their weight under control I always deliver the kind of results they were hoping for. In fact, many of them pay between $2,000 to $3,000 to receive the kind of information that I have outlined for you in Claim Your Six Pack Abs.

It is my business to know what works and what does not when it comes to improving your health by increasing the quality of the food you eat and the effectiveness of your workout routines. In fact, I have earned a reputation as a no-nonsense health and fitness practitioner, and even garnered a little fame for myself by picking up a national level bodybuilding championship title along the way. In short, when it comes to the human body, and our pursuit of better health and a more perfect form, I have made it my job to know what I am talking about.

Can I Really Have Washboard Abs?

You absolutely CAN have that impressive set of washboard ripples on your midesction, if that’s what you want. Not all of those wonderful physiques you see on the late night infomercials are airbrushed onto the screen. Real people do possess those tight midsections!

woman with washboard abdominals
Not many, granted, but then very few people understand just what it takes to hone your body into a fat burning machine that automatically trims itself into the shape you want. The good news is that by the time you have finished reading Claim Your Six Pack Abs you will understand exactly what is required to get you to that point.

Of course, not everyone has a burning desire to be able to turn heads whenever they go out in public.

Most people I have interacted with over the years are perfectly happy just to be able to simply flatten their tummy and reclaim the body that was theirs just ten years earlier. You see, with every decade that passes as we advance beyond the age of about thirty, we lose around 10 percent of our muscle mass – mainly due to inactivity. We just get lazy.

The problem with this is that muscle is the primary fat-burning tissue in our body. As we lose it, we lose the capacity to convert calories into instantly usable forms of energy, and instead those same calories end up around our midsection as that annoying layer of fat that has you increasingly wondering where it all went wrong.

Luckily, this state of affairs has very little in general to do with genetics or any other form of influence over your body that may be out of your control. Instead, it mostly boils down to the nutrition you select each day, and the physical habits. (or lack of them) that you have established. You would be surprised at just how mis-informed most people are about how their body works and the reasons why their physical state has deteriorated so rapidly…

What Happens If I Ignore My Belly Fat?

Oh, the one thing you do not want to do is ignore your belly fat. When you do, bad things like this can happen:

obese man in profile

Fat around your midsection is one of the first indicators that you have let your health slip. In fact, physicians acknowledge that there is a very high correlation between long-held belly fat and the incidence of chronic health conditions in later life, like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and hardening of the arteries.

Belly fat is actually quite insidious. It will wrap itself around organs and release toxic chemicals which can damage the heart and blood vessels. Anyone who has been sedentary for long enough most likely has this fat deep inside them and they will not even know it as it does not show on the bathroom scales and only an MRI can detect it. You cannot see that fat directly, but the tell tale bulge at the midsection is a dead giveaway as to the problems that may be lurking beneath…

So there is a very good reason why the opposite sex instinctively shuns a potential partner who displays an accumulation of fat around the midsection. It is a behavior that has been programmed into our genes by countless generations of sexual selection, which is the favoring of physical and behavioral traits in our partners that maximize the likelihood that we will produce healthy children whose parents will be around long enough to ensure they survive to adulthood.

simulated prehistoric valentines symbols
Now, it is true that real accumulation of fat around the midsection is likely a development that has only truly taken hold in our species in the last few hundred years.

But evolution has never lacked unfit individuals upon whom to work its cruel math of selection, better known as “survival of the fittest”. We are programmed to respond favorably to members of the opposite sex who are fit to reproduce, and that generally means they are fit in the physical sense as well.

You Can Resist Nature’s Programmed Obsolescence (Of You!)

Nature actually gives us a break, and does its best to ensure that during the years when we are at the peak of our sexual desires and sexual performance that we are also in the best physical shape of our lives. But as we move away from the “preferred” age of reproduction, which is around 20 or so years of age, and move into our thirties and beyond, our bodies have effectively “served their reproductive purpose” and nature begins to turn its back on us – especially as we pass the age of about forty, the time when our children have grown into adulthood and no longer rely upon us for their survival.

It is from this point on that, if we want to stick around for as long as possible, we need to take actions into our own hands and do everything we can to ward off the debilitating effects of aging – our built-in program for obsolescence. Seeing your total muscle mass decline, only to be replaced with fatty tissue around the midsection, well this is just the beginning of a long slide into a state of physical atrophy that all of us should logically want to postpone for as long as humanly possible.

I know I want to avoid this, and I am pretty darn sure you do too.

This is why Claim Your Six Pack Abs has been designed to help you fight the war against bodily attrition, by teaching you how to put into effect a plan of action that has the potential to deliver the kind of physique that really is highly prized by all, and whose physical signature is characterized by a flat stomach that retains it’s taut appearance even as you move into middle age and beyond.

I think this is a more than worthy goal, and it is why I am proud to present to you the book that captures everything I know about this subject:

So, What’s Inside Claim Your Six Pack Abs?

Listen, I know that getting yourself into the kind of shape that is required to flatten your tummy, and bring out the muscularity that truly showcases your midsection is hard work. But it is a heck of a lot harder if you simply do not understand what it is that you are trying to do, nor how to go about getting the kind of results you are really looking to achieve. That is why I have put this guide together.

I want to fast-track you for fat-loss success, and get you doing ONLY the things you need to do. I do not want to see you waste your time and then give up a few weeks into the program because it all just seems so hopeless. You’ve probably been down that road before. You don’t need to repeat it.

So I have worked hard to ensure that you will understand the core principles relating to fat loss and its application to thinning out your midsection. Much of the advice revolves around the idea of elevating your metabolism, so that your body will burn more calories over the course of a day than it currently does now. In the end you will realize that the basic ideas are very easy to understand, but due to the large amount of misinformation that it out there on fat loss it is hard not to become confused by it all.

All up, Claim Your Six Pack Abs contains a little more than 100 pages of content. You will not find any extraneous material in the book placed there to simply get the page number up. I run my material past several trusted aquaintances before my books ever go before the public, and believe me, if I add anything that isn’t directly related to the subject of the book, or which begins to put them to sleep they tell me in no uncertain terms! So you will find that everything you need to know about this subject has been adequately covered by the time you reach the final page.

In other words, you’ll find what you need to know in Claim Your Six Pack Abs, and nothing more.

The content of the book has been broken into 4 core chapters as follows:

Claim Your Six Pack Abs


the truth about six pack abs

Truths You Must Understand If You Are

Ever Going To Lose Your Belly Fat

And Acquire Six Pack Abs

Everyone seems to have their own ideas about how to go about carving out that highly desirable set
of six pack abs. The trouble is, much of what passes for fact on this subject is just plain wrong.

So in the first chapter of Claim Your Six Pack Abs I am going to bust the biggest
out there about how to carve your own set of washboard abdominals. In the process I will teach you
what the truth is and what it is that YOU need to be doing to secure your own shapely physique
that sports a six pack at its center.

One thing is for sure, belly fat is the most stubborn type of fat to get rid of, and if you don’t
understand why it is that you are taking one action rather than another to destroy that
belly fat, then you


be able to do it – no matter how hard you try.

The 10 Greatest Myths about Fat Loss

and Abdominal Shaping

So here is a sneak peak at the ten myths for which I will be exposing the truth so that you can
stop wasting your time and dial into strategies for abdominal shaping that work.

  • Myth #1 – If I lose weight my abdominals will reappear

    Not necessarily. Go about your weight loss the wrong way you’ll be in for
    a big disappointment. This is the one thing that almost everyone
    gets wrong
    , and when they do, it is guaranteed to doom their results
    before they even begin. I’ll make sure you avoid making this critical mistake.

  • Myth #2 – I just need the right ab cruncher to carve my six pack

    There is no shortage of “six pack ab devices” on the market that promise to
    strip the fat from your midsection in just minutes a day. You might even
    have one of these devices tucked away in your closet. I’ll tell you why you can

    switch off the television

    and never bother with another infomercial again.

  • Myth #3 – To lose belly fat requires doing tons of crunches and sit ups

    Really? This idea is so ingrained in the mind of the public that it is no
    wonder people get sidetracked and embark on exactly the wrong exercises to
    trim away belly fat. I’ll explain why your evolutionary history gives this
    form of exercise the thumbs down when it comes to reducing you waistline.

  • Myth #4 – You cannot get lean because of your genetics

    People love excuses. Particularly when it comes time to get to work losing fat,
    which is never easy. But is the “I have a fat gene” excuse at all valid? Or is
    it the case that anyone can learn to burn more fat and slim down, no matter
    what their genetics? Hint: this story has a good ending!

  • Myth #5 – Abdominal muscle is different from regular muscle

    Many people think that abdominal muscle needs to be treated differently
    in the gym, and that the techniques used to grow other muscles on your body
    simply do not apply to the thin sheets of muscle that cover your
    abdomen. I’ll tell you why a routine of high-rep abdominal exercise workouts
    practiced daily are the wrong way to go about building your six pack.

  • Myth #6 – If you have a bad back, training abdominals will worsen it

    Again, not neceassarily. In fact, it may be that the absence of
    abdominal work
    in your training routines is the cause of your
    back pain
    to begin with. I’ll explain why you may want to remedy
    this immediately to ease back pain suffering.

  • Myth #7 – You must eat a low carbohydrate diet

    Carbohydrates are like the body’s source of jet fuel. You need them to
    supply energy for your workouts. And yet carbs are also the primary source of
    the calories your body readily converts into belly fat. Seems like a
    Catch-22… But is it? Maybe, just maybe, you can have your carbohydrates and
    still manage to lose fat…

  • Myth #8 – Hours of “cardio” activity strips the fat like nothing else

    Would you be surprised to learn that all of those people on treadmills at
    your gym are simply spinning their wheels when it comes to fat loss?
    I’ll reveal why cardio is probably the biggest time waster you have
    ever engaged in, and what you should be doing instead to burn more
    calories 24/7

  • Myth #9 – Anyone sporting a six pack has strong abdominal muscles

    The truth is, you don’t need to build abdominal strength if all you
    want to do is show off that impressive-looking ripple of muscle across
    the midsection
    . But building strength in your core has real benefits
    and I’ll explain why it is worth your time…

  • Myth #10 – Crash dieting will reveal your abdominal muscles

    Unfortunately, any drastic reduction in the number of calories you consume
    daily can have the exact opposite effect to the one you are trying to achieve.
    So forget the dieting. I’ll explain why you should never allow yourself
    to go hungry
    if your goal is to peel off those excess pounds of fat.
    In fact, you really want to do the exact opposite

When you have finished this chapter, and you fully appreciate the difference between the myth
and the reality when it comes to shedding fat from your midesction and developing the muscle
that gives it its form, you will be well-prepared for the fat loss tips and the mindset ideas
presented in the chapter that follows.

Claim Your Six Pack Abs


develop your own six pack abs

The Midsection Matters

It would be one thing if adding some weight around the midsection simply meant that your social life might be impaired and you would have to allocate extra money for clothing expenses as your continued to outgrow your jeans. But the potential damage to your health can be quite serious in the long run.

In this chapter I am going to bring you up to speed on the health consequences of carrying around excess belly fat. This is an important motivating factor which a great many people overlook when it comes to embarking on a program of weight loss. It is a big mistake to look into the mirror and judge your need to take action based on the unsightliness of the bulge at your midsection. The real damage is taking place much deeper inside your body, where you cannot see it, and you may never realize it until the day your physician delivers some unwelcome and potentially life-threatening news.

I am also going to show you how to monitor your fat loss progress, so that you can accurately determine how well the plans of action presented in Claim Your Six Pack Abs are working for you. This is also important, because if you cannot see results then the odds are high of you giving up before you have formed healthy eating and exercise habits. Then you are back to square one.

Finally, we are going to look closely at some practical fat loss advice, presented in the form of 5 very detailed tips, each covering several pages of material.

  • Tip #1 – Nutrition Is King

    It is simply not enough to lay into your abdominal crunch routines and expect to see results in 90 days. Building a visible “six pack” is actually critically dependent on the type of nutrition that you are putting into your body. Not surprisingly this is a complex subject, and in this tip I’ll provide you with the bird’s eye view and deliver the most important information you need to be aware of before you set foot again in your kitchen.

  • Tip #2 – Strength Training Workouts Make The Best Fat Burners

    I have already hinted at the idea that you can hang up your aerobics workout footwear if you are really serious about building abdominals that make the opposite sex swoon. The real fat burning exercises are strength training movements that force your body to build muscle. Most people looking to burn fat off their bodies go about it entirely the wrong way in the gym. I’ll show you how to replace the time wasting activities you are doing now with movements that stimulate your body to burn fat even when you are not exercising.

  • Tip #3 – You WILL Be Required To Put Some Effort Into It

    Can you name any rewarding achievement in your life that you strolled into without some effort on your behalf? I cannot – and that is why I feel it is vitally important to understand at the outset that the same holds true for any plan of action you devise to flatten your tummy and bring out the muscularity. But once you get the mindset right, the rest is simply a matter of putting one foot in front of the other to reach your goal. All you need to do is follow my lead…

  • Tip #4 – You Will Be In It For The Long Haul

    Nobody glides on by when it comes to aging. Nature will try to take back your gains over time, which is why you must commit to a sustainable plan to maintain your physique for the long haul. The good news is this is not all that hard to do once you understand the consequences of your eating and exercise habits. Building a long term plan of action is exactly what you’ll have done by the time you have finished reading Claim Your Six Pack Abs.

  • Tip #5 – Do Not Buy Useless Supplements

    Hopefully you already understand that the road to six pack abs is not lined with diet pills or supplements of any kind. Sure, supplements have their place in a well balanced nutritional plan. But they are never going to help you burn excess fat, or do your workouts for you. Instead, I remind you what the essential factors are when it comes to honing your midsection and what your real goals are here.

Claim Your Six Pack Abs


abdominal workouts

Abdominal Exercise Routines

In an earlier chapter you will find that I have covered the topic of full body exercises that are excellent metabolic simulators that help to ensure you burn fat at all hours of the day, and not just while you are exercising. This is a key ingredient to getting your level of body fat down to the level that reveals the muscles and brings out that washborad effect that is the envy of everyone that lays eyes on you.

But in this third chapter of the book I show you how to isolate the abdominals for direct muscle building. In addition, some of the questions we will answer include the following:

  • What do our abdominal muscles really do?
  • How do I strengthen my body core?
  • How do I protect myself from a back injury?
  • How do I work my abdominal muscles indirectly?

After this we will take a careful look at some of the most effective abdominal exercises you can perform to build core muscle. These include:

  • Abdominal crunch – and variations
  • Planck – and variations
  • Vee-sit and hold
  • Abdominal bracing

You will be pleased to learn that you do not have to throw yourself into endless abdominal workouts to show off a tightly defined midsection that ripples with muscle. Many competitive bodybuilders do not do any direct abdominal work, or they do very little, year round. Then just before a competition they will add some of the exercises covered in this chapter to their routine to ensure they squeeze every bit of definition from their “six pack”.

Claim Your Six Pack Abs


fat burner meal

fat burner meal

fat burner meal

fat burner meal

The Fat Burner Eating Plan

You probably do not need to be told that the root cause of your belly fat is that over time you have consumed more food than you needed strictly for energy requirements. So it should be no surprise to discover that you are going to have to modify your eating habits if you hope to trim off those excess pounds of fat.

But unlike a “traditional” diet, where you deprive yourself of the food you love, the Fat Burner Eating Plan that you will learn about in Chapter Four is a more practical approach to weight loss – one that allows you to use food to lose fat.

This chapter of Claim Your Six Pack Abs is probably the most important one in the book, and is by far the largest. In addition to getting specific recipes for fat burner meals, topics covered in this chapter on nutrition include the following:

  • Why the Fat Burner Eating Plan works

    This actually involves two strategies designed to naturally speed up your metabolism and reduce your calorie intake at every meal, usually without eating significantly less than you may be eating right now.

  • The nutritional roles of protein, carbohydrates, and fats

    Once you understand how your body responds to protein, carbohydrates, and fats you will have a much easier time following the guidelines to eating found in the pages of Claim Your Six Pack Abs.

  • Understanding Fast Carbs and Slow Carbs

    People tend to have the idea that carbohydrates make you fat. Some definitely do. But not all carbs are created equal. When you learn the difference between Fast Carbs (bad for you) and Slow Carbs (good for you) your battle with food will be half won. I’ll explain the three factors you need to take into account when selecting carbohydrates for your meals.

  • Understand fiber in your food and how it can help you lose body fat

    We have all heard that fiber is good for us. But why? When it comes to fat loss, the more fiber in your diet, the better. You’ll discover why this is the case and which foods are fiber rich.

  • How you can eat Fast Carbs and still lose weight

    Yes Fast Carbs are responsible for most of the medical problems that plague the developed world. But that doesn’t mean we can’t eat them and avoid the weight gain that usually follows. You just have to know how to go about it.

  • How to make a Fat Burner Meal

    The trick to knowing how to make a meal that promotes fat burning is knowledge of the correct combination of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Not a magic formula, but close!

  • Adding Fat to the Fat Burner Meal

    It is hard to resist the taste that added fat brings to a plate of food. But what are the implications of including it in your meals? I reveal the do’s and the don’t’s of eating fatty foods.

  • Vegetarian Fat Loss Meals

    The principles for making a Fat Burner Meal are fundamentally the same for vegetarians as for anyone else. But there are three factors that vegetarians and vegans need to pay special attention to, and I’ll let you know exactly what they are.

You will find over 50 pages in this chapter devoted to how to put together the Fat Burner Meal and the reasons for doing it this way. What you will discover is that eating for fat loss does not mean you need to eat boring foods or foods that have no taste because you are avoiding fatty foods or those which contain some form of sweetener. Provided you add the right combination of protein, carbohydrates, and fats in most meals you prepare, you will not be giving up too much of the foods you enjoy.

You will even be able to eat the “forbidden” foods on occasion, so that you never need to feel deprived of the enjoyment that comes of eating something truly delicious. But moderation is the key, and once you have mastered the principles of nutrition outlined in Claim Your Six Pack Abs you will never need to go hungry again simply to burn more fat and keep your body lean.

You’ll Also Receive The Following Bonus

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Ultimately you would be able to chisel down to that set of six pack abs that truly distinguishes those who possess optimal health
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But to help accelerate your results I am going to provide you with the following highly useful bonus
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Ready To Begin Reasserting CONTROL Of Your Midsection?

OK, so now you have a pretty good idea of what my Claim Your Six Pack Abs approach
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the art of eating right and performing the most efficient workouts for sustainable fat loss,
you know what to do next…

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Seriously. If you turn out to be one of the few for whom
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Of course, I have tried hard to over deliver on this product, and I think
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Either way, because I use ClickBank to process orders, and because it is their
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My doctor wanted to increase the dose of ED pills or put me on testosterone gels, but after reading some horror stories about men who got sudden strokes and heart attacks from these treatments, I turned his offer down…

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They’d been chatting with text messages for the past couple of months…

First of all, it was fairly innocent stuff about work and then…

Recently, Stefano started to text her compliments about how pretty she looked in the office that day…

And scrolling back through the messages I saw one that froze my blood


A week earlier, he’d been trying to persuade Laura to join him on a work trip to Mexico in a month or two…

I’d love to spend some time with you out there…and it’d be good for your career prospects…he wrote.

All you have to do is say yes and you’ll get the green light…

She replied that it sounded great and she would think about it…

Reading this it felt like my guts had gone through a meat grinder

I only had weeks before my wife went to Mexico and this younger, attractive and successful Italian stud who could surely perform in bed would hit on her there…

And with her impotent, useless husband at home…considering how frustrated she was after a full year without sex…

How could she refuse such an offer?

I felt a sudden flash of panic and I locked myself in a room upstairs for 30 minutes, my heart pounding …

And minutes later, when my mind became clearer I knew I had 3 choices…

  1. I could do nothing, let my wife go to Mexico and sleep with this guy, hope that the divorce would be amicable and wouldn’t affect my family too much…and dating other women after this would be pointless…I’d be finished as a man.
  2. I could complain and cry to anyone that’d listen to my sob story about how ED ruined my life and it was all big pharma’s fault…and my penis would still stay limp forever…
  3. Or I could fight this thing…and NEVER give up until I found the solution, until I got my good hard erections back and saved my marriage…

And this is what I decided to do that morning. From that day on, I was never going to be a victim again…

I felt a renewed determination that day and a desire to go out and take this on…

And it came from a most unusual source…

I work in logistics and supply chain as an inventory manager and we had our annual corporate event from our suppliers coming up the next week…

This time they’d invited us to Las Vegas…

And even if I was worried about leaving my wife alone I had no choice…

Now, as a family guy I don’t usually party much when I visit Vegas…

And I didn’t intend to this time either but sure enough, the first night I found myself out drinking with some suppliers who I’d never met before…

It was group of guys including one older gent named Tom whose beautiful young wife seemed devoted to him…

As the night progressed and we moved from bar to bar…I got talking to Tom and his attractive wife, who looked like she was from Asia….

He told me he was 75, although he looked closer to 60, and he kept working because he loved his job…

He also supplied pharma companies and doctors with supply chain equipment….

In fact, he met his wife Wendi through work when she was a researcher for a big pharma company…

His wife looked to be in her 40s and very pretty…so obviously this guy was doing something right…

As we retired for the night we were surprised to find our hotel rooms were next to each other…

I wished my new friends good night and went straight to sleep…

But I was woken 1 hour later by some loud lovemaking noises coming from next door…

And she was moaning so loudly it felt like the whole hotel was shaking…

Not to mention the bed slamming on the walls so hard it felt like they were going to cave in…

After about an hour and what sounded like Wendi having at least 5 orgasms it finally subsided and I was able to sleep…

Only to be woken at 7am the next day to hear more loud lovemaking…

Wow…I said to myself.

75 years old and banging away like that, he must have some secret…

And I headed down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast…

As I was finishing up my coffee…Wendi came in to the restaurant on her own and smiled at me.


Hey Jon, do you mind if I sit with you? She asked

Tom went off for an early meeting with his clients…

She sat down and smiled warmly at me…she was very beautiful.

I’m sorry if we woke you last night…she said.

Tom has so much energy and we have a great love life.

We just want to have all the fun we can.

She was very warm and friendly with me so I joked with her…

I’ve gotta say, for a guy who’s 75 that’s pretty impressive…

Well Jon, when Tom and I met and we were falling in love, was worried about not being able to satisfy me in bed long-term and he wasn’t getting any younger. She replied.

I told him what I’m now going to tell you…

She said, mysteriously…

…and if every man knew this one simple thing that Tom does every morning to get himself as hard as a rock every day…

There’d be almost no man alive with erection problems and the ED industry wouldn’t exist, she added…

She looked at me as I sat there open-mouthed and seemed to understand by my dumbfounded facial expression that I needed help with my own erections…

You see Jon…she said.

Men are trying so hard these days to get firm erections and fix their ED but they’re doing it all wrong.

Let me explain and I promise I won’t get to technical with you…

When you get aroused, your brain sends a signal to pump blood down the pipe and into your penis fast…and to do this, it needs to relax this tiny muscle called the smooth muscle which sits just above your penis and acts as the valve to your penis blood vessels…

The blood can only flow into your penis when this smooth muscle valve relaxes…

The smooth muscle then traps the blood inside the blood chambers in your penis.

When it traps the blood inside, it expands the tissue of the penis, engorging it and causing it to become hard. This is what an erection is.

When this smooth muscle valve works fine, you can get and stay hard easily, no matter your age.

When it doesn’t work right you simply cannot get erect no matter what you do. Or maybe you get semi-erect or lose your erection after a few minutes.

Imagine you’re blowing up a balloon for your kid. Well, you’ll never blow that balloon up if the air keeps on escaping will you? No matter how much air you blow in, the air escapes.

It’s the same with your erection.

When your smooth muscle valve isn’t working, even if the blood pumps in, it escapes from your penis right after.

Meaning no matter how good your circulation is or how high your testosterone is, you’ll never stay hard.

At best, your penis will get semi-hard for a few minutes.

The good news is when you fix the smooth muscle – the valve – with this 60 second penis-hardening formula I’m about to give you, it’ll be like pumping air super-fast into the balloon and trapping it in there.

You’ll pump the blood fast into your penis and keep it inside, creating pressure and…

And why does this smooth muscle stop working in the first place? I asked her.

The reason the smooth muscle fails to function right in about so many men these days is down to something called oxidative stress, a condition that attacks tiny hormones called androgens inside the smooth muscle, making it impossible to trap the blood inside your penis.


This is what prevents 95% of men from getting and staying hard. She told me

Oxidative stress is what happens when there’s a build-up of toxins in one area and often it can inflame your muscle tissue.

When this happens, you can only get hard for a short time or you get semi-hard at best…

Or as the smooth muscle’s condition worsens, you fail to get erect and you become completely impotent…she explained.

And that is the number 1 cause of ED in men, Jon. It’s not what most men think.

It’s NOT your blood circulation and it’s not even low testosterone…

Sure, those things can be helpful, but unless you address the oxidative stress that attacks your smooth muscle, you’ll never get real hard erections…she told me…

So why do men get this oxidative stress that attacks the smooth muscle? I asked her, super curious by now.

Well, there’s one toxic chemical that causes the oxidative stress that’s attacking the smooth muscle which causes it to malfunction and fail…

It’s a chemical called phthalates and it attacks tiny hormones called androgens which your smooth muscle valve needs to function.

You’ll find phthalates in plastic food wrapping, containers and even common cosmetics.

There are a couple of other chemicals such as BPA, BPS and Dioxin that do similar damage.

And these chemicals are also present in foods that the male health industry tells us to eat every day.

Then she said…

Spinach for example, contains super high levels of toxins that can attack and destroy your erection directly.

Then she told me about a study by the Environmental Working Group that tested and found huge levels of deadly pesticide toxins in regular spinach.

I felt cheated as I’d been reading on every male health website that spinach would help my erection when in reality it was destroying it

These chemicals are linked to hormone changes, lower sperm count, obesity, diabetes and thyroid irregularities…she added.

How do you know all this? I asked her.

I was a researcher for the makers of the biggest ED drugs on the market for 12 years, she told me.

I know exactly how these erectile drugs work, and the mechanism they involve.

What ED drugs do for you is temporarily jumpstart the smooth muscle – the valve – for an hour or two. That’s the only effect they have.

Your blood is then able to pump into your penis and it gets trapped in there…meaning a man can get a temporary erection

But when the effect wears off…your smooth muscle stops working again…

Is it true that before the 1970s almost no man suffered from ED? I asked her.

Well Jon, you have a point, she replied.

Use of the toxic chemicals that inflame and disrupt your smooth muscle were dramatically increased during the 1980s…which is why in the 90s men suddenly started suffering from ED at much higher rates…and that’s why Viagra was such a success.

But before that time, men like your grandfather NEVER or rarely suffered from ED. And even right into old age, they could get hard and perform without any problem.

Half of guys over 40 are getting ED without any explanation from their doctors…you don’t hear much about it in the media because it’s considered taboo…

Even guys in their 20s are getting severe ED.

Now let me ask you, did you ever hear about your friends getting erectile dysfunction when you were in your 20s?

I had to admit that erection problems in your 20s were unheard of back when I was that age. It was ridiculous to even imagine it. We could all get hard on command.

Well, now record numbers of guys in their teens and 20s are getting ED. She said. And it’s all because of this toxic chemical attacking their smooth muscle.

Her theory made sense to me but I was still a little skeptical…

So why is it only some of us men suffer from ED when others don’t? I asked her.

Some men can’t remove this toxin from their bodies as fast as others…she replied.

Meaning higher traces of the chemical circulate freely in the blood and attack the smooth muscle…

Remember, These Chemicals Are Brand-New Substances To Our Bodies And We Haven’t All Evolved To Process Them Yet…

Look, it’s NOT your fault.

Chemical conglomerates have basically bribed the government to be allowed to use their polluting chemicals that cause ED in millions of unsuspecting men…

And pharma companies are right in on this racket and want to keep this golden goose alive…she said…

They’ve worked with chemical companies and lobbied behind the scenes to keep these nasty substances legal too…

Because they know as long as they do, it’ll mean they make billions from guys buying their pills to get hard.

Together, they’ve created their own world where millions of men suffer from ED so they can sell drugs to them and make a fortune.

This is why I quit the corrupt pharma world and became a nutritionist instead…she said.

Now, if you want to fix the root cause of your ED naturally, you can do it in a few days or weeks…but there’s one condition: you’ll have to listen to what I say and do what I tell you…

I nodded in agreement. After all, what choice did I have?

Here’s the deal Jon…she said.

ED drug manufacturers base their mechanism on a weird fungus from the Himalayan mountains in Tibet…

They didn’t invent the formula themselves…because it exists in nature.

They copied the formula and DNA from this fungus and used it to manufacture their own pills…

It’s an erection remedy that Tibetan men have used for centuries which explains why in Tibet, impotence levels are the lowest in the world.

I felt excited to know there was a natural substance that would harden my erection out there…

Then to my disappointment she added…

Unfortunately, this Tibetan fungus is very rare… it’s almost extinct…

However, we were able to reproduce the formula to have an even more potent effect on the erection by using nothing more than a mixture of herbs, enzymes and foods…she said

The effects of ED drugs and the Tibetan fungus can be surprisingly easily replicated using these natural foods, enzymes and herbs in the right quantities…

We studied this 5 years ago and tested it out extensively on nearly 10,000 ED sufferers..

My Husband Tom Blends These Herbs And Foods Into A Drink He Calls His Hard Wood Tonic That Takes Only 60 Seconds To Make.

This Hard Wood Tonic targets and eradicates the root cause of ED in men – the harmful toxin that disrupts your smooth muscle – it does this with a unique blend of flavonoids, or plant chemicals, that reverse oxidative damage.

And it increases levels of a super important gas in your blood that’s essential for hard erections…she told me.

This gas is called Nitric Oxide and when you increase it, you repair damage to your beaten down blood vessels and enhance your blood flow throughout your entire body…

Meaning this potent natural tonic sends a torrent of nutrient-rich blood to your penis about 15 minutes after drinking it…

With your smooth muscle functioning again, it can trap the blood inside your penile chambers…causing your manhood to blow up like a balloon…

She smiled as if remembering her husband’s hard erection from that morning.

I have the ingredients for this tonic Jon, and…it may surprise you but you can find most of them at your local grocery store…

The only thing you need to do is combine them in the right quantities…which I’ll show you.

She winked at me and said: when you take the tonic every morning you’ll see what I mean…


That afternoon, Wendi emailed me the 30-page guide of tonic recipes…

First, I had to drink the main tonic daily, the Hard Wood Tonic as they called it…

And were 5 powerful tonics in total, as well as 5 teas I could make if I was busy and needed to get an extra boost to my erection…a total of 10 potent erection-boosting tonics…

She’d added a few pages including some simple nutritional rules I should follow to get best results including avoiding some foods she called erection-killers…

And what stunned me was to see some of these erection-killing foods were promoted as healthy in the media, such as spinach…

To tell you the truth I was unsure this would work…

I’d been looking for natural ways to get fix my ED for several years…how could I have missed this?

But when I told Wendi about my doubts she told me not to worry because it was the special ratio of foods, enzymes and herbs that would rapidly harden my erection

The foods contained high levels of specific nutrients named flavonoids, she said.

And according to studies by both Harvard Medical School and the University of East Anglia in England, there are 3 of these flavonoids which are helpful to harden erections fast. These are flavanones, anthocyanins, and flavones.


The ingredients in the hard wood tonic have the most potent combination of these 3 flavonoids and in the right quantities.

Even if Wendi had shown me scientific proof that this would work, I still felt skeptical but I decided to give it a shot when I returned home…

The ingredients for my main Hard Wood Tonic were easy enough to find in a couple of local health stores…

Then to make it all I had to do was add the ingredients in the specific amounts she’d given me to water…

And gulp it down on an empty stomach that morning…

It tasted great though honestly, I wasn’t expecting it to give me a hard erection so I kinda forgot about it…

I figured I’d give it 6 weeks to see if this really worked…maybe after a month I’d notice a change…

Then later when I got home that night I saw Laura in the kitchen, making dinner…and she looked so hot in her figure-hugging skirt I felt myself instantly getting aroused…

Within seconds, my erection was so hard it was bursting my zipper…

I quickly took Laura by the arm and almost dragged her to the bedroom…

And right there and then we had the most passionate, amazing sex we’d had for the past 10 years…

My penis was hard as steel, and it stayed that way for a full hour…as my wife climaxed again and again and again…

Afterwards, when it was over, we had dinner and a glass of wine…and we couldn’t stop smiling at each other…

It felt as though the spark was back like we first met, when we’d make love several times a day and hold each other for hours after…

But inside, I wasn’t sure…after all it’d been years since I’d performed anywhere near as good as that…what if it was a one off?

As I went to bed that night, Laura rolled over to my side of the bed and my doubts melted away as I instantly felt myself getting hard again…and we enjoyed the most mind-blowing night of passion either of us could remember…

More energetic, more masculine…like a younger version of myself but with all the experience…

My orgasms were super intense and pleasurable…

Even my package looked and felt bigger…and my muscles seemed harder…

Women I didn’t know would smile at me in the street…

Let’s face it, when you know you can outperform any dude around, including the younger guys who think they’re ballers, you start to radiate a quiet, powerful confidence that other men respect and women are subconsciously attracted to…

And as the weeks and months went by Laura and I grew closer and closer…bonded by the growing intimacy between us…

Our marriage was thriving and friends and family noticed…

We couldn’t keep our hands off each other…

Then one evening as we hung out with friends at their place, my buddy Mike pulled me to one side…

Mike was 63 and had remarried a couple of years back…


Hey Jon, I overheard Laura telling my Karen that your sex life is incredible…he said.

Nowadays I can’t fire up my penis without popping 2 pills…it’s costing me a fortune and it doesn’t even work well…

Spill it buddy…what’s your secret…

So I shared my Hard Wood Tonic recipes with Mike…

And 5 days later I got this text message from him:


Buddy…WTF! This tonic gets me hard as a rock. Karen is loving it. I owe you big!

A week later, at another gathering I had 2 women I barely knew, Yolanda and Angela, usher me aside to ask for my secret hard wood tonic recipes…

They’d been chatting to Mike’s wife Karen…and had gotten wind of this amazing hard wood secret…

So I emailed each one of them the potent tonic mix…

And several days later I got this astonishing email from Yolanda:


THANKS for those insane tonic recipes that jumpstarted my husband’s erections! I got Todd drinking the most potent tonic first. At first, he was reluctant and super skeptical but he finally agreed to try for just one week. Well, let me tell you Jon, we didn’t need to wait that long.

After 3 days he jumped on me as soon as I got home and his erection felt thicker and harder than I’ve ever known. He lasts for a good 40 minutes and his performance is now much better than when he took those drugs prescribed by his doctor that gave him vision problems. It’s amazing and I am so grateful to you for sharing. Our lives have been transformed!


And check out what Scott here had to say:

Hey Jon You’ve sure injected some outrageous passion to our love life!

I found it hard to admit but I was slacking in the bedroom. I’m a guy who only ever listens to his doctor but I have to admit, my doc’s advice wasn’t working.

I could only stay hard for a few minutes max. Since Angela came home and started mixing me those tonics you gave her, my erections have ballooned in size and stay rock hard for at least 30 minutes.

Each time we make love I feel like my erections get harder and last longer! And Angela can’t get enough of me. Seems like this is finally the missing piece of the erection puzzle I couldn’t solve!


After a few weeks of people sharing my tonics somebody must have shared my email at some point as I started getting up to 50 emails a day…

And that’s when things started to go nuts…

I think most guys were too embarrassed to ask me directly for the hard wood tonic…

But that didn’t stop their wives and girlfriends who hunted me down ruthlessly…

It was too much to handle, and that’s why I set up this website…so I could help any man or woman who wants a great sex life, discreetly, safely and very quickly.

With Wendi’s Help and Nutrition Expertise We Made the Complete Blueprint to Help Any Man Get Super Hard Erections Again…

What’s more, we expanded it to include incredibly effective yet simple techniques to reverse ED that cover every type of ED there is…from partial or occasional erection problems to full blown, long-term ED…

We Called This Erection-Hardening Blueprint

And so far, it’s helped 26,137 men get their naturally stiff erections and their lives back…for good.

I remember how complicated everything seemed when I first started searching for solutions…so I wanted to make it super easy for other men to follow…


We made videos as well as the hard erection manuals to share every method there is to get harder erections…videos that men can easily understand and follow…

  • This solution had to reveal the truth about erectile dysfunction that pharma companies pay money to hide…
  • It had to work fast and fix ED in men of all ages for every type of ED out there…
  • And it had to work permanently.

It took months of work and endless testing and perfecting on volunteers but we finally got there in the end…

I’m proud to present The Hard Wood Tonic system to you. The only super-fast blueprint to reverse ED and get your natural hard erections back.

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What if my ED is psychological?

In Vegas, we met a doctor who after a few too many drinks, blurted out that he would tell younger men that their ED was psychological to get rid of them.

And the good news is the Hard Wood Tonic System includes methods that put you in a better state of mind, including one visualization trick which helps you overcome performance anxiety. Other methods reduce stress and anxiety and can boost your mood, all helpful for erections.

Is my order secure and anonymous?

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Nobody needs to know you’ve signed up with the Hard Wood Tonic as it’s completely anonymous and secure.

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It’ll be your secret weapon to getting those hard, frequent and long-lasting erections.

What do I have to do next?

All that remains is for you to click the order button below and proceed to the next step. You’ll fill in your details on the next screen.

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14 Day Rapid Soup Diet – The Superman Of Keto Offers For 2020

14 Day Rapid Soup Diet – The Superman Of Keto Offers For 2020
 Buy Now

Women and men over 50 are buzzing about a new wave of weight-loss soups that melt away stubborn stomach fat like crazy…

Why do they work so well?

It’s a combination of the right ingredients that kill hunger…

Along with using the latest science to pack this convenient comfort food with nutrients that make belly fat melt faster.

Nutrients that most women and men over 50 aren’t getting nearly enough of.

Penn State University researchers found that the combination of solid foods in liquid tricks the body into feeling full about 400 calories sooner than normal.

That means you’ll naturally be eating less…

Without suffering through intense hunger or cravings.

Think of it like Mother Nature’s appetite suppressant.

However, I must warn you…

Not all soup, or soup diets, are created equal.

In fact, most don’t work because they focus on restricting calories or use the wrong ingredients, which triggers cravings and can lead to weight gain.

And most soups aren’t spiked with key nutrients that optimize fat-burning in the body after 50…

…when your hormones are drastically different than they were just a few years ago.

Jessica, a 53-Year-Old Mom From Virginia Was Looking for Relief From Her Constant Achiness and Fatigue

And she thought eating these new soups would be easiest because of her busy lifestyle.

When she craved comfort food, she had a bowl of soup.

Within days, pounds starting pouring off, motivating Jessica even more.

In the end, she went down from a size 18 to a size 10 without completely changing her diet.

Just remember, you can’t eat any old soup to get these kind of jaw-dropping results.

Just Follow This Daily Ritual and Watch As Fat Melts Off Your Body

If nothing has ever worked for you before…

Maybe you’ve tried keto and low-carb diets…

Or Weight Watchers…

Or maybe you’ve tried skipping meals and cutting way back on calories…

Or eating nothing but protein and veggies…

If none of those ever work for you, then you’re in luck…

Because if you can take a spoonful of soup, lift it up to your mouth, swallow it, and then repeat until you’re full…

Then this will work for you.

It’s that simple.

There’s no way you can fail unless you hate soup.

And no, I’m not talking about canned soup you buy at the grocery store that’s filled with added chemicals, processed foods, and nasty ingredients.

Or certain homemade soups that use ingredients that trigger fat storage in adults over 50…

These are different.

Even better, the weight loss is so easy to maintain because you can still have dessert (like a big piece of chocolate cake after your soup)…

And the weight will still come off.

And Here’s the Real Secret…

These slimming soups have a built-in appetite suppressant…

Thanks to a handful of little-known “super-nutrients” that help kill cravings, eliminate mindless snacking, and all-but end emotional eating.

That’s the real reason why this works so well…

Because if you’re hungry all the time, no matter how healthy you’re eating, it’s just not going to work.

You know yourself better than anyone, and when’s the last time being constantly hungry led to any substantial weight loss?

The Soup Plan For a Tiny Waist

Hi, my name is Josh…

I have an unusual true story to share about how I saved my own life…

…and lost over 100 pounds eating soup.

So if you’re wondering whether you can burn belly fat every week by simply eating more soup…

The answer is yes.

But it’s not what you think.

These aren’t soups from a can or a restaurant.

Yet you can make them right at home with just a handful of ingredients.

When I started sharing my recipes online, people from all over the world started slimming down…

Like Wendy, a 68-Year Old Grandmother Who Lost 12.2 Pounds

Results are not typical. Typical results are 1 to 3 lbs a week

And Dr. Qureshi Lost 13.2 Pounds Eating More Soup

Results are not typical. Typical results are 1 to 3 lbs a week

Yet The Secret to These Naturally Slimming Soups Is…

They contain a handful of herbs, spices, and minerals that trigger fat-burning, especially around your stomach area.

Don’t worry, I’ll give you the entire list in just a minute and explain WHY each one works in detail.

That way you can use them at home as soon as tonight.

But the real reason they work is because they unclog an overworked detox system in the body that affects 80% of women over 50.

This detox system is a complex network of capillaries and vessels that help the body flush out fat..

And when it’s backed up, it leads to fat piling up on the body.

So it’s not about eating fewer calories…

Or skipping meals…

Or eating less…

None of those matter if your internal detox system is slow, sluggish, sludgy.

So today, we’re going to fix it.

Frustrated Dieters Are Starting to Realize This Is the “Missing Link”

What I’m going to share with you today has been overlooked by the top doctors, experts, and dietitians for years.

That’s because they’re all so busy, they don’t have the time to research how the body changes as you get older.

However, researchers from Stanford University discovered that this “slowdown” causes fat storage to double in women…

And it triggers the creation of more fat cells that expand your waistline and make your belly bigger…

Which makes losing weight on ANY diet virtually impossible.

So if you’ve been dieting for years and the pounds never come off…

Or maybe you’ve tried everything and since nothing ever works, you give up because what’s the point?

Or maybe your mom was overweight and you think you’re doomed to the same fate…

Well, today we’re going to change that.

Before I Go Any Further, Let Me Warn You

What I’m going to share today flies in the face of traditional medicine and human anatomy…

It’s not about eating more vegetables…

Or exercising more…

Or going on a crash diet…

Unfortunately, we’ve gotten in wrong for years.

And both you and I have been the ones to suffer…

With growing waistlines, dangerous belly fat, and cellulite in all the wrong places.

That’s why I’m writing to you today.

Because through my own frustrating journey, where I ballooned up to over 300 pounds, I stumbled upon a real-life working miracle that took over 100 pounds off my body…

And literally saved my life.

It left my doctor scratching his head…

And my wife ecstatic that we get to spend the rest of our lives together.

There are plenty of people who want me to keep my mouth shut…

Because if I tell you how easy this is, then millions of dollars could be lost by big companies who prey on the sick…

However, if you haven’t been feeling like yourself lately…

Then what I have for you here today can be life-changing.

First, let me tell you exactly who I am…

And how I stumbled across this weight loss breakthrough.

As I Mentioned Before, My Name Is Josh

I’m not a doctor…

I’m not a dietician…

And I’m not a personal trainer.

I’m just a normal guy from Georgia who married his high-school sweetheart when she was the only friend I ever had.

And after our wedding, where I banned all the photographers because I didn’t want any pictures taken of me…

I Stumbled Across a Simple Daily Ritual That Saved My Own Life

However, first I want to share something with you that I haven’t told ANYONE…

Not my friends, not my parents, and not even my wife of over 15 years…

So here’s the god’s honest truth…

It sucks being fat.

And I should know…

Up until a few years ago, I spent almost my entire life overweight.

And as hard as it is for me to talk about, I know my story might help you when NO ONE else understands what you’re going through…

So here’s the quick story…

Since I was a kid, I’ve struggled with my weight.

All the way back to elementary school, kids would make fun of me, call me names, and bully me constantly.

No One Would Sit With Me on the School Bus

As I walked down the bus aisle looking for a seat, I could already hear the other kids laughing at me.

Look at the pig!”…

Hey fat butt!”…

Hope you eat the teachers so we get out of class earlier”…

And of course, no one would let me sit by them.

The verbal abuse was just so hard.

I wanted to cry…

Yet deep down I knew that’d only make things worse.

And even though this was by far the WORST time in my life, where I was so miserable I didn’t even want to go out in public or even stand in front of mirror in the morning…

It was also the start of my journey.

Time passed and things didn’t get any easier…

I was depressed…

Never wanted to get out of bed in the morning…

And I Quickly Grew to Hate My Own Life

I still remember one day at lunch during high school…

I was looking for a table when one of the “popular” kids walked by, bumped into me on purpose, then shoved me to the ground.

I fell flat on my face.

Food went flying everywhere, all over my clothes…

And all I could do was pick up my tray and keep walking to my table.

I was so embarrassed, yet as sad as it is to say…

That was just the beginning.

A Humiliating Honeymoon Photo Led Me To Discover a Daily Ritual That Melted Over 100 Pounds

A few years later, I ended up marrying my high-school sweetheart.

We went to Nashville for our honeymoon…

And one day we went to a bird park.

As we were exploring all these rare and exotic birds, our tour guide asked if I wanted a picture taken.

I said sure and didn’t think much of it. However…

When we finished the tour and got our pictures, I was SHOCKED…

I looked HUGE!

It hit me like a ton of bricks because I wasn’t just a little overweight…

I was easily over 300 pounds!

We went back to the cabin, and I asked my wife if I had really put on that much weight…

And she said, “Well, yeah…but I love you regardless so it doesn’t really matter to me.”

That photo turned my world upside down…

All of a sudden, the same feelings and emotions from high school came rushing back…

Those feelings of being alone…




It only took one picture to bring all of those horrible feelings back.

I was in denial…

And it took me days to accept the fact that I was still that same person who got picked on every day back in school.

That’s When I Hit My Breaking Point

I just didn’t feel like myself anymore.

I was tired all the time…

I could barely get going in the morning…

And then I couldn’t fall asleep at night.

I felt so rundown that I didn’t even have the energy to go on a walk with my wife after dinner…

Or take our dog to the dog park.

My weight was higher than it had ever been before.

And I just knew that something wasn’t right…

But I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Stanford University Nicknamed This Fat-Storing Nightmare “Lymphatic Slowdown

If you spent the last few months eating healthier without losing a single pound…

Or maybe your rings fit tight, your knees feel a little creaky, and your body feels more tired than usual…

These signs all point to a congested lymphatic system.

Your lymphatic system is a network of capillaries and vessels that help the body get rid of toxins, excess fluids and fat.

However, the lymph can easily be overloaded with chemicals, pesticides from fruits and veggies, and a variety of other pollutants lurking in the air we breathe.

Plus, everyday stress is also shuts down the lymph.

When this system gets slowed down and congested…

It can sabotage your weight loss efforts.

An Estimated 80% of Women Over 50 Have a Congested Lymphatic System That Dumps Fat Around Your Belly, Hips & Thighs

When the lymph flow is slow and congested, it leads to an accumulation of body fat“, says Bruno Chikly, M.D., director of the Lymph Drainage Therapy & Brain Therapy Programs in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Think of your lymphatic system as a highway…

When there’s cars lined up in rush hour traffic, other cars can’t squeeze in.

The same thing happens with your fat molecules.

A slow lymphatic system can no longer properly transport fat where it needs to go“, Dr. Chikly explains.

This extra fat piles up around your belly, hips, and thighs.

And according to researchers at Stanford University, lymphatic slowdown causes fat storage to double!

This Forces Your Body to “Hold On” To Extra Weight

This was a big breakthrough for me in understanding why my body was always storing fat even if I was on a diet.

According to lymph expert Jenna Macciochi, Ph.D., “Carrying around extra pounds triggers inflammation – a problem for both your immune system and your waistline.”

As part of its role as a superhighway, the lymphatic system carries immune cells through your body to infection-fighting lymph nodes.

However, inflammation thwarts this process by reducing lymph flow.”

And researchers at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital report that this inflammation triggers the creation of more fat cells to store these toxins in…

Which makes losing weight even more difficult.

When you have slow lymph flow in your body, as most women do, it forces your cells to “hold on” to extra weight…

It’s like those old pair of jeans that you never wear…

And yet you can’t bring yourself to get rid of them because MAYBE you’ll wear them again.

So they sit in your closet, taking up space.

It’s the same with fat when your lymph flow is congested.

Your body just won’t get rid of it like it should.

And that’s how the fat starts piling up in all the wrong places.

Are you starting to notice how your body is stacked up against the 8 ball without you even knowing?

A Congested Lymp System Also Causes Cellulite

If your lymph isn’t flowing, your tissues aren’t draining excess fluid.

This creates a backlog that results in bloating.

Even worse, this backed-up fluid sticks to fat cells making them bigger.

As your fat cells get bigger, they start to burst through your fascia…

Which is a protective layer of tissue underneath your skin.

When your fat cells start popping through the fascia, it creates a “dimple effect”…

Which leads to cellulite. 

Combine that with the hormonal changes every woman and man goes through as you get older…

Along with being less active, less mobile, and losing precious lean muscle tissue…

It’s easy to see how cellulite can start popping up all over your butt and thighs.

Yet it’s not from eating too many calories…

It all starts with your lymph system slowing down, killing your ability to burn fat.

How Do You Know If “Lymphatic Slowdown” Is To Blame?

(Do This 10-Second Self-Test)

Do you eat reasonably healthy without ever losing a single pound?

Are your rings sometimes tight on your fingers?

Are your joints more sore now compared to when you were younger?

Are you often tired even when getting plenty of rest?

These signs all point to a congested lymphatic system.

When your lymph fluid isn’t flowing properly, it causes your tissue to swell.

These bloated, inflamed tissues can add up to 15 pounds to your weight and cause you to swell two extra dress sizes.

And it causes your fat-storage to double.

Which is why your stomach may be getting bigger despite eating healthier foods.

Luckily, this NEW “quick fix” is easier than ever.

Especially if you love eating warm meals.

It’s one of the safest things you can do to look 10 years younger while getting the extra weight off quickly…

And it’s the “missing link” most adults overlook when trying to drop pounds.

This Simple Daily Ritual Thins Out a Clogged Lymph to Flush Away Raw Fat

When you eat more of these specific soups that support your body, it reduces toxin buildup and allows more fluid to be pumped through the body…

Often in as little as 7 days.

Once lymphatic fluid is moving freely, fat can be burned for fuel and excess toxins can be flushed from the body.

Just remember, when your lymphatic system isn’t working properly…

Because your lymph fluid is too thick from the wear and tear of aging…

Fat molecules can’t be transported to be burned for fuel.

Instead, they stay stuck to your belly, hips, and waistline…

…causing a buildup of excess pounds.

These 3 “Missing Minerals” Thin Out a Clogged Lymph to Power Off Pounds

Now that you know a clogged lymph keeps stubborn pounds on your body…

And the key is thinning out your lymph fluid…

…because when it flows freely, your body can burn fat and flush toxins…

Let’s talk about exactly what you should do to get this fixed.

After my doctor dumped all this new information on me…

I started studying cases where people successfully reversed their clogged lymphs and were losing anywhere from 20 to 55 pounds in a matter of months.

And what kept coming up in study after study were these 3 minerals that most adults are lacking.

So my first recommendation would be to start adding foods rich in these minerals right away.

Missing Mineral #1: Potassium

The most important thing you can do to flush out the extra pounds is…

Reprogram your metabolism to burn fat for energy instead of sugars and carbs.

Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than you think.

And I’ll explain how in just a minute.

However, in order to do that, you need a lot of potassium.

If you ever go up a flight of stairs and your legs feel really heavy or you don’t have the endurance…

That’s a potassium deficiency.

Now, why it’s really important for fat-burning is…

Potassium helps regulate fluid in the body.

Consuming more potassium helps thin lymph fluid so it can easily flow through the lymphatic tubes, which speeds up slimming.

It also helps reduce high blood pressure, protect against strokes, helps prevent osteoporosis, and may help prevent kidney stones.

Now, most people think of bananas when it comes to potassium, but…

Since they’re high in sugar, you’ll want to avoid them if you want a smaller waistline.

Instead, some great options are mushrooms and zucchini.

Missing Mineral #2: Magnesium

Magnesium is a “co-factor”.

That means it’s a helper element that’s involved in the activation of certain enzymes.

One of magnesium’s most important job deals with the mitochondria.

Think of mitochondria as little “energy bubbles” in your cells.

Mitochondria produces energy and the spark plug that activates the enzyme to produce more energy is…


If you don’t have enough magnesium in your body, you may suffer from:

**Low energy


**Inability to relax

**Cramps and muscle spasms



**Chronic back pain

Now, here’s the kicker…

The more extra weight you have on your body, the harder it is for you to absorb magnesium.

Which is why studies show that so many overweight adults are lacking in this powerful mineral.

It also helps speed up the removal of toxins to reverse a sluggish lymph and banish stubborn pounds.

Missing Mineral #3: Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body.

It’s what makes up our bones, muscles, tendons, connective tissues, and even our skin!

Without it, your metabolism slows down…

You get wrinkles…

And your muscles and joints become weaker.

Unfortunately, our body’s collagen production naturally begins to slow down as we get older.

This leads to visible signs of aging…


Sagging skin…

And joint pains due to weaker cartilage.

Diets high in sugar also deplete collagen levels.

However, when you start adding more collagen to your diet…

It helps increase your fat-burning metabolism…

So you burn more calories and fat throughout the day…

It reduces cellulite and wrinkles…

It makes your skin look younger and more youthful…

And it “tightens up” loose and saggy skin…

Have you ever seen someone lose a lot of weight…

And their stomach has this “pooch” of leftover skin?

Collagen helps tighten that up…

Which is why…

If you haven’t already…

It’s extremely important to get more high-quality collagen into your diet.

I like to sprinkle some on top of my soups.

This Daily Ritual Melted Off A Couple Pounds of Stubborn Fat Every Week

After my doctor dumped all this new information on me…

I was a bit overwhelmed.

It was crystal clear that my lymph system was so backed up…

My body was hanging on to over 30 pounds of dead weight.

Just as I was about to leave…

My doctor reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a thin booklet.

This is what I give to my most stubborn patients, where the weight just wont’ come off.

It’s a soup diet.

It has all the minerals and nutrients we talked about.

And it’s a way to get your body burning fat again without worrying about calories…

Because the liquid in the soup naturally fills up your stomach…

So there’s less room for food.

And it’ll get your lymph fluid flowing again…

So your body will start burning fat.”

That night, I went over the soup detox my doctor gave me.

It seemed simple enough, I had all the ingredients already, and so…

I started making soup.

Every night for dinner I had a big bowl of soup and usually had enough leftover for lunch the next day.

However, there was just one problem…

The soups tasted absolutely AWFUL!

There was no salt…

No flavor…

And I had to plug my nose just to choke it down.

Desperate to make something happen…

Suddenly, the soups tasted amazing, and since I could eat as much as I wanted…

I felt like I was in heaven.

I couldn’t believe it.

I had been dieting for over 10 years, I was always cutting calories and worried about eating too much…

Yet now, I was eating as much as I wanted and I felt great.

The next morning, I woke up and my stomach looked a little flatter.

I jumped on the scale and I was already down a pound after just one night.

Within 5 days, things really started to change.

I was down 3 pounds and my size 44 jeans were feeling loose around the waist.

I swear my stomach was shrinking.

Just a week later, I lost another 3 pounds and my energy levels were through the roof.

And it only got better.

Over the next 6 weeks, I had lost 18 pounds and 6 inches off my stomach and waist…

I felt like a completely different person.

But that wasn’t the best part.

My clothes start fitting better from Day 1…

I finally had the energy to go for walks with my wife and really connect with her…

And I was no longer exhausted and worn out after another 50 hour work week…

Over The Next 3 Months a MIRACLE Happened

By the end of the third month, I finally wore swim trunks in public for the first time…

Without a shirt on.

That might not seem like a big deal…

But it’s something I’d never done before.

I was down about 50 pounds and my confidence was growing fast.

I looked and felt better than I did when I was 20

Even more important…

I was no longer pre-diabetic and my high blood sugar has been gone for months.

Within the first year and a half, I lost a whopping 110 pounds.

Getting a clean bill of health from my doctor just a few months later was one of the most amazing moments in my life…

My wife cried tears of joy knowing that I’d be around to grow old together.

And we got more serious about trying to have kids.

Since the weight was coming off so quickly…

People at work kept asking what I was doing.

And so, I started sharing this simple soup detox with anyone who asked.

Like Gabrielle…

She Lost 15 Pounds Eating More Soup

Results are not typical. Typical results are 1 to 3 lbs a week

Andrew Lost 14.3 Pounds With Simple Slimming Soups

Results are not typical. Typical results are 1 to 3 lbs a week

The Secret to Consistent Weight Loss WITHOUT Rebound Weight Gain

Once I saw how quickly this soup detox was working for my friends, family, and co-workers who tried it…

I realized that we were on to something BIG.

Look, if this worked for me…

Someone who’s been overweight my entire life…

Traumatized by bullying, getting beat up because I was the “fat kid”, while failing on every diet I tried…

Then I know it can work for you too.

Just think about it…

The only way I was finally able to lose weight was by doing the exact OPPOSITE of what everyone else is doing…

I didn’t eat a single salad…

I only ate broccoli when it was in my thick and creamy broccoli and cheddar soup…

I ate as much as I wanted…

And I never counted calories or tracked my food.

Once I saw how effective this soup diet was…

I realized I had to get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

So you can fight back against age-related weight gain.

That’s Why I Organized All These Secrets Into an Easy to Use Done-For-You Protocol Called the 14-Day Rapid Soup Diet

The 14-Day Rapid Soup Diet is an all natural nutrition program that contains a done-for-you meal plan, delicious fat-burning soup recipes, and personal accountability to strip away unwanted fat in just 2 weeks.

In fact, most people see and feel a difference in their waistline in the first 48 hours.

I’m so excited to share these slimming soup secrets with more people just like you.

You see, after losing over 100 pounds myself, I made it my mission to help at least 100,000 struggling men and women lose at least 10 pounds…

And the only way to do that was to package up all my secrets into an easy to use follow along system.

This NEW and proven protocol is designed specifically for women and men…

Who love to eat…

Hate dieting…

And want a flatter stomach without killing yourself at the gym or going on another crash diet.

If this sounds like you, then the 14-Day Rapid Soup Diet is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Eating These Delicious Soups Will Melt Away More Fat Than 2 Hours on the Treadmill

When you start eating these super-healing soups, you can start burning fat in as little as 24 hours.

You’ll start to have more energy so you can get more things done around the house…

You’ll feel lighter…

Your jeans will start feeling a little loose around the waist…

And your skin will reclaim that youthful glow that only happens when you heal your body from the inside out.

Now, here’s the real magic behind why these soups work so well for weight loss…

When you give your body the right mix of minerals, proteins, and healthy fats…

Your body takes it as a sign that it’s ok to start burning fat for energy.

And so, little by little, your body will start burning up the fat around your stomach, your hips, your love handles, and your thighs..

…using it for energy to get you through your day.

Then, since your fat-burning hormones will be at an all time high, they’ll start working overtime while you sleep.

You see, deep sleep is the most effective time for your body to burn fat…

And so, within the first couple of days, you’re going to wake up feeling lighter and leaner than ever before.

The more soups you eat, the lighter you’ll feel…

Until all the unwanted flab is off your body, revealing the new, sexy you.

No Other Solution Will Slim You Down Like These Simple Soups

I’m sorry if I’m making this sound too easy.

I just know how hard I struggled for years trying to get the weight off and all the complicated diet solutions and exhausting exercise programs never worked.

I tried working out 5 times a week and my knees got so sore I could barely into my car to drive to work in the morning.

I went on a vegetarian diet because plants are supposed to be so healthy, yet after 4 days I was pulling my hair out because I was so hungry…

…and eating salads with radishes and pumpkin seeds didn’t sound fun to me.

I tried Paleo and quickly realized that eating all that meat only left me feeling bloated, heavy, and sluggish.

I tried the “all-fruit” diet and was eating around the clock yet I was always hungry and felt my body getting weaker after the first week.

I tried nothing but shakes and smoothies for a few weeks, but what are you supposed to do, bring your blender to work?

Plus, my wife wanted to eat real food instead of another kale apple smoothie.

I even tried a plant-based diet only to spend all day in the bathroom…

…let’s just say my body didn’t agree with all the raw plants.

Look, I know you’ve probably tried dozens of diets…

And you’re extremely skeptical about anything when it comes to losing weight.

All I can say is this is the first thing that worked for me in over 10 years.

It’s simple.

It’s natural.

You eat real food…

You do NOT eat less…

Your body is happy…

Your mood improves…

And because burning fat is all about hormones, the weight quickly starts to come off.

Over 15,000 women and men have tried it since 2017 and the results speak for themselves. Like…

Michele Dropped 4 Sizes Faster Than Ever

Results are not typical. Typical results are 1 to 3 lbs a week

Sharon Lost 10 Pounds Using This Daily Soup Ritual

Results are not typical. Typical results are 1 to 3 lbs a week

This Proven Slimming Soup Detox Works for Anyone, At Any Age, At Any Weight…Even If:

I’m Too Busy & Don’t Have Time

As a busy husband who used to work at least 50 hours a week, I know that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

That’s why I designed this entire system to quickly melt the fat off without long, exhausting works, hours of meal prep, or dozens of complicated recipes.

As someone who hates to cook, I just wanted something fast that I could squeeze in during my hectic day.

This won’t take any extra time out of your day…

The program is extremely simple to follow with only a few guidelines, so you’ll never be confused.

And even better, most of the soup recipes can last for days, which only saves you time.

I’m Too Old & Nothing Ever Works For Me

After seeing so many women and men in their 60’s and 70’s thrive on this new way of eating…

I’m confident in saying that age is just a number.

You see, as you get older, certain hormones like estrogen and progesterone drop…

Along with testosterone in men.

Which means your body goes into more of a “storage mode”.

When this happens, most try eating less, or they end up eating the wrong foods, which is the absolute worst thing you can do.

Eating less just slows down your metabolism even more because your body thinks it’s starving.

Instead, when you eat the right combinations of minerals, healthy fats, and proteins at the right times throughout the day…

The weight starts coming off and your body burns fat for energy.

Meal timing is especially important as you get older, which why this program works so well.

I Can’t Exercise and I’m Not Very Active

One of the biggest myths is that you need to exercise to lose weight.

You don’t. The truth is…

You lose by eating foods that keep your insulin levels low.

Insulin is a storage  hormone that gets released every time you eat.

However, the magic in these soups is that they keep your insulin levels lower than normal.

When that happens, your body naturally turns to your stored fat for energy.

Which means you start burning the extra fat around your belly, hips, and thighs for fuel throughout the day.

I’ve personally helped people lose over 30 pounds without exercising at all.

Don’t get me wrong, exercise is great for heart health, building strong bones, and building up your lungs.

But for fat loss, it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Marilyn Lost 11 Pounds With This Daily Soup Ritual

Results are not typical. Typical results are 1 to 3 lbs a week

Here’s What You Get Today When You Pick Up Your Copy of the 14-Day Rapid Soup Diet

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Best Selling Premature_ejaculation Guide CB – Blue Heron Health News

Best Selling Premature_ejaculation Guide CB – Blue Heron Health News
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After helping over 856 men who often had wasted hundreds or even thousands of dollars on useless crappy premature ejaculation methods I felt obligated to put a stop on this!

You don’t have to humiliate your self with dangerous desensitize creams, useless herbs or endless scam methods sold online.

To make passionate love for as long as you desire is way easier than you may think. I’m sure many of the men I’ve helped were much worse than you.

But it has to be done right or your lasting problem may rapidly grow WORSE instead of better.

Dear Friend,

If you are frustrated by not being able to last as long as you want during love making, then this may be the most important letter you ever read. Here is why …

I am Christian Goodman creator of The Ejaculation Master.

In this letter I’m going to share with you how I developed a powerful method for premature ejaculation, how I’ve helped hundreds of men to gain their desired lasting power, and how I believe I can also help you without ever meeting you face to face.

I’ll share the stories of some of my clients (name have been changed) and their recovery.

And finally I’m going to explain the methods hundreds of men have used to:

  • Gain total control over ejaculation,
  • Make passionate love for hours on end
  • Give girls the orgasm of a life time.

… to put it simply, I want you to become your honey’s dream lover !

But first, let’s start with Andrew’s hopeless story and how he transformed from a two second shame-case into a confident passionate lover …

“Andrew Ejaculated While Simply Touching The Pubic Hair.”

It hit him when he was 23 years old and he couldn’t overcome it until ten years later.

He was alone and broken down with feelings of no self-worth when he first came to my office.

He admitted that he had hardly ever gotten his penis inside a woman. He had always ejaculated on simply touching the pubic hair.

So, I gave him a plan to follow.

A plan to train himself to last longer.

A plan that has worked for hundreds of premature ejaculators – before him and since.

A few weeks later during intercourse, he brought a woman to orgasm for the first time. Today, they are married.

And when I met him again the other day (three years later), he told me that premature ejaculation has never bothered him again.

If He Can Do It, Anyone Can!

I’m telling you this story for a reason.

Most men who suffer from premature ejaculation (including me in past years) have very little hope that they can be helped.

Isn’t your ejaculation totally uncontrollable?

So uncontrollable, in fact, that it is even beyond your understanding how some men can last as long as they want?

Here Is How Premature Ejaculation Control Works …

There are several basic reason why you can’t control your ejaculation.

The causes are all emotional; none of them are physical.

The biggest reason is that you can’t handle a sudden level of sexual intensity.

When the excitement rises, it acts like a trigger in your testicles, it’s like your penis gets super sensitive and you just have to shoot.

However …

You can build up your endurance and tolerance for powerful, pleasurable lovemaking.

Build your endurance like an athlete builds his endurance for pain and physical strength. It’s the Same principle, but a different approach.

It’s Not Just About Lasting Longer

If you overcome your premature ejaculation, your whole love life will change for the better.

You become the kind of lover who can satisfy any woman.

Not only because you can last as long as you want, but because you now can put all of your energy into the lovemaking.

You don’t have to hold anything back.

Most men worry about coming too fast while making love. Not only premature ejaculators, but almost every man.

But you won’t have to worry if you have developed your great sexual staying power.

Then, you can focus 100% on your soft sweat partner and the pleasure that you are experiencing together without any fear.

And she feels the difference in your mood.

So, you may ask …

Q: What Is Required Of Me?

The first question that you have to ask yourself is whether you are ready to commit completely to overcome your premature ejaculation.

Is your pain and shame sufficient to cause you to put effort into solving your problem?

(This was not really a question I know how badly this feels.)

Unlike “quick fixes” and “magical solutions” sold all over the net that never work for anyone (I can tell you a few horror stories later), the Ejaculation Master Plan requires minimal effort on your part.

You have to commit to a least 30 minutes at a time, three to seven times a week, for one or two months.

You can practice the steps explained in the plan alone, or with your partner, but you must be ready to commit to a few hours a week.

Anyone who tries to sell you a plan that requires less effort is lying, and you won’t benefit from it.

So, if that is too much to ask, stop reading right now!

But no effort is too much to gain permanent eliminate your premature ejaculation and never having to come too fast again, is it?

I didn’t think so.

And especially when you realize what you get …

Q: Okay, But What Will I Get?

You’ll get my life’s work as a sex-therapist, my years of experience working with premature ejaculators, delivered online immediately as soon as you secure your copy of the Ejaculation Master.

You will have …

  • The most comprehensive and effective guide ever created to eliminate premature ejaculation and gain powerful sexual staying stamina.
  • You will benefit from a high success rate and can be confident that the plan will work for you because it has been proven effective for so many premature ejaculators before you.
  • You are led step-by-step from the moment you download the guide until you have learned the skills of making love for as long as you want.
  • You remain anonymous and benefit promptly because the guide is downloaded as soon as you decide that you want it.
  • You never get stuck because you can email me at anytime if you have questions arise. You have your own personal sex therapist available at your door-step.
  • You gain complete understanding of your problem, which gives you a stronger reality-base for curing it.
  • You take no risk because you are provided with my personal no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Q: What Makes Your Program So Different?

A: Effectiveness, Effectiveness, and Effectiveness!

If you buy a program, take the time to train, and make the effort to heal your premature ejaculation, then you want to be sure that the program that you practice will help you.

Most premature ejaculation programs are produced by honest men who have stumbled onto solutions to cure their own premature ejaculations.

Their programs worked for them.

… but it doesn’t mean that their programs will work for you!

These programs usually only helps 60 – 70% of premature ejaculators. Leaving 30 – 40% of clients without help.

However, I have developed and tested the Ejaculation Master plan with the help of more than 856 personal clients.

With an Amazing Success Rate!

That’s right. According to a survey sent out to our readers, most men who followed the program in details for over a month said they were very satisfied with the results.

That is why you can purchase and practice the program with very high confidence that it will help you too.

Another unique benefit of the Ejaculation Master is that …

“You Can Train With Or Without A Partner.”

Most programs require that you have a partner to practice with you. This is not always convenient.

Tests have shown that men who practice the Ejaculation Master alone will benefit almost as quickly as men who practice with partners do.

Although, it is more fun to play with your honey, it is good to have the option to train alone.

But training programs are not the only solution sold online.

Q: How About Desensitize Creams and Herbs?

Please stay away from desensitize creams and herbal supplements.

Too many people have been scammed in the past by even some of the largest drug companies with all kind of desensitize devices.

Curing premature ejaculation is not about desensitizing anything.

The problem is simply that most premature ejaculators don’t sense clearly that they are about to come.

… and then they ejaculate without control.

Many premature ejaculators even suffer from mild impotency. And desensitizing the penis in these cases makes the problem much worse.

And think about your honey …

If you put desensitizing cream on your penis, it will desensitize her vagina, making it impossible for her to enjoy sex. And condom or good quality cream will not prevent this.

Herbal Supplements Don’t Help Either

Premature ejaculation very seldom has a physical cause.

And most of the ingredient in those pills are nothing more than what you could buy in your local supermarket.

They scams meant to take advantages of your poor situation without helping you at all. Medicine won’t help …

… just think about this logically.

If you were training for the Olympics, you would probably agree that no herbs or devices could replace good old fashioned physical effort (even steroids don’t help unless you also lift weights)?

The same principle applies when developing sexual staying power. You must train yourself correctly, beginning today.

“Adopt The Wrong Approach And You Won’t Benefit!”

The Ejaculation Master is created from a plan that has been proved to be extremely effective for my clients.

Some of them suffering from what looked like incurable premature ejaculation, but they overcame their premature ejaculation.

Based on my past experience, I am so utterly convinced that the plan will help you that I am willing to back it up with a 100%, no-questions-asked, my-dog-ate-it, money-back guarantee.

The Best Part Is, I Guarantee Results!

My Unbeatable 8 Weeks

Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you still doubt you have the ability to gain the amazing staying power I am promising, then I guess I have stronger belief in you than you have in yourself.

However I can’t blame you. If someone would have told me how easy it is to control premature ejaculation back in my black days, I wouldn’t have believed him.

But I did indeed cure my premature ejaculation and so have more than 856 happy personal clients.

…and I believe, so can you!

That is why I am willing to let you try the program out without you making any commitment.

I am willing to give you the program risk free!

Just secure your copy of the Ejaculation Master now, try it for a whole 8 weeks, and start experiencing the amazing results.

If at any point within these 8 weeks you are not totally thrilled with the results, I’ll fully refund you.

No questions asked!

But you won’t have to ask for your money back, because the plan works wonders.

“Plus It Costs You Less Than The Price Of A Cheap Date!”

That’s right …

I want everybody to be able to afford the program.

Although my colleagues encourage me to not sell my entire life’s work for less than $200.00, which is what one private session in my office costs,

…I just have to sell it cheaply for now!

One day I will, of course, have to raise the price to what the program is really worth, but for now you can obtain it for only $49.00.

And there are no shipping or handling fees, because you secure your copy by downloading it immediately.

Within five minutes you can start benefiting from the Ejaculation Master program.

If your results will be anything like my other clients:

In just a few short weeks you will change your lovemaking skills for the rest of your life.

Instead of wasting maybe 50 – 60 great sexually-active years in shameful premature ejaculation, you will become a legendary lover and enjoy sex like most other men only dream of.

My goal is that you will…

  • Overcome your premature ejaculation quickly – because you are following my tested method which has worked for hundreds of premature ejaculators of all races.
  • Be able to satisfy any woman – not only because of your staying power, but also because you can focus on her 100% instead of worrying about coming too quickly.List Item 2
  • Enjoy sex like you should – because making love is fun and the longer you make love without a worry the better it becomes.
  • Win your honey’s love forever – because she knows that few men can ever make love to her like you do. And sex becomes fun, a pleasurable game for her, instead of a dreadful and shameful quick coming.

I take all of the risk – because the program is money-back guaranteed

“So Tell Me; Are You Ready To Change Your Life?”

Yes! I am Dying To Give It To My Honey Good! Please Send Me The Guide!

Please Read The Following Agreement

  • I am aware that I have an entire 8 weeks to try the guide out and practice the exercises.
  • If, at any time, during these 8 weeks, I am less than satisfied with the program, I have the right to a refund of my payment without a need for explanation.
  • I will download the guide immediately after securing my order and can begin to use it within minutes

    P.S. , Since you’re still reading… will you do me a favor?

    Here’s the thing… I’ve just added 3 “bonuses” to my program that a select group of men who have tried it are raving about.

    What are they? I’m glad you asked…

    They’re hypnosis sessions by one of America’s most powerful hypnotists… and they are said to be extremely powerful if you want to tackle premature ejaculation and get rid of all your anxiety before you have sex …

    Which happen to be the biggest “underlying causes” for premature ejaculation.

    So here’s what I’d like to ask you…

    Will you test them, try them and send me a note about them?

    I’m giving them away completely free if you decide to enroll in my program today. They’re selling for $89 right now , but all 3 sessions are yours to keep, free of charge, if you just send me a note about them.

    I will raise my program’s price to $79.99 to cover for the costs. BUT today… you don’t spend a dime extra.

    There is just one catch.You have to enroll today – NOW – while I can still use your opinion… If these sessions are everything premature ejaculators say they are, I will, permanently include them in my program and raise the price of the Program to $79.99

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    Juicing For Your Manhood: Increase Testosterone

    Juicing For Your Manhood: Increase Testosterone
     Buy Now

    ATTENTION: Men suffering from low energy and lack of strength

    HALT and REVERSE All Signs of Premature Aging…

    And Force Your Body into a “Virtuous Cycle” so that You Ooze with Sex Appeal and Natural Masculine Drive all in Less Than 5 Minutes Per Day

    manhood virtuous circle

    You see, it’s actually pretty simple…

    All you have to do is switch on just a little bit of the masculine momentum inside of your body…

    And WHAM!

    You’ll automatically enter into what scientists call a positive feedback loop.

    You’ll effortlessly press “GO” on the natural forces inside of your body that produce more testosterone, more savage masculine energy, and more ravenous libido.

    racing car on the start line

    And once you start this cycle… you couldn’t even stop it if you tried.

    Your body will get the message to keep pressing the gas pedal on releasing even more natural testosterone, continuing the cycle.

    But it’s not enough to just switch testosterone production on.

    That’s because lurking in your environment are 7 virility vampires that are draining your body of its natural vigor.

    So to keep the cycle going… you have to press GO on the good stuff and BLOCK the bad stuff that you can’t possibly avoid in our modern world.

    And believe it or not…

    It’s as simple as drinking a delicious, inexpensive, and easy-to-prepare beverage that you’ll actually look forward to doing every day.

    You see… I realized a while ago that most guys have already gotten all the high-quality advice and knowledge they need to regain their youthful energy and turn on their masculine hormone factory.

    You know you need to get high-quality nutrients, trace minerals, fats, and critical vitamins.

    The problem is that:

    1. You’re probably not a nutritionist or health researcher and don’t want to be – if you’re a busy guy with an active life the last thing you want is to create a diet plan or track down all the right foods to eat on a daily basis.
    2. You’re not skilled in the kitchen and don’t have the time and energy to make healthy food that tastes great – unless you’re a 4-star chef or want to spend all your free time preparing and cooking food… you’ll need a shortcut to turn on this masculine momentum inside of your body.
    3. You hate bland, boring food that couldn’t satisfy a rabbit let alone a full-grown, red-blooded MAN… so despite your best intentions you find yourself backsliding into bad habits like eating lots of fast food.

    And this is why despite all the quality information available…

    You’re Still Dragged Down By Premature Aging and Masculine Decline
    When It’s Literally Push-Button Simple to Look and Feel 20 Years Younger

    And I’m going to tell you EXACTLY how you can change all of that today in this brief report.

    Plus, I’m going share with you my stupid simple recipes to reclaim your masculinity naturally and permanently…

    But before I do that, I think that a proper introduction is in order.

    Hi, my name is Olivier Langlois.

    But my friends call me The Erotic Juice Messiah

    Because despite I am 40, I now feel and act like a 25 years old man…

    Erotic Juice Messiah

    With the help of a secret stash of

    delicious blended beverage recipes that:

    • Make that special woman in your life squeal with feminine delight…
    • Make your manhood pulse with throbbing power…
    • Make your muscles swell with life-blood…
    • And make your veins burst from your skin like they’re being inflated by an industrial oil pump

    the best coit metaphor ever…

    These Juices Slay The Virility Vampires

    Dragging You Down

    You Too Can Juice Up Your Charisma To Attract All The Women You Want!

    Here is a recent photo I took with a 24 years old hottie that begs to see me just so she can get a taste of the passion and pleasure that ANY man can deliver once they neutralize the dreaded virility vampires that are unavoidable in our modern world that are stealing your swagger.

    Voila !

    hot girl wanting me

    Starting Today You Can Gain An

    Overwhelming Advantage To:

    • Tap into the pulsing power of the natural masculinity that the nasty “virility vampires” are suppressing…
    • Torch the feminine fat deposits and “man boobs” that repel the hottest women
    • Reinvigorate your metabolism to build slabs of lean, sexy muscles
    • Develop the golden glow of mystery, charisma, and dominance that women find irresistible and men naturally respect regardless of your age, height, or income
    • Decrease your risk of depression, cancer, and cardiovascular disease
    • Reverse impotence giving you the throbbing, rock-solid erections of a teenager
    • Give you the energy and willpower required to tackle with and overcome personal and professional challenges

    The Hormone Hacks Discovery For Substantially Boosting Your Natural Testosterone

    My life wasn’t always so amazing. Just a few short years ago I suffered from the #1 epidemic that’s ravaging men’s hormones all over the world…the limp libido syndrome.

    I was fat and I felt sluggish, tired, and unrested. I had just enough energy to play video games when I was not sleeping. Let’s not talk about my sex life. I had a hard time to have solid erections. It didn’t matter much anyway because my libido was practically inexistent.

    I was depressed, my mind was always foggy and unfocused, I had no energy and I noticed that even though I was hitting the gym more often I wasn’t gaining any muscle.

    before juicing

    I had to drink 5 large coffees every day just to stay awake at work and I was getting less and less done all the time. My boss had started to notice and told me in no uncertain terms that I had to “pick up the pace” or risk losing my livelihood.

    To top all of this off…my girlfriend of 2 years told me that she was no longer happy in our relationship.”

    need coffee

    I felt like a total loser. I felt like even though I’m still a young man in the prime of his life… I was aging prematurely and was feeling more sluggish and tired all of the time and had less swagger, less joie-de-vivre, and less of my natural, powerful charisma every day.

    I sank into a deep depression. I started drinking beer more heavily and watching lots of T.V. I stopped wanting to go places and enjoy my life…

    This made everything that much worse for me as I spiraled deeper into despair.

    Finally, I decided that enough was enough !

    I was going to get to the root of the cause of this problem once and for all.

    Limp Libido Syndrome

    I made an appointment to go see my doctor because I just felt like something must be wrong. He took my pulse and gave me a normal check-up and told me that I appeared to be in perfect health.

    The next thing he suggested was to get a little blood work done just to “rule out anything serious.”

    This made me very nervous…but I desperately wanted to know what could be causing me to feel so sluggish, lethargic, and…well…just plain OLD!

    So I got the stupid blood work done and when the results came back I was relieved and totally shocked at the same time to learn that I had the limp libido syndrome with testosterone levels of a man twice my age!

    But the most shocking part was what he told me next…

    “Olivier” he said “I think that you’re a good candidate for testosterone replacement therapy.”

    I was dumbfounded…

    “Me” I thought “Like those pathetic men in the pharmaceutical ads who rub gel in their armpits so they can become slightly less pathetic…?”

    rub testosterone treatment gel in their armpits

    No Way !

    I wasn’t going to do that.

    Plus, I remembered reading an article written by a top endocrinologist (hormone doc) warning men that TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) can permanently destroy their ability to manufacture their own supply of this life-enhancing miracle hormone.

    The thought of becoming permanently dependent on synthetic T just so I could feel a little better was completely unacceptable to me.

    Not to mention that I didn’t want:

    • To get a swollen prostate or increase my risk of prostate cancer
    • To start accumulating fatty deposits like female breast tissue due to aromatization (converting T to estrogen)
    • Increased risk of blood clots
    • Acne breakouts like an oily-skinned teenager
    • Shriveled balls that feel like small sun-dried tomatoes

    2 small sun-dried tomatoes

    I decided that I was going to solve this issue myself by searching for a more natural testosterone treatment. No matter what it took I was going to regain my natural masculinity, my confidence, my manly ambition, and the native swagger that nature’s joy elixir bestows upon men.

    I was going to solve this problem myself even if it kills me!

    What I Discovered Was A Shocking Truth EVERY Modern Man Needs to Know

    According to a study performed by Travison et al.[1] in the period from 1986 to 2006 the average level of free testosterone of men in the study (compared to men his own age) has fallen off a CLIFF!

    Just 20 years ago your testosterone levels would have been 25% HIGHER than they are NOW!

    That’s Insane !

    That kind of drop makes a 30-year-old man equivalent to what a 55-year-old man was just 20 years ago!

    testosterone declines with age

    No wonder I had been feeling my age while I am still in my physical prime.

    What’s more…nearly 1 in 4 men experiences lower than normal testosterone levels for his age (compared to only 1 in 20 men 30 years ago).

    I HAD to figure this out.

    I needed to know the real reason I was suffering from andropause when I should have been out enjoying the prime of my life…

    So I went to work.

    I started reading study after study…

    I devoured literature on all the usual suspects stress, sleep, diet, and exercise…

    And what I discovered was that the real cause of low T is not what everyone thinks it is.

    See, most of the “advice” out there will tell you that to increase your T levels you need to get healthier sleep, work out more, and eat more fat.

    All of these are true of course…

    band-aid  But they are merely band-aids.

    The real causes of low T are the 7 Virility Vampires that are lurking in your food, in your water, and in the air you breathe…

    The 7 Virility Vampires are also known as xenoestrogens.

    Every day, with every step you take, you douse yourself with a hefty dose of these vampires that drain your body of the ability to spring the golden hormone of masculine mastery, and give you the “Man of Steel” countenance, the raw strength and energy, and the potent sex drive YOU DESERVE.

    sexy but lethal virility vampire

    Then one day, after talking to a very knowledgeable naturopath…

    it clicked for me.

    He said to me “Olivier, you have to

    think of your body’s natural T production like a boat


    “Things like diet, sleep and exercise are the ‘sails’ of that boat,” he said. “They push your body to make more of the hormone or signal to your body to release the hormone that’s bound to other molecules so that it can do its job of rebuilding tissue, helping the neuro­circuitry of your brain feel powerful and give you that ‘glow’ that a man possessed.”

    “But the real problem…” he continued “isn’t that you don’t have enough ‘wind’ to drive the sails forward…it’s that you have too many ‘holes’ from 7 common Virility Vampires in your environment that are causing your ‘boat’ to sink.”

    It Was Like a Lightning Bolt Suddenly Jolted my Brain…

    lightening bolt jolting a brain

    I suddenly started to understand what was happening.

    Every routine I was following to try and regain my swagger, charisma, and natural masculine power was aimed at driving my Testosterone “boat” forward…

    What I really needed was a way to quickly, naturally, and permanently annihilate the Virility Vampires that were sinking my “boat”.

    99% of the common advice out there for ending andropause had to do with either taking drugs or “routines” to boost T production.

    But if you’re anything like me… you’re very attached (literally) to your testicles and the health of your “equipment” don’t want to risk permanently destroying your body’s natural production of T…

    Also, all of these “routines” to bolster your T levels are designed to push the “sails of your boat” further along, either trying to get your body to make more testosterone…or getting your body to “free up (unbind testosterone from specialized proteins like SHBG)” so it can help you reclaim the primal swagger of a stealthy sex-panther on steroids.

    stealthy sex panther

    What they completely neglect are ways to neutralize the Virility Vampires that are destroying your own body’s natural ability to ignite the T factory in your flesh package.

    Click here to get started to fight back the Virility Vampires now

    Do You Know Virility Vampires Lurk In Your Food, Clothing and Even The Air?

    Acrylamide, xenoestrogen and a big cause of decrease in testosterone level


    This is a xenoestrogen that’s found in many heat-treated foods like French-fries, potato chips and most processed wheat products. Nearly all packaged wheat and potato products contain this harmful estrogen-mimicking compound that kills your sex drive and sends your body into a tailspin of testosterone deprivation.

    Excitotoxins, xenoestrogens and a big cause of decrease in testosterone level

    The Excitotoxins 

    This is a class of chemical food additives that have spiked up in the last 30 years in consumption despite known health risks and hormone-mimicking effects. The two most common (and well­known) excitotoxins are monosodium glutamate (MSG) and Aspartame (Nutrasweet and other artificial sweeteners). Fortunately, 3 of my special juice cocktails have been designed specifically to both flush these xenoestrogens from your system and breathe marvelous life into the testosterone-producing power of your own natural flesh factory.

    Parabens and Phthalates, xenoestrogens and a big cause of decrease in testosterone level

    Parabens and Phthalates 

    These estrogen-­mimicking compounds are most commonly absorbed through the skin and are found in many household cleaners and body-washes. The most commonly used product containing parabens is toothpaste! Chances are that the toothpaste that you are using is full of parabens. It is nearly impossible to avoid exposure to these chemicals but I happen to have found a superfood that is delicious, and readily available that will knock the effects of these “womanly hormone mimickers” flat on their ass.

    Bisphenol-A (BPA), xenoestrogen and a big cause of decrease in testosterone level

    Bisphenol-A (BPA) 

    This nasty virility vampire is sucking the life­blood out of the testosterone-producing powerhouse packed in your pants… it’s commonly found in a host of plastics (including canned food lining) and plastic food and beverage containers. Luckily, I have just what the doctor ordered to neutralize this “Man Damaging” chemical.

    Isoflavones, xenoestrogens and a big cause of decrease in testosterone level


    These compounds are found in all unfermented soy­-based products. Soy is such a common food ingredient that it’s pretty much impossible to avoid so you need the nutrients packed in my 17 Manhancing Juice Recipes to annihilate the effects of these feminizers.

    DDT and other Organochlorides, xenoestrogens and a big cause of decrease in testosterone level

    DDT and other Organochlorides 

    These are a family of chemical pesticides that have been in heavy use since World War II in nearly every industrialized country in the world. Their use is widely banned in the US, Canada and Europe but is still common in Asia and the Middle East. What’s worse… new studies are showing that these chemicals accumulate quickly and break down slowly plus their fat and protein solubility means that they attach themselves inside of our food supply and don’t deteriorate leaving us with a hefty level of exposure even though it’s been a decade since they’ve been in widespread use. Luckily, a juice recipe on page 12 of my guide will give you the nutraceutical power to kill the effects of these compounds.

    Dioxins and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), xenoestrogens and a big cause of decrease in testosterone level

    Dioxins and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) 

    These are more chemicals that result from high-temperature industrial processes and herbicides. They are known as Persistent Environmental Pollutants because once they accumulate in critical levels…exposure to hormone shriveling levels of these xenoestrogens becomes INEVITABLE. Only specialized intervention specifically tailored to flush these toxins from your body and counter their effects will help you claim the natural T levels you deserve. Of course, yours truly has discovered a powerful combination of phytonutrients that block the ability for this nasty family of
    Virility Vampires from draining the life-blood from your true testosterone potential.

    Common Advice To Avoid These “Virility Vampires” Is Doomed To Fail

    After I pored over the research and painstakingly compiled this list of
    Virility Vampires that are literally feasting on the dynamic life-blood that feeds your natural T production… I tried to develop a plan to eliminate them from my life.

    I compiled a list long enough to rival the library of congress of all the different sources of each of these compounds hell-bent on preventing them from entering my body ever again.

    But the more I discovered, the longer my list became. What’s more…I started to discover that I was “robbing from Peter to pay Paul” in my quest to eliminate T destroying toxins from my life.

    Each way I tried to eliminate the Virility Vampires
    exposed me to another source of them.

    If I were to try to eliminate Acrylamides I would be exposing myself to Dioxins.

    Eliminating sources of Organochlorides made it very difficult to avoid excessive exposure to BPA.

    It seemed that no matter what I did, no matter what lifestyle change I tried to initiate…
    I would be exposing myself to these nasty chemicals and putting a serious damper on my T production.

    So…I decided to pound the pavement once again…to roll up my sleeves and get to work seeing if there were any ways that I could protect myself from the effects of these chemicals and free myself from the negative feedback loop interfering with my manly hormone health.

    roll up sleeves

    I spent hours of my time and thousands of dollars of my own money hiring food chemists, Registered Dieticians,
    and naturopaths to find ways to block the effects of the dreaded Virility Vampires.

    I spared no expense and nearly drove myself to the poor house seeking the Holy Grail of Hormone Health.

    What I finally discovered were a group of superfood compounds that ANY man can start to incorporate into his diet that will neutralize the xenoestrogens and toxins that are damaging your mojo…

    Hormonal holy grail

    But there was just one MAJOR problem…

    In almost every case, they required the consumption of raw foods.

    Now, I don’t know about you but I don’t want to eat salad every day of my life because

    we aren’t sheeps, cows…

    or another stupid mammal-eating grass to feed itself.

    As sophisticated men, we need. no we demand to eat raw foods in a modern and cool way. Also, making raw foods taste good is a real chore…

    Little cute sheep eating green grass and cow eating grass

    You have to peel, chop, and season the food and combine it in ways that are very time-consuming to be tasty.

    But there was one way of preparing raw food that made it delicious, fast, easy, fun and exciting

    You Can Defeat Virility Vampires With My

    Proven Juice Recipes

    Nutri Ninja juice blender

    The solution came to me by pure luck. I never go to Black Friday sales but that year, for no special reason, I decided to go to the shopping mall.

    I have stumbled into a juice blender bargain and I succumbed to the temptation…

    Back home, I started combining the ingredients required to reinvigorate my flesh factory and turn up the dial on my natural T production in my new juicer.

    I still remember the moment when I tried my first juice. I was really excited but the most striking aspect of the experience is that

    Almost Instantly I Felt An Invigorating Buzz Swarm Every Cell In My Body

    The feeling was cool and energizing but, to me, it was a sure sign that I was on the right path and something extraordinary was about to happen…

    Each morning I would awake, and spend one hour before work testing juice recipes to find which ones met my
    ridiculously high standards for Virility Vampire neutralization and delicious taste all at the same time…

    In Just 1 Week I was Awaking With A Rock Hard Boner Every Morning

    Within two weeks, I started noticing changes in my body…

    I had to shave more often and I was less sore from my sessions at the gym.

    Within three weeks…the floodgates were officially opened!

    The stealthy swagger with which I strolled through life was palpable and an avalanche of positive changes started to happen to me.

    I felt extremely vivacious like I didn’t remember to feel for a very long time.

    Vivacious to the point that I started doing Crossfit 5 times per week. Crossfit is considered to be among the most intensive workouts by many. Most of my fat burned away. I have lost 30 pounds in the first 3 months

    and concerning my libido….

    Crossfit Olivier

    The masculine power that oozed out of every pore of my body could be smelled a mile away.

    Despite being 40, I have now more energy than when I was 25. I go out all night in clubs and I am able to keep up and even beating much younger dudes in the mating game.

    Party at MGM Hakkasan with cute young woman

    Wow, I started to feel like having a loaded nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile in my pants ready to explode all the time!

    My sex life went from almost non-existent to frequently hang out and have sex, for several hours if I want to, with women at least 10 years younger than me to almost half my age!

    This is no surprise to me now…as I have read several published studies[2] that demonstrate that women can smell androgen by-products in a man’s sweat and that they are drawn to men with higher concentrations of testosterone.

    US Peacekeeper missile

    I can say, without a doubt and you certainly agree with me, that I cured myself of the limp libido syndrome spectacularly in a very short period of time!

    but my story does not stop here…

    I started to get more done on the job in less time, I even took over a few projects from younger engineers who weren’t able to keep up with me.

    Everything Begin To Click On All Cylinders

    woman admiring a set of big balls

    Ever heard the expression “having big balls” ?

    Well, it is founded on some truth as you may have suspected for a very long time.

    If you have been struggling in your life professionally or romantically, it is not your fault.

    You see, testosterone is altering your behavior.

    You Too Can Have Steel Balls From Now On

    With a high level of testosterone, you are willing to take more risks, take bolder actions and feel courage pumping through your veins allowing you to beat any challenge successfully.

    My boss noticed and wanted to give me a promotion but I decided to do something else…

    handshake during a promotion

    Something riskier, sexier, and way more adventurous than I would have dared to endeavor when I was locked in my low-T slump…

    parachute jump

    I decided to strike out on my own and forge my own empire teaching men to hack their hormones and reinvigorate their lives, their sex drives and their magnetic mojo using the power of Manhancing Juicing, the best natural testosterone booster!

    talking on stage in front of huge crowd of captivated men

    I knew that lots of men out there were just as frustrated as I was with low-T and the lies being perpetrated by the pharmaceutical industry.

    I knew that many men were tired of eating more healthy fats, working their asses off with the latest high-intensity exercise routines, and doing everything in their power to improve their sleeping habits and get rid of the limp libido syndrome only to be disappointed after weeks with the same sluggishness, mental fog, and general lack of drive.

    I made sure to give out a taste of my recipes to my friends just to make sure that what I had experienced wasn’t a fluke and that these recipes really did kill the Virility Vampires for ANY man…

    The Results They Got Shocked Even Me

    I couldn’t believe it.

    Guys were RAVING about how awesome they felt, and how every delicious recipe tasted amazing and was fun, exciting, easy and fast to prepare and very affordable.

    I guess I always knew these recipes were everything a man needs to get his man factory pumping out more T than a juvenile gorilla.

    Now I really knew I had THE ANSWER for ANY man looking to neutralize the nasty Virility Vampires that are sabotaging his best efforts to build muscle, burn fat, have a raging sex life and feel more youthful and energetic than he did as a teenager.

    juvenile gorilla mating

    These recipes are the perfect natural testosterone booster to complement ANY other drug-free Testosterone Treatment

    testosterone spokes

    Your masculine hormonal health is like a wheel, the more spokes you have…the stronger the wheel.

    These delicious recipes go to work deep inside your body’s cells to annihilate the effects of toxins and xenoestrogens behind the limp libido syndrome that are destroying your ability to maintain your optimal health as a man.

    So even if you’re already following a regimen to improve your hormonal health as a man…you can always do better.

    Yes You Can Stop The Testosterone Drain Naturally

    You can always do better, and it’s my strong belief that if you are the man I think you are…

    You’ll recognize that it’s your masculine duty to always do and be better today than you were yesterday and better tomorrow than you are today.

    All you need to do to reap these benefits is simply drink just one large juice cocktail every day (preferably in the morning) and you’ll be drip feeding your body the nutrients and phytonutrients it needs to counteract the effects of the sneaky Virility Vampires behind the limp libido syndrome that have become an unavoidable part of modern living.

    These Recipes Are Designed For

    Men ONLY


    These are not your standard namby-pamby juice recipes designed for yoga moms…

    They aren’t pink and fruity and they should never, ever, under any circumstances be consumed out of a glass with a “cute little umbrella.”

    These recipes are designed with MEN in mind.

    Men who desire iron-hard, lean bodies…

    Men who want full, throbbing erections…

    Men who want a razor sharp brain that bursts with energy and insight

    Using ingredients specifically chosen to neutralize the Virility Vampires behind the limp libido syndrome that are sucking the life juice out of your ball sack and causing you to become less and less manly every single day.

    Every Minute Some Toxin Is Going Baller Berserk

    You need to shield yourself from the ravages of the xenoestrogens and toxins building up in your environment that are robbing you of your full masculine potential and making you feel old, sluggish, and slow before your time.

    This the ONLY WAY to make sure that you really get your testosterone boat sailing ahead at full­mast (and get other parts of your body at full mast as well ;­))

    And because I knew there were a TON of guys out there that needed these delicious, mantastic recipes… I decided to compile 17 of my best Manhancing recipes and release them to men everywhere on a very limited basis.


    17 Blended Beverages that can Increase Your Testosterone Levels and return you to the man you were born to be!

    Juicing For your Manhood: 17 delicious juicing recipes to increase your testosterone

    I want to warn you in advance, this isn’t some politically correct “good housekeeping” cookbook. You will be exposed to suggestive images, images that I included in this book for the specific purpose of helping to promote your testosterone production.

    In this step-by-step guide you will:

    • The simple trick to short circuit the hormonal chaos that’s ravaging your masculine drive in as little as 24 hours!
    • How to slow the aging process to a crawl with a little-known nutrient that switches ON a gene that an especially potent Virility vampire is shutting down in over 2/3s of all men over 35
    • The Genghis Khan secret buried in this nifty little herb blasts your T levels through the roof and actually reverses early signs of heart disease (say goodbye to high cholesterol meds and shock your doc at your next physical)
    • Feel confused about antioxidants? Discover exactly which ones are most guaranteed to fire up your flesh factory and get you pumping out more T than a wild bull in mating season (believe it or not… antioxidants are one of the biggest keys in boosting your drive, building more muscle, and giving your manhood a platinum upgrade)
    • Alexander the Great brought back this nifty little root from India and European men were never the same… unfortunately the age-defying, manhood amplifying potency got lost in the late middle ages…until now!
    • Knock back this man-boosting cocktail and drip a steady stream of T blasting, mood boosting, drive reviving dopamine into your bloodstream (WARNING: you might start to have difficulty staying still or sleeping the first few days so be prepared.)
    • Be exposed to suggestive images promoting testosterone production

    Concerning the suggestive images, these aren’t your Grandmother’s recipes. This book is not for families or people who are easily offended I wrote this book for every red-blooded American man who had his vitality stolen from him and who wants it back!

    Sexy USA bikini girl

    This book is only for mature audiences who can handle it. If you can’t handle suggestive images then go ahead and forget about this book, it probably isn’t for you.

    Also, you’ll find 17 recipes that will tantalize your taste buds and increase your T levels all at the same time.

    Recipes like:

    The Peruvian Marching Mix


    An amazing tasting treat with rich flavors that will surprise your taste buds with savory flavor and make you happy to be a man.

    The Beet Ginger Man Blast


    This colorful refreshing juice will start your day off right and give you a host of much-needed nutrients to flush out and neutralize the Virility Vampires to cure the limp libido syndrome so you’ll soon be feeling like a man possessed.

    Pomegranate Potion


    This liquid elixir will knock the nasty, masculinity stealing toxins flat on their asses and elicit hosannas from your taste buds all at the same time. You’re going to LOVE this one.

    Guaranteed To Work Without Annoying …

    • Needles, Gels, Or Patches…
    • a specialised juicing blender
    • to buy expensive herbs coming from exotic locations
    • a lot of time and culinary expertise

    You just need a blender (I’ll tell you all about my favorite one inside the book), a couple of cheap and common ingredients found in all groceries and these phenomenal recipes to blast your T levels back to Puberty Levels within just a few days time.

    See, your doctor and the pharmaceutical industry want you to believe that low T “just happens” and that there is nothing you can do about.

    They do NOT want you to discover the 7 common Virility Vampires and these delicious, done-for-you Manhancing recipes because then they would have a much tougher time selling men on their expensive and potentially dangerous solutions for the limp libido syndrome

    Solutions that can PERMANENTLY shut down your body’s own natural hormone production factory and make you dependent on their drugs forever.

    Want To Say ‘Eff You’ To Drug Pushing Docs While You Gain Balls Of Steel

    throwing rocks at virility vampires

    You’re a man.

    You’re in control of your own destiny.

    You don’t just deserve a healthy body with optimal muscle mass, razor-sharp focus, and the ambition of a world conqueror…

    These things are your BIRTHRIGHT!

    They’ve been stolen by a modern culture that poisons you with toxins…

    Numbs your brain with mindless, cheap entertainment…

    And surrounds you with ridiculous ideas that tell men they should quell their natural desires so they don’t “offend people” or upset the status quo.

    That’s not what I’m about!

    I’m about giving MEN the knowledge and simple blueprints to make themselves and their lives PHENOMENAL!

    So here’s how your transformation will take place:

    Part 1:

    Juicing For Your Manhood: 17 Delicious Juicing Recipes To Increase Your Testosterone Levels

    $59 Value

    Juicing For Your Manhood: 17 delicious juicing recipes to increase your testosterone Levels

    • A series of 17 Done-For-You Recipes to annihilate the effects of the 7 sneaky
      Virility Vampires
      that are sabotaging your best efforts at naturally raising your T to optimal levels
    • Quick tips on how to cycle the recipes for rapid, maximum results
    • A complete breakdown of how and why each recipe works to naturally ignite the coals in your T Factory so that you get maximum results in minimum time


    Part 2 :

    No B.S. Supplement Guide

    $19 Value

    guide to supplementation: A Guide to Which Supplements will Improve Your Testosterone Levels and Which are a Waste of Time and Money

    • Little-known and naturally occurring nutrients you can add to the Virility Vampires
      vanquishing blended beverages that will 3X your results (NOTE: this isn’t the same recycled stuff about zinc, saw palmetto, or omega-3 fats these are real trace compounds that really work)
    • Finally…which supplements actually work to get you pumping out streams of fat-burning, muscle-building, mind-enhancing, mood-boosting testosterone and which are a complete waste of time and $$$
    • Did you know that many of the very expensive supplements with so-called “clinical trials” only really boost your total testosterone and don’t do anything to mobilize your free testosterone? (HINT: free test is what really makes the difference)


    Part 3:

    Dominant Dreams: Sleep Hacks for Spectacular Sex, Success, and Satisfaction

    $19 Value

    Dominant Dreams: Sleep Hacks for Spectacular Sex, Success, and Satisfaction

    • The exact way to structure the last 2 hours of every day so that you automatically make every hour you sleep at least 2 times more effective.
    • How a simple change to the time you go to bed and the time you wake up can automatically drive up your mental creativity while you’re awake so you never feel blocked, sluggish, or unproductive
    • Why just giving up this one bad habit before bed can set your brain up to spend more time in the slow brainwave cycles that are responsible for you feeling fully rested and recuperated each and every morning.
    • Feeling stressed? Feeling depressed? Standard sleep advice is actually killing your ability to get a good night’s rest. Now you can automatically start to turn on the feel-good system in your brain that jacks up your sex drive and naturally eliminates depression and irritability.

    Juicing For your Manhood and bonuses

    Guaranteed To Pump You Up Naturally No Matter How Low You Feel Now

    man happy jumping for joy after having reclaim his manhood with juicing

    I know that these recipes can help ANY man achieve the T levels of his youth and permanently reverse the signs and symptoms of premature andropause

    But I also know that realistically I can’t help everyone live a better life.

    So I think it’s important to tell you who this offer isn’t for.

    This offer is DEFINITELY not for you if you want to stay average

    Mediocre men need not apply.

    This is only for ambitious men who want to naturally draw the sultriest women to them like iron filings to a lodestone…

    It’s for men who want to wake up with the full, rock hard throbbing erections that they used to have as teenagers…

    It’s for men who want to bathe in a dominant glow that naturally charges everyone around them with admiration, envy and respect.

    It’s for men who want to recover faster from their workouts and sculpt the body of their dreams AT ANY AGE

    Bottom line…these recipes are only for you if you flat out refuse to accept the status quo and have the courage and discipline to consume the recipes I outline for you every, single morning.

    No excuses.

    No exceptions.

    No “days off.”

    (Don’t worry, they’re actually really fast, easy, fun and exciting to make and taste absolutely delicious.)

    So if you can tantalize your taste buds and show some discipline I know these recipes can do their job and go about vanquishing the Virility Vampires that are sucking the lifeblood out of your body’s natural ability to maintain optimal T levels.

    And, if my success is not enough to convince you that Juicing For Your Manhood really works, don’t listen to me. Listen to my happy clients instead:

    Olivier, I’ve been using your juice recipes for 3 weeks. I started off being groggy every morning, I never had morning wood, and I was tired every day. Now, 3 weeks later I feel great. I’m stronger and morning wood is pretty much my alarm clock now. Thanks for the great product.

    Tom H., 38, Minneapolis, MN

    Tom H., 38

    Minneapolis, MN

    Mr Olivier, When I purchased your book, I did not have a juice blender. I started preparing your blended beverages with a simple regular blender and it did the job perfectly as you said it would. However, it didn’t take very long before I realised that I really really like this method of eating healthy raw foods and I have decided to invest in one of the juicing machines that you recommend. Your juices did miracles to my sex drive. Despite being for men only, there is one fruit juice that I really like to share with my wife 2 hours before going to bed and I am adding one of the aphrodisiac herbs that you’ve tagged as beneficial for both men and women. This is making the intimate experience much more pleasurable for both of us. Thank you very much!

    André M., 43, Montreal, Canada

    André M., 43

    Montreal, Canada

    Hi, before reading your recipe book, I really didn’t eat much vegetables and fruits despite knowing that they are healthy. Maybe it is laziness or lack of interest for the culinary thing. Bottomline, even when I was putting vegetables in my grocery cart, most of the time they were rotting in my fridge and I had to throw them in the garbage. You have changed my life! This is so true that eating vegetables and fruit by juicing them is easy and fun. This healthy habit is now fully integrated. I drink at least 1 juice per day and I’ve never eaten so many fruits and vegetables in my whole life and this has a very positive effect on my manhood 😉

    Jad S., 22, Houston, TX

    Hi Olivier, wow wow wow. Your recipes are all delicious but I have a favorite. It is the Spicy apple marvel one. It is fresh and spicy at the same time. I can’t ever have enough of it. Also, your logo system is amazing. It makes it so easy to spot the recipes I need to prepare for when I have eaten some french fries or Chinese food full of MSGs in order to protect myself against these virility vampires.

    Ej N., 25, Sacramento, CA



    Juicing For Your Manhood: 17 delicious juicing recipes to increase your testosterone Levels

    • Juicing For Your Manhood: 17 Delicious Juicing Recipes To Increase Your Testosterone

      ($59 Value)

    guide to supplementation: A Guide to Which Supplements will Improve Your Testosterone Levels and Which are a Waste of Time and Money

    • Guide To Supplementation: Discern Great Supplements From Bad Ones

      ($19 Value)

    Dominant Dreams: Sleep Hacks for Spectacular Sex, Success, and Satisfaction

    • Dominant Dreams: Sleep Hacks for Spectacular Sex, Success, and Satisfaction($19 Value)

    Total Value $97

    special deal

    That is a whooping 70% discount. I’m doing this because I want to make sure the program is absolutely affordable for every man determined and decided to change their life for the better. This is my mission to help as many men as possible to reclaim their manhood. By buying today, you, my dear client, qualify to be such a man!

    If you act now, these 17 empowering and delicious Manhancing juicing recipes that are fast, easy, fun and exciting to prepare can be yours for less than 2 tiny dollars each…

    …and you get all these cool bonuses that will make you smarter, stronger and healthier.

    There are 3 options so you can customize what’s right for YOU

    Each comes with an instantly downloadable version that you’ll get access to immediately when you order today.

    1. The Bronze Version is the digital-only… you can read the PDF ebooks on your laptop, your tablet, or your phone.

      You can also print it out and bind it up if you’d like (lots of guys do).
    2. The Silver option includes a physical copy of the guide shipped right to your doorstep with a black and white interior.

      It’s for guys who like holding something in their hands that’s easy to read.
    3. And for the high rollers – the Gold Option which includes a physical copy of the guide with a full-color interior…

      And believe me…when you see the gorgeous models who’ve posed inside for your viewing pleasure, you’ll understand why you want color.

    Here is what you get when you purchase the physical book upgrade:

    • Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback with color cover
    • Weight: 1 lbs
    • Dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″
    • Number of pages: 84
    • Contains the main book and all the bonuses
    • Not only will you create your own pharmacy of testosterone amplifying beverages…you’ll also be treated to some sexy swimsuit models posing just for you big guy 😉

    Join The Juicing For Men Revolution And Grab Your Copy To Reclaim Your Youthful Masculinity With Us

    You Are GUARANTEED To Juice Your Manhood To A New Level Within 60 Days Or You Get A 100% No Questions Asked Refund

    No risk 60 days guarantee seal

    If you don’t find my recipes delicious, fast, easy, fun and exciting to prepare or you are not experiencing spectacular improvements to your life that a significant increase in T levels gives, you’ll get a 100%, no-questions-asked refund!

    WAIT !

    Check out our Iron-Clad Double Your Money Back Guarantee

    Here is the deal…

    I am so confident that Juicing For Your Manhood will change your life that I will double the refund amount if it doesn’t work for you. Here is how the guarantee works:

    Get your blood work done with your current T levels (get total T and free T both). Follow the system and consume at least 1 juice per day. If you don’t raise your free T levels by at least 20% send us the blood works (before and after results and you can blot out your name first if you want) and we’ll PayPal you an additional $17 just for having the sack to try this system out.

    Everyone Is Doing T Boosting The Wrong Way

    All the magazines and articles on the Internet are getting it wrong.

    Sinking hormonal sailboat

    It’s no use trying to sail a sinking ship.

    You spend all of your time and energy bailing it out and you end up getting nowhere.

    You need to make sure that you have a solid ship with a true big and hard hull…

    These 17 Manhancing Blended Beverage Recipes To Increase Your T Levels are meant to help men ONLY finally vaporize the vicious limp libido syndrome caused by the 7 sneaky Virility Vampires that are taking the forward thrust out of your sails (metaphorically and otherwise).

    Only by fixing your hull AND adding the boost to your sails can you begin to reach your true GENETIC POTENTIAL to navigate with your big hard ship into all the wet oceans of the world you crave!

    hull repair

    Maybe you want more energy to play with your kids (or grandkids).

    Maybe you want more pulsing thrust for a spot of fun with that special lady in your life…

    Maybe you want to burn more fat and build more muscle without having to count every calorie you put in your mouth…

    Maybe you just want to get more done, let that masculine ambition really roar

    let your masculine ambition really roar

    You CAN have it all starting today

    …you just need to start drinking just one of these delicious blended beverages every morning and you’ll start to notice positive changes within just a few short days (2 weeks max).

    You don’t need a specialized juicing blender. ANY regular culinary blender will do to get you started.

    Also, since every single one of these recipes is powerful and portable… you never have to worry about fitting them into your schedule or busy routine.

    Just a few short minutes a day to blend one up and enjoy!

    Happy man juicing his natural testosterone booster with a regular blender

    So go ahead !

    Click on the yellow button below that says “Buy Now”, enter in your information and you’ll soon see a welcome message from me and you’ll be on your way to juicing your own natural testosterone booster just moments from now.

    Here are just a few more reasons that these blended beverage recipes are for you:

    • They are delicious – There’s no sacrifice or choking down chalky powders and tasteless green crap
    • They are easy and fast – you don’t need to be a great cook and you don’t spend your mornings getting out pots and pans to make a healthy meal on the go
    • They are fun and exciting to prepare – If you do not associate fun with kitchen, you are in for a surprise… they are very of fun to prepare
    • They are flexible – you can still live your life because you don’t have to try and change everything around or avoid every chemical that can interrupt T production… just make a few small habit changes and 1 blended beverage every morning
    • The changes are fast – within 2 weeks you WILL notice a difference in how you feel. Morning erections, faster recovery, more energy, more focus

    You’ve Got Questions? I’ve Got The Answers.

    I understand you may have some valid concern and you probably don’t believe investing in a simple solution that can help you reclaim your manhood with normal testosterone levels. I’m living proof that it can! That’s why I would like to address some of these frequently asked questions I receive from men just like you. In this way you can see how easy it is to use the power of juicing to become the man that you really want to be!

    I am a young dude in my early 20s. It seems that Juicing For Your Manhood is more suitable for older guys. Is this correct?

    First, no matter how old you are, likely chances are that you are not eating vegetables and fruits as much as you should. It’s my philosophy that juicing with me is the #1 method that is delicious, fast, easy, fun and exciting to eat vegetables and fruits.

    If you were like me and don’t like much cooking or you simply don’t have time then my juicing recipes is the solution to that problem.

    Eating much vegetables and fruits will provide your body a lot of vitamins, antioxidants and a bunch of other very healthy nutrients that will make a difference in your well-being and in your life in general.

    Also, there is no such thing as having too much testosterone even if you are young, healthy with a normal level of testosterone, you could optimize your health by taking healthy habits such as juicing. A sociology study has shown that women are more attracted to men with a high level of testosterone.

    So knowing that, not incorporating a healthy habit that will only take 5 minutes of your time daily and make you feel better and also be making you more popular among members of the opposite sex that wouldn’t make sense, doesn’t it?

    How do I know which recipe I should use of all 17?

    They are all good.

    1. It depends on the ingredients availability
    2. After trying them all, you’ll have favorites and some that you will like less. Respect that. You don’t need to use all of the 17 recipes. For instance, I have a hard time with beets in juice. So I do less juice with beets than other (but I force myself once in a while to eat beets because they are so healthy!)
    3. Your body like variety. If you provide it with a different recipe every day, you can expect better result
    4. Also when you have the Juicing For Your Manhood book, you’ll realize that some foods are more potent than others by protecting you from the Virility Vampires so I would prefer recipes containing these super foods over the others.
    5. Make sure that you alternate the recipes in order to be protected against the 7 Virility Vampires. As you will see, all recipes provide defense against several vampires all at once. Just schedule your juices so you are protected from all of them.
    6. You can target a specific recipe based on your situation. If you eat french fries, you could get a recipe providing defense against acrymalide. If you went to a Chinese buffet or drank some diet sodas, then I would go for recipes that help excitotoxins elimination and so on. In this scenario, the logo system will be very helpful.

    How long before I notice results?

    It depends how much effort you put into the program. If you follow everything exactly as I lay out, you can begin to notice improvements in your physique in a week and an increase in your sex drive and energy in 2-3 weeks.

    What if it doesn’t work for me?

    If you don’t notice a difference, just send me an email and I’ll be more than happy to issue you a refund. No question, no hassles.

    Click The “BUY NOW” Button Below To See If You Still Qualify For The Discount Price of Only $24

    How long does it take for me to get the program?

    About few minutes. After purchasing, you’ll have instant access to the entire Juicing For Your Manhood program. You can download it to your computer and start increasing your testosterone right away. Nothing is shipped in the mail so you don’t have to wait through any long fulfillment process for your program. Plus, doing it this way allows me to offer you the entire system at a reduced price, which are bonus points for you!

    Can I trust your guarantee?

    Of course. I know you are skeptical, and perhaps you purchased similar products in the past that just didn’t own up to the hype. I can’t speak for other product creators. Honestly, this is the type of commitment that I am willing to take and it is enforced by ClickBank.

    Who is ClickBank?

    Clickbank is a global platform where digital product creators can share their information with millions of customers on a 100% secure network. Only after being approved through a strict authorization process and showing evidence on all written claims can a product creator sell their program using this platform. Clickbank’s stern approval process ensures only high-quality products and valid information is given to all customers.

    Can I use PayPal to Checkout?

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    Will I be billed more than once?

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    Rip offs

    There are literally hundreds of different enlargement methods on the market today, but none of them are as safe or effective as simple EXERCISE. These exercises have been proven successful, thousands of times over, by men from all over the world.

    Let’s take a look at some at some of the more commonly known methods, and compare them to our 100% natural penis enlargement program.

    Please avoid these, for your own sake:


    Vacuum Pumps

    Although pumps do work temporarily (usually for about half an hour) this is unsuitable for unexpected occasions, also these pumps have been known to leave scars, bruises and in some cases gangrene, causing much pain to the penis. Pumps “supposedly” work by placing a tube over your penis and then pumping the air out of the tube. This temporarily swells the penis, but does not increase the blood capacity in the cells of the penis which is necessary to achieve permanent size gains. Other downsides of vacuum pumps are: risk of temporary impotence, risk of painful blisters, dislocating and bruising, bleeding from burst capillaries and too much effort with too little result. We do not recommend using this method, EVER.


    Weight Systems

    This method involves hanging actual weights from your penis, every day for 20 – 30 minutes. The weights can exercise the penis, but offers some serious disadvantages, These include: serious pain, bruises, gangrene and dislocating of tendons found in the pubic area. Even worse, these weights cut off the circulation to the penis which can result in infection and amputation. This method is very risky, but what can you expect from hanging actual weights off your penis.


    Creams and Pills

    You may have noticed a few companies trying to sell you “miracle creams” and “enlargement pills” which are supposed to add 2-3 inches amazingly to your penis simply by rubbing in this cream or popping a few pills. All we can say is… we have tried and tested all of these products and unfortunately, they simply do not work. Unless you have money to waste, please steer well clear of these.



    Many men have looked into surgery only to discover the huge costs involved, and the very small chances of success. To surgically enlarge your penis would cost around $6000 minimum. This is done by adding fat to your penis and then hanging 15 pounds from your penis to avoid the fat retracting back into your abdomen. The chances of success are not great, and would you really want to risk it.

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    Please note:™ does not post before and after photos as we are classified as a non-adult site. Note however that most sites which do post before and after photos either manipulate the photos or they simply use images from other websites. This is why it is common to see the same photos on many different websites.™ does not approve of this and as such does not participate in these tricks. Our member’s comments speak for themselves!

    “I’d like to say a huge thank you to all the team at for putting together your excellent online manual. I still can’t believe that it really works, my penis is now nearly 8″, I used to be about 6″ and It took just 3 months, My orgasms are unbelievable and my wife loves the new me. Thanks once again.”

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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